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Kufri Tour Packages

Kufri, A spectacular hill station in India:
Kufri is a hill station in India. This tourist place is like a haven for those who love the beauty of nature and wildlife. Those people who admire peaceful surroundings, their souls will meet immense inner satisfaction while breathing in the air of Kufri hill station. Kufri is one of the most famous tourist places in India and it not only offers peace but it offers so many adventures in a single tour that cannot be attained at any other tourist destination. Before planning a tour to beautiful Kufri, you must know some use full tour information about the place. This will help you a lot in making your experience of the tour to Kufri healthier. So, keep reading the blog and give favor to yourself, time, and money.

History of Kufri:
The name Kufri is driven by the word “Kufr”  Kufr means lake, a place where there are lakes. Kufri came into being by the British in 1819. This Hill Station was unknown for a long time. The local community and foreign tourists were unknown of its natural beauty and wild uniqueness. In the last few decades, Kufri became famous among the national and international tourist community. Now, people come from abroad to visit the place. Kufri is added to the list of tour destination diaries of many tourists. If we analyze, the search will tell us that the masses who live near Kufri never miss the chance to visit that place with their families. This is an incredibly safe place for those who want to go out with their families.

Kufri is located in India near district Shimla. This tourist destination is located 20 km from the state capital Shimla on National Highway No. 22.

How to reach the place smoothly:
You can reach this place by personal vehicle. A local transport facility is also available to the people who travel to Kufri. You can book a cab with a tourist guide. That cab will take you to the destination and the driver will guide you about the place and he will make sure that you visit all the places you want to explore.
One interesting thing we found during the Kufri visit is that tourists get a chance to horse ride while climbing to the top of a hill.

Why visit Kufri?
Kufri is a worth visiting place. You can have fun with a group of friends and family. You can spend a peaceful time with your partner as well. It offers many eye-captivating views which will make your photos beautiful. Kufri is a picturesque destination that has so many spaces of interest. Each place is worth visiting. I shall mention all the places in detail. So, keep reading the blog with a sweet smile and happy heart.

Kufri wins the race in the matter of being the best tourist destination:
If you are an explorer then you must know that India is full of tremendous tourist points. A huge number of tourists come to this country to visit famous tourist places. People love spending their time in the valleys of Shimla. A human soul feels relief from the busyness and noisiness of this fast world. YES, Shimla can provide you with peace, calmness, adventure, unique experiences, and many more things. But, you know what? I have a better tourist place for you than Shimla. That place is Kufri. I know that you must be thinking that Shimla is more famous than Kufri then how can I say that Kufri is better than Shimla? Hey, don’t think too much. I am here to clear out your misperception.

Why Kufri Better then Shimla?
Kufri is better than Shimla in many ways. Some points are in the following lines. Read them and add a piece of high-value information to your information box about the best tourist destination in district Shimla, India.

  • Kufri is better because of its cheap prices. Shimla provides the same thing at a high rate which people get at less rate in Kufri. Whether it is food, residence, clothes, or anything else.
  • There is a gigantic crowd in Shimla. Kufri is a less crowded place as compared to its district Shimla.
  • It offers dreamy cold weather which you cannot experience in Shimla or at any other tourist destinations.
  • Kufri is a family tour place. You can come with kids as well. It is a good option for those as well who want a honeymoon trip.

 Is Kufri safe for females?
There are vast tourist places in the world but a struggle for safety is very common everywhere. Protection for female tourists is a headache for every lady who wants to explore the world. I have a piece of good news for you if your next tour is to Kufri. The good news is that Kufri is the safest tourist place for all the people. Especially, there is no fear regarding security for all the females who visit the place with family, friends, or alone. So pack the bag and fly to Kufri Hill Station fearlessly.

Best time to explore the magical hill station, Kufri:
If you are a winter lover and want to have an amazing experience with snow then November to March is the best time for you to visit Kufri. Come to the place and enjoy beautiful tourist destinations in the coldest weather under the smoky sky and on the soil full of white snow. If you face difficulty in winter regarding your health or anything else then April to June are the best months to visit the place. During these months, the weather of Kufri remains pleasant. And Kufri filled with a crowd in these months. Many national and international tourists come to places and enjoy the vacations having quality time.

Top places to Holiday in Kufri:

  • Indira Tourist Park:

Indira Tourist Park is the most famous adventure place in Kufri. It is a must-visit park because of its soul-refreshing view. View of the Himalayas from Indira Tourist Park, Kufri is magical. It urges the visitor to stay there and enjoy the view for a long time.
There is a coffee shop called “Café Lalit of Himachal”. This coffee shop does not only attract the tourist to Come Indira Tourist Park but it is also a major Kufri attraction.
One of the most interesting parts of Indira Tourist Park is that you can see Himalayan animals from this park. Surely, this is the best part of this snowy place.
Unique taste near Indira Tourist Park:
There are several entreats near Indira Tourist Park that offers a unique taste. If you get a chance to tour Kufri then must Visit this park and don’t miss the taste of all those restaurants which are near Indira Tourist Park.

