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Beaches & Island Tour Packages of India

Hello! Today, we will tell you the top 7 beautiful islands in INDIA. Thinking of spending a few days at the beach during your trip to India? Keep reading! In this guide to beaches tour in India, you will find the best beaches in the country and, in addition, we will recommend which destinations to visit depending on the type of traveler you are. If so, we believe that the islands are the most suitable places for you. The beautiful islands of India are perfect for spending vacations as tourists can enjoy different exciting activities on the islands and immerse themselves in the scenic natural beauty. If you wonder how many islands are there in India and which ones are the most famous, read the following article and collect all the essential information about India's best islands& beaches.

The cities of India are bustling and frenetic. They are a place to get lost and discover all its corners, from narrow alleys to ample avenues. Therefore, sometimes you want to rest and disconnect from the chaos of the city. In this case, nothing better than spending a few days by the sea, where you can relax and discover India's paradisiacal beaches & Island tours.

Let yourself be carried away by your spirit of curiosity and discover its beautiful beaches and islands.

Paradisiacal beaches that make India a unique choice for travelers

Blue skies, turquoise green waters, and coconut palms rustling in the breeze… Imagine sinking your toes into sun-bleached sands while enjoying a freshly plucked coconut… the perfect treat for a morning snorkeling for angelfish, eels, or dolphins. Now imagine doing all this in India. Skeptical? With over a hundred islands anchored in the Indian seas and a couple of river islands dotting the country's map, travelers seeking an island retreat closer to home need not look too far. Our home islands range from sandy shores small enough to park a car to those stretching 1,536 square kilometers wide like the Great Andaman.

Choose from one of the famous religious myths entwined in its history like Rameswaram, or opt for a luxury stay complete with snorkeling and spa massages at Lakshadweep. Whether it is West Bengal, Kerala, Goa, or the islands around Mumbai, the island community distancing itself from the mainland has created a culture unique to your land.

By traveling to these destinations, you can delight in local delicacies, revisit the Island's past through its art and architecture, and experience the region-centric natural beauty that makes these destinations a unique choice for travelers.

What are the famous beaches and Islands in India?

With a coastline stretching for more than 7,000 km, from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal, the Indian landmass offers tourists a plethora of beautiful beaches. Some are white-sand shores, pebbly lined with palm trees; others rise from swamps and mangroves. You will find varied beaches in India, from Agonda Beach in Goa to Havelock Island Beach in Andaman, from Kovalam in Kerala to Juhu Beach in Mumbai. Here we will know about the list of the best beaches in India.

We have listed some beautiful beaches in India that you should not miss! Plan a trip with family and friends to these beaches and spend a gala time with your loved ones.

Top beaches in Kerala

Guarded by the Western Ghats in the state's interior and sharing a 550 km long coastline overlooking the splendid Arabian Sea lays the magnificent state of Kerala. Known for its backwaters, majestic beaches, swaying palm trees, variety of coconut palms, and tea and coffee plantations, the state has pure charm. Kerala is the abode of some beautiful beaches, being on the coastal front of the country. Whether it's admiring the skylines, loving the waters, indulging in natural treatments, or lazing around, Kerala is the place to be. Being blessed with splendid beaches, Kerala makes it challenging to leave a beach unexplored. Here is a list of fascinating beaches in Kerala.

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam has three beaches separated by rocky outcrops in its 17km coastline; the three together form the famous crescent of Kovalam beach. The most famous of the three beaches in Kovalam Bay, Kerala's Lighthouse Beach, is what Baga is for Goa. It's where all the action and the crowd are. The beach is also full of numerous leisure hotels, and by staying in one of them, you will find the trick to a relaxing vacation for you! The main attraction of this beach, undoubtedly, is the striking red and white lighthouse which is 35 meters high and is located on the hill of Kurumkal.

