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11 Nights / 12 Days Rajasthan with Agra & Khajuraho Tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Udaipur » Chittorgarh » Bundi » Jaipur » Agra » Khajuraho » Delhi

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12 Nights / 13 Days Rajasthan Village Tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Mandawa » Gajner » Khuri » Luni » Ranakpur » Chittorgarh » Bijapur » Bundi » Samode » Delhi

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13 nights 14 days rajasthan with taj and haridwar rishikesh tour

Destinations Covered : Udaipur » Chittorgarh » Bundi » Pushkar » Jaipur » Agra » Delhi » Haridwar » Rishikesh » Delhi

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18 nights 19 days incredible royal rajasthan with taj mahal tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Mandawa » Bikaner » Jaisalmer » Jodhpur » Ranakpur » Udaipur » Chittorgarh » Bundi » Ranthambore » Jaipur » Sariska » Agra » Delhi

Trip to Bundi: The Stunning Jewel of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is very beautiful and the most visited states in incredible India. Bundi is one of the best tourist attracions in Rajasthan. It is a charming town located a few kilometers from Kota, known for magnificent palaces and forts. Once under the kingdom of Hada Chauhans, tourism in Bundi has increased in popularity due to the medieval charm the city was able to retain all these centuries. The iconic blue tint visible in various architectures across Bundi is a beautiful sight.

Being a popular tourist destination, Bundi has many tourist attractions and places of interest that offer a walk back into the glorious historical past of the region. Once a summer residence for kings and queens, Sukh Mahal is a two-story palace where Rudyard Kipling wrote his novel ‘Kim.’Memorial cenotaphs mark the sites of Bundi's former rulers. Taragarh Fort is undoubtedly the most beautiful tourist attraction in Bundi. The colossal structure, water reservoirs, impressive walkways, and Rajput-styled palace at Taragarh Fort make it a must-see destination for tourists. Here we will know all about Trip to Bundi: the stunning jewel of Rajasthan. So, let's start!

History and Culture of Bundi

In ancient times many local tribes had made their residence here. The most prominent of all these tribes were the Parihar Meenas. It is believed that Bundi is named after a king named Bunda Meena. Rao Deva Hada conquered Bundi from Jaita Meena in 1342 and ruled here. He named the surrounding area as Hadavati or Hadoti. The Hada Rajputs ruled this region for about 200 years. His rule ended in 1533 when the Mughal Emperor Akbar conquered it.

The residents of Bundi are mostly Rajputs who are known for their bravery and courage. Most of the tribals of Bundi are of old ideology and follow typical Rajasthani culture and traditions. Hindi and Rajasthani are the two main languages ??spoken here.

Bundi was the capital of a primary princely state during the succession of Rajputs. The area around this place was earlier occupied by Meena and Bhil tribes. And this is the reason why this region was named after a famous Meena Man named Meena. Initially, it was known as "Bunda-ka-Nal" for its narrow meaning among the rugged hills. Vast in size and surrounded by vast Aravalli ranges in beauty.
And Brahmin blue houses are lined with lakes, hills, markets, and a temple. The territory of Bundi is dominated by many kilos, and the most magnificent among them is the Taragarh Fort, a witness to the grand heritage of Rajgarh. Enjoying the cityscape from the fort, one notices miles up to the misty purple hills and its showdown at Jait-Sagarlek.

They celebrate the festival with great solemnity and pomp, especially Kajali Teej and Gangaur Festival. Major tourist attractions include Bundi Palace, Jait Sagar Lake, Sukh Mahal, Raniji ki Barori, Phool Sagar, Taragarh Fort, Naval Sagar, Sukh Mahal, Chaurasi Khambhan Ki Chhatri, and many more. Kali Teej is the most important festival, which is a two-day festival celebrated in the month of August-September.

The best places of the Stunning Jewel of Rajasthan

Although increasingly popular with travelers, Bandi is also often overlooked as a tourist destination in Rajasthan. However, it is a fascinating place to visit with its lakes, markets, temples, and blue houses, similar to Jodhpur. A charming stroll through the old, winding alleys of the old town. Bendi also has about 60 step wells and a crumbling fort above the palace.

Explore Fort Ruins

If you're feeling energetic, follow the steep 20-minute uphill path from the palace complex to the sprawling remains of the ancient Taragarh Bandi, which King Rao Bar Singh built in the 14th century. The state of the fort was also depressingly dilapidated. Inside, she is overrun by monkeys and overgrown vegetation. However, the panoramic view of the city from the fort's ramparts, which surround the entire hilltop, makes the strenuous hike worthwhile. The fort is a pleasant place to step back and spend a few hours. You will come across numerous ruins and a tranquil Shiva temple as you explore it.