  • Indira Tourist Park Address:

Kufri Chail Road, Near Himalayan Park, Shimla, India.

  • Indira Tourist Park  Entry Price:


  • Indira Tourist Park  Timing:

7:00 am – 8:00 pm

  • Time required to visit Indira Tourist Park:

30 minutes are required to visit the Indira tourist park.

What is the best time to visit the park?
It is advised to visit between 10 am to 5 pm. Your experience will be much better if you visit in these times.

  • Mahashu Peak, Kufri:

Mahashu peak is a tourist destination in Kufri near Shimla that offers eye captivating view. It not only gives the tourists visual pleasure but you can do hiking on the top of this tourist destination point. This mountain is full of green trees and natural beauty.
At the top of the hill, you will find immense calmness in your surroundings. The chirp of birds is just heart refreshing for all nature lovers and explorers.
A special Adventure at Mahashu Peak:
If you are planning a visit to Mahashu Peak Mountain then don’t miss a chance to Hiking and trek. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes and a water bottle with you. Hiking will awaken all your sleepy muscles.

What should a tourist wear while going to Mahashu Peak, Kufri?
There is very cold weather at the place. So, you are requested to wear warm clothes so that cold weather doesn’t affect your health.

Address of Mahashu Peak, Kufri:
Kufri, Shimla, Himachal Pardesh, India.

When Mahashu Peak is open?
Mahashu Peak is open 24/7. You can visit the place at any time.

Best timings to visit Mahashu Peak:
As I mentioned above Mahashu Peak is open all the time and tourists are allowed to visit the place whenever they want. But, there is a best recommended time. It is from 8 am to 5 pm. During this time, you will attain a better experience as compared to visiting at any other time.
Try to come between these timings and make your tour memorable.

How much time is required to visit the place?
Mahashu Peak is a huge place that will take you 2 hours to complete your full visit.

How can a tourist reach Mahashu Peak?
You have two ways to reach the point.
1: Rented Car
2: Hiking

  • Have some exposure to wildlife at Kufri Zoo:

Kufri Zoo is the most popular tourist destination in Kufri, India. This Zoo was launched among the masses to make them aware of Himalayan wildlife. The Kufri Zoo covers thousands of square meters areas. This dreamy place is surrounded by fresh and original greenery and the natural beauty of Kufri Zoo makes it a peaceful part of heaven where there are so many rare things including rare wild animals.
List of a few rare wild animals of Kufri Zoo:

  • Snow leopard
  • Deer
  • Bear
  • Himalayan Monal
  • Antelopes
  • Several rare birds are the specialty of the Kufri Zoo. Those birds will not be found anywhere else.

Note: There are many rare species of animals preserved in the Kufri Zoo. If you visit the place, you can see and learn about all these species of animals which are not that common.

Where can tourists stay if they visit Kufri Zoo?
If you are curious about the visit to Kufri Zoo and genuinely want to visit the place but there is a worry in your heart about staying then stop overthinking the problem. I have a piece of good news for you there are many luxury and budget hotels in the surroundings of Kufri where you can stay.
A facility of eatable food with decent taste is also available at that place. So close the worry chapter, pack your bag and visit the most serene place of Kufri.

  • Green Valley:

Green Valley is the most visited naturally beautiful tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh. It is 7 km away from Kufri. Green Valley is known as Hassan Valley as well. There is no boundary for any tourist who visits Green Valley, Himachal Pradesh.
If you are a solo visitor then no worries for you. You can come alone, have a peaceful experience, and refresh the energy of your soul in the beauty of nature.

Come with your partner to enjoy the lush greenery:
If you are a couple and worried about a honeymoon trip at low expense then Green Valley is the best choice for you. Come here and have some lovely moments with your partner. Green Valley of Himachal Pradesh offers a dreamy experience to both of you. This experience is full of calmness and satisfaction.
You can have a romantic walk on the green grass of Green Valley with your partner without wearing any footwear. This walk will transfer a magical feeling to your soul. I must say that you will never forget that experience in your entire life.

Yes, it is suitable for the family tour:
Green Valley is a perfect tourist destination for family tours. It offers smooth paths which help the families to reach the destination place easily. The management team of Green Valley offers security to wild animals and it also protects the tourist community from wild animals that’s why this is a must-visit place for families.

Highlands are jam-packed with shrubs:
Green Valley is full of hills and green mountains. It presents a mesmerizing view of high heightened mountains with lush greenery. Surely, this place is no less than heaven for those who admire the gorgeousness of nature and they love breathing in the fresh air.
You can experience Yoga in the peaceful surroundings of Green Valley.

