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Kerala wildlife & backwater

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Kumarakom Tour Packages

Explore the backwaters of Kumarakom
Kumarakom is a mesmerizing village near the Indian state of Kerala. The whole of Kerala is worth visiting the place. The beauty of nature and the uniqueness of its culture are the biggest attractions for all explorers. Before writing something about Kumarakom, we would like to tell you about the magic of Kerala as this place is filled with a wide variety of tourist destinations that offer fun and peace.

Magical tourist target, Kerala:
Kerala is a small state of India, almost one percent of the whole country. This is the most famous tourist target in India. Visitors around the globe come to Kerala, spend quality time, and explore the beauty of this tiny state of India.

Peace breathes in the mountains of Kerala:
The mountains of Kerala give its tourists a message of peace, hope, and courage. Kerala is no less than heaven to all nature lovers. This place offers a view of lush greenery. The greenery that lives near the sky. Depressed humans can come there and award peace to their empty dark souls. You can have a Yoga experience in the serenity of these happy mountains.

Play with Rare species in Kerala:
Several species of rare animals are the biggest attraction to all the tourists who admire unique creatures. Visitors can avail the chance to visit these rare animals and explore new things about them. You are requested to avoid noise here as it is a peaceful place and the animals of Kerala are used to serenity. If a tourist doesn’t respect the peace of this place, animals will face trouble.

Combination of fun activities and peaceful experience on the waters of Kerala:
The earth of Kerala offers lakes, rivers, and the sea to its visitors. You can have a majestic time at these points. Water activities are offered with proper security. You can have a spectacular boating experience and an amazing rafting experience on the water of Kerala.

Kerala is a world where people own their culture:
The unique culture of this Indian state, Kerala has its place in this modern world. When you will step into Kerala, you will see a new world. A world where people own their culture. They give respect to their cultural dress by wearing it with dignity. The culture of Kerala is full of uniqueness and simplicity.

Taste a food that you have never tasted before:
The food of Kerala is also having a lot of specialisms in it. Here you will get a chance to taste a lot of tasty food that you have never heard of or tasted before. Surely, this is worth visiting the place because of such charming and exciting experiences. There is Village near Kerala called Kumarakom. This is a major attraction for tourists.

1: A village full of natural recourses and natural Beauty, Kumarakom:
Kumarakom is a village near the city of Kottayam. This precious traveler’s fate is located in the backwater of Kerala, south India. Kumarakom is an undeniable part of Kerala. It is the heart of south India. You hardly see such villages with natural resources and natural beauty in this materialistic world.

Your soul is craving a holiday to the place which is a cluster of Islands:
Are you tired of a busy schedule and want a holiday break? If YES then Kumarakom is the place for you. This place is a cluster of Islands that offers its visitors rare experiences. You can have fun in Kumarakom. In Kumarakom, peace is offered to all the visitors in this mesmerizing place. The food of Kumarakom is also having uniqueness in it. The cultural touch in the taste of all dishes in the food points of Kumarakom is the major attraction to all the foodie tourists. Kumarakom offers a lot of worth visiting points in a single tour and at a very reasonable expense that you will not get somewhere else. So, do not think too much. Don’t be lazy, just get up, book a ticket, pack the bag, put necessary things in it and visit this charming tourist destination, Kumarakom.

Top ten Places to Visit in Kumarakom, South India:
Kumarakom is full of magical tourist points where you can go, spend quality time, get spectacular experiences, peaceful stay, have fun activities, and rare things to explore. Ten most famous, charming, and must-visiting places are following. Keep reading the blog and you will get real information that will help you in leveling up your experience of the tour to Kumarakom.

Kumarakom offers you the longest lake in India, Vembanad Lake:
Vembanad Lake is the biggest attraction that urges explorers to must have a tour of Kumarakom. This is because of its length. Vembanad Lake is the longest lake in India and the largest lake in the state of Kerala.

Boating in Vembanad Lake:
A boating experience in the water of Vembanad Lake is the real thing that you can have at this charming lake. You will see a lot of things in a single ride. The Vembanad Lake Meets the Arabian Sea that’s why the flow of water changes after every 3 to 4 hours. When your boat will take you to a point where the boat will be 4 to 5 kilometers away from the Arabian Sea, the level of water will be very high there. This is quite scary but adventurous at the same time. But, one happy news is that the management of Vembanad Lake is very careful regarding the security of its tourists.

  • Price of a boat ride:

You are requested to pay 3000 for a boat ride for one hour.

What if you visit Vembanad Lake on a rainy day?
You can visit Vembanad Lake on a rainy day. Surely, you will have a magical experience. But, you are requested to keep in mind one important thing while visiting Vembanad Lake, the level of water remains very high at that time.

