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10 nights 11 days golden triangle with rajasthan desert trail tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Agra » Jaipur » Jodhpur » Jaisalmer » Bikaner » Mandawa

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10 nights 11 days golden triangle with rajasthan cultural tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Agra » Jaipur » Jodhpur » Jaisalmer » Udaipur

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12 Nights / 13 Days Classic Rajasthan with Rann of Kutch Tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Jaipur » Pushkar » Jodhpur » Jaisalmer » Mount Abu » Udaipur » Ahmedabad » Rann of Kutch » Bhuj

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13 nights 14 days golden triangle with rajasthan fort and palace tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Agra » Jaipur » Pushkar » Udaipur » Jodhpur » Jaisalmer » Bikaner » Mandawa » Delhi

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15 nights 16 days golden triangle with implausible north india tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Varanasi » Khajuraho » Agra » Jaipur » Bikaner » Jaisalmer » Jodhpur » Udaipur

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18 nights 19 days incredible royal rajasthan with taj mahal tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Mandawa » Bikaner » Jaisalmer » Jodhpur » Ranakpur » Udaipur » Chittorgarh » Bundi » Ranthambore » Jaipur » Sariska » Agra » Delhi

Jaisalmer Tour Packages

Jaisalmer and its royal palaces and forts are known as the Golden City of India. One of Rajasthan's most visited tourist attractions, the charm of Jaisalmer, despite its massive commercialization, is in its huge castles of sand forts, forts, and vibrant bazaars. The old city's narrow streets, adorned with intricate Havelis, are located just beneath the city's surface. If you are a traveler interested in visiting a destination with a rich past with significant religious meaning and delicious food, it is essential to look into Jaisalmer. Tour packages to Jaisalmer are easily booked through online bookings.

Jaisalmer is one of Rajasthan's most sought-after historic sites. In the vast landscape of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer provides a breathtaking view. Apart from the stunning scenery in Jaisalmer trip packages, you can do exciting adventure activities, desert safaris, amazing hospitality, and delicious food! These are only some incredible things to explore in Jaisalmer's top tourist spots.

History of Jaisalmer City

The history of Jaisalmer city began in the 12th century. A Bhati Rajput King named Rao Jaisal chose to move his capital city from Ludharva to a more secure area. That was the reason for the birth of Jaisalmer city in 1156 AD. In 1949 Jaisalmer was included in the State of Rajasthan and was granted the district designation. Jaisalmer's slope runs towards Kutch, the Rann, and Kutch valleys. Kutch is bordered by an international boundary that extends over 471 miles.

Jaisalmer is a desert city has extreme weather conditions. Summers are extremely hot, and winters are equally frigid.

The summer months are extremely hot in Jaisalmer, The season lasting from April until August. In the daytime, temperatures can be extremely hot. It typically rises to 42 degrees Centigrade in the day. At the same time, the night is typically cooler, as is the case with the desert climate of the desert as temperatures drop to just 25 degrees Centigrade.

Monsoon can be minimal in Jaisalmer due to its position in the Thar Desert. Jaisalmer is dry for the majority of the entire year. However, the western disturbances are responsible for 15 centimeters of annual rain.

Jaisalmer is where winters are much cooler, beginning in mid-November and lasting until the final days of February. The temperatures remain pleasant in the daytime, reaching around 24 degrees Centigrade and nights can be cold, falling to 7-8deg Centigrade.

The economic activity of Jaisalmer is heavily dependent on the industries it operates. The main industries of the Jaisalmer district include:-

  • Travel and tourism
  • Stone-cutting and sculpture
  • Khadi Industry
  • Mineral-oriented Industry

Another thing for which Jaisalmer is well-known is the leather industry. The bags for messengers made by the city with wild camel leather are well-known worldwide.

Which Top Places are Included in Jaisalmer trip packages?

The subtle blend of architecture, history, elegance, and culture is the best of all worlds in this wonderful town of palaces Jaisalmer. It is located just 575 kilometers away from the capital of the state. The city is full of unique appeal and charm that only deserted cities could possess.

Different colors and styles, as well as cultures and customs, are its components as the adjacent "Great Indian Desert" Thar shines with golden light, and the entire area appears calm. It is a stunning destination that you must visit when in Rajasthan. When you are within North India, Jaisalmer will lead you on a fascinating trip to discover its amazing energy, distinct taste, and fascinating villages.

From Jaisalmer to Jaisalmer, Jaisalmer is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in Jaisalmer. The Top Tourist Attractions included in Jaisalmer Tour Packages that you should visit at least once in your life.

Jaisalmer Fort is the most Significant Symbol of the Town

Jaisalmer Fort is the central and most significant symbol of the town. The fort rises out of the sand-dune plains with the most magnificent splendor. The fort is filled with massive battlements, hefty walls of sandstone whose crenellation has been done, and 99 bastions surrounded by its impressive exteriors.