This beach is an internationally renowned beach with three adjoining crescent-shaped beaches. The leisure options on this beach are multiple and varied. Some of them are sunbathing, swimming, invigorating herbal massages, special cultural programs, and catamaran cruises. The tropical sun acts so fast that one can see the slight blush of a coppery tan on the skin in minutes. The beach resort includes several budget cabanas, Ayurvedic health centers, convention facilities, shopping areas, swimming pools, massage, and yoga. It is about 15 km from the main city, while Trivandrum Central Railway is the nearest railway station, located 12 km from Kovalam. Trivandrum Resort - Offers various types of accommodation to suit all budgets.


It is the only beach in southern Kerala where cliffs run adjacent to the sea. Many tourists claim to have witnessed the most breathtaking sunset on this beach. However, it is counted among the best beaches in India. Many medicinal herbs are found around the beach; therefore, the water of this beach is said to have medicinal properties.

Varkala is well connected by air, and its nearest airport is Thiruvanthapuram Airport, which is located at a distance of 36 km. Varkala Railway Station is the nearest railway station with access to trains coming from Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam. It is located at a distance of 2 km from Varkala. While there are many properties in Varkala to suit everyone's budget, there is only one 5-star property here called Gateway Varkala.

Goa - Destination Party

Goa is everything tropical leisure vacations are made of. India's smallest state is an internationally famous beach resort destination. Nestled between the lush Western Ghats and the azure waters of the Arabian Sea, Goa is languid. Goa vacation packages offer you the opportunity to explore and experience the best of this place.

Crystal clear waters, sandy shores, thriving festivals, delicious cuisine, exciting sports, colonial churches, lush spice plantations, exciting wildlife sanctuaries, luxurious hotels, and resorts invent experiences that will make room in your memories. Goan Culture is vibrant and relaxed due to its exciting mix of Portuguese, Latin, and Indian values.

Goa Tour packages are exciting, romantic, and relaxing. Enjoy pleasant vacations on sun-kissed beaches. Here you can entertain yourself according to your preferences. Enjoy delicious food and drinks, shop at the chaotic flea markets, visit colonial remains, have a refreshment, or cruise down the river is another captivating delight.

Baga Beach, North Goa

Located about 30 km north of Panaji, one of the most popular beaches in Goa is Baga beach, famous for its water sports, parties, and fantastic nightlife with delicious seafood served in huts. You can enjoy cool breezes just off the coast and take advantage of its famous water sports, including parasailing, banana boat rides, and dolphin cruises. And if you think that's not happening enough, wait until the sun goes down and the shacks come alive with music. Take a drink in hand and enjoy the sunset. This will become the best time of your life.

Wherein high season, you will see many of these establishments serving food for tourists. Considered one of the best beaches in India for practicing sports, it is common for the National Surfing Championship to be held at Baga Beach every year between the seasons of September and November.

So if you like water sports, you will know when to explore this beautiful Goa beach where you can also enjoy banana boat rides and parasailing apart from windsurfing. Beautiful Baga beach organizes cruises to see places with dolphins, but there is no guarantee that they look the same.

Anjuna Beach, North Goa

Goa is home to some of India's glorious beaches. Anjuna beach is one of them. From a quiet family vacation to an adventurous weekend with your team, the beach caters to people with different tastes and travel budgets. Famous for its Goan influences, trendy nightclubs, beachside hotels, and resorts, Anjuna Beach is a glamorous haven within Goa. Anjuna beach offers you stunning scenery and photographic views during sunrise and sunset. The combination of white sand and sparkling blue sea creates an unbeatable view.

Do you want to see Paradise?

Paradise Beach in Gokarna, Karnataka

Known as a Hindu Pilgrimage Town, Gokarna is also full of white sand beaches and coconut and palm trees and is fast becoming popular with tourists who want to spend a beach holiday. Paradise Beach in Gokarna, also known as Full Moon Beach, is one of the most popular beaches in Karnataka and gets tourists all year round. Covered with rocks and white sand, the beach's calm waters are ideal for swimming and spending some peaceful time away from the hectic outside world.

