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Chennai Tour Packages

In every part of India, you will see a different culture and history. If you ever get a chance to visit South India, then do not forget to visit Tamil Nadu because Tamil Nadu is one of the largest states of South India, which is very rich in religious and cultural heritage. Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu. This is a city with a rich cultural history, which balances its heritage with a modern lifestyle. This is why tourists from all over the country come here to see the culture here.

The tall buildings, temples, and churches from ancient artifacts attract tourists here. Marina Beach here is the second largest beach globally, where people like to come to spend time. Chennai is the fourth largest state of India, where the food, lifestyle, and culture is quite different and attractive compared to other parts of India. If you are planning to visit Chennai, you have come to the right place because, in this post, we will give you all the necessary information about travel to Chennai. So let's move on to the post.

About Chennai

Chennai is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu. Chennai has retained its traditional Tamil Hindu culture and effectively blended it with foreign influence. It is an important commercial center connected by roads, railways, and airplanes to important cities and is a seaport. Compared to other significant subways in India, it is much less congested and polluted.

Travelers who want to bring a lot of interesting souvenirs from their holidays should visit this beautiful city. Here you can spend hours walking along the winding streets, looking at the colorful stalls with goods and enjoying the atmosphere typical of Indian markets. The vast majority of Chennai claims to be one of the best cities in India. We know that Chennai is famous for IIT and for being a computer and industrial hub. The city is also recognized for its passion for music.

Famous as the most prominent cultural and economic center in the south, the city is home to several Hindu temples, churches, and museums. From its white-sand beaches to delicious seafood, Chennai has it all for travelers.

Some basic facts about Chennai

  • The Tamil capital is located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, and the sea dominates a large part of the city. Marine Drive is in the heart of this megalopolis.
  • In January, Pongal is celebrated, the festival of the sacred cows.
  • These animals, which you will surely know to be sacred in India, are placed at the center of urban life for a whole week.
  • 10 million inhabitants.
  • The city was founded by British merchants as their trading post in South India and quickly became a key position.
  • Locals travel to the distinctive Kapaleeshwarar Temple in March and April to witness the annual Shiva procession during the lively Arubathu Moovar festival.
  • In old Madras, you will have no problem finding people who speak English. The local language is Tamil. Not many people speak Hindi, and they also don't like to speak it because it seems like a cultural imposition from the north.
  • Rice and brown sugar sweets are prepared, and then offered to sacred animals.

Chennai is Ideal for Water Activities

With its beaches, Chennai is ideal for water activities. Here you can go surfing and diving or ride a banana. Water skiing, wakeboarding, knee boarding, kayaking, speed boating, paddle boarding, and parasailing are all available on the beaches of Chennai. The fishing village of Covelong is known for its pristine beaches and offers tourists an unforgettable water experience.

Elliot Beach of Chennai

Elliot Beach is a coastal sandy strip that begins on the south side of the popular Marina Beach. There are three famous religious sites in the area: Velankanni Church, Ashtalahmi Temple, and a granite replica of Arupadai Vidu, as well as many other temples that fill this seashore with spirituality. Elliot Beach is also called Besant Nagar Beach. Visitors can enjoy a variety of dishes offered by local restaurants and shops on the beach.

Marina Beach

This beach is the world's second-largest beach. This is very popular with locals, especially on weekends, holidays, or summer when the city is hot. Here, you can see the honest India - how fishers are engaged in their ancient craft, and families and friends have picnics.

Together with T-Nagar, it is one of the favorite places for the inhabitants of Chennai to spend an afternoon with friends or family. At Marina Beach, put on costume: you still bathe in the Indian Ocean, even if you are dressed. Upon your arrival, you will find hundreds of Indians standing to admire the sea and, like many, hand in hand, getting wet by the waves ... feasting on the beach. Marina Beach is probably the best place in Chennai to let you be enchanted by the customs and traditions of the Indians during their free time. If you continue north along the seafront from the train stop, you will find a fascinating area of ??markets: a series of stalls that from the road crosses the whole beach and ends almost in the water, where the inhabitants of Chennai take an afternoon bath.

