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11 nights 12 days golden triangle with shimla manali tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi - Agra - Jaipur - Shimla - Manali - Chandigarh - Delhi

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11 Nights / 12 Days Golden Triangle with Beautiful Himalaya

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Agra » Jaipur » Kalka » Shimla » Kullu » Manali » Chandigarh » Delhi

Trip to the Fabulous Places of Chandigarh

Chandigarh was built in the middle of the last century according to the plan of the famous architect Le Corbusier. He not only designed the key buildings but also drew a complete plan of the city, divided into sectors. In each sector, according to him, there were residential buildings, a park, a school, and other essential facilities to make life here as comfortable as possible. According to Jawaharlal Nehru, Chandigarh was supposed to symbolize the new India. Boulevards run between sectors, straight streets surrounded by trees.

Chandigarh is one of India's greenest and most environmentally friendly cities. In addition, it is located in a picturesque place: at the foot of the foothills of the Himalayas - Shivalik. Some points even offer a view of the distant majestic mountains. This article will help you plan your trip to the fabulous places of Chandigarh, where you can go for a picnic and enjoy a vacation.

About Chandigarh

Most travelers, when planning a trip to India, build popular routes. Like Golden Triangle: - Agra, New Delhi - Jaipur. Or in the south of the country: Mumbai and a beach holiday in Goa. But there is not the most popular destination for tourists for those who want to make sure that India is different, not always noisy and chaotic. The greenest, cleanest, most educated, the happiest city is bathed in titles, ranks high in all sorts of ratings, and continues to destroy stereotypes about the country.

Because of its fascinating beauty in the future, Chandigarh will be called the "Indian Switzerland," "city of people and animals," and "city of beauty." The city is located on the border of two states - Punjab and Haryana and has the status of the capital in each of them. But it is not an administrative part of any of these states. It is a union territory administered directly by the Government of India from New Delhi.

Chandigarh was built from scratch by two famous architects, ??Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, in five years. Sixty years later, the city remains one of India's most convenient and cleanest, even though it is home to more than a million people. The architects developed the "seven paths" method. There are seven types of roads: highways, avenues, sidewalks, and bike paths - divided and not intersecting depending on their function. Corbusier compared this to the lymphatic and respiratory systems and circulation. Indeed, in the human body, they function harmoniously, even though they are separated. Thanks to this method, the paths of people and vehicles do not intersect. Like clockwork, the city is in constant motion: there are no traffic jams.

Chandigarh is called the garden city, and this metaphor is not an exaggeration. The trees in the city are taller than the houses. The architects assumed a complete merging of buildings with nature, dissolution. Monkeys hop around the campus, and cows, revered by Hindus, become full-fledged road users and move safely along dedicated lanes without interfering with cars. The feeling of nature is always present in the concrete jungle.

Interesting facts about Chandigarh

  • Chandigarh is one of the cities in India where there is significantly less crime. In this way, this city is completely safe.
  • The city of Chandigarh is located in the foothills of the Shivalik ranges of the Himalayas located in Punjab. Due to this, the weather here is always favorable.
  • Chandigarh is one of India's affluent and cosmopolitan cities, being the capital of both the state of Punjab and Haryana. Although Lahore used to be the capital of Punjab before independence, a new capital was needed, and Chandigarh was declared the capital of Punjab after 1947.
  • 'Khula Hand' is the official symbol of Chandigarh.
  • During the antediluvian era, there used to be a large body of water, which was revealed by the remains of marine amphibians during geological studies.

Tourist Attractions in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a beautiful city in India that is best known for its many tourist attractions. Let's take a look at them!

Chandigarh Capitol Complex

Perhaps this is the main thing for which it is worth going to Chandigarh. The complex of government and administrative buildings has been moved outside the city. It consists of three main buildings: the Secretariat, the Palace of Justice, and the Legislative Assembly. Corbusier tried to embody the idea of ??a synthesis of the arts. In addition to architecture, there are sculptures, tapestries, and paintings on the territory, the famous Corbusier enameled door leading to the assembly, and designer furniture.

The soul of Chandigarh is Sukhna Lake.

Chandigarh is nothing short of a dream come true, with an impeccably organized urban structure, ample green space, and excellent dining options. Interestingly, your trip to Chandigarh will not be complete without visiting the soulful Sukhna Lake. The 16-foot-deep, 3-kilometer-long artificial lake was created in 1958 by blocking the seasonal flow of the Sukhna at the foot of the Shivalik Hills (a mountain range in the outer Himalayas). Nearby is the Rose Garden of Zakir Hussein - no less famous among nature and fitness lovers.