Gokarna is a fantastic beach escape with the bonus of beautiful warm blue waters. There are several stretches of powdery white sand, and if it's not too hot, why not walk and explore them all? It is a very casual place with basic cafes and scenic coves.

Take a short boat ride to a secluded stretch of sand: Half Moon Beach, if you're feeling lazy. Here is excellent seafood, and if you decide you want to stay for a few days, with a local family you can book a homestay. Occasionally many tourists also camp on the beach. However, to reach this beach, you should first go to some of the other beaches in Gokarna and take a motorboat from there. But it is a win-win solution as this will lead you to more beautiful beaches.

Kaup, Karnataka

It is in the southern Karnataka. The colors that confront you are beautiful: the gold of the sand, the blue of the water, and the casuarina's green. Sunset is a great time here, and there are few better places to enjoy it than at the top of the old lighthouse. They comprise an archipelago of four islands with impressive lava rock columns dating back millions of years.

Some other beautiful beaches

Cherai Beach

Popular with travelers and busy throughout the year, Cherai Beach is famous for the pools that merge with the sea. The beach is picturesque and is known for its multi-colored shells that can be easily found on the beach. Since the water at the beach is mainly low tide, it is also easy to swim. The beach is a favorite in the state, too, for the right reasons.

The state has a long list of beaches, some explored, some unexplored, some famous, and some secluded. But every one of the beaches has its beauty incomparable to the others. These places are a must-see to see and experience why Kerala is known as “God’s Own Country”!

Lakshadweep Beaches

Lakshadweep is a popular tourist destination for beach lovers. This charming secluded destination has ten islands, namely Chetlat, Amini, Agatti, Andrott, Bitra, Kadmat, Kalpeni, Kiltan, Minicoy, etc. Kavaratti. It is the smallest Union Territory in India, with five submerged banks, three reefs, and 12 atolls. Unleashed in the azure blue of the Arabian Sea, the islands cover an area of ​​32 square kilometers and cross more than 30,000 square miles of the Arabian Sea.

Juhu Beach, Mumbai

 It is known for various delicious street foods with a distinctive Mumbai flavor, typically sweet and sour. The neighboring beach area happens to be one of the luxurious localities in the city and is home to Bollywood bigwigs and TV world celebrities. Juhu Beach comes alive during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival when disciples carry the idol of Ganapati, Walk in a grand procession and immerse the deity in the waters of the Arabian Sea.

The longest beach in India

Marina beach in Chennai city, India. In Chennai, this beach is one of the popular tourist attractions. Marina Beach in Chennai is the longest beach in India, and it is the second-longest beach in the world. It is 6 kilometers long and is an excellent place to walk.

Usually considered the pride of Chennai, the Marina Beach, at 13 km long, is the second-longest beach of its kind in the world. This long stretch of soft sand invites tourists to relax, soak in the water, and try local snacks. You can also enjoy sunrises and pony rides here.

Credit for turning this place into a tourist space goes to Duff. He took the necessary steps to change the face of this place in the 1980s. Historical monuments were built at the junction of the roads. One of the most remarkable sculptures on the beach is the Triumph of Labor by Debiprasad Roy Choudhary. 

On the beach, you can enjoy a variety of Indian snacks and ice creams. There is also an aquarium located near the beach. It is home to some fantastic marine and freshwater fish species. 

You can get to Marina:

  • By Train: From Egmore and Chennai Central Railway Station, it is easy to reach Marina by car.
  • By Bus: Almost all buses arrive at Plaça de Anna, which is the end station of the beach. But the safest thing is that you have to get off a little earlier and walk a couple of minutes to the beach (it is a very short distance)
  • Parakkum Rail: You can also quickly get there via the open-top subway. The direct station is Tiruvallikeni, just in front of the beach.
  • By car: Prices often change, and it usually costs more or less depending on the distance to Marina, but please check it and do not blindly trust the drivers, and be careful traveling alone or with family.