Don’t miss a chance to see some worth discovering things at Vembanad Lake:
While boating in the water of Vembanad Lake, you will see some gorgeous buildings in the surroundings of Vembanad Lake including Crown Plaza Kochi, and BPCL Kochi refinery. Hand-made boats are a major attraction. The local community of that place uses these boats for fishing and traveling purpose. There are beautiful houses in the surrounding Vembanad Lake. Five-star restaurants are also there where you can have a stay with good quality services. You will see a lot of fishing nets on the water of Vembanad Lake and will listen to the heart-touching chirp of birds flying up in the sky. When you will pass through mango groves, it will give a feeling of a forest crossing. You will feel like passing through a shrub jungle.

Have a memorable honeymoon at Vembanad Lake:
If you are a couple and want a memorable honeymoon experience then Vembanad Lake is the best place to spend quality time with your partner.
Surely, this lake is the glory of the city.

  • Timings to visit Vembanad Lake:

Tourists are requested to visit Vembanad Lake between 10 am to 6 pm.

  • Entry fee of Vembanad Lake:

There is no entry fee for Vembanad Lake. You can enter this charming lake for free.

  • When Vembanad Lake opens?

There are no specific months in the year for the opening of Vembanad Lake. You can visit the place in any month you want to go because Vembanad Lake is open all the year.

2: Feel the chirp of birds at Birds Sanctuary of Kumarakom Village:
Kumarakom is blessed with many natural resources and naturally beautiful things. Bird Sanctuary of Kumarakom Village is on top of all the naturally beautiful things of Kumarakom, Kerala. It is spread over 14 acres of land including a resort. This place is maintained by the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation.

What makes this Birds Sanctuary of Kumarakom different from other Birds Sanctuaries?
Several things make the Bird Sanctuary of Kumarakom unique as compared to other Birds houses. One most interesting thing about this Birds Sanctuary of Kumarakom is that you will hear a lot of chirrups of birds but cannot guess from where the sound is coming to you and making alert your listing sense.  The reason behind this is the forest where this Birds Sanctuary is situated. There is a shrub jungle full of dense trees where these birds live. Another rare thing about this place is that you will hardly see birds flying all the time. Usually, they stay inside the jungle and show their presence by creating the sound of chirp. Kumarakom Birds Sanctuary is worth visiting the place. It offers serenity to its visitors. I would suggest a visit to this place to all those people who are friendly to nature, their soul craves peace, and they enjoy the chirp of birds. Must have a visit to this place. Surely, it is a mystic destination.

How can you explore the whole Birds Sanctuary of Kumarakom Village?
You can visit this place while walking. Walk on the calm paths of this supernatural place gives a feeling of heaven. There is a point in the Birds Sanctuary of Kumarakom Village where you can experience boating. On the water of this Birds Sanctuary, you will see a lot of things that you cannot see while walking on the paths of Kumarakom Village Birds Sanctuary.

  • Ticket price:

The price of a ticket for Indians is 50 rupees per person and for foreigners, the price of the ticket is 150 rupees.

  • Best time to visit Birds Sanctuary of Kumarakom Village:

In the daytime, the weather gets warm. You will face difficulty due to the hot atmosphere. That’s why all the tourists are requested to visit the place in the early mornings so that they may have an excellent experience.

Bay Island Driftwood Museum, Kumarakom:
This Bay Island Driftwood Museum is functioning since 2001. Bay Island Drifting Museum is situated in the south Indian village, of Kumarakom. The Museum has an interesting history which can be explained by a visit to that place. Bay Island Driftwood Museum offers a view of rare sculptures that are made of Driftwood. There are a lot of sculptures in unique shapes. Each sculpture has its history behind it. I am sure that you must be thinking that how can you get authentic information regarding the history of the Bay Island Driftwood Museum and about all the articles that are in the museum.
Stop stressing! When you will go to Bay Island Driftwood Museum, Kumarakom. You will meet a lady there. She will provide you with proper guidelines and some interesting historic information regarding the museum and its articles.

Why this Museum is Famous?
Bay Island is famous because of its exceptional woodwork on driftwood. You will see a lot of articles in rare made up of wood. This is the uniqueness of this place with makes it precious to other local museums.

  • Timings to Visit Bay Island Drifting Museum, Kerala:

Monday: Holiday
Weekdays: 10 am to 5 pm
Sunday: 10 am to 5 pm

  • Entry Ticket:

50 INR

  • Address:

Bay Island Driftwood Museum, Chakranpadi, Kumarakom North (p.o) Kottayam, Kerala.

Kumarakom Backwaters:
Kumarakom Village is known as a tourist destination around the globe because of its backwaters. Kumarakom Backwaters is the major, most precious, and charming place to visit. You can have a lot of fun activities at this greatest tourist point. The peace of Kumarakom Backwaters is a major attraction of this place. The sound of playing waves is heart awaking for those who love noticing such things. Kumarakom Backwaters attracts 60% of tourists.

Spend some time with your partner in the boathouse:
The happy news about this place is that you can get a boathouse for rent and can spend a peaceful time with your partner inside the rented boathouse. Kumarakom Backwaters is an ideal place to visit because of many reasons and one major reason is Leisurely Vacay.

