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3 nights 4 days thekkady elephant junction with alleppey houseboat tour

Destinations Covered : Cochin » Thekkady » Alleppey » Cochin

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7 nights 8 days golden triangle with kerala backwater houseboat tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Agra » Jaipur » Cochin » Alleppey

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Kerala wildlife & backwater

Destinations Covered : Mumbai » Cochin » Munnar » Thekkady » Kumarakom » Alleppey » Cochin

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10 Nights / 11 Days Golden Triangle With Majestic Kerala Tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Agra » Jaipur » Cochin » Munnar » Thekkady » Alleppey » Cochin

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10 nights 11 days golden triangle with majestic kerala tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Agra » Jaipur » Cochin » Munnar » Thekkady » Alleppey

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11 nights 12 days glimpse kerala with goa mumbai tour

Destinations Covered : Kochi » Munnar » Thekkady » Alleppey » Goa » Mumbai

Alleppey Tour Packages

Travel to the Venice of the East. Alleppey is one of the oldest cities in India, built according to the urban planning project. It is famous for its backwaters, beaches, rice fields, and lagoons. Tourism in Alleppey is developed due to its natural attractions, which annually attract many tourists. The famous houseboat cruises in Alleppey are top-rated among tourists. During August and September, tourism in Alleppey is booming due to the traditional boat races. In addition, there are many other exciting places and activities in this region that contribute to the popularity of Alleppey among the tourist destinations of India.

This beautiful city is called the "Venice of the East" because of its famous backwaters and the city's most famous landmarks. Visit this unique city to feel its great peace and enjoy the beauty of nature. As you sail your houseboat through the backwaters of Alleppey, contemplate the abundance of greenery against the backdrop of a picturesque landscape.

Houseboat sailing in Alleppey is an escapist experience that many travelers enjoy. Staying overnight on a houseboat will allow you to explore the picturesque backwaters far and wide. Admire the lush greenery surrounding you and enjoy delicious Kerala delicacies while sailing on a houseboat. The Alleppey tour is one of Kerala's most memorable, wonderful, and relaxing pastimes. So, now we come back to our topic, the Alleppey, and travel to the Venice of the east.

All about Alleppey

Lapped by the silver waves of the Arabian Sea, Alleppey, as the Venice of the East, welcomes you to the backwaters of Kerala. The canals and palm-fringed shores bustling with glimpses of day-to-day life in the countryside, the mirror still lagoons, picture-book lakeshores, and its long sandy beach have blessed Alappuzha, the closed water district; with becoming one of the best backwater tourism destinations in God's own country.

The vast network of canals provides Alleppey with its lifeline. Water carnivals using the giant snake boats and country canoes of different sizes play an essential role in the community life of the villages in the district. The name Alleppey is derived from the place's geographical position and physical characteristics. It means the land that flows between the rivers and the sea.
The Alleppey district comprises six taluks. The district headquarters is located in Alappuzha.

Alleppey travel guide

Although it does not have much to offer as a city, Alleppey (or Alappuzha) is the starting point of these journeys for most tourists who come to Kerala eager to discover this way of life practically floating. Exploring its surroundings and rice paddies will make you want to stay for a few days.

Top places to visit in Alleppey

Alleppey's seaside town (Alappuzha) is an ideal base for exploring the backwater canals. In a quiet town surrounded by coconut trees: boats are waiting for a ride at your convenience for several hours or days. To the traditional colorful flowers and the spice market at unbeatable prices (It is very close to the place of production). A "cafe" with its servers in traditional dress. A small temple is distinguished by its much smaller painted gopuram, reminiscent of those in Tamil Nadu. The sweetness of life in the tropics, in contact with amicable people. Here is the list of the best places to visit in Alleppey.

Attractions of Backwater

Something you cannot miss in South India is the famous water channels, the backwaters of Kerala. Kerala's Backwater Canals attract thousands of tourists to Alleppey every year. Snake boat races and houseboat cruises are a must in Alleppey. Due to its richness in birds and marine life, the backwaters are the best place to try some sumptuous seafood.

The best things to see in Alleppey are the Backwaters of Kerala. These are a network of canals and bodies of water that have exuberant vegetation and incredible landscapes. You can tour them on a boat ride. The walk through the backwaters will take you through quiet corners covered with palm trees and surrounded by water. We opted for a small boat and a day trip with which we visited the less crowded areas. In addition, you will see the locals in their small villages and working in the rice fields in the area.

