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3 nights 4 days golden triangle tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Agra » Jaipur

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5 nights 6 days golden triangle tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Agra » Jaipur

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6 nights 7 days golden triangle with golden temple tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Jaipur » Agra » Amritsar » Delhi

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7 nights 8 days golden triangle with kerala backwater houseboat tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Agra » Jaipur » Cochin » Alleppey

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8 Nights/ 9 Days Rajasthan Fort and Palaces Tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Jaipur » Pushkar » Chittorgarh » Udaipur » Ranakpur » Jodhpur » Bikaner » Mandawa » Delhi

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8 nights 9 days golden triangle tour with bird watching tigers safari tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Agra » Bharatpur » Ranthambore » Jaipur

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8 nights 9 days golden triangle with khajuraho varanasi tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Jaipur » Agra » Khajuraho » Varanasi

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10 nights 11 days golden triangle with rajasthan desert trail tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Agra » Jaipur » Jodhpur » Jaisalmer » Bikaner » Mandawa

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10 nights 11 days golden triangle with majestic kerala tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Agra » Jaipur » Cochin » Munnar » Thekkady » Alleppey

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11 nights 12 days golden triangle with goa and mumbai tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Agra » Jaipur » Goa » Mumbai

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13 nights 14 days golden triangle with rajasthan fort and palace tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Agra » Jaipur » Pushkar » Udaipur » Jodhpur » Jaisalmer » Bikaner » Mandawa » Delhi

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15 nights 16 days golden triangle with implausible north india tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Varanasi » Khajuraho » Agra » Jaipur » Bikaner » Jaisalmer » Jodhpur » Udaipur

Best Packages of India

India is the second most populous Asian country globally, with over one billion people, and is the seventh-largest country by geographic area size. With the region's size, India has a variety of tourist attractions that attract foreign tourists. The following places are no exception. It can be called one of those few countries where the question is: where to go in India is not worth it. There are many options to make your vacation unforgettable at any time of the year in this state. When going on vacation to India and choosing places to go, the main thing is to understand what you expect from the trip.
The country's thousand-year history has left a significant mark on the country's cultural heritage. In India, many attractions will be of interest to every tourist. It is a must-visit destination for travelers, from palaces and temples to beaches in India. What's interesting about tourist buildings in India is their magnificent architecture. Like a fairy tale!
Here are some Best Packages of India to visit.

Most spectacular monuments to see in India

Glorious Taj Mahal: historical splendor


It is considered one of the famous Indian destinations among foreigners. It is located in the Indo-Gangetic city of Agra. The construction of this enormous tomb was dedicated to the memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Inspired by Persian and early Mughal architecture, this structure testifies Shah Jahan's immense love for his wife. Regardless of the tourist season, it is crowded here all year round. There is no better time to come to Agra and admire this unimaginable beauty.
However, in February, the TAJ MAHOTSAV (festival) is explicitly organized for tourists, a 10-day carnival providing artists with a platform to promote Indian arts and crafts. In addition to promoting arts and crafts, this 10-day festival is celebrated with great pomp and spectacle. Bollywood singers and international DJs hit the dance floors. Book your tickets online. If you are in New Delhi, don't miss the opportunity to take the Gatimaan Express, one of the fastest Indian Railways trains, covering the entire distance in an hour and a half.

Hawa Mahal

It is one of the well-recognized buildings in India. This building is a palace, monument, and observatory that stand majestically in Jaipur. The building is known as the “Palace of Winds," which means the palace of the wind because there are many windows, and the wind always enters through it. Hawa in Indonesian also means wind.
No doubt, the building has beautiful architecture with dominant pastel colors. Although it has a fantastic outside view, the inside of this palace is no less beautiful.

Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid is India's main mosque in the Old Delhi area. The mosque was founded by Shah Jahan, who also built the Taj Mahal. This mosque is touted as the work of the magnum opus or the last masterpiece. Of course, this mosque is a mandatory destination for foreign travelers to visit because the building has beautiful Mughal architecture, both on the outside (entrance gate) and the mosque's interior.

Khajuraho Group of Monuments

The Khajuraho (Madhya Pradesh) Group of Monuments, best known for its erotic sculptures, is a group of Hindu and Jain's temples spread over 20 square kilometers. This is one of India's UNESCO World Heritage Sites built by the Chandelas in the 10th and 11th centuries. These widely acclaimed temples display various sculptures, including erotic ones. These temples were dedicated to two religions, Hinduism and Jainism, but built together, suggesting a tradition of acceptance and respect for diverse religious views among Hindus and Jains in the region.