  • Timings to visit Kumarakom Backwaters:

This place stays open all day. You can visit whenever you want.

  • Opening days of Kumarakom Backwaters:

Kumarakom Backwaters stays open in all days.

  • Entry fee:

There is no entry fee at Kumarakom Backwaters. You can enter the place for free.

Visit a dreamy beauty at Kumarakom Beach:
Kumarakom beach is the most adventurous place in all the tourist points of Kumarakom Village. This place offers you a lot of water and air activities. You can have experience of boating, rafting, paragliding, and a lot more. Besides all the adventure and fun, this place is the best option for those who desperately want a break from the busyness of city life. I would suggest you come to Kumarakom Beach, sit back and let your soul feel the serenity in this magical atmosphere. Kumarakom beach is a dreamy place because of its exquisite beauty.

  • Timings to visit Kumarakom Beach:

Kumarakom Beach stays open all day. You can visit whenever you want.

  • Entry fee for Kumarakom Beach:

There is no entry fee to Kumarakom Beach.

Two most popular cities in the surroundings of Kumarakom Village:
Kumarakom is blessed with breathtaking beauty. It has a lot of natural beauty inside the Village but one thing makes Kumarakom more precious and that is the beauty around Kumarakom. Kumarakom seems like mini heaven between paradises. Indeed, this high mountain speaks about the calmness in a very loud voice that the message touches on the heart. If a tourist comes to explore Kumarakom Village, the beauty in the surroundings urges it to visit some more villages and towns surrounding Kumarakom. The beauty of every area is appealing. It urges the heart of tourists to stay there and feel the serenity of charming valleys.

1. Visit the backwaters, calm hills, and lush green forests of Kottayam:

Kumarakom is known as the village of Kottayam city. This place is famous because of its backwaters. Kottayam offers you a blissful view of lush green fields. These breathtaking naturally gorgeous fields show the happiness of the city, Kottayam. The calmness of the hills hives a message of peace to its visitors. These silent hills offer all the explorers an experience of serenity. A serenity that will heal all the scares of damaged souls. Charming backwaters are breathtaking. You can have leisure and stillness at the same time on these glorious destinations in Kottayam.

Distance from Kumarakom to Kottayam:
Kottayam is at a distance of 13 kilometers from Kumarakom. If you are planning a tour to Kumarakom then you can easily go to Kottayam and spend some quality time at different tourist attraction points Kottayam.

When a visitor can visit Kottayam?
Kottayam is open throughout the year, you can visit this place whenever you get a chance to go.

2. Explore the breathtaking beauty of Vagamon near Kumarakom:
Vagamon is blessed with so much realistic elegance that other tourist places don't have. This is another spot full of greenery in Kerala. In the matter of green beauty, Vagamon leaves many other cities of Kerala behind. Hypnotizing hills and cold smokey weather gives an experience of heaven to all the adventurers who prefer this place for a tour. These enchanting hills not only offer a peaceful experience in the valley but it has a lot more to offer national and international tourist community.

Which kind of experiences do these fascinating hills offer to explorers?
If you are an adventure-loving person then you must be thinking that how can you have fun on these mysterious highlands. Hey! Don't worry adventure lover. These thrilling mountains will not let you go empty-handed. You can have a hiking experience. Trekking on these charming high hills must be an amazing adventure that you can experience here. Another activity is that you can enjoy paragliding in the fresh air of Vagamon. So do not worry. Just book a ticket to Kuamarkom and Vagamon. Come here, have some peace, enjoy trekking and paragliding and get a glittery experience. Because of these enchanting hills, Vagamon is worth visiting the place.

Distance from Kumarakom to Vagamon:
Vagamon is at a distance of 55km from Kumarakom.

When a visitor can visit Vagamon?
Vagamon remains open all the year. And there is no entrance fee for Vagamon. You can visit the place whenever you want.

Eat rice and coconut in Kumarakom and feel the taste of its soil:
Kumarakom is the best place to stay and the land of Kumarakom is agricultural. You can harvest here some specific plants. Harvesting of some plants is common in this place. The top three from all of them are:

  • Mango
  • Rice
  • Coconut

Now you reached the end of the blog. Here we would like to say that Kerala is the major tourist destination on national and international levels. There is no part of Kerala that cannot be considered a tremendous tourist destination. But Kumarakom is on top in Kerala as a tourist destination. It offers beyond the expectations of tourists. This is truly a magical place. Heaven then offers immense calmness. Visit this place and let your soul enjoy the calm surroundings Perform a bit of Yoga and heal all the anxiety and depression. Let your mind feel the peace. Indeed, all these beautiful places are appealing in their beauty. Don’t think too much. Just pack the bag and reach this fascinating place. Surely, you will have a great experience. Good luck with a journey towards the south Indian beauty.

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