Chandigarh is known for its crystal clear sweet air that fills the lungs with health and gratitude. Locals usually visit the lake for morning/evening walks or jogs. Every second, running along the lake with fresh air that energizes is a great way to start your day. But for travelers, evening and night walks are sacred. Sitting next to the lake is very calming if you plan to visit with friends and family.
Activities around Lake Sukhna

In addition, several restaurants around the lake serve Indian and Continental cuisine. Just be careful with spicy food intake. People love spices, quirky flavors, and white butter, but please let the chef know if you want something non-savory or non-greasy. The widely known Indian chat and golgappas are also quite impressive here. You can also bring a piece of Chandigarh and India home by purchasing fine goods from souvenir shops. Indian handicrafts, carpets, and intricately embroidered shawls are famous among foreign travelers.

Fabulous Zakir Hussain Rose Garden

Another gem of Chandigarh is the Rose Garden of Zakir Hussein. It was amazing to visit the garden. Zakir Hussain Rose Garden is a romantic place in Chandigarh, best known for its beautiful roses. Many kinds of colorful roses you can see here. This place is the most beautiful place with a romantic shower view. The 30+ acre garden has nearly 1,600 different types of roses - in unimaginable colors, patterns, patterns, and sizes. In addition to roses, there are several medicinal plants in the garden. The garden becomes a beautiful place to relax in the evenings, as the natural aromas overwhelm your senses.

Interestingly, travelers can enjoy roses in full bloom and glory from February to March at the annual Rose Festival, which hosts cultural events, competitions, and music shows. While visiting the rose garden, one important tip: don't pick flowers/roses and don't litter here, as the Chandigarh administration is strictly known for its immediate disciplinary action.

Le Corbusier Center

It is one of the best and yet least known places in the city of Chandigarh. He is the architect who planned the whole city, and this is one of the most exciting and informative tours out there. The Le Corbusier Center is surprisingly informative and provides an insight into how the city was formed. If you want to know about the development history of Chandigarh, then take a tour. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Chandigarh. This city has a lot to offer, and you can learn a lot about the city depending on your personal preferences and preferences.

Pinjore Garden

Twenty kilometers from Chandigarh is the town of Pinjore, which has a chic, breathtaking garden. Here, on 40 hectares, decorated with arches, flowers, and blue water canals, there is a mini zoo, historical palaces of the Mongol era, a Japanese garden, and numerous picnic lawns that are incredibly popular with the local population. The charming and elegant Pinjore Garden is buried in greenery, fountains are hidden behind giant trees, which work even at night, and beautiful pavilions with terraces are laid out on numerous lawns.


If you visit Chandigarh during the summer season, nothing can be more enjoyable than spending time at the Fun City Water Park. Adults, as well as children, are very much attracted to this water park. There is a water slide and ride here, where you can have fun.

Government Museum and Art Gallery

All the objects in the museum were brought from the Central Museum. After the partition, about 6% of the assets of the Central Museum were given to Pakistan, and the rest was transferred to the Government Museum and Art Gallery in Chandigarh.

In the Museum of Chandigarh, you can get acquainted with the city's history in detail. And the Art Gallery of the city has a rich collection of interesting artifacts, coins, and, of course, paintings. If you are interested in the history of India, then definitely visit this museum where various hills and Rajasthani paintings, decorative arts, Gandhar sculptures, and many other beautiful things have been displayed.

Government Museum and Art Gallery

The house is the finest collection of art and historical artifacts in the city. The multi-themed museum attracts a lot of people from all over the world.

Chhatbir Zoo

Chhatbir Zoo is a zoological park where you can observe animals, birds, and mammals. This place is located near Zirakpur, India, and first opened in 1977.

Timber Trail

The Timber Trail is perfect for a short romantic getaway or trip with the family. You can also take it alone. On the cable car, you will go up the hill from where you will get to see amazing views.
However, most people are here to go up and down, and thus it is a shortstop. Cable car tickets are a bit expensive, and it is better to bring your food than order something here. But, the view here and the serene surrounding make everything worth it.

