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Kodaikanal Tour Pacakge

American missionaries founded modern-day Kodaikanal as a hill station in 1845 as a sanctuary from the plains' harsh heat and tropical illnesses. During the twentieth century, a few wealthy Indians realized the worth of the land and began settling here.

The kings and queens of hill stations

The princes of Hill Stations, as Kodaikanal is often called. Throughout the year, the chilly and foggy air, as well as the picturesque grandeur of the undulating hills and forested forest of Kodaikanal and its surrounds, will enchant any tourist.

It was discovered by Sir Vere Hendry Levinge, the Collector of Madurai District at the time, in 1859.

The twentieth century

Kodaikanal had a population of 1,912 in 1901.
In the twentieth century, a few affluent Indians recognized the potential of this picturesque hill station and began migrating here.
There are frequent debates among modern Indian villagers about how their ancestors hiked and ascended the hills from the villages in the foothills. It may take them up to two days to descend the steep slopes, avoiding human assaults and ultimately reaching the peak of what is now the Kodaikanal market to sell their plains products.

Kodaikanal Lake

In 1863, Sir Vere Hendry Levinge, Collector of Madurai District at the time, dammed three streams flowing into a valley to form Kodaikanal Lake. He brought Kodai's first boat from Tuticorin and stockpiled local fish in the lake. Back then, there were no bunds on the man-made lake. The Kodaikanal Boat Club was founded in 1890. Today, three boat clubs rent out a range of boats. Around the lake, there is currently a 9-kilometer (5.6-mile) lighted and paved pedestrian and cycling route. Construction near the lake is strictly prohibited by local regulations.


The Tamil phrase means "a sanatorium at the summit of Kodaikanal, the southern slope of the Palani hills more than 7,000 feet high." It is unknown who initially adopted this name or what they wanted it to mean; nonetheless, there are at least five meanings in Tamil. The term is a combination of the Tamil words Kodai and Kal. Kal denotes a wood on a hillside, a thick forest, or a closed forest. Valli is the honey-collecting daughter of the head of the Veddas mountain tribe. Valli was named after being discovered among creeper vines. According to folklore, Lord Murugan's romantic traditions in Sangam literature are tied to the name Kodaikanal.

Why will you love Kodaikanal?

The magnificent waterfalls

The town of Kodaikanal is known for its stunning waterfalls, which are amplified by the monsoons. Bear Shola Falls is a monsoon-themed attraction that comes to life when it rains. Because it is so well-known throughout town, Silver Cascade needs no introduction. It's a delightful experience to gaze at this majestic waterfall cascading between massive stones and rich flora.

For delectable dishes

In Kodaikanal, the monsoon season is the finest time to indulge your senses. There are several eateries in Kodaikanal that provide real south Indian cuisine, including a wide selection of dosa and idli. Tava Vegetarian Restaurant, Astro Veg, Muncheez, and Cloud Street are some of the best vegetarian restaurants in town.Shouldn't you be buying your travel tickets to this magnificent hill town of Kodaikanal during the monsoons now that you have all the reasons? Kodaikanal is well-known for its diverse vegetation. Cypress, eucalyptus, and acacia are the most common large trees. Pear trees abound, and the fruits are of excellent quality. Kodaikanal, as a hill city, provides lovely temperate weather all year and you may simply schedule a trip whenever you like. Here's a thorough monthly seasonal break schedule for the area: From November through February Winter months are pleasant, with average temperatures ranging from 30°C to 8°C. Summer is also the ideal season to visit Kodaikanal, with temperatures ranging from 30oC to 20oC. The cool wind on your face makes it ideal for sightseeing, trekking, cycling, boating, and other outdoor activities.

5 Historical Monuments in Kodaikanal

Yoga Center in Kodaikanal

ChildrenYouthFor WomenSeniors
Kodaikanal Yoga Center is a magnificent ecological farm set deep in the South Indian Himalayas, surrounded by waterfalls and forests.

The Kodaikanal Golf Club is located in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu.

