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8 nights 9 days rajasthan fort and palaces tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Jaipur » Pushkar » Chittorgarh » Udaipur » Ranakpur » Jodhpur » Bikaner » Mandawa » Delhi

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8 Nights/ 9 Days Rajasthan Fort and Palaces Tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Jaipur » Pushkar » Chittorgarh » Udaipur » Ranakpur » Jodhpur » Bikaner » Mandawa » Delhi

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11 Nights / 12 Days Rajasthan with Agra & Khajuraho Tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Udaipur » Chittorgarh » Bundi » Jaipur » Agra » Khajuraho » Delhi

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12 Nights / 13 Days Rajasthan Village Tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Mandawa » Gajner » Khuri » Luni » Ranakpur » Chittorgarh » Bijapur » Bundi » Samode » Delhi

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13 nights 14 days rajasthan with taj and haridwar rishikesh tour

Destinations Covered : Udaipur » Chittorgarh » Bundi » Pushkar » Jaipur » Agra » Delhi » Haridwar » Rishikesh » Delhi

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18 nights 19 days incredible royal rajasthan with taj mahal tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Mandawa » Bikaner » Jaisalmer » Jodhpur » Ranakpur » Udaipur » Chittorgarh » Bundi » Ranthambore » Jaipur » Sariska » Agra » Delhi

Chittorgarh Tour Packages

Chittorgarh is a gorgeous holiday destination with a variety of interesting tourist attractions. chittorgarh trip is a treasure trove full of fascinating tales of courage and courage, battles, victories, and defeats that have left a lasting impression on the surroundings of this stunning area.

It is believed that the Chittorgarh Fort is the most well-known attraction in the city. The fort is home to several towers, palaces, temples, lakes, and ponds. The city also boasts great nature reserves. Chittorgarh is dotted with ancient temples.

Chittorgarh Tour Packagesoffers a wide range of things to do during your stay. Explore the many avenues within the city, searching for bargains on local items. You can also visit the caves of Menal and the many old temples, palaces, and ruins which showcase the city's rich history. Take the traditional music and dance performances renowned worldwide, or take the thrill of a jeep safari and discover the city's suburbs. Let's start!

An Insider's View of Chittorgarh Tourism

A perfect reflection on the rich Rajput heritage, Chittorgarh is a traveler's opportunity to meet with the glorious past. It is a stunning architectural masterpiece. Chittorgarh's most prized possession is its majestic fort, a magnificent representation that exemplifies Rajputana architecture. There are a few in the present, and they are all natural areas or are rain-fed in the catchment.

The popular spot is filled with stories from the past of honorable Rajput women's Sieges, chivalry, sieges, and romanticism. It is believed that this popular tourist destination located in Rajasthan was constructed during the Epic Mahabharata times when Bhim, one of the Pandavas, established Bhimtal (a lake) within its borders. The Rajputs could build vantage towers strategically within their battlements that let you enjoy stunning views of the surrounding area of Chittor. A zigzag route extends for one kilometer from the new area that is Chittor until Ram Pol, the main entry point to the fort, which is home to monuments and ancient structures worth seeing.

Kirti Sthambha is a serene lake with pure waters dubbed the Gaumukh Kund, the sacred Jain, Hindu temples, and magnificent palaces. Another thing to see in the fort is the ruin of Nagina Bazar and Moti Bazar, which used to be the bustling marketplaces in this fort. The ideal time to be in Chittorgarh will be during Jauhar Mela, which is held every year to honor the grueling sacrifices made by Rani Padmini and the ladies of the court within the fort when their soldiers lost their lives in the conflict. Beyond the fort, tourism in Chittorgarh is all about exploring the two wildlife sanctuaries spread across the district.

The number of tourists visiting Chittorgarh has increased since UNESCO declared the site to be conserved as a World Heritage Site in the 2013 convention. We provide the top Chittorgarh Tour Packages to assist you in planning your vacation more efficiently. With us, you'll be able to pick the best accommodation and transport options and book the most suitable Tour Packages for Chittorgarh.