Elante Mall

This is the best place to shop in Chandigarh and get the latest products from the best brands, and there is no better place than Elante Mall. Although many beautiful and many great items are found in every market of Chandigarh, the Elante Mall of Chandigarh is not only the biggest mall in Chandigarh. Still, it is also counted among the biggest shopping malls in India. Spread over a large area of ??20 acres, you can buy a wide variety of items in this mall.

The best shopping mall in Chandigarh with all the major brands and best products. The mall is enormous. Escalators and lifts make it easy to check out the different levels. You will also find some great restaurants to have great delicious food.

Rock garden

Spread over a vast area of ??40 acres, this open-air exhibition hall called Rock Garden is located in Sector 1 of Chandigarh. The specialty of this garden is that 5000 sculptures have been made here from various industrial and urban wastes.

This garden was built in 1947 by Officer Nek Chand and has become one of the prominent tourist places of Chandigarh today. This garden is divided into three parts, and each part has a different collection of sculptures.

Leisure opportunities around Chandigarh

In addition, Chandigarh offers several other entertainment options, including nightclubs and bars and a selection of wines and restaurants open until late at night. Ambala is another lovely town located nearby that can be explored for many options for recreation and relaxation. In fact, within a few hours' drive from Chandigarh, many hill stations such as Shimla, Kasauli, Manali, Mussori, and Kufri are equally exciting and attractive to travelers.

Famous food of Chandigarh

Indian cuisine is very diverse. Each state has its traditions and approach to cooking. Punjab is one of the most isolated states in this regard: it has its own national clothes, music, and cuisine, which the locals will unmistakably distinguish from, says South Indian ones. Therefore, Punjabi cuisine prevails in Chandigarh.

Chandigarh is famous for its rich culture, attractive tourist destinations, and delicious cuisines. The traditional mix of Punjabi and Haryana is seen in the cuisine here. From the local people to the people of the country and abroad are also crazy about the cuisine here.

In Chandigarh, you will find a variety of dishes which is very popular among tourists due to their excellent taste. Paratha, Dal Makhani, Mustard greens, Sarson ka saag, maize ki roti, Lassi, Chola Bhatura, and dal tadka.

If you want to enjoy Chandigarh's tricolor and spicy taste, try these foods there, which you will find in many varieties. And also, here, you will find the best taste in such foods as bhel puri, Pani Puri, papdi chaat, ragda, Patti aloo tikki, etc. In this, you can add more spicy-sweet chutney according to your taste.

Where to live?

It is best to live in the center: the main sights can be reached on foot. Since this is one of the most expensive and affluent Indian cities, housing and food prices will be slightly higher than the national average. Do not skimp on the hotel: we must not forget that this is still India and the standards of cleanliness and tidiness are different from European ones. According to the hotel staff, do not be alarmed if you see a lizard or an iguana on the ceiling above the bed: they are frequent guests but do not bite.

The best option for tourists is the 17th sector, which is entirely built according to the design of the architect cousins ??and is the most authentic of all areas. In addition, it will be guaranteed to be cool in concrete buildings. Every home has natural ventilation, which Corbusier thought of. A good alternative is sectors 7, 8, 18, 42, and 43 adjacent to the seventeenth.

Best time to visit Chandigarh

If you plan to visit Chandigarh, you would surely like to choose a time during which it is pretty favorable to travel there. Although Chandigarh is situated at the foothills of the Shivalik hills, the weather here is favorable, so you can come here to visit during any season throughout the year.

But traveling here between August and November is even more enjoyable because it is neither too hot nor too cold during this time. However, due to the proximity of the Himalayas, the weather here changes very quickly and suddenly.

How to visit Chandigarh?

You can take a ride on local buses to visit various tourist places in Chandigarh. However, if you do not like to roam in the crowd, you can also book a cab. You can also take an auto ride. You can hire a four-wheeler or two-wheeler for any vehicle for a day or two by contacting the vehicle rental agent.

Final thoughts

Tourists will definitely be shown the Rock Garden, a unique sculpture park, and the majestic Sukhna Lake, the most famous most extensive rose garden in Asia. Where more than thousands of varieties of these plants grow, a botanical garden, a chrysanthemum garden, Shanti Kunj Park, Pinjor Garden, and many other attractions.

Chandigarh is a young city and can hardly compete with other Indian cities in exoticism. Chandigarh has its own face, unlike everyone else. And this is its uniqueness. We hope your bags are packed and you want to explore the heart and soul of Chandigarh by planning a trip to the fabulous places of Chandigarh. Enjoy!

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