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Kochi Tour Package

The cost of a trip to Kochi

  • For one individual, a one-week holiday in Cochin cost would be shared on request as per your requirements.
  • So, a one-week vacation to Cochin for two persons costs would be shared on request as per your requirements.
  • In Cochin, a two-week excursion for two persons would be shared on request as per your requirements.
  • Kerala Tour Packages That Are Most Popular
  • Kerala Vacation Packages Price* No. of Days
  • Kerala, Kerala, Kerala, Kerala, Kerala, Kerala, Kerala, Kerala, Kerala, Kerala, Kerala
  • Price on Request for 5 nights / 6 days
  • 4 Nights / 5 Days in Kerala - Price on Request
  • Kerala is a beautiful state.
  • Price on Request for 4 nights / 5 days
  • Kerala Delight - Land Only would be shared on request as per your requirements for 5 nights/6 days

Two days are plenty for a local tour of Cochin, which includes Fort Cochin, Marine Drive, Cherai Beach, and Dutch Place. If you are searching for something closer to home, I would recommend 5 days, but 4 days would suffice.

History of Kochi

Kochi was founded by who?

The Portuguese navigator Pedro Alvares Cabral created the first European settlement on Indian land in Kochi in 1500, when they sailed the Indian Ocean in the late 15th century and reached India's southern coast.

What is the origin of the name Kochi?

Kochi is also said to be derived from the Tamil word kaki, which means "harbor," from the Malayalam term Koch-ahi, which means "little sea," and from its previous name Kakochi, which was preceded by the name Kochi, which was recorded in Portuguese documents from the 15th century, and so on.

How did Kochi come to be?

Rule by a prince

When the Zamorin of Calicut acquired Ponnani territory following the Tirunavaya conflict, the king of Perumpadappu (near Ponnani) retreated to Kodungallur in the early medieval era. Later, they relocated to Kochi and founded the Kingdom of Cochin.

Kochi's previous name


Kochi (/join/ KOH-chin), previously known as Cochin (/join/ KOH-chin), is a large port city on India's Malabar Coast, bordering the Laccadive Sea, which is part of the Arabian Sea.

Kochi's timeline

  • The Dutch take control of the port of Kochi in 1663.
  • In 1664, the Dutch founded the municipality of Fort Kochi, the first in the Indian subcontinent.
  • Kochi is conquered by Mysore in 1773.
  • The city is officially passed to the United Kingdom by the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1814.

Why will you love Kochi?

Kochi has a vibrant café culture that combines art, music, and unique food. In addition to delicious French pressed coffee, pastries, and canvases, the legendary Kashi Art Café on Burgher Street boasts wonderful décor and ambiance. Kochi is a great blend of culture, art, history, and a fair dose of modernity, and I believe it is far ahead of the rest of Kerala. In Kochi's streets, there is a diverse mix of modern and traditional influences. Kochi is also known as "Cochin." There are ample amenities for visitors, yet it also has a distinct character. Kochi's tourism infrastructure has the potential to become "world-class." However, infrastructure is not the most critical factor. Kochi, As the ranking emphasizes, it has beautiful scenery and rich history. Kochi is Kerala's most heavily populated city. As of 2011, it has a corporate limit population of 677,381 inside a 94.88 km2 area and a total urban population of more than 2.1 million within a 440 km2 region, making it Kerala's biggest and most populated metropolitan area. Kochi is unquestionably one of India's most beautiful cities. It does, after all, have lakes, backwaters, beaches, old sites, lush foliage, and hills. Despite being developed into a modern metropolis throughout time, it has been successful in keeping its natural appeal.

Pigeon feeding at the Jain temple

Spotting the white pigeon is considered lucky at the Jain temple in Mattancherry. Spotting the white pigeon is considered lucky at the Jain temple in Mattancherry. Priya Ganapathy's photograph
A unique bird ceremony takes place every lunchtime in Mattancherry's medieval Jain temple. Sri Vardhman Sthanak Vasi Jain Sangh's pigeons circle the temple's spire three times before landing in the courtyard to feed. The sky becomes a flurry of wings as the brave birds leap right into your hand to nibble at grains. It is considered lucky to see a white pigeon.

5 Historical Monuments in Kochi

Paradesi Synagogue in Kochi

Visit Paradesi Synagogue, the oldest operational synagogue in the Commonwealth of Nations' 53 member countries. The synagogue was constructed in 1568 by rich members of the local Jewish community, who were then in control of a substantial portion of the international spice trade. Learn about the building's fascinating history and the community it has served for ages, and see the fusion of cultures in its architectural design and rituals. A 14th-century plaque put on the outside wall and an oriental rug gifted by the last Ethiopian monarch, Haile Selassie, merit serious inspection both inside and out. Make plans to see the Paradesi Synagogue and other sites in Kochi.

