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Periyar Tourism

Periyar is a heart-pleasing place with a calm, greenery atmosphere suitable for people keen on tourism to overcome their stress-free life as if nature itself has decorated it with its own hands because here you will get to see the famous wildlife sanctuary. You can spend good moments feeling the presence of peace and enthusiasm in the middle of the forest, and there are a lot of flower gardens here. This is considered the best place with glorious land in southern India, where flower gardens abound. Though every region of Kerala is full of charm and beautiful scenery, all the places are considered a must-visit. And the most beautiful and the best place to visit in Kerala is Periyar. Periyar is the perfect location for you if you seek nature's serenity. This Periyar tourism offers a calm atmosphere because of its lush and green surroundings. A feeling of homeliness and harmony is evident in the small cottages of Periyar that you will not find anywhere else. There are several places in Periyar that you can explore.

All about Periyar

Located in the suburbs of Kerala, Periyar - popularly known as the Spice Village - is an area with a vast array of spices. Small, captivating cottages are scattered throughout the spice gardens of Kerala at this idyllic destination. In Periyar, the tourist places offer an ethnic feel with its distinctive feature of not being flanked by pollution or noise. The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary covers 777 square kilometers and is considered the most charming wildlife sanctuary in Thekkady. This park is also a tiger reserve, surrounded by lush forests. The elephants frolicking in the water at the sanctuary are the most enthralling features of the sanctuary beside the various animals. Several tea and coffee plantations are nourished by the Periyar River, also known as Vandiperiyar, throughout the village. In Vandiperiyar, there are tons of tea factories surrounding the spot where tourists can taste the wondrous types of tea and coffee. Periyar River follows the Pullumedu quarries. Plantations, shrubs, vast lawns, lush greenery, and lush vegetation characterize Pullumedu's landscape. On Pullumedu's course is also a famous temple known as Shree Ayyappa. Its unique surroundings and lively atmosphere make it one of the most tranquil destinations in Periyar. Its densely covered forest distinguishes Pullumedu. Periyar village is considered one of Kerala's most important tourist attractions and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Periyar. Periyar's remarkable wildlife and natural ambiance add to the beauty and charm of Kerala.

Periyar National Park

With a beautiful landscape, rich biodiversity, and great scenic beauty, Periyar National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary is the epitome of what nature offers in Thekkady. This national park is spread over  ??305 square kilometers, and the Periyar and Chamba rivers flow through it. In this national park, tourists can see elephants, white tigers, flying squirrels, sambar deer, Nilgiri langurs, bears, and wild cats.
Here tourists can see many types of bird species up close. Apart from this, tourists can also see snakes in many ways here. Here tourists can enjoy voting in the Periyar Lake, located in the middle of the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Wild animals can be seen drinking water near this lake. In this breathtaking setting of Kerala, the Periyar National Park is considered one of the best-protected areas for elephants and tigers. Periyar National Park is high in the Western Ghats ranges and is one of South India's most renowned national parks. The park is adorned with a charming lake at its heart, an artificial lake 100 years old at Thekkady. It is mainly known for its wild elephants and thick Western Ghats forests. Most of Periyar's deep valleys are covered with thick tropical evergreen forests with little sunlight. At their full height, these trees reach 130-140 feet. Around the lake edge and other water bodies in the park are areas where marshy grasslands grow. Many of the park's animal species find cover in patches of semi-evergreen forest spread throughout the park.

Natural Wonders of Periyar

Lake Periyar is located north of the core of the tiger reserve. Covering an area of ??26 km2, the lake is filled with a river of the same name, on which there are beautiful cascades of small but fascinating waterfalls. The flooded trees betray the lake's past - once there was a majestic forest.

Wildlife in Periyar Sanctuary

As well as elephants, pigs, sambar deer, gaurs, mouse deer, dole or barking deer, dogs, and tigers can be found in the Periyar Sanctuary. The Periyar National Park now has an estimated 40 tigers.

Periyar is also home to the major species of primates - Lion-tailed Macaques, Nilgiri Langurs, Gee's Golden Langurs, Common Langurs, and Bonnet Macaques.

The visitors and wildlife lovers can enjoy excursions at the sanctuary zone and visit the famous Cradomom Hills and the Pandalom Hills. They can also visit Kumily, the central town for the spice trades in Kerala.

Apart from these two attractions, the tourists can also experience boat cruising at the famous Periyar Lake. The tourists can cruise by boat to look closely at Periyar Wild Sanctuary from the water's edge.

