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Calicut Tour Packages

Calicut, now known as Kozhikode, is a major port city located in the northern part of Kerala. Tourists visit it not so often, although you can have an exciting time here, exploring natural and historical sights. Also, in the territory of Calicut, there are several beaches suitable for a relaxing holiday.

It is not recommended to go to Calicut just for the beaches and the sea, but it is possible to combine several types of recreation here. Quiet and rocky, Kappad is recognized as the best beach. Also, tourists visit the beaches of Beypore, Payyoli, etc. Of the natural attractions, it is worth mentioning several waterfalls - Tusharagiri, Kozhippara, and Arippara. Travel to Calicut with children who will be interested in visiting the Kadalundi bird sanctuary and Lion Park.

Many tourists come to Calicut for shopping. The range of jewelry and textiles here is impressive, and the prices are reasonable—many large shopping centers in the city, including Focus, HiLite, and RP.

Everything you need to Know about Calicut

When the Zamorins ruled, it was the capital of Malabar in northern Kerala. It was the spice capital and highly prosperous. It is pulled in by nonnatives who found the rulers cordial and tolerant. The Arabs were the first to arrive. They were towing the Chinese, the Portuguese, the Dutch, and finally, the British. The dispute between them led to battles against the backdrop of the medieval period. Today, it stands out among the most goofed by visitors due to its depiction of beautiful nature and extraordinary human creation. In 2012, the place was labeled "Sculpture City" as various sculptures are located in the city.

Calicut is a city with a long recorded history. Since time immemorial, the city has attracted travelers due to its prosperity. It has been traded with spices like black pepper and cardamom to the Jews, Arabs, Phoenicians, and Chinese for more than 500 years. Since Kozhikode offered complete freedom and security, the Arab and Chinese merchants had this port as their favorite. Even today, the glory of Calicut is not entirely over.

Calicut was the capital of Malabar during the time of the Zamorins, who ruled the region before the British took over. The city recorded the first contact with Europe when Vasco de Gama landed in Kappad, in May 1498, as the leader of the commercial mission of Portugal.

Calicut is a Symbol of Great Culture and Great Cuisine.

Calicut is famous for its culture and cuisine, which attracts the attention of travelers and historians alike. This region is the birthplace of the world-famous folk song Vadakkan Pattukal. Calicut flourishes with rich Islamic art forms, which contribute to the uniqueness of the region's cultural history. Oppana, Mappilapattukal, and Ghazal are popular Islamic art forms. The city has witnessed many progressive literary movements which have given birth too many famous regional writers. Apart from cultural forms, the people of Calicut are known for their love of football and hospitality.

Calicut enjoys a great culinary culture, owing to the fusion of several traditions such as Arabic and Chinese. Calicut Halwa is available here, and no traveler should miss out on savoring this heavenly delight. Another food item that makes Calicut famous globally is its Malabar Biryani which is found in almost all the restaurants in this district. Seafood, Pathiri, Banana Chips, and Ghee Rice are some other delights that no traveler would want to miss.

Climate of Calicut

Calicut has a tropical storm atmosphere. The city has an exceptionally humid tropical atmosphere with high temperatures. A brief spell before a downpour Mango downpours hit the city at some point in the backdrop of April. A significant source of rain in the southwest is a storm that does not set in the primary week of June and continues until September.

The city receives considerable rainfall from the northeast monsoon, starting from the second 50% from October to November. Winters are, at times, frosty. According to the atmosphere charts, 12 districts in India have cooler temperatures, 26 are hotter, 37 are driers, and only one is wetter than Calicut.

Why go to Calicut?

Serene Beaches, lush green countryside, historical places, various hotspots in the city, tourist places, historical places, temples, and many more.

Calicut is a district of the small state of Kerala in southern India; it was once one of the most important trading centers in the Malabar region and the capital of the Zamorin kingdom. Its privileged location on the southwestern coast of India, its excellent communication with other parts of the country, its beautiful landscapes, and its cultural richness has made it a popular tourist destination.

Precisely, we will find here all the landscapes: the sandy beaches of its 362 km of coastline, the middle lands or plateaus, and the rocky mountains of the Western Ghats. The best time to travel to Kozhikode is between December and March, as there is almost no rain and it is also not too hot.