St. Francis Church in Kochi

The Church of Saint Francis, India's oldest European church, was erected in the 16th century and silently saw the struggle of numerous colonial powers that formerly dominated this area. View the charming edifice, take in the tranquil ambiance, and witness where Vasco da Gama's body was entombed before being brought to Lisbon. Use our Kochi (Cochin) travel route planning tool to visit the Church of Saint Francis on your next trip to Kochi (Cochin).

Kochi's Chottanikkara Devi Temple

Visit Chottanikkara Devi Temple, one of South India's most visited temples. Arrive early if you want to participate in the prayers, but bear in mind that males must be clothed in a veshti with no upper-body covering to enter. Many devotees come here to exorcise bad spirits and heal mental illnesses, but you may also stop by to get away from the city for a moment and absorb some of the temple's quiet and spiritual ambiance. Use our Kochi (Cochin) tour planner to organize your visit to Chottanikkara Devi Temple and other Kochi attractions.

Kochi's Edappally Church Complex

Ernakulam is home to the Edappally Church Complex. Our Kochi makes visiting Edappally Church Complex and other Kochi (Cochin) sites straightforward, and it assists you in creating a vacation itinerary that is unique to you.

Kochi's Shiva Temple

The idol of Shiva Temple faces west, which distinguishes it from most comparable sanctuaries. Lord Shiva, the city's guardian, is honored at the temple. By booking your trip with our Kochi, you will be able to see Shiva Temple and everything that Kochi (Cochin) has to offer.

What are the top 10 fascinations to visit in Kochi?     

Lulu Mall Kochi

With 1.7 million square feet of total shop space, Lulu Mall is India's largest mall. The 17-acre mall is home to 215 restaurants, multiplexes, food courts, entertainment zones, bowling alleys, arcade games, and a 5D cinema. The Lulu Group's first retail endeavor in India was Lulu Mall.

Tourism in Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi is a beach town in the southwestern section of Kochi famed for its colonial elegance. Every single cultural shift that has occurred over the ages has been preserved in one location. The remains of British control may be seen all around the country. Tourists throng here every year to see how Portuguese and Dutch colonization impacted different sections of our country. This charming city is peppered with European architecture and has an atmosphere that harkens back to the colonial powers that formerly governed the region. With its toy-town-like streets, colorful and attractive architecture, and historic feel, it still has the feel of an ancient colonial city.

Kochi's Kerala Kathakali Centre

Many dance performances have taken place at the Kerala Kathakali Centre in Fort Cochin! The dancers put up a tremendous amount of effort. Locals and visitors from all over the world go here to watch the dancing spectacle. There is also morning meditation shows that one can attend. The Kerala Kathakali Centre has a unique architectural style. The interiors of the facility are designed in the Malabar style and are largely made up of magnificent wood carvings, giving it a very traditional yet appealing appearance. Apart from Kathakali, the center is well-known for its short-term and long-term dance classes in Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, and Mohinattam. It also offers Kalaripayattu and Classical Dance classes.

Mattancherry Palace in Kochi

The Dutch Palace, commonly known as Mattancherry Palace, is a Portuguese palace in Mattancherry, Kochi, Kerala. It is designed in the form of traditional Kerala palaces for the affluent. Four separate wings surround a central courtyard with a temple, and it features paintings with portraits of Kochi's Rajas and exhibits of Kochi's Rajas. They were made with tempera paint and painted in warm colors.

Beach of Cherai

Cherai Beach is a prominent tourist destination in Kochi, India's southernmost state. The strategic location of Vypin Island makes it an ideal meeting point for the sea and the backwaters. Its beach, which is around 15 kilometers long and serves as a distinctive feature, is approximately 15 kilometers long.

Kochi's Marine Drive

Marine Drive, one of Kochi's most famous hangouts, is located in Kerala. It is a lovely promenade with a three-kilometer path that is a great area to spend some free time, either with loved ones or alone.
The Marine Drive Boulevard spans from Jankar Jetty in the north to Ernakulam Boat Jetty in the south. The Marine Walkway, Rainbow Bridge, Houseboat Bridge, China Net Bridge, and GCDA Shopping Complex are all local sites. So, if you want to go to the heart of what Kochi is all about, Marine Drive is the place to go.

Beach at Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi Beach is a quiet beach adjacent to the Arabian Sea, located along with Fort Kochi in Kochi, Kerala. The beach, which is lined with a lovely boardwalk, also boasts a fort, which is a prominent tourist destination in the area. People frequently go there for their daily walks in the morning and evening, or just to spend some quiet time alone.

Beach of Veeranpuzha

Veeranpuzha Beach is one of Kochi's most popular beaches. The beach is bordered by verdant greenery and has lovely blue waves and golden sandy coastlines. The closeness of fishing settlements to the coastline guarantees that fishermen are at work along the coasts all day. You may go to Veeranpuzha to observe the fisherman at work, to get a sense of the laid-back country mood, to see the stunning sunset and sunrise, or simply to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Cherai's Beach

Cherai Beach is one of the most prominent beaches in Kerala, a southern Indian state. Vypin Island's strategic location makes it a perfect meeting point for the sea and backwaters. Its beachfront is approximately 15 kilometers long and acts as a distinguishing feature from neighboring beaches.