Let's know about the Top Places to Visit in chittorgarh tourism packages

Due to its extensive heritage and rich culture, Chittorgarh is a significant town in Rajasthan. There are traces of the various times of rulers that ruled over Chittor in architecture. Many temples also hold significant significance to people of the Jain community. Let's look at the places you should visit in Chittorgarh for a romantic trip. You must cross these spots to see Chittorgarh off your list in one visit:

Chittorgarh Fort

When we discuss the best places you should visit within Chittorgarh, the fort is at the top of the list due to its rich history, as well as the Jauhar, which queens performed during the time of war. It is among the most sought-after locations to visit in chittorgarh city tour.

The most ancient palace of Rana Kumbha

Rana Kumbha Palace is the most ancient palace in the fort. Stories suggest that it's one of the most haunted spots in Rajasthan. The balconies, canopied roofs, and the stables of elephants and horses in the palace must be on your Chittorgarh tour itinerary. It is said that following the heroic victory by Rana Kumbha, his queen, Rani Padmini committed Jauhar, and Jauhar's spirit is a threat to the palace.

Fateh Prakash Palace: The embodiment of the modern architecture

Fateh Prakash Palace is the embodiment of modern architecture, named in honor of Maharana Fateh Singh. It houses the Lord's idol Ganesha and is a beautiful spot at one of the visited locations in Chittorgarh. There are many stunning murals and wall paintings within the museum. Artifacts and sculptures from the past are numerous within the museum, which is an absolute draw for visitors. Of the many Chittorgarh destinations, this is among the most luxurious and sophisticated.

Padmini Palace

Rani Padmini Palace is named in honor of Queen Padmini. Her reputation was built on her stunning beauty and her intelligence. A legend says she looked over the palace's defenses while the fort was sacked under the Sultans of Delhi. Most places to go to in Chittorgarh are known for their royal past. Padmini's story Padmini represents the ideal of bravery and courage within its epics.

Meera Temple: One of the most significant temples in Rajasthan

Nearby to Chittorgarh Fort is a testimony to Meera's genuine devotion and love for Lord Krishna. One of the most significant temples in Rajasthan, The enchanting appeal of the gods of Lord Vishnu and the other goddesses make the temple the most stunning spot for a visit to Chittorgarh. Meera was known to spend all day and night expressing her gratitude through Bhajans, and people sang hymns to Krishna.

Kali Mata Temple with the most sacred location in Rajasthan

The temple is dedicated to the goddess Kalika as well as who is the Kuldevi from the Mori Panwar Clan of Kshatriya Rajputs. One of the most sacred locations in Rajasthan, This temple was originally committed to Kali Mata, the Sun God, and was constructed in 1855 by Bappa Rawal. Later, the great Maa Kali statue was installed on the site by Maharana Hamir, and the temple was given its name: Kali Mata Temple. It is one of the most accessible destinations that you can visit within Chittorgarh city.

Gaumukh Reservoir: The most important water source in Chittorgarh

Gaumukh Reservoir is Chittorgarh's most important water source in Chittorgarh. The green water in the famed spot is a must-see in Chittorgarh and is a place of worship for Hindus. It is dotted with fish, fed daily by the pilgrims visiting the spot. The fort is maintained, and the architecture of the fort is breathtaking and is an important attraction to visit in Chittorgarh city tour.

Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary: The most beautiful place in Chittorgarh

Chittorgarh sightseeing is done by exploring the lush green areas in the Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary. It is easy to spot Langur, Mongoose, and even the Panther as you stroll in the reserve's nature. Saral and Dhok are the two famous trees that add to the pulchritude of the area. Spread across 15,000 acres. It is essential for those who love nature. It is among the most beautiful places to visit in Chittorgarh. In addition, there are numerous park nationals in Rajasthan that you can explore.