The city was established on the initiative of Rajah Rawal Jaisal, a Bhatti chieftain who ruled the city around 1156 AD. Today, the fort is among the most popular tourist destinations and is still home to the younger generations of the city's first inhabitants. Beautiful architecture is displayed between the crumbling shacks and vibrant stalls in the numerous Havelis and other structures.

The first Haveli was constructed in Jaisalmer

It is one of the most notable structures in Jaisalmer. It is among the city's most impressive architecturally rich and historic Havelis. It is significant because it is the first Haveli constructed in Jaisalmer.

Gangaur festival

Gangaur festival is among the most renowned and cherished festivals in Rajasthan and will be celebrated in great pomp and excitement and is greatly anticipated by people who live there.

The festival is usually performed for women who worship the goddess Parvati, praying for health, success, and longevity for their spouses. On the other hand, girls who aren't married are praying for an attractive and loving husband.

A stunning collection of buildings in the Great Garden

A stunning collection of buildings and sites, Bada Bagh, or literally "The Great Garden," is a popular tourist attraction within Jaisalmer and boasts stunning settings and complexes in its vicinity. Bada Bagh was commissioned to be built by Maharwal Jait Singh in the 16th century but was later finished by his son shortly after his death.

Bada Bagh mainly has three principal attractions: a garden, a reservoir, and a dam. A central pillar known as"the Govardhan Stambh was also constructed to commemorate the dam's creation and the tank.

Kuldhara, the town that was once Ghostly

One of the visited places in Jaisalmer, Kuldhara Chudail Trail, is also associated with some of the more enigmatic and bizarre stories that have brought delight and wonder to those who visit this city.

The city was home to The Paliwal Brahmins. The city was bustling but was abandoned in the night and cursed so that no one would ever be able to live in the city again. Today, what remains are the tales that were whispered by the walls and the solitary streets and the remnants of the old settlers left behind - a place to visit once more and revisit the past of the cursed village.

A bustling city that was abandoned overnight and in a state of oblivion so that nobody could live in it again. The only thing that remains is the stories whispered by the walls, the empty streets, and the traces of what the ancestors left behind. It's a place to go once more and revisit the past of the cursed village.

Ancient Jain Temples

Another thing to be included in the list of tourists who visit this city, Jaisalmer, is the abundance of Jain temples because they comprise the Jaisalmer Fort. The Jain temples are extremely ancient, significant in the pilgrimage, and have some archeological significance.

Dedicated to Jain Tirthankaras (Spirit Heads), one can find a variety of human and animal sculptures carved onto the walls. The temples are built according to the well-known Dilwara design. They are made of yellow sandstone in a manner that can bring peace and harmony. The temple's doors are open to visitors from dawn until noon. The temple is also home to an important library, the Gyan Bhandar Library, which includes rare historical manuscripts.

Jaisalmer top tourist spots to a Wide Range of Activities for Every Tourist

Jaisalmer is home to a wide range of activities to suit every type of tourist. If you're an adrenaline junkie, you should consider Parasailing at Kanoi and feel a massive adrenaline thrill as the wind blows over you. Parasailing is among the most unique and cool activities you can do in Jaisalmer. All you have to do is create reservations to experience this sport.

If you are a fan of speed, there's Quad Biking which allows you to experience the landscape in the dunes. The dust that is sprayed by the bike when it blasts across the desert is exciting! You can also ride through the desert with a stylish SUV. If you're confident in your driving abilities, you could take it on your own or let an expert perform the task. If you are a fan of the thrill of speed and adventure, and you don't have a weak heart or other health issues, this is a trip that you should pay attention to. Additionally, you should consider the most luxurious hotels in Jaisalmer as soon as possible to enjoy the adventure fully.

Go on a Jaisalmer Desert safari

Similar to other cities within the region, like Pushkar or Bikaner, it's interesting to explore the Thar Desert. Thar Desert.

It is possible to explore Sam dunes by jeep. Sam dunes by jeep and you'll also be allowed to ride an open-air camel through the desert. A few options to make your visit include a meal in the sunset from the middle of the dunes.

Boating in the Gadisar Lake

This is an artificial reservoir constructed in 1367 under Maharwal Gadsi Singh's direction, for which it is named. The tank was stately and was used as the city's water source up to 1965. Since it was vital to the inhabitants of Jaisalmer, tiny shrines and temples were constructed around it, and they remain to this day.

The gateway at Tilon-kiPol that runs along the road to the lake was said to have been constructed by a well-known prostitute from the area. In fear that Maharwal might destroy it, deeming it a sham and a shameful act, she erected the Krishna temple to the top. Additionally, Jaisalmer hotel bookings must be booked ahead of time as Jaisalmer is a popular tourist destination.