A sunset walk along Marine Drive

Chennai's waterfront runs parallel to the Bay of Bengal. When the sun begins to go down, the beach fills with people and street vendors. It is a great time to mix with the local population and observe the typical hustle and bustle of Indian cities.

Best tourist attractions of Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Arriving in India, spend some time in this charming town. Relatively young, Chennai has grown from a small fishing village to become India's industrial and business center. The Dutch, the Portuguese, and the British had a hand in developing urban infrastructure, so there are plenty of attractions here.

The sightseeing of Chennai further enhances its beauty. By the way, there are many tourist places in and near Chennai. Let us tell you that Chennai is such a city known for its historical and cultural heritage and its beautiful beaches for tourists worldwide. And the biggest thing is that the world's second-largest beach, that is, the beach is also on this. And hence Chennai is one of the important cities in India from the point of view of leisure and tourism.

Basilica of Santhome

There are only four churches in the world that claim to have an apostle's tomb in their foundations, and one is in Mylapore, Chennai's oldest neighborhood.

The basilica built in his memory stands over the apostle's tomb, and the church is a landmark for the local Syriac Christian community. The visit can be completed with an excursion to Saint Thomas Mount, a privileged watchtower in modern Chennai linked to the wanderings of the apostle in Tamil lands.

Anna Zoological Park

Anna Zoological Park is one of the largest parks in Southeast Asia. About 40 species of mammals, 20 birds, and 14 species of reptiles live here. In this park, you can see many reptiles. Many migratory birds fly here.

For a tremendous half-day extravaganza, take a wildlife tour at Arignar Anna Zoo, located in the Vandalur area south of Chennai. It is mainly known as one of the important nature centers in the country. The city. This is one of the main places to visit with the family. It is located an hour's drive from the central city. Traveling with children will not be a concern since the park offers cars that circulate with batteries. Also, for those who have limited time to roam the park, Arignar Anna Zoo provides safari cars. The park is home to many wildlife species, which is very exciting for the family.

Chennai is a city of fun and entertainment.

The city of Chennai is enjoyable. The excitement in its development to get your hands on each arcade game allows you to experience a unique experience. It is quite a popular site for parents and their children. Fun City has play areas that consist mainly of soft games such as runners, rope walkways, and many ball pools. There are also other activities for children covered by roller coasters and gliders. It is the best resting place for your little ones to have an exciting day.

Kapaleeshwarar Temple

This Temple is one of the most visited places in Chennai. It is one of the obligatory visits you should not miss through the city. This Hindu temple is dedicated to Shiva, one of the most important gods in Hinduism. It was built around the 7th century in Dravidian architecture, common in South India.

This type of architecture stands out for the construction of pyramid-shaped buildings in which, on their walls, essential characters such as gods, kings, or warriors appear in the form of a statue. The Kapaleeshwarar temple is made up of several shrines.

Depending on the year, attending one of the various celebrations at the Kapaleeshwarar temple is possible. One of the most important is the Arubathimooval festival, which is usually between March and April – we recommend you check the exact dates when you travel, as they vary each year.

Leela's Palace

Leela Palace, Chennai's only waterfront luxury lodge, impresses with the finest furnishings and features a mix of modern and vintage embellishments. A stay at this lodge will provide guests with the opportunity for the exclusive use of amenities and services. The hotel has a personal butler, spa, and dining expectations. Enjoy food at Spectra, try the best selection of Indian dishes at Jamavar, or sample Chinese cuisine at the China XO area. The lodge offers it all.

Go on an excursion to Mahabalipuram.

If you are passionate about culture, we recommend a full-day excursion to Mahabalipuram. It is located 60 kilometers from Chennai. The fishing village of Mahabalipuram is an hour and a half from the capital of Tamil Nadu. It is a must-see destination on a trip to South India.