In Calicut is much to see and do, but today we will dedicate ourselves to visiting the best places in the Calicut and its surroundings.


Located in the heart of Calicut, Bayport is a popular shipbuilding port and is known to be one of the busiest fishing harbors in Kerala. Although the city is also famous for its unique shipping vessel called the Uru, don't miss the opportunity to ride the famous two-kilometer-long Pulimoudou Bridge.

Calicut Planetarium

Calicut Planetarium is one of the must-see places on your next trip to this port city. The Regional Science Center and Planetarium are located on Museum Road in Kozhikode. It has a 250-seat planetarium that offers visitors an in-depth insight into the mysterious universe, planets, and all the galaxies. It has a state-of-the-art Zeiss projector that simulates the night sky and is entertaining and informative.
The Regional Science Center has indoor and outdoor science exhibits. As you embark on a journey through the mysteries of the universe, enjoy the best stars within the walls of this epic planetarium.

The old lighthouse of Thikkodi

Thikkodi Lighthouse is located in the village of Thikkodi near Calicut. It is a historical monument that attracts tourists and visitors all year round. There are rocks around the lighthouse, and it gives you a great view of Velliyamkallu, a rock formation in the Arabian Sea. Thikkodi Lighthouse was built in 1847 and is a vast structure. Tourists can climb the stairs of the lighthouse to reach the top and enjoy the breathtaking view of the surroundings, but prior permission is required.

Mananchira Square

It is said that Mananchira Square is also a perfect place for tourists to visit, as it is a magnificent water bridge. This water bridge was built by the kings of old times. It is also said that tourists like to come here because there are many such places near this water bridge which are pretty good to visit like ancient temples, churches, mosques, many ancient buildings, etc.

Tali Temple in Calicut City

This Tali temple in Calicut city is a famous temple visit because it is many centuries old, but it is also more beautiful as old as this temple is. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is worshiped in this temple. All the tourists who come to visit the city of Kozhikode come to visit this temple. Inside the Tali temple, there is a Shivling 2 feet high. It is also said that devotees from far and wide come here on special occasions. Along with this temple, there is also an enormous palace which is very beautiful. Therefore, the tourists who visit this temple can also stay overnight in this palace.

Visit peaceful Kappad Beach.

Kappad Beach, or Kappadavu as it is known locally, is a calm coastline shaded by inland palm groves around a peaceful little village yet undiscovered by 'mainstream' tourism. There are two hotels near the beach, a group of boys told us on arrival, one expensive and the other. We stayed in the other and enjoyed some of our best days on the beautiful coast of Kerala. Kappad Beach has a rocky promontory that offers stunning views of the surrounding coastline. Walking along the beach leads to miles of deserted yellow sand beaches with only a strange fishing boat or egret for company.

Hanuman Temple

Although there are many Hanuman temples in Calicut city, this Hanuman temple is considered the very famous temple in Kozhikode city. Because it was built many centuries ago, devotees consider this temple very much. This temple is located at a distance of 5 km from Calicut city, so you can quickly come here to visit this temple because this temple is not too far away. This temple is very crowded with devotees. It will be great to visit the temple.

Trip to Veliyangadi,

Veliyangadi, or the big market, is located on the south side of Calicut beach. It was here centuries ago that European and Arab traders brushed their shoulders to trade their wares. Here you will find local products at very reasonable prices, so people come here to shop. Once there, you will taste local food and produce and see how the locals shop here.
In Veliyangadi, there is a Gujarati Street and also a Halwa street. You will also find Francis road and Thangal road, which, together with Halwa Street, form a triangle leading to Bavutty Haji road on the beach. A Sunni dargah called "Sheikh Makham" is a Sunni pilgrimage center in Calicut.


You can plan a trip to Kalipoyika in Calicut to have a different experience. This place is considered an ideal place for boating. You can also enjoy raw boating, pedal boating, and cruise excursions here. This attractive place is situated just two km from Calicut. Kalipoyika is part of an essential plan of the state to preserve the wetlands and promote eco-friendly tourism. You can include this place in your travel diary to spend quality time with family and friends.