A Camel Safari

The camel trek is among the most effective ways to discover the vast dunes and expanses of utter isolation and awe to the extent that one can see. Many tour operators offer safaris of this kind, from a one-day trip to a longer than a month excursion. During these trips, essential things like water, food, and shelter are offered. They are carried on.

A chauffeur is provided, and many operators offer local entertainment at night.

Indulge Into Adventure

Para motoring is one of the activities that must be tried at Jaisalmer for those who want to make their Jaisalmer journey a bit more adventurous and thrilling. The motor-powered parasailing makes it possible to see the golden dunes high in the sky. You can also take amazing scenery images or take a wild selfies. The pilot will be there with you to steer the vehicle, ensuring that your adventure is secure and safe.

Cultural Activities

Cultural activities throughout the celebration include the camel race competitions for turban-tying and an event to determine the most beautiful mustache. For three days throughout the festival, various traditional dance and song performances concentrate on Rajasthan's rich heritage and traditions. Foreigners particularly love contests like turban tying or mustache contests.

Enjoy Sunset Point at sunset from Sunset Point

If you are looking for breathtaking views and panoramic views of Jaisalmer, it is recommended to visit Sunset Point. The name implies that Sunset Point is a great spot to go to in the evening or sunset, where the views are more stunning.

Admire the Wildlife at Desert National Park

Desert National Park, sprawled over a total surface of 31, 62 sq. kilometers, is a fascinating location for anyone who loves fauna and flora. Greenery in abundance, as well as the numerous wildlife, birds, and plant species there, make this area one of the most popular tourist destinations in Jaisalmer. Desert National Park is also home to Rajasthan's official bird, the Great Indian Bustard.


Taking off through the desert high in the air and enjoying a thrilling bird's-eye view of the desert is an indulgence for the body and mind. Parasailing is a thrilling and adventurous activity that is commonplace in the desert and is one of the more unusual activities to experience in Jaisalmer. Many desert camps arrange this activity upon prior request. It's also among the most enjoyable activities in Jaisalmer, where you can participate.

Shopping at Jaisalmer Bhatia Bazaar

Jaisalmer is an excellent spot to shop, particularly for furs or jewelry. You can purchase traditional and modern items at Jaisalmer's Bhatia market.

A visit to any of the cities in Rajasthan is only complete with taking a piece of the city as a souvenir and gift for yourself and your loved ones. There are many durable goods, such as showpieces and merchandise. You can purchase it at Jaisalmer.

The city is known for its many objects like rugs, embroidery rugs, rugs; Rajasthani mirrors antiques, antiques, and stonework. There are government-run as well as private stores. However, buying from a government-run shop will give the best price.

Try the amazing cuisine of the region

Rajasthan is among the most stunning locations to sample the amazing cuisine of the region and food, particularly delicious. Numerous delicious choices are suitable for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Street food and street cuisine are popular all over the city. For vegetarians, there's an amazing Ker Sangri, a dish made from capers and desert beans. Also, dal bhati churma is widely acclaimed throughout the country, and Panchkoot, a vegetarian dish made with yogurt, is cooked.

How to get to Jaisalmer from Delhi?

• Jaisalmer is approximately 560 km far from Jaipur, Jaisalmer is approximately 772 km far from Delhi and 285 kilometers from Jodhpur. Jaisalmer has its airport. There are, however, only a few flights to the airport.

• Jaisalmer is accessible by road using numerous tour buses and taxis. But, the trip is extremely long and exhausting. Trains might be an alternative. Many trains are going to Jaisalmer from different locations in India, Rajasthan and Delhi.

Tour packages to Jaisalmer Travel Tips

• The ideal time to go to Jaisalmer is between October and February. The temperature is a bit cooler.

• Jaisalmer is considered a desert town which is why it can get quite hot in the daytime and extremely cold in the evening. Therefore, pack lightweight cotton outfits to wear during the day and warm woolen outfits at night. Because there's plenty of walking it is recommended to wear flat shoes.

• Jaisalmer is an arid town, and, as such, it is somewhat hot in the daytime and extremely cold in the evening. Therefore, pack lightweight cotton outfits for the day and warm woolen clothing at night. Since there's plenty of walking and flat shoes are recommended.

• It is also advisable to pack snacks while you are in the desert as they are very far from cities. There are only a few stores in the vicinity.

• When you purchase items at street vendors, please earn half the amount and check your purchase before leaving the shops.

• If you are traveling to Jaisalmer via train, reserve your seat early. Trains tend to be full.

• Be aware of the different attractions' hours of opening and closing. Some attractions, such as Kuldhara village, for instance, Kuldhara village, remain closed at night. Some, such as the Khaba Fort, are only open until noon.

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