The first stone temples of the Dravidian kingdoms originated here. An exhaustive visit will allow you to know the origin of the art, the temples, and the rituals of the south. But in addition, in Mahabalipuram, you will find a relaxed village, where you can walk along the beach, swim in the sea, and make small excursions in an enchanting environment.

There you can enjoy a set of monuments that have been a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The best known of the temples is the Temple of the shore.

Ashtalakshmi Temple

Look for the Ashtalakshmi Temple, located on the beach, adjacent to a slum inhabited mainly by fishers. If Chennai is your first stop in Tamil Nadu, it will specifically affect seeing a temple directly overlooking the sea! The Hindu temple is dedicated to Lakshmi, wife of Vishnu, goddess of health, and the eight manifestations.

Watch a movie at the cinema.

Chennai is one of the hubs of the Indian film world. Although it is more likely that you do not know the language, we recommend you go to one of its many cinemas to see a movie and delve into the type of cinema produced in the area.

The regular cinema in Chennai -especially in a city located next to Chennai, called Kodambakkam- is Tamil. This is why this industry is popularly known as Kollywood.

Shopping in Chennai

If you were wondering where to shop in Chennai, where to buy some splendid silk saris to take to friends and family at home, or where to buy some stoles for your most elegant evenings, the answer is T-Nagar! The neighborhood comprises two huge streets overlooked by massive shopping centers. Full of Indian men and women crazy for shopping. Forget the shopping malls you are used to in the USA and join the fray: it's worth it to spend a day like the locals, shopping and eating fried snacks on every street corner that you can't help but fall in love with.

Chennai food

In this most significant city in South India, you can try the typical dishes of both the area and the country. If you like spicy cuisine, you will be passionate about southern cuisine. Here you will find very varied preparations of vegetables. If you prefer to eat meat and fish in Tamil Nadu, they offer you an incredible offer of curry preparations.

However, if we talk about Madras, we cannot fail to try the Chennai masala dosa. The dosa is a kind of Indian crepe whose dough is made from rice and lentils. It can be filled with many ingredients, almost always vegetarian.

It is then served accompanied by the typical chutneys: the coconut chutney and the tomato and tamarind chutney. Also, it accompanies a soup called sambar. It has a very intense flavor of roasted spices. Sambar is usually unlimited at dosa restaurants.

What to see around Chennai?

During our extended stay in Chennai, we saw a lot of what its surroundings offer. You cannot miss Kanchipuram, also called the city of a thousand temples, one of the seven sacred cities of India. You will need at least two days to untangle all the sacred places of Kanchi and shop in its famous silk sari shops to buy which brides-to-be come from all over the country. Here is our article on what to see in Kanchipuram.

To the north of the metropolis, however, there is a small village overlooking a lake, which in turn flows into the Indian Ocean: it is Pulicat, and the lake is Pulicat Lake, which became famous for boat trips that allow you to admire the Bird Sanctuary where thousands of pink flamingos live.

The Best Time to Visit India?

India is a vast country from the Himalayas to the Indian Ocean in the south. The best time to visit India is between October and March, when the monsoon rains have stopped, and the country is mainly hot and dry.

How to get around Chennai, India?

In Chennai, forget to take long walks to get from one place to another: the city is enormous, incredibly large, too busy, and chaotic. The cheapest and quicker solution to get around the city is the Chennai Suburban Railway, a subway that travels on the surface.

The other solution is to take a tuk-tuk: remember to constantly deal with the drivers and that at peak times, they could be very reckless to avoid traffic to get to your destination as soon as possible. You can use the buses a lot, but the lines are so many and the timetables so confusing that if you don't spend a month in the city, as we did, you should prefer the previous solutions.


Chennai is safe to visit for everyone, regardless of whether you are a backpacker or a solo traveler. Above, we have given you all the necessary information about the places to visit in Chennai, the principal city of South India. This information will help you make your travel to Chennai even more enjoyable. Have an excellent trip to Chennai.

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