Many hotels provide accommodation, and one can choose the hotels according to their budget. There are huge hotels and places that offer accommodation a 10-minute walk or a couple of buses stop away on the street in front of the Kannagi statue. These hotels also have dining, and there are some luxury hotels nearby.

Final thoughts

So, guys that are all about beaches & Island tours, the experience will be unique. You can also have a great time with your children since most love water. Feel free to put any comments and questions you want below. Suggestions are always welcome. So take care, guys, and see you soon in another article.

Here you will find more about the India tour. Continue reading! 👇

Beaches, one of the most magnificent and beautiful wonders of nature became popular as tourist attractions during the 18th century. Today, beachside towns and beach resort areas are a magnet for tourists. One can find serenity by listening to the sound of waves going back and forth. The scenic beauty is enough to lift one’s spirit, walking barefoot on beaches with the sun shining bright above is therapeutic for an individual. Read a book whilst getting a natural tan, go for a swim in the lukewarm water, go on a long romantic walk with your beloved, kids build sandcastles, youngsters can enjoy surfing and bodyboarding. Every age-group can find an activity to entertain themselves on a beach.

Below is the list of top 25 beaches you can visit through our travel agency. Take a look!

Lighthouse Beach- It is located in the southern Indian state of Kerala, south of Thiruvananthapuram. As the name suggests, Lighthouse beach comprise of a lighthouse, which is the main attraction of the beach. One can get a bird’s eye view of the entire beach and the surrounding area through the top of this lighthouse. The lighthouse is open to tourists in the afternoon.

Special Features: You can go for a yoga lesson or an Ayurvedic treatment. Enjoy the scenic view from the top of the lighthouse, Great seafood.

Samudra Beach- It is one of the most serene beaches in India, located in the northern part of Kovalam. This beach is famous for its secludedness and its beauty, one can enjoy a peaceful time on this beach. You can also find many Ayurvedic centers here which can provide you with special treatments.

Special Features: Beach has a sparse population. Hence, it is very peaceful. It has many ayurvedic centers that can provide you with special treatments.

Hawa Beach- It is located between Samudra and Lighthouse beach. Here you can find fishing boats at work. It doesn’t have the peaceful environment of Samudra beach nor can you enjoy water sports because of high tide. But here you can see the hustle and bustle that fisherman go through on a daily basis.

Special Features: Cadenced waves synchronizes with the singing of local fishermen and creates an acoustic treat for the tourists. Picturesque view of the beach and strong currents make the beach an ideal location for taking walks with your beloved.

Kalpeni Beach- Tilakkam and Pitti and an uninhabited island in the north called Cheriyam, together form a single atoll. This beach is one of the most striking beaches of Lakshadweep in terms of beauty. It is famous amongst honeymooners because of its secluded and peaceful environment. The water here is very shallow that is why it is a good spot for swimming and other water activities.

Special Features: You can enjoy a romantic dinner by the beach with your partner. You can also sunbathe and reef walk on this beach.

Minicoy Beach- You must visit this beach if you plan to go to Lakshadweep as it is the prettiest beach in the archipelago. This beach also comprises of a 300 feet tall, vintage lighthouse, atop of which you can get a bird’s eye view of the picturesque location. This beach is famous for tuna fishing and you can find a tuna-canning factory ashore.

Special Features: You can go for tuna fishing or you can attend a local gathering where the locals perform their traditional dance and sing local songs.

Bangaram Island Beach- This is one of the most unique beaches in India. In addition to being a Blue Flag beach this beach also experiences a unique phenomenon of bio-luminescence from July to February. This makes the beach look magically blue in the night. This psychedelic view in the night will be a memorable experience for you.

Special Features: Kayaking in the night is the best way to experience the phenomenon of bio-luminescence. This beach is very clean as it is a Blue Flag beach. Bird population in this area is also an alluring factor. It is a perfect spot for honeymooners.

Marari Beach- Located in the close proximity of Alleppey in Kerala. This beach is fringed with unlimited lines of coconut palms. The lackadaisical pace of life with the picturesque view makes this an ideal location for people to recharge their batteries.