YouthSeniorsGolfingArt And CultureGolf Course in Kodaikanal
Today, the Kodai Golf Club, nestled 7000 feet above sea level in the Palani Hills with chilly gusts sweeping off the cliff face, may change a par three hole into a par four.

Shembaganur Museum is a museum in Shembaganur, India.

KidsYouthFor WomenBusinessMuseum in Kodaikanal
Shenbaganur Museum of Natural History, Shenbaganur Museum is the Kodaikanal Museum of Natural History, located 5.6 kilometers from Kodaikanal...

Weekends in Kodaikanal

Kukkal Caves Activity PlacesFamily
Tourists will go from Kodaikanal to Kukkal caves through a densely wooded area near Kodaikanal. The region's vegetation is abundant in...


This great restaurant, which is located on the Poet Tyagaraj Road, is open every day except Thursday. They make the most delectable foods for you to gorge yourself on. Muncheez provides outside seats so you may enjoy your delectable meals in the most beautiful setting possible. They also provide parking for your automobiles, and if you're in a hurry, they can supply takeout. Don't worry if you've just returned from a long hike; you may place an order and they'll deliver it to you.

What are the top 10 fascinations to visit in Kodaikanal?

The Wax Museum

The first Wax Museum in India is one of the tourist attractions in Kodaikanal, which is located near Green Valley. It is a tiny museum that depicts the Crib, the Last Supper, and several well-known worldwide figures. Among the highlights are Indian saints and figures such as Adi Shankara, Sai Baba, Gandhiji, Lord Krishna with Gopikas, Indian singers, and Veerappan, the sandalwood smuggler.
It is India's first wax museum, and there aren't many of them in the country, so it opens the door to new options.

Lake Kodaikanal

When you look down from above at Kodaikanal Lake, you will be amazed to see a star-shaped water body that is the essence of this city. The fact that it is man-made and dates back many years distinguishes it from the other sights to see in Kodaikanal. The Palani Hills ranges form a stunning backdrop to the main lake. One can sit beside, stroll around, or go boating for a fee. You may even go fishing at this lake if you have the necessary authorization. The Kurinji Flower, which blooms just once every twelve years, is well-preserved in Kodaikanal Lake. Flower exhibitions and boat pageants are perennial summertime attractions.

Bear Shola Falls

During the monsoons, this spout comes to life as it cascades down mountains and beautifully sculpted rocks. This white water region is ideal for viewing in Kodaikanal, as it passes through dense forests. In this location, make careful to wear comfortable shoes because it is slick and populated with monkeys!

The Four Pillar Rocks

The Guna Caves are edged by stunning pillar rocks, and their mystery placed them on the list of sites to explore in Kodaikanal. These pebbles tell the narrative of a love affair that has left an indelible mark on many people's hearts. These pillars protrude from within the lofty mountains, reaching a height of 400 feet and providing the best view of the highlands. A white wooden cross formerly perched on these rocks as a sign of love, but it has since been lost to time. Keep your hearts close to your chests, for you could fall in love with the location. It's a great area for picnics, and there's even a tiny garden to keep visitors entertained.

Anna Salai Market

One of the must-see attractions in Kodaikanal is the Anna Salai Market. It is an impression of Kodaikanal's urban culture, which is characterized by a diverse population. It's a crowded market where you may go from store to store and get something for everyone in your family. Fresh fruits and vegetables, a range of homemade chocolates, handcrafted things, shawls, jewelry, bone and walnut items, and various leather and brass products are available. Because there are so many flowers, you can get great-smelling, therapeutic, or any form of oils and balms for dirt cheap. They also sell a variety of organic foods such as jams, pickles, creams, incense bread, and other baked goods.

The Coakers Walk

If you wish to view the ultimate beauty on Earth with your own eyes, you should know that Coaker's Walk is the highlight of the tourist attractions in Kodaikanal. Driving through the mountains is one thing, but walking a full kilometer on that trail while looking out at the beautiful green mountains on the other side is quite another. This road is used by city dwellers for morning and evening walks. Even though it is fee-based, the telescope House enhances the view of the valley. The weather is good all year, although due to its elevation, it is cold and foggy in the winter.