Do you want to go on a romantic date with your loved one? Or enjoy a holiday with family and friends in a traditional Kettuvallam houseboat. The Alleppey backwaters cruise has something for everyone.

The longest and widest Vembanad Lake

Vembanad Lake is the epicenter of the Kerala Backwaters. It is considered the largest lake in India, comprising different state districts. In this lake, you will see different birds and plantations. Also, in an area of ??the Vembanad Lake, you will find the famous rice paddies with the local's work.

They say that Vembanad Lake is the longest and widest lake in India as it comprises several districts within the state of Kerala. The Vembanad Lake covers an area of 2033.02 square kilometers, making it the most extensive wetland system in India.

It is the heart of the famous backwaters of Kerala; it is famous for its emerald-colored waters, the fruit of the palm, and coconut trees that populate its shores. The calm atmosphere it conveys is perfect for getting on a boat and touring some of its islands, visiting bird sanctuaries and plantations, or seeing how people still fish traditionally.

Enjoy your stay in Kuttanad.

Covered in lush greenery, the Kuttanad region is truly a paradise for nature lovers. Kuttanad is located in a serene location, away from the city's noise, and if you are looking for an escape to serenity from the hustle and bustle of modern life, this is the ideal place.

Kuttanad is a region known as the Rice Bowl of Kerala for its many paddy fields within the Alappuzha district. A walk through these fields allows us to see the way of life of the inhabitants of this region: men and women harvesting rice and transporting bundles of cereal.

Many of the boat or houseboat tours take visitors through this area where, in addition to seeing the rice fields, we can observe birds near the backwaters. The Kuttanad region covers most of the Alappuzha region and some areas of Kottayam. It is called the "rice bowl of Kerala" due to the abundance of rice fields. The most unusual thing about Kuttanad is its geography. The place is about 2 meters below sea level, making it the lowest place in India.

Punnamada Lake

Punnamada Lake is part of Vembanad Lake, located in the Kuttanad area. This area, known for its rice paddies with reclaimed areas of Vembanad Lake, is called the Rice Bowl of Kerala. In addition to the beauty of the coconut palms, we can see small boats transporting locals. Every year and since 1952, a boat race called the Nehru Trophy is held in which rowers from the surrounding towns participate and are followed by all the inhabitants of the area.

In Haripad Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple

The Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple in Haripad, very close to Alleppey, is widely visited and known by the followers of Nagaraja, king of the Nagas or serpent God. The creator of Kerala, Parasurama, left instructions to the followers of Naga that they should avoid harming the snakes and protect their environment. Unlike other temples, some of the rituals are carried out by women, and legend has it that gave birth to a 5-headed snake.

Marari Beach Paradise of White Sand

About 11 km from Alleppey, we find Marari Beach, a paradise of white sand surrounded by coconut trees and mangroves. Marari comes from Mararikulum, a small fishing village located on the Arabian Sea, where tranquility and calm are part of the landscape, along with the anglers who go out every morning with their boats. There is not much infrastructure on this beach, just a few beach bars, and you definitely won't find many tourists.

The Mount Carmel Cathedral

Described by some travelers as one of the most beautiful in Kerala, the Mount Carmel Cathedral in Champakulam draws attention to its white color, and the tranquility breathed. It is located in Champakulam and is usually one of the mandatory stops when you stay in one of the houseboats. The church and its interior frescoes are in good condition and have a characteristic architectural style.

Mullakkal temple

The Mullakkal temple draws attention for being a place where multi-faith worship is performed. Although the main deity is the goddess Rajarajeswari, we will find different deities such as Nagaraja, Ganesha, Hanuman Swami, and Sree Krishna. People of all castes and beliefs can enter here, which is not always common in India. Although there are different theories about its foundation, it is believed that it was built almost 500 years ago.

Jain Temple

It is one of the best and most important tourist places in Alleppey. Thanks to him, the Jain religion spread in the country's south. Jain families built it brought to Alleppey for the city's industrial development. One of the most important temples responsible for the growth of Jainism in South India is the Shri Jain Shwethambar temple in Alleppey.

It was built in white marble brought from Rajasthan and has undergone numerous modifications over time, although it still maintains the grandeur of this type of temple. The style of the architecture follows the Jain precepts, although it also blends the traditional style of Kerala. The temple stands out for its grandeur and elegance. It was restored several times throughout its history but always maintained its original design. A handful of devout Jain families take care of its management and upkeep, also upholding the precepts of Jainism. It has two sanctuaries, one that is more than 100 years old and the other that is just over 20. Also, inside, you will find frescoes and figures made from a single piece of marble.