Special Feature: You can enjoy activities like deep-sea fishing, parasailing and water skiing. You can also enjoy walks on serene beaches and appreciate the picturesque beauty around you.
Corbyn Coves Beach- This beach is 8 kms away from Port Blair (Capital of Andaman & Nicobar Islands) and can be easily accessed via many modes of transport. It is famous for its cleanliness and its quaint surroundings.

Special Features: You can enjoy many water sport activities like scuba diving, kayaking, jet-skiing, etc.

Radha Nagar Beach- Radha Nagar Beach is one of the 13 blue flag beaches in India. Blue flag is an international certification awarded to beaches that comply with the standards of FEE (Foundation of Environment and education). It is one of the cleanest beaches in India, it was ranked as the best beach in Asia and 7th best beach in the world by Time’s magazine in 2007.

Special Features: This beach is famous for its cleanliness and its tranquility. Long walks along the shore are ideal for introspection and self-reflection.

Laxmanpur Beach- Located in Laxmanpur, Andaman. This white sand beach is famous for its unique bridge rock formation. The bridge is called Howrah Bridge and at the time of low tide you can view corals spread across the bridge.

Special Features: This beach is famous for its sunset. You also get to view the unique Howrah Bridge on this beach.

Kala pathar Beach- Located in Havelock Island, Andaman. This beach is relatively small in size. But whatever it lacks in size it makes up with its beauty. Blue-green water hitting the white shore of the beach is a sight to behold. It also contains big black rocks that add to the beauty of the beach.

Special Features: Clear water and big black rocks give the beach a unique look. It has a sparse tourist population which means that the environment is tranquil.

Marina Beach- Located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This beach is the second largest beach in the world second only to Praia do Cassino in Brazil. Its mammoth size is a crowd puller. You can find various iconic buildings and statues close to the beach. The beach has many kiosks where you can play games or buy food.

Special Features: You can engage in various activities on the beach. The long coastline is apt for a long walk. You can also go for a swim.

Mahabalipuram Beach: Also known as Mamallapuram, this beach is located in Tamil Nadu, India. This beach stands out in a place famous for caves, massive rathas, chariots, and temples. Known as the hub of water sports in India this scintillating golden sand beach is surrounded by numerous resorts and restaurants.

Special Features: You can go for numerous water sport activities like boating, kayaking, jet-skiing, etc. You can also visit historical caves and temples that are close to the beach. You can taste the true flavour of Indian seafood in the restaurants and food joints, the food joints, and resorts offer food and other services at a good price.

Rock Beach- Located in White Town, Pondicherry. As the name suggests, this beach is full of big black rocks. Swimming is not allowed but the view of waves hitting the rocks is mesmerizing. This beach is surrounded by French café's as the town was once a French colony.

Special Features: In the night authorities close of the road allowing only foot traffic in and around the beach. You can find many activities on the beach despite it being a no swimming zone.

Palolem Beach- This beach is situated in Canacona in southern Goa, India. This crescent-shaped beach is famous for the shooting of Matt Damon’s movie- Bourne Supremacy. It is one of India's topless beaches and it is also famous for its silent noise-parties where people wear headphones instead of listening to music out loud.

Special Features: You can attend silent noise-parties. Swimmers can swim in the northern part of the beach as it is shallow. You can find many cafés with exquisite food on the beach.

Majorda Beach- This beach is located in southern Goa, India. This beach is associated with Hindu Mythology, Lord Rama was brought here at the age of 14 after being kidnapped. Now, this beach is a beautiful white sand beach surrounded by luxurious beachfront resorts. This beach is also famous for toddy I.e. Palm wine.

Special Features: You can enjoy many water sport activities on this beach. Drink the renowned toddy and relax in your beachfront resort. You can also find many exquisite bakeries here as this place has an impressive history of baking.

Agonda Beach- This beach is located in Cancona in southern Goa, India. This beach is a nesting site for the endangered Ridley turtles. This is also a popular honeymoon destination because of its remoteness and because of its exquisite seafood.