Flora in Periyar National Park

A tropical, semi-evergreen, and moist deciduous forest can be found at the Periyar Tiger Reserve. At Periyar, you can observe 49 mammals, 246 kinds of birds, 28 kinds of reptiles, eight kinds of amphibians, 22 kinds of fish, and 112 kinds of butterflies.

Vegetation of Periyar Forests

There are more than 1965 flowering plants in which there are 171 species of grass and 143 species of orchids. The only conifer tree of South India, scientifically known as Podocarpus velitchanus, grows in the Periyar Tiger Reserve.

Living organisms

Mammals – More than 60 mammals are found here, including Asian elephants, Bengal tigers, Indian bison, sambar, Indian wild dog, leopard, barking deer, and soft-haired beaver, which can be seen while boating in Periyar Lake. Could. The Nilgiri Thar roams the high rocky areas, while the endangered lion-tailed langur can be seen in the dense evergreen forests. The Bonnet Langur and the Nilgiri Langur can be seen leaping from the trees when the boat reaches the shore.
Birds - There are 265 species of birds, including migratory birds. The Malabar Gray Hornbill, Indian Pied Hornbill, White-bellied Trippie, several species of Drongos, Woodpeckers, Flycatchers, Babblers, the beautiful Malabar Trogon, etc. can be seen upon reaching the shore of the boat.
Reptiles – Cobras, Vipers, Kraits, many non-venomous snakes, and Indian Monitor Lizards.
Amphibians – Frogs such as the colorful Malabar gliding frog, fungoid frog, bicolor frog, many species of toads, and limbless caecilians.
Fishes - Many fish species are found in Periyar Lake and its streams, including Mahseer, a famous and endangered fish game of India. You can often see the soft-haired beaver while in the boat.
Gardens – Tea, cardamom, pepper, and coffee orchards are spread in the vicinity of this tiger reserve.
During the summer (April-June), the temperature ranges from 21°C to 24°C. The winter season is warm and pleasant between October and March. A visit to Periyar National Park with an elephant makes for a truly unforgettable experience.

A bus service connects the park with all the main cities of Kerala, including Thiruvananthapuram, Kottayam, and Madurai. Kottayam is the closest major rail junction. Airports nearby are located in Cochin and Madurai.

What things can I do in Periyar?

Wildlife enthusiasts and travelers seeking tranquility will find Periyar an ideal destination. You can do the following activities in Periyar:

• Periyar Tiger Trail Overview:

Tourist guides and Forest officials accompany tourists as they trek through Periyar Reserve's densely forested trail and dense vegetation.

• Bamboo Rafting:

Bamboo rafting is an excellent option for those who wish to engage in water sports while visiting Periyar National Park. The Forest Department of Periyar provides this facility to aid the tourists in enjoying the activities within Periyar's catchment area.

• Thekkady Lake Exploration:

Periyar Lake is tucked deep into the jungle and a haven for many wildlife species. Additionally, visitors to Periyar can take a boat ride in the reservoir that gives water to the woods.

Other Tourist Attractions in Periyar

Periyar is home to many Indian Elephants, Lion-tailed Macaques, Nilgiri Langurs, Indian Bison, and Bengal Tigers. The Mullaperiyar Dam is located around the area on the Periyar River and has created an artificial lake for the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. The refreshing destination of Periyar makes it one of the must-visit places in Kerala. Natural beauty surrounds this beautiful home, which is surrounded by lush greenery. Periyar offers travelers the opportunity to view stunning landscapes, see unique attractions, and enjoy activities like bird watching at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and jungle safaris at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. A nature walk guided by a tour guide will take you to the jungles of Thekkady, where you can trek through Periyar's vast landscape. Kerala wafers and pickles will tickle your taste buds, along with milkshakes and snacks made from the different types of bananas.

Additionally, one will become addicted to banana chips while in Periyar. The area is home to gigantic elephants that are calm and peaceful.

If you are willing to visit Periyar, the following is a list of places you should visit in Periyar: Here is a list of the best places to visit in Periyar, Kerala.

Kumily Kerala

The town of Kumily is near Thekkady and Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala. A popular tourist destination, it lies along National Highway 183, which links Kottayam to Kanjirappally through Mundakayam.
Kerala-bound merchants and laborers are easily accessible from here. In Kumily panchayat, which lies at the junction of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, you will find the two revenue villages of Periyar and Kumily.