Mananchira Water Pond

Mananchira is an artificial water pond in the center of Calicut in Kerala, India. The pond is rectangular. It was built as a swimming pool in the 14th century. However, in the 19th century, its town council decided that it should only be used for drinking and prohibited him from bathing or washing it. Visitors coming to Calicut often see this old pond as a historical place.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

Apart from the places mentioned above, you can also enjoy an exciting excursion to Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary. It is one of the most notable tourist attractions in Kozhikode. It attracts a lot of nature and photography enthusiasts due to its scenic location while offering magnificent views of the Arabian Sea and the Kadalundipuzha River. This beautiful sanctuary is nestled between islands and hills near the Kadalundi River that flows from the Arabian Sea.

It offers a chance to see various colorful birds. The sanctuary serves as a haven for about 100 local birds and more than 60 migratory birds. Going so close to nature and enjoying the natural beauty awakens a delightful feeling. The chirping sounds of birds between early morning and evening make the whole atmosphere musical. Apart from the mentioned places, you can add many other places of interest in Cuttack to your travel diary. You must visit the Art and Historical Museum present here.

Explore the hidden corners of Kozhikode

The pristine and clear backwaters of Calicut offer visitors a chance to explore the natural beauty of Kerala at its peak. It has palm trees dotted all along the banks, and the canal and lakes provide guests with the perfect houseboat cruise. You can enjoy the natural beauty of lost corners when sailing on a houseboat. The peaceful setting and tranquility all around will soothe your spirits. You can also stay in luxury all over the beautifully remote corners of Kozhikode. These houseboats are famous, especially among honeymooners, as they provide the perfect getaway to the scenic surroundings and natural beauty.

Kozhikode Beach

Many people like a place with a very peaceful environment and a lot of peace of mind. Calicut Beach is also one such place that is quite beautiful and calm. That is why many tourists often visit this place. If you have come to visit with your family members, you must come to visit this beach. Your family members will enjoy walking on the beach.

You have to keep in mind one thing whenever you come to see this beach; you either come at sunset or sunrise. Because this beach looks wonderful during sunset and sunrise, you can also take a bath in the middle, you will enjoy yourself a lot by taking a bath in the middle, and you can also play with fun in the meantime. Often people come to this place to picnic with their children and family.

Visit the peaceful Sree Kanteswara Temple.

Among the many temples in Calicut, another one that you can add to your list is a visit to Sreekanteswara Temple. Unlike other more prominent temples, this one has a tranquil ambiance that visitors and worshipers can see upon arrival. A Shiva temple rich in history, it is said that this place became prosperous and beloved for a long time because there was once a remarkable yogi who worshiped there.
Several divine rituals were performed in the area where he now stands. Doesn't that sound interesting to you? After worship, take a walk, learn about the temple's history, and even take photos. Both locals and tourists are welcome, so be sure to add this to your list of places to visit in Calicut!

Best time to visit Calicut

Calicut is located in the state of Kerala. The weather is delightful in these parts of Kerala, although the humidity can be something that bothers you. The winters are also pleasant, with the average temperature around 23 0c. It will be the best time to visit this place between September and March.

How to reach Calicut?

  • Calicut is well connected to major destinations like Kochi, Mangalore, Coimbatore, Trivandrum, and Kochi. One can hire a taxi to reach the bus station.
  • This place is easily accessible by train. Because the city has its railway station, it is well connected to all major cities with frequent trains to reach major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai. Geographically well-kept well connected to all parts of the country.
  • The nearest airport to Kozhikode is Karipur International, more commonly known as Calicut International Airport. The airport is located at a convenient distance of 23 km from the city of Calicut. Frequent international and domestic flights from all major national and international cities.


Kerala is home to various landscapes, and anyone who has stumbled across this land of God would agree. Calicut is one of the most beautiful towns in the Kerala region, which looks like every traveler's dream.

If you are a beach lover, you cannot resist coming to the clean and unspoiled beaches of Calicut, Kerala, India. Historically, it was a significant seaport where traders from Arabia, China, and Africa once converged. Calicut in Kerala offers visitors a chance to blend into its ancient and cultural past. Its quiet beaches and lost corners offer calm and tranquility to those of busy city life looking for a relaxing vacation. Also serving as the perfect weekend getaway for nearby locals and travelers, check out these ten unique places to Travel to Calicut that are the essence of the spice capital of Kerala.

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