Padmavati Palace: Evidence of the myths and legends

Padmavati Palace, located in the center of Chittorgarh Fort, is evidence of the myths and legends. The palace was the beloved residence of Rani Padmini, also hailed as Queen Padmavati. The queen of bravery from Chittorgarh, famous for her stunning and unrivaled beauty, was once a resident of this palace and the place is straight from the top of the line in architecture. It's also one of the most visited locations to visit in Chittorgarh.

Vijay Stambh: The magnificent monument

Vijay Stambh, or the victory tower in Chittorgarh, is a magnificent monument constructed to commemorate Mewar, the King of Rana Khumba, after the fusion of their armies with Mahmud Khilji. The structure of the tomb is attractive with its intricate designs and carvings. Because it is committed to the God Lord Vishnu and Vishnu, numerous Hindu divinities and gods are written upon the grave. The best part about this location is the view of the entire town from the top of this hill.

Sathis Deori Temple

One of the twenty-seven Hindu temples in Rajasthan is dedicated to Jain Tirthankaras. Sathis Deori Temple is an important spot of devotion for members of the Jain community, in addition to being among the top tourist destinations in Chittorgarh. The serene complex that is the temple will wash away your worries and make you feel calm. The beautiful 11th-century architecture will amaze you. This is a must-see place for those who are religious and historians.

Kirti Stambh: The instance of architectural excellence

Another of the most well-known tourist destinations in Chittorgarh, Kirti Stambh in Chittor, is an instance of architectural excellence. The tomb was a tall structure with poise at 22 meters and was built by a Jain merchant. There is a clear glimpse of the Solanki architecture in the design. The "Tower of Fame" has been dedicated to Rishabha, the first Tirthankara. Jains pilgrimage to this tower to pay tribute to their gods and ancestors.

Shyama Temple: The top Chittorgarh tourist attraction

Shyama Temple holds high esteem for the residents of Chittor. It is one of the top Chittorgarh tourist attractions. The temple's architecture features a soaring roof and a pyramidal tower. On the temple's walls, you can see various statues depicting Gods and Goddesses featuring intricately carved carvings.

Sanwariyaji Temple

Sanwariyaji Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is where many people can worship. Although it is forty kilometers from Chittorgarh, It is one of the top spots to visit in Chittorgarh. You can expect riches and prosperity wholeheartedly by praying to God at this temple. This is why many rich entrepreneurs and business owners go to the temple to express gratitude and pray for blessings. The temple is in the middle of the most historical places in Rajasthan.

Maha Sati: One of the top stunning places

The Maha Sati is known to be one of the holy sites where the rulers from Udaipur were buried. It is considered one of the top locations you can visit, while in Chittorgarh, the Maha Sati is stunning. This is a place that is famous for its reservoir of water, which is where you can view the sparkling sun. In addition, there are the Ahar Cenotaphs that have 19 chhatris that commemorate the 19 kings that were buried in this area. There are over 250 cenotaphs located in the region.

Ratan Singh Palace with historical significance

Ratan Singh Palace is a popular monument because of its historical significance. It is located within the stunning Chittorgarh Fort grounds. The palace has an old-fashioned charm and is considered one of the top tourist spots in Chittorgarh. Just in front of the palace is Ratneshwar Lake, which enhances the beauty of the fort. The palace is in disrepair; however, the royal feel remains and is apparent.

A natural paradise of Sita mata Wildlife Sanctuary

Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary is a nature's paradise located in the district of Pratapgarh of the north-west Indian state of Rajasthan--surrounded by the dense forest of deciduous plantations, including the Gulmohar, Sindoor, and Rudraksha. The area is 423 square kilometres. The people who visit here want a moment of peace amid nature's most beautiful beauty, and the place is also a great destination for photographers. The area is also featured in Chittorgarh tourism because of its historical significance.


A village of this size is within the Chittorgarh Bundi Road district. Chittorgarh Bundi Road, which is located 90 kilometers from the city Centre. The hamlet is among the most popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan and is known for its old temples and traditional architecture that reflects the state's rich culture. The best spots where one can have the best time are Rawatbhata, Mandalgarh, Bhilwara, and Shahpura.