Let’s buy cultural stuff at the Local Market near Green Valley:
There is a local market near Green Valley that attracts more tourists to this place. When you visit Green Valley alone, with a partner, or family. Don’t miss a chance to explore that local market. This market offers all the tourists some local traditional stuff.
Go there, have a peaceful time in Green Valley, and must explore the local market near the green valley.

Green Valley, heaven for attractive photography:
If you are a photographer and love clicking the pictures of natural beauty then make sure to have a visit to Green Valley. Holiday the place, click some magical sceneries and add them to the gallery of your clicks.
This place is not dreamy in the matter of photography for photographers only. It is heaven for all those tourists who love clicking attractive pictures at all those places where they go.

Entry to green Valley:
Its entry is free. There are zero charges for entrance to Green Valley.

Timings of Green Valley:
Tourists are allowed to visit the place from 6 am to 6 pm

 The secret best times to visit Green Valley?
Green Valley is open for tourists during the whole year. You can visit the place whenever you want but there are certain months in which you can attain a much superior experience. The perfect time to explore the serenity of Green valley is from February to April and from June to October.
If you visit during these times, the lush greenery of Green Valley and its freshly bloomed flowers will make your tour precious. All the scares of your soul will be healed in the serenity of this fascinating valley.

Green Valley address:
Kufri, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, 171012, India.

  • Have some exciting experiences at Nagsons Amusement Park:

Nagsons Amusement Park is 8500 feet above sea level and spread over an area of 5000 meters square. This park offers all kinds of adventure activities to everyone. This tourist destination in Kufri is called Hip Hip Hurray Park as well. This is more famous as the name Hip Hip Hurray as compared to other names. You can go there on a solo trip, with friends, or with family.
The Whole Kufri is full of serenity and peaceful places. But, there should be some fun for the tourists. And Hip Hip Hurray Park provides all the adventure facilities that are needed. If you are a fun-loving person then this destination is for you. Go there, and have some entertainment and fun on your Kufri tour. Hip Hip Hurray Park will keep you occupied with different rides, a wide variety of games, and other fun activities.

Which type of fun activities are there in Hip Hip Hurray Park?

  • Valley Crossing
  • Burma Bridge
  • Reverse Bungee Jumping
  • Zip lining
  • Flying Box
  • Net Climbing
  • Gyroscope

Gaming Zone activities:

  • An art gallery
  • Movie Zone
  • A haunted house
  • Double Swing
  • Crash Mobile
  • Kiddies
  • Gondola Wheel
  • Helicopter

Fagu road 200mts from Kufri Main Bazar, Himachal Pradesh 171019, India.

Price range:
500 per person for any 3 rides from adventure activities. Or any 4 rides from amusement activities.
1000 per person for a combined package.
700 per person for the adventure package.
700 per person for the amusement package.

Open timings:
Hip Hip Hurray amusement park is open all days of the week. Its timing is from 10:30 am to 6 pm.

Make your experience greatest by having to visit at the finest time:
I would recommend you to visit Hip Hip Hurray amusement park in summer. The weather of Kufri is pleasant throughout the year but in winters, there is a lot of snow in the Hip Hip Hurray amusement park. This snow will create a lot of difficulties for you. That’s why I suggest you visit in the months from March to November. This time will be top for you.

Let’s reach the Hip Hip Hurray amusement park without struggle:
There is a wide variety of travel modes that will work for you in reaching Hip Hip-Hurray amusement park. You can book a personal cab, if you are traveling from Shimla to Kufri then the charges for a cab will be 1000. You can reach the place in a cab without any hassle.
Pony Ride is also available. And if you have a low budget then you can use public transport. Before traveling on Bus, Confirm the timings of the Bus. Otherwise, maybe you face trouble regarding bus timing.
Note: There is no air terminal or railway station in Kufri, That’s why traveling by road is the only option for tourists.

Some other must-visit places in Kufri:

  • Himalayan Nature Park Kufri:
  • Shimla Res
  • Reserve Forest Sanctuary:
  • Kufri Fun World:
  • Visit Adventure Park For 1000 rupees:
  • Adventure Resort New Kufri:

Kufri offers you all kinds of adventure and experiences. You will be provided by places where peace lives, places where serenity will hug your soul, and places where you can wipe out the dark scares and welcome the light of hope into your life. You will have endless satisfaction at this hill station. Kufri is not only for calm souls. People who love adventure will also get precious opportunities for them. Hores riding is the greatest fun activity that offers Kufri to its visitors. Kufri Zoo full of rare wild birds and mammles is a treat to eyes. Do not think too much. Just get yourself ready for a tour to the magical place of India. If you are a newlywed then plan a honeymoon, or if you got free from exams and want some relaxation then come with friends.

Have some cold and hot experience at Kufri.

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