Bhimlat Waterfall

40 km from Bundi, you can find this gigantic waterfall in the middle of nature. It is located right here. Admission is entirely free, and to get there, it is best to hire a taxi using the Ola application, which works very well in India, perhaps better than others that are also famous, such as Grab. As you can imagine, in the hottest season, it is scorched, but it is still an excellent place to visit.

Admire the ancient Stepwells

Bundi is also known for its many baoris (pitch wells) used to collect water and social meeting places. About 50 of them are scattered throughout the city, including those that supplied water to the fort. The Raniji ki Baori is most impressive of all these. It got its name from Queen Rani Nathawati, the younger wife of the ruler Rao Raja Anirudh Singh, who built it in the 17th century. The step goes well down three levels, and its stone pillars are accentuated with magnificent carvings such as elephants and incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Unfortunately, it is not possible to go all the way inside.

Raniji Ki Baori is located in the city center, opposite the police station and Indira Market, close to the main entrance of the Chogan gate of the old city. Another step of the prominent Bundy well, Dhabhai Kunda, lies south of Raniji ki Baori and is free to enter. The geometric pattern of his steps is an exciting sight to see. Head the block north of Raniji ki Baori through the marketplace to find two more double-stepped wells known as Nagar Sagar Kunda. Tickets are not required to be them.

Chitara Mahal

Chitra Mahal in Bundi was once a magnificent garden palace, which came with several fountains and a diving pool for exotic fish. Chitra means painting, and the palace gets its name from the beautiful murals that adorn its walls. In the olden times, during the 18th century, Bundi was known for miniature paintings, and miniature paintings were highly encouraged here. From images of deities, battle scenes, and elephants to Radha and Krishna, these paintings depict a special delicacy known only in the region. Chitra Mahal also has a Chitrashala, which was built under the orders of Umaid Singh. In its totality, the paintings form a dramatic panorama on the walls and ceiling of the palace.

Dhabhai Kund

This first Baori, called Dhabhai Kund, is in the market area of ??Bundi. Around him, there are a lot of street businesses selling food, flowers, padlocks, shoemakers... and endlessly more. This Baori is open 24 hours a day, so you can visit it whenever you want. The visit will not take you more than 10 minutes, since it is not very well cared for, one because being free nobody takes care of it and another, because being in a market area, a lot of people circulate who throw everything at the Baori. But even so, visiting him never hurts, since you will pass by his side a couple of times a day.

Badal Mahal

The walls of this charming palace are adorned with exquisite paintings. Badal Mahal is situated on the premises of Taragarh Fort, located in Bundi. The paintings made here reflect the influence of Chinese culture.

Sadar Bazar of Bundi

There has many markets to shop for, but Sadar Bazaar of Bundi is one of the best places where you can find stone sculptures, lac bangles, hand-painted items, metal wares, murals, silver jewelry, and much more can get. So, during your Bundi trip, do not miss to stop and shop here.

Vaults in the Hills

Another thing to see in Bundi is its vaults high up in the hills. This is another way to get amazing views of the city. We climbed two of them, and they are no more than 2km from the center, so the climbs are very steep, about 500m or so. But anyone can do it.

Once at the top, there are some vaults surrounded by columns carved with many small details—excellent places to take some photos and get a good view of the city free.

Naval Sagar Lake

Feel the peace and be calm One of the best places to visit in Bundi, Naval Sagar Lake, is a manufactured marvel. There is a half-submerged temple in the middle of the lake dedicated to Varun Dev, and the lake is surrounded by magnificent scenery. However, it is a shadow of the attraction falling on the water, and it can be seen that this place is so unique.

Lake Jait Sagar -An attractive Place

This lake is a picturesque location surrounded by hills and home to beautiful lotus flowers. This lake gives picturesque views and is truly one of its kinds. From spotting a large number of migratory birds all around to soaking in the serenity of the place, there is a lot that you can do for an impeccable evening in Bundi. It is one of the best places in Rajasthan.

Taste the best tea in town

Masala is ubiquitous in India, but many will agree that Krishna makes the best tea in Bundi. He has been serving him, with his signature blend of spices, to satisfied customers in his little tea shop since 1999. The tea has been a massive success with foreigners who flock to the legendary shop. They even decorated his wall with groovy graffiti. The store is not hard to find. It is located on the Sadar Bazaar road, near the Charbhuja temple in the old city.

Bandi Old City, Charbhuja temple.