Raj Ghat of New Delhi

This Raj Ghat is a monument dedicated to the memory of Mahatma Gandhi. A simple place, but Raj Ghat is full of emotion and history. It has become a place of pilgrimage whose access is complimentary. It is a black marble platform placed right where Gandhi was cremated in 1948.

Karni Mata

Rats are revered in this temple. As you read, rats are sacred. Some 20,000 rodents live peacefully in this temple, and food is lacking because visitors believe it is an honor to feed them. If until now you thought you had no problem walking there, you may rethink it when you find out that you have to go barefoot to access it. Of course, so far, there has been no plague.


The Charminar is a historical monument nestled in the heart of Hyderabad. The construction was completed in 1591, and today, it is one of the most recognizable monuments in India. Charminar means 'four minarets,' when you look around, you will see four minarets, one on top of each of the four columns. When you visit Charminar, you can enjoy the views on the first floor. Unfortunately, the upper columns are not open to the notorious.

Gateway of India – Mumbai

Built-in 1924 to commemorate the meeting of King George V and Queen Mary in Bombay (Mumbai), this colossal arch-monument is Mumbai's main tourist love. The Gateway of India sits at the tip of Apollo Bunder (Wellington Station) and overlooks Mumbai Harbor and the Arabian Sea. The structure is carved from a mix of unbreakable concrete and yellow basalt, and the color pops during sunrise and golden hour. So set your alert if you want to get the best photos.

Konark Sun Temple – Odisha

This 13th-century sun temple in Konark, on the shores of Luminaria Bay, is dedicated to the Hindu sun god Surya. The monument is a representation of the chariot of the sun god Surya. It represents twelve pairs of wheels pulled by seven horses. Symbolic designs decorate the wheels, some of which relate to the cycle of the seasons. It's a fantastic build room both in design and execution. The temple spans 12 acres and took 1,200 workers over 12 years to complete.

Ajanta Caves

The Ajanta Caves are India's most famous Buddhist monument, located in Aurangabad in Maharashtra. The 30 rock caves are carved in the 2nd century BC. Five of the 30 caves are stupa monument halls, and the rest are monastic halls. The Ajanta Caves are also listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.
The ancient paintings and sculptures are the main attraction inside these caves. These paintings illustrate various events in the life of the Buddha. Carving styles within rocks are also very rare in the world.

Best India Tour Packages - Destinations which attract you a Lot

The slogan "Guest is God" describes the dynamic relationship between Guest and Host. It emphasizes the boundless love, gratitude, and respect of everyone for our foreign guests. As the seventh-largest country globally, India is full of diverse cultures to experience and discover. It is a country with historical heritage and numerous heritages in every field. The title Incredible India has beautiful destinations to explore, such as trekking in the snowy Himalayas, places with a spiritual essence like Vaishno Devi in ​​Katra, and places depicting the colors of the past like the giant Taj Mahal or Qutub Minar. India welcomes its guests worldwide to get to know our country's heritage. In India, the train is considered the most convenient and preferred means of transportation used by the majority of the population.
Here we will know about the list of popular places to visit in India regardless of the tourist season, which is popular with foreign tourists and remains crowded throughout the year.

Tunganath Temple

This time turning to the state of Uttarakhand in India, there is a unique destination, namely Tungnath. Tungnath is the highest Hindu temple globally, located at about 3600 AD. Ranganath means Lord of the peak, which means the king of the highest peak. This temple is located in the mountains and valleys of the Mandakini and Alaknanda rivers.
Tungnath is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is also associated with the legend of the Pandavas, heroes of the Mahabharata, and he was interested in exploring the beauty of this iceberg landscape full of Hindu culture?

Andaman Islands

Although it is supposed to be a unique destination, this is a group of small islands, and each island is famous for its beaches and unique water activities. From simple boat rides to scuba diving. Here you can enjoy all kinds of water activities. On the silky beaches, the place offers endless entertainment and beautiful culture. Andaman is not the only island in India, but this is one of India's most famous places to visit.

Do you want to see what a real jungle looks like? Visit Kerala!

It is a place where it rains a lot, so much so that Kerala has between 120 and 140 rainy days a year. This destination is very popular with domestic and foreign tourists and will welcome you with its beaches. Not only that but walking in its mountains like Ponmudi and Munnar makes you think about staying in the country. The most sublime experience in Kerala is the canoe ride on the Backwaters of Alappuzha or Kottayam. Not to mention these jungles. You can see and walk a bit.


This is a sacred place for Hindus, Jaimists, and Buddhists, which makes religion predominant in everything. In addition, it has been one of the oldest inhabited cities globally for more than 3000 years. Varanasi epitomizes India's best and worst aspects in many ways, and it can be a bit overwhelming.
It is estimated that about 60 thousand people bathe every day in the sacred waters of Varanasi. A walk through the Ghats (they are the stairs that go down to the river) is essential to get to know the city better.