Special Features: You can enjoy water sport activities like paragliding, swimming, windsurfing. It’s beautiful, secluded and has good food. Hence, it is one of the best honeymoon destinations in India.
Colvá Beach- Colvá beach is located in Salcete in southern Goa, India. This beach has a plethora of water sport activities. Tourists can go for swimming, parasailing, jet skiing, and boat riding. The town is also famous for its nightlife- beach shacks are often open till the wee hours.

Special Features: You can visit the renowned Our lady of mercy church. You can also attend Fama of Menino Jesus- a local festival celebrated in the month of October.
Cola Beach-This is another beach located in Cancona in southern Goa, India. This beach is popular because of the surrounding green belt. It is divided into two parts by a small hill in between, this beach also boasts of a lagoon created by river Khola and some rock formations in the middle of the sea.
Special Features: You can find solitude at this beach because it is relatively undiscovered by tourists. Lagoon with greenery all around gives the beach a suave look.

Calangute Beach- This beach is located in Calangute in northern Goa, India. Being the largest beach in Goa this beach also attracts the most people to its shores. It's called the 'Queen of beaches' because of its size and beauty.

Special Features: You can find a wide array of entertainment and activities on this beach. You can go for water sport activities like parasailing, kayaking, water skiing and you will also find many kiosks and stalls selling everything from trinkets to food.

Ashwem Beach- This beach is located in Panaji in northern Goa, India. It is regarded as one of the best-kept secrets in northern Goa, you can get comparatively cheaper rooms and food here. Fringed with coconut palm trees, this beach is very clean. You can also relax in a spa or go for an ayurvedic treatment here.

Special Features: You can enjoy solitude at this beach because it's relatively unknown to the tourists. You can also treat yourself to a spa or get an ayurvedic treatment of the highest quality.

Dona Paula Beach- This beach is located in the suburbs of Panaji in north goa, India. It's popular amongst tourist as a water sports hub, you can go for activities such as windsurfing, para-sailing, water-skiing, toboggan ski-biscuit, skibob, sports fishing, snorkeling, harpoon fishing, kayaking, yachting, water-scooter, cycle and motorboat rides. This place is also considered as a lovers' paradise because of its beauty and couple's activities that are present here.

Special Features: Rekindle your romance by visiting the lovers' paradise. Enjoy various water sports activities with your beloved. This beach is packed with cafes and restaurants selling mouth-watering food. This beach also offers a magnificent view of the Mormugao harbour.

Baga Beach- This beach is located in North Goa, India. The beach is named after the Baga Creek, which empties into the Arabian Sea at the north end of the beach. This beach is one of the most famous beaches in India, known for its nightlife it is considered as the party hub of goa.

Special Features: Considered as the party hub of Goa, this place is a haven for party animals. Other than the parties this beach also offers water sport activities. If you're not into either partying or water sports, you can still find a spot yourself to spend some alone time and relax.

Reethi Beach- Fonimagoodhoo, often called Reethi Beach is an island in the Baa Atoll in the Maldives. It is a popular vacation spot amongst newlyweds. This beach experiences the phenomenon of bio-luminescence i.e. it emits a cerulean glow at night. Clean beach and a beautiful cerulean glow, makes this beach a sight to behold at night.

Special Features: Go for kayaking at night to get the best experience of the bio-luminescence phenomenon. This beach island is full of entertainment, you can find clubs here that stay open till wee hours or you can go for water sports or a swim.

Kandolhu Maldives: Located in the North Ari Atoll, Kandolhu Island is an idyllic place. The peaceful and clean beach with beautiful surroundings and clear water makes this an ideal location for newlyweds. With a 5-star luxury boutique hotel on the island, you can pamper yourself and your beloved on this beach island.

Special Features: You can relax at a spa. Go for snorkeling and swimming or take some diving classes. The 5-star hotel consists of a gym, a library and mouth-watering food.

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