Jodhpur is the "Blue City" of Rajasthan, and Bundi can be considered a mini blue city. Many of its buildings are painted blue to show the Brahmins' houses. They branch out under the palace and line the narrow streets of the old part of the city, which, to the top of the heritage, admiringly preserved the atmosphere of a bygone era. Stroll from the palace to the Chogan Gate, at the entrance to the old city, and you'll come across captivating markets and temples as you walk along. Don't miss the colorful Charbhuja Temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna, near Tilak Chowk on the highway east of Sadar Bazaar of Lake Nawal Sagar.

Shikari Burj

Shikari Burj is one of the more famous tourist places located in Bundi city. Shikar Burj is an old hunting hut built and owned by the rulers of Bundi and is located a short distance from Sukh Mahal. The Shikar Burj is christened amidst the submerged forests of Bundi and is the site where it was retaken in the 18th century by the ruler of Bundi, Umaid Singh, after abdicating the throne.

Heritage Hotel Bundi

A stay in one is highly recommended to experience the city's charm thoroughly, and there are plenty of options to suit all budgets. If you can afford it, stay in the bathroom for a shine. Dev Niwas is one of the best choices in the old town, close to the main road. This regal 17th-century mansion has three floors, a fountain, a courtyard, and a rooftop restaurant. The Bundi Haveli Hotel is also famous in the old town next to the lake, restored in a contemporary style.

Haveli Braj Bhushanjeesits just below the fort and provides a close-up view from the rooftop terrace. The hotel's miniature paintings and antiques are the main attraction. If you want outstanding palace views for a lower price, try the 250-year-old Bundy Inn or Kasera Paradise nearby. For the ultimate proximity to the palace, stay at the 300-year-old Bandi Vilas. It is built within the crumbling walls of the palace! There are seven rooms, but the property only discloses its prices upon request.

Enjoy Monsoon Festival of Bundi

Bundy is one of India's top monsoon travel destinations because of its special Teej festival celebrations in August. The Teej festival is associated with the holy union of Lord Shiva and Parvati. This makes it an important event for women who invoke the blessing of the goddess for a happy marriage. However, the Bundy festival coordinator is a boisterous street procession with dressed-up camels, elephants, musicians, dancers, folk artists, and goddesses on a palanquin. The lively local fair draws a crowd as well. The festivities continued until Janmashta when Lord Krishna was born.

Best time to visit Bundi, Rajasthan

Rajasthan has a wide range of climates, from extremely arid areas to the most humid areas. The humid zone extends to the southeast and east. Except in the hills, the heat during the summer is intense everywhere, with temperatures in June, the hottest month, usually rising to 35 or 40 degrees during the central hours of the day. Hot winds and dust storms often occur in the summer, making your visit difficult, especially in the desert area.

In January, the coldest of the winter months, daily maximum temperatures range between 20 and 25 degrees, while minimum temperatures hover around 7 degrees. For this reason, the winter months are the best time to visit Bundi without being overwhelmed by extreme heat. So, the best time to plan a trip to Bundi is October to March, as the weather is cool and pleasant. However, April and May are very dry and hot.

How to get to Bundi?

Bundi is well connected to the other regions of India by highways or roads. Regular bus services criss-cross the city of Bundi; private and government owners operate buses. About 210 km away is Jaipur International Airport, the closest airport connecting Bundi to the rest of India. The nearest accessible railway station for Bundi is at Kota, 40 km from Bundi.

By Air: Jaipur Airport is located 150 km away from Bundi, the nearest airport to Bundi. It is connected to the other major cities of India like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc.
By Rail: The nearest railway station to Bundi is at Kota, 35 km away. Kota Railway Station is connected to many cities like Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Delhi, etc. From the station, you will get a taxi facility to Bundi.
By Road: Buses ply from Rajasthan to Bundi by the state government. One can also get buses for Bundi from Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. You will also get a private bus to travel around Bundi. Apart from this, you can reach Bundi from Jaipur.

Bottom line

Bundi is a fantastic city and a stunning jewel of Rajasthan. Suppose you are tired of the traffic and busy streets. In that case, this is the perfect getaway for you as it is peaceful and full of colorful buildings and incredible architecture that will amaze you on your Trip to Bundi, the stunning jewel of Rajasthan. There is also a stepwell that is unique and fun to explore. Bundi cuisine is typically Rajasthani and vegetarian. The main Bundi dish is Dal-Bati, a dish made from wheat and stuffed with lentils. You will fall in love with this city. So when you plan to visit Rajasthan, don't miss out on this beautiful city.

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