Ramakkalmedu Kerala

Located in Kerala's Idukki district, Ramakkalmedu is a mountain resort town. There is a Hindu legend attached to this place...which says that Rama-Kal-Medu was given its name when a Hindu mythological God set foot here.
The place is surrounded by high rolling mountains and lush green trees, making it the perfect picnic spot for you and your family. There is a famous statue of Kuruvan and Kuruthi in Ramakkalmedu that even Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio could not avoid visiting.
Guests can also view the scenic view of this charming village from a 300-meter-high structure facing eastward.

Chellarkovil Kerala

Located 11 km from Kumily, the village of Chellarkovil offers breathtaking views of the plains and waterfalls. This small, quiet village is considered the best tourist spot.
This place is exquisite because of the lush green mountains, the attractive view, and the cascading waterfalls. At 1200m above sea level, it provides a breathtaking view of the plains of Tamil Nadu.
This waterfall looks enchanting during the monsoon season because of its increased flow. As this water flows over the irrigated land in Tamil Nadu, plants and vegetables can be cultivated.

Vandanmedu Kerala

In the Idukki district of Kerala, Vandanmedu is a picturesque village high up in the Western Ghats. Because of its favorable climate and soil, this place produces a considerable amount of cardamom worldwide.
Dense green forests and rough mountains are found in most of this area. Planters from England were said to have been the first to discover a market for cardamom, coffee, and pepper here.

Best Tourist Places to Visit nearby Periyar

Periyar Lake: Located only in the Periyar Reserve, this lake owes its name to the reserve. Tourists can take a boat around this lake to experience the whole scenery of the sanctuary.
Kumily: A town in Kerala's Idukki district best known for its cardamom hills, near Thekkady and Periyar. The presence of many holy temples here makes it a popular destination for nature lovers and the spiritually inclined.
Mangla Devi Temple: Situated at a distance of 15 km from Thekkady is the Mangla Devi Temple. The temple at 1337 m above sea level on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu features ancient Pandian architecture. There is only one full moon day in April or May each year when this 2000-year-old temple holds prayers.
Pullumedu: Pullumedu is a wildlife sanctuary and green area located 43 km from Thekkady. Tourists can also visit this region's Makara Jyothi temple and Shri Ayappa Temple.

Hotels & Resorts Periyar

Periyar Sanctuary, located in Thekaddy, is overwhelmed by the presence of the magnanimous elephants in the arena while cruising around the most serene lands of "God's Own Country." A relaxing stay at many hotels and resorts will help you realize the region's natural beauty.
The attractive natural ambiance and luxury available at these resorts and hotels are perfect for making up your mind for a long journey in Periyar, where several boat houses and houseboats are also embellished with sophisticated designs to make the boat safaris more sophisticated and impressive.

The best time to visit Periyar.

The vacation destination of Periyar is open during monsoons too. Periyar is open year-round. However, if you want to explore and visit the place, September to April is the best time.

Periyar in summer-Between April to July

Generally, summers are mild in Periyar. You will most likely see rare animals and enjoy dry and pleasant weather while visiting Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve between April and July.

Periyar in the rainy season– Between July to August

It is one of the few wildlife sanctuaries that open during monsoon. A visit to Periyar during the monsoons allows you to experience boating, trekking, and wildlife safaris.

How to reach Periyar

By road
It is straightforward to travel by road. Thekkady is well connected by road from all parts of the country.
By rail
The nearest major rail junction is Kottayam. Periyar is well connected by regular trains to most of the region's cities and other parts of the country.
By air
The nearest airports to Periyar are Madurai and Cochin. Cochin is a major airport that has regular connectivity with other Indian cities as well as cities in the Gulf countries.

Bottom line

There is a vast area for travelers to chill out in Periyar with its cool chimes and luscious greenery. The reason to visit Periyar in southern India is for its wildlife scene. This destination has stunning surroundings and astounding sights. Periyar National Park stretches over the Western Ghats and is surrounded by mountains. The Nilgiri National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area on the state border between Kerala and Tamil Nadu, where you can feel tranquility and excitement amidst the wilderness. A heady mix of mystic mountains, sprawling spice plantations, and biodiversity can be found in Periyar, which is in the district of Idukki. The deciduous forest area in this area can satisfy anyone's senses on vacation. A vacation to Kerala would not be complete without seeing this area. With its cool chimes and greenery, Periyar tourism at the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border offers a wide area for travelers to relax. Periyar is a must-see place, which is small, serene, and breathtaking. The land is blessed with natural beauty, offering excellent opportunities for trekking and hiking. This abode has something or two to keep you enthused about sightseeing in Periyar.

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