Some other inspiring things to do in Alleppey

Ayurvedic and Spa treatments

If your holiday in Alleppey is planned for the rainy season or winter period, be sure to try the Ayurvedic massage procedure. There are several Ayurvedic and Spa centers in Alleppey, where specialists will relieve you of stress and pain in the body by offering a massage with herbal oil. There are many modern massage centers, but traditional massage centers offer the most authentic service. You can try different types of massage for various body ailments.

A paradise of Pathiramanal Island

If you are interested in watching birds, you will find Pathiramanal Island a paradise. To access here, about 13 km from Alleppey, it can be done by boat or in one of the houseboats from Muhamma. The island of about 500 m long is only inhabited by birds, about 90 local species, and many migratory birds that travel from different parts of the world, from ducks, seagulls, and cormorants to herons or kingfishers. In addition, it is very rich in plants, aquatic fauna, butterflies, fish, snakes, and insects.

Taste local food

Who does not know about the rich flora and fauna of the Alleppey region, called the "land of God"? This region's abundance of flora and fauna is the main attraction and contributes to developing a culinary tradition that offers travelers delicious and affordable meals. While non-vegetarians can enjoy the taste of shrimp and other seafood served at local restaurants, vegetarians can delight their taste buds with traditional South Indian food.

Sree Krishna Temple

Built-in the typical style of Kerala architecture between the 15th and 17th centuries, the temple we are talking about, Ambalappuzha Sree Krishna Temple, is known throughout India for the daily offerings of sweet milk pudding and rice made by the faithful. It is dedicated to Krishna, a black granite figure of Parthasarathi, the temple's primary idol. Outside, it has stairs that access the water so that the faithful can wash.

The Krishna Temple at Ambalappuzha

The temple in Ambalappuzha is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is considered the oldest temple in Alleppey. This temple boasts beautiful interiors with many paintings and a massive pond inside, adding to its aesthetic appeal. It will be best you visit the temple during the fire ritual of honoring the deity "Aarti," as this is a noteworthy tradition.

Attend the famous kite boat racing festival

In addition to natural landscapes and peaceful locations, Alleppey also entertains travelers with exciting extreme sports. One of the most recognized sports is the traditional kite boat racing festival. This spectacle of traditional longboats speeding across Punnamad Lake is awe-inspiring.

Basilica of St Syrian Catholic church

This old Syrian Catholic church is located in Champalukam and is said to date from 427, although it has been rebuilt numerous times. They say that the Basilica of St.  Its striking all-white exterior combines Portuguese and Syrian architectural styles and is part of India's Christian heritage.

The beautiful sunset in Pojiyoram.

There is no better way to soothe your senses than to watch the sunrise and set in the beautiful landscape of Alleppey. If you're not a morning person, don't be discouraged, as Alleppey is well-known for its enchanting sunsets. The stunning Alleppey Pojijoram Beach offers the most beautiful sunset views. Also, this beach is popular among lovers of water sports, and it is here that the confluence of the rivers into the creek begins.

How to get around Alleppey and its surroundings?

To move around Alleppey and its surroundings, you can do it with local buses, since there are good connections and it is cheap. You can also rent an auto rickshaw by negotiating visits with your driver. And if you are going to visit some towns in the backwaters, it is best to move by ferry or boat since some places are inaccessible by road.
* Train
As in many other cities in India, the train is one of the best options. There are connections from nearby cities like Cochin, Thiruvananthapuram and significant cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, and Calcutta. You can also buy a train ticket for one of the sleeping classes.
* Bus and taxi
The roads in this district are pretty well connected. To get to Alleppey (Alappuzha), different buses arrive from Cochin, Chennai, Bangalore, or Varkala, some of them making the night journey?
* Plane
The nearest international airport is Cochin (Kochi), about 90 minutes from Alleppey by road. The usual thing will be to reach the city of Cochin and from there go to Alleppey.


Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha, is one of the most visited cities for travelers. In addition to the Backwaters, in Alleppey, you can visit different sites. Churches, temples, and beaches are some of them. Keep in mind that they allow non-Hindus to enter some temples in this city. Alleppey is one of the major cities located in the backwaters of Kerala. Its lush green surroundings, friendly people, and abundant marine, bird, and animal life make it a top tourist destination in Kerala. You will experience the natural beauty and culture of Alleppey and travel to Venice of the east. Please take advantage of it to be able to explore them to the fullest!

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