Berijam Lake

Every nature lover must visit this abandoned reservoir, which derives its source from the dam and provides a superb panorama of the environment that Mother Nature has bestowed upon Kodaikanal. This beautiful lake, hidden among the trees, is ideal for bird viewing, photography, and relaxing. Friendly fish may appear along the banks to entice you to remain longer. A journey to Berijam Lake requires careful preparation because it is not open after 03.00 PM due to fog entering the region after 01.00 PM; moreover, they do not allow many people to enter at once, so it is recommended to go early in the morning.

The nose of a Dolphin

Dolphin's Snout in Kodaikanal is a vista on a rock that is fashioned like a dolphin's nose. Several people journey up this path to reach this spot. You won't be confused when your journey gets to an end since the fast-flowing Catherine Falls will cry out to you to celebrate half of your journey.

However, it is a perilous way since one must climb back up, which is steep and difficult for many. If you are daring, you may ask for local assistance and trek to the end of Dolphin's Nose, which will bring you to an Echo Point, which is dangerous with a plunging valley on all three sides, but the view is spectacular.

Bryant Park

Byrant Park, another treasure of Kodaikanal, offers education, picnicking, and gardening opportunities. The park is teeming with different sorts of plant and shrub species that will leave you speechless for a long time. Horticulture and gardening enthusiasts flock here in droves. It's a great site to learn about the many flora and trees, making it both an informative and enjoyable excursion! It is one of the few places that preserve Green Roses, one of its most recent additions. The Annual Horticulture Show, held in May, draws visitors from all around the world! Byrant Park, with its 325 species and sacred Bodhi Tree, is a must-see.

Silver Cascade Falls

The Silver Cascade Waterfall lives up to its name in every way. It's a picturesque halt on the road to Madurai, and it captures one's attention like nothing else! This deluge is breathtakingly ethereal, falling from a huge height of 180ft. It collects water from Kodai Lake, which is overflowing and gushes down with tremendous thuds. Many people drink them when the weather permits. The aroma of handcrafted chocolates and herbal oils from local merchants will entice you to purchase them for loved ones back home. Sitting by the lake and eating local fruits and specialties at the lakeside eateries is a memorable experience!

Tip for those who are going on a Kodaikanal tour   

 Pro tip:

Never transport alcohol or anything else from Kodaikanal to Vattakanal. If you have alcohol or magic mushrooms, authorities may seize them at a checkpoint. * Pro hack: If you are carrying any of these items, please inform your cab driver (only if you trust him) since he may be able to assist you in smuggling.

Warm Clothing Is Required

The fact is that the climate in and around Kodaikanal is mild, with temperatures rarely exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. When visiting Kodaikanal, make sure you bring enough winter clothing, as even in the summer, temperatures may often drop below freezing. The humidity level at Kodaikanal is 88 percent. The temperature in Kodaikanal is cool, so bring some winter clothing and sweaters/jackets.

Here are some packing suggestions and a list of must-have items for your next trip to the hills.

  • Leather jacket and windcheaters
  • Sweaters/Pullovers.
  • Mufflers.
  • Woolen socks
  • Legwarmers
  •  Gloves.
  •  8th. Therma
  • Beanie

Wear a beanie that covers your ears to be warm and fashionable. Choose a color that complements the winter apparel color scheme, such as maroon, beige, or cream.


A good pair of soft ear muffs will keep the cold out of your ears.

Walking Shoes that are Comfy

A journey to the hills necessitates long walks and interesting activities such as hiking and mountain climbing. To avoid painful feet and blisters, bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes with you. When traveling to a snowy location, you must have snow boots to keep you from slipping.

Sunscreen/Lotion/Lip Balm

The dryness and sun exposure produced by the weather in the mountains will be avoided with the use of these skincare products. Choose moisturizers with cocoa, body butter, soy milk, or honey as ingredients. When going to the hills, it's a popular fallacy that you don't need to wear sunscreen. To avoid sunburn, it is advised that you use sunscreen with an SPF rating that is appropriate for your lifestyle.

 Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses

In the highlands, the sun shines brightly. Polarized sunglasses reduce glare and haze, making it easier to appreciate the beauty of the hills.


Up in the highlands, the weather may be fickle. Make sure you have an umbrella with you in case the weather turns sour.

Bring a backpack

For your alpine retreat, roll your clothing and organize your stuff in a bag. For ease of access and weight distribution, make sure you pack in a well-organized manner. Remember to bring a water bottle with you because you'll need it on those lengthy excursions or hikes.

Where to stay in Kodaikanal

The Carlton Kodaikanal is on the list of Best Places to Stay in Kodaikanal for the Perfect Mountain Retreat.

  • Sterling Kodai Lake (previous)...
  • Tamara Kodai
  • Elephant Valley Eco Farm Hotel
  • GRT Hotels' Great Trails Kodaikanal.
  • Kodaikanal's Rustic, Charming, Quaint Cottage
  • Western Valley Resorts is a company that owns and operates several resorts in the Western
  • Whispering Waters is a song by the band Whispering Waters.
  • The temperature in Kodaikanal is so pleasant that you won't need an air conditioner, fan, or cooler. more than a year ago

How to get it?

It is entirely risk-free. For the Kodaikanal drop, the price should be approximately 2000/-There isn't a lodge/accommodation on Kodai Road, as far as I know. You can get to Batlagundu/Vathalakundu, from whence you may get a bus to Kodaikanal.

By Air

Because Kodaikanal does not have an airport, you will have to travel to Madurai, which is 120 kilometers distant, or Trichy, which is 150 kilometers away. Coimbatore airport, which is 175 kilometers distant, is another option for getting to Kodaikanal.


Roads connect Kodaikanal to numerous important cities, including Bangalore (460 km), Trichy (198 km), Chennai (530 km), Ooty (255 km), Coimbatore (175 km), and Kumili (160 km). NH 49 takes less than four hours to reach Kodaikanal from Madurai (120 km).

By Train

The 12637 Pandian Exp is the cheapest train from Chennai to Kodaikanal. The train ride from Chennai to Kodaikanal takes 6 hours and 35 minutes. The train departs from Chennai MAS at 21:40:00 and arrives at 04:15:00 in Kodaikanal KZN. This train runs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Rental cars services in  Kodaikanal

This "Princess of Hill Stations" has a special charm and tranquillity that you can feel the instant you step foot in it. Kodaikanal is located in the Palani Hills Range and is administered by the Dindigul district. With its museums, caves, temples, waterfalls, parks, and lakes such as Coaker's Walk, Kodaikanal Lake, Berijam Lake, Silver Cascade Falls, Bryant Park, and the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory, this town draws people of all ages. This town has activities for sports fans such as horseback riding, boating, and cycling. For souvenir shopping, establishments like Khadi Emporium, Handloom Co-operative Stores, and Government Sales Emporium provide a variety of arts and crafts. If you're searching for a location to rest and unwind from your busy life, Kodaikanal is the place to be, and we're here to help with your transportation requirements.

  • Kodai Make My Cabs
  • Sri Vinayakas Travels
  • Kodai Star Cabs

Kodaikanal Important instructions when you rent your car        

A driver's license with a minimum age of 21 years old that has been valid for at least three years. Credit or debit card (check with the rental facility to see what forms of payment are accepted).
Make certain you get Full Damage Waiver Insurance. Be sure you know where you're going, and inquire about the type of fuel used in your rental automobile. If you don't require a car daily and only use it on special occasions, renting one is the best alternative because it saves you money on insurance, servicing, and MOTS. Renting a car relieves you of the burden of maintenance and depreciation losses. If the rental car's bodywork is damaged during your rental, your Collision Damage Waiver will cover it. It will not, however, cover damage to other parts of the car, and you will be liable for the cost.

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