Gua Ellora

In the worldEllora is one of the largest cave-temple complexes made entirely of stone. Ellora has 100 caves, although only 34 are open to the public. The cave, built between the seventh and ninth centuries, is dedicated to the gods of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Ellora Cave is a location for historical lovers.


Let's be honest. Everyone who visits India would want to visit the Agra for Taj Mahal. The world wonder of India, the marble mausoleum, is the heart of Indian tourism. Agra is the remnant of the Mughal dynasty for today's Agra sightseeing tour.
Filled with numerous structures unique to the Mughal region, this destination attracts millions of people each year. Don't forget to shop while in Agra. The best way to climb Agra is by taking the Golden Triangle Tour. There are so many tours and travel agents offering numerous variants of the Golden Triangle Packages.


It is an isolated natural destination and India's best place to visit, which adds richness to your vacation. However, only a metropolitan city can consent to it, down to the core. One such hustle land is the land of dreams, Bollywood. The morning rush, unparalleled street food, and diverse culture are just the front page of Mumbai. The land is famous for numerous monuments, Elephant Islands, endless festivals, etc.

Harmandir Shabib (The surrounding pond with healing power.)

This building is a sacred place, a golden temple of Amritsar that has recently become very popular among the people of India. People used to call the name of this building The Golden Temple because the outside of the building or the top was covered by gold. The meaning of the name of this tourist spot is the Temple of the Gods, which is indeed a holy place for the Sikh religion, which was built in the 16th century by Sikhs, the 5th gurus. At night, this temple will reflect beautiful light from the roof because of the presence of gold.

Beaches from Goa

Tourists from abroad recently discovered this tourist spot, namely the magnificent west coast cave. This cave overlooks the Arabian Sea, which will be very beautiful if you see it directly. Many tourists know this cave's unique attraction, especially those looking for serenity and peace from a tourist spot. So, suppose you become one of these tourists. In that case, you can immediately choose a tour of this cave and beach—many luxury resorts around these 10 tourist attractions in India Holiday Packages, from yoga getaways to holiday spas.


This beautiful place located in the north of India Tour Packages is one of India's top 10 tourist attractions, which many entrepreneurs visit to build a business and their business.


This place is one of the highest places in the world because of its location in the Himalayan mountainous region.

Accommodation in India

The type of trip we want to make to India will depend mainly on the accommodation we choose. It is a different experience to go backpacking, stay in cheap hostels or rooms, and have close contact with the inhabitants of India than those who stay in high-quality hotels. Because they do not want to skimp on ensuring comfort, proper hygiene, and menu, let's see what options we can consider:

  • Guesthouses or B&B: The most affordable. We recommend finding them in up-to-date guides or search engines. And it is that taxi drivers and drivers often recommend some of them to take the corresponding commission. Prices and demand vary depending on the region and the date we travel.
  • Bungalow: Houses typical of beach or country tourist areas with a bedroom, bathroom, and, sometimes, a kitchen-dining room with a television and other appliances.
  • Houseboats: Dwellings on boats moored on the shores of rivers and lakes with several rooms, bathrooms, electricity, and running water. The comfort and quality of the facilities vary according to the categories.

We want hotels to be western-style so that we will find them in most big cities and resorts. The Government of India tourist offices has a complete list of government-supervised accommodation establishments. The classification of hotels in India ranges from 5 stars or 5* grand luxury to 1*. The 4-star ones usually have air conditioning in all the rooms, unlike the 3-star ones, which do not have air conditioning.

Transport/how to move in India

  • In an overcrowded country like India, it is advisable to book transportation in advance, especially the Indian railways. For this reason, it is ideal to propose an itinerary of those places that we want to visit to have a ticket. It is common for there to be waiting lists where they place us once we have our ticket, but it is already full.
  • If we do not have a train ticket or prefer to make long journeys, we can opt for the sleeper bus, a coach with bunk beds, at a reasonable price.
  • For short distances, there is the subway, in the country's main metropolises, the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS), or the fun autorickshaw or tuc tuc (colorful covered motorized tricycles without doors).
  • When taking a car, hiring one at the prepaid car office at the airport or reserving one from a well-known company through the hotel is recommended.
  • Driving a car ourselves is not recommended. You have to be very careful and avoid doing it at night and on secondary roads. India has a deplorable infrastructure and is the second country in accidents.

Well! Those are the best Indian tourist destinations with the feel of a fairy tale found in India Holiday Tour Packages. A worthy consideration for a vacation as well as traveling abroad.

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