Bhainsrorgarh Wildlife Sanctuary: Ideal for exploring the natural beauty

It is one of the well-known wildlife sanctuaries. It is situated near the confluence between Bemany and Chambal rivers, Bemany and the Chambal River. An area is a wonderful place that is worth a look at. The ideal time to explore the sanctuary and enjoy the natural beauty is in the morning since it provides all-day time to take in the surrounding. This is regarded as one of the most beautiful places in Chittorgarh because of its stunning design and lush vegetation.

The temple is situated next to Dadaji Darbar. Numerous myths and legends are connected to this sacred place. It is believed that during the "canvas" (residence of the woods), Lord Ramastayedat this sanctum and worshipped goddess Shaktifor for nine weeks. And was incarnated here as goddess Tulja Bhavani.

About Shopping Experience in Chittorgarh

The shopping experience in Chittorgarh is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable ways to experience its breathtaking market and bazaars during an excursion and Jaipur tour. Chittorgarh is a tourist favorite due to its numerous stores that provide a thrilling shopping experience. From traditional handicrafts to stainless steel, there is everything you need.

The most sought-after products in Chittorgarh to buy are artistic handicrafts. Additionally, keep an eye out for Camel leather items, including wooden antiques, vibrant jewelry, miniature paintings, and dupattas available in abundance at the market of Chittorgarh. Find marble-related handicrafts in Chittorgarh at the bazaars of Sadar Bazaar and check out the old-fashioned lamps available at Rana Sanga Market in Chittorgarh. If you're shopping, stop at the local eateries for the flaky kachoris or gajar ka halwa.

Sadar Bazaar: It is an extremely popular market in Chittorgarh. A lot of tourists visit from all over India as well as from abroad. Sadar bazaar is one of Chittorgarh's most popular street markets, and you will discover various fancy Rajasthani products and items. It's lively, bustling, and bustling with life.

Find your favorite items like fabric, camel-leather products and jewelry, metal wares toys, and more. Dress fabrics are available in various materials, including organic dyes and heavy threadwork. There are also metal wares that are also popular for buyers in this region. Check out the beautiful and vibrant camel leather "jutis." The intricate embroidery makes this exclusive Rajasthani objects extremely stunning.

Rana Sanga Market: Rana Sanga Market, located in Chittorgarh, is another place that is a favorite for shopping, which is a pleasure. There are other places similar to Chittorgarh Fort. Chittorgarh Fort. From the myriad of items available across Rajasthan, Chittorgarh's Rana Sanga Market is a significant hub for selling the finest Rajasthani products. Of the many goods available at its stores, the most sought-after products to purchase include jewelry, metal ware, fabrics, wood toys, and Rajasthani handicrafts. Many visitors purchase metal wares to keep as mementos or souvenirs. The stunning fabric work is designed with the help of vegetable dyes and is sold as hotcakes on the marketplace.

Best Time to Visit Chittorgarh Trip

Winter is an excellent time to go to Chittorgarh and its stunning forts. Between October and March, you can plan your visit to Chittorgarh Trip.

How to Reach Chittorgarh?

Chittorgarh is the closest airport to Udaipur, which is located about a kilometer far from Chittorgarh and connected to many important cities in India like New Delhi, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai through.

Bottom Line

Chittorgarh is an important historical site. It is home to many old palaces, buildings, and forts that tell the rich royal heritage of the area. Mewar, the kingdom's capital, is famous for its famous battle of the Ala-ud-din Khilji. Anyone interested in digging into the country's history should go to Chittorgarh. Chittorgarh Tour Packages with numerous important places and activities to enjoy; it should take about one or two weeks to complete the trip.

A lot of people think that the area is boring. But that's not the scenario. In addition to the many historical sites and monuments, there are a variety of activities to enjoy during your time in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. Thousands of visitors visit the area each year to learn about its rich heritage and culture. It even attracts foreign tourists who visit to experience the splendor of Chittorgarh from various parts of the globe.

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