Kerala Folklore Museum

This is a one-of-a-kind museum featuring gallery art, sales, live dance styles ranging from ceremonial to martial arts, and souvenirs. Some of the works in this gallery are quite valuable. It is also possible to sell beautiful artworks and antiquities here, which may be displayed afterward. It began in 2009 as a family-run private museum organized by Annie George. It is home to over 5000 artifacts.
There are a few views of Kerala's old temples and traditional dwellings. The ground, first, and second floors of the collection are organized into three sections. The ground story holds Malabar antiques, the first floor includes collections from the Portuguese era in Kochi, and the second-floor houses the museum.

Tip for those who are going on a Kochi tour       

Is there a good time to visit Kochi? Winter is by far the best season. Temperatures fluctuate between 17 and 33 degrees Celsius. Honeymooners, beachgoers, and explorers will love this time of year.
In Kochi, there are several things to visit on weekends, including:

  • Fort Kochi;
  • Jew Synagogue and Jew Town.
  • The Palace of the Netherlands.
  • Driven by a ship.
  • The beach at Cherai
  • Museum of the Hill Palace.
  • The palace of Bolgatty.
  • Elephant training center in Kodanad.

Kochi is a fantastic Kerala port city. This place demonstrates a blend of the past and present through its design. For everyone interested in learning about Kerala's culture, Kochi is a must-see.

You may take a stroll around Fort Kochi's old streets and visit practically all of the sights.

  • The beach at Fort Kochi.
  • Fishing Nets from China...
  • The Basilica of St. Francis.
  • Indo-Portuguese Museum (Monday closed)...
  • (Friday Holiday) 5. Mattancherry Palace / Dutch Palace...
  • Jewish Synagogue (Saturday and Sunday Holidays)...
  • Jew Street is number seven.

Kerala's harbor city of Kochi is breathtaking. This place represents a blend of the past and the present through its design. Kochi is a must-see for everyone interested in the culture of Kerala.

Take a stroll around Fort Kochi's old streets to view practically all of the sights.

The beach of Fort Kochi.
2. Fishing Nets from China.
3. The Church of St. Francis
4. Museum of Indo-Portuguese Culture (closed Monday)...
5. Mattancherry Palace (Friday Holiday)...
6. Jewish Synagogue (Holiday Weekend)...

Where to stay in Kochi

Take a walk around Fort Kochi's historic streets to see almost everything.

  • The Fort Kochi beach.
  • 2. Chinese fishing nets
  • 3. The Franciscan Church
  • 4. Indo-Portuguese Culture Museum (closed Monday)...
  • Mattancherry Palace (Mattancherry Palace) (Friday Holiday)...
  • Jewish Synagogue No. 6 (Holiday Weekend)...

The News Minute compiles a list of Kochi's most desirable and priciest neighborhoods.

 Marine Drive is a road that runs parallel to the ocean. In the 1980s, the iconic Marine Drive lakeside boardwalk was constructed.

  • The MG Road...
  • The Edapally-Vytilla bypass.
  • Panampally Nagar is a neighborhood in Panampally, Tamil Nadu.
  • Kaloor is a place in India...
  • Fort Kochi is a city in Kerala, India.
  • Locals are flocking to the fringes.

How to get it?

By Air

Kerala is India's second-most populous state and has four international airports. Kollam Airport is a domestic airport that connects key cities within the state. The bulk of passengers chooses planes since they can easily locate an affordable flight to Kerala via any of the major airlines.


Kerala is connected to the majority of its neighboring states through well-maintained roadways. In all main and small sections of the state, private cabs and buses are readily available. Visitors from surrounding places can also drive to Kerala in their vehicles. Luxury overnight buses depart from Alleppey, Kannur, Ernakulam, Kottayam, Thrissur, Kozhikode, Palakkad, Wayanad, and Thiruvananthapuram for various places in the state, some with built-in restrooms.

By Train

Kerala has more than 200 railway stations that connect the state's main cities and rural communities. Direct trains are available from major Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and Kolkata, among others, to numerous sites in Kerala. The largest connections are connected by superfast and express trains such as the Rajdhani and Duronto, as well as mail and passenger trains. Kerala's railway network stretches from Kasargod in the northern part of the state to Thiruvananthapuram in the southwest.

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Car rental in Kochi.

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What is the best option for vehicle rentals in Kochi?

When visiting relatives, traveling with children and family, honeymooning, solo travel, group travel, commemorating major days and occasions in a remote area, or going on a weekend trip, there are many reasons to travel by automobile. The list goes on and on.
Various formal circumstances need folks to travel on occasion and without their automobile.

In all of these cases, hiring a car is the best option; correct?

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