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Mararikulam Tour Packages

Kerala offers several possibilities, making it an exciting tourist destination for any traveler who wish to visit popular places in mararikulam. Kerala is sure to enchant any nature lover with its hills, lakes, beaches, waterfalls, and wildlife. A picturesque village on the Kerala coast, Mararikulam is an ideal stopover for a seaside break and basking on a beautiful beach of fine sand, in particular, that of Marari Beach.

Mararikulam is a magical beach village that allows you to discover the unique beauty of nature in all its forms. Their imprint can be witnessed first-hand while enjoying Mararikulam sightseeing. Mararikulam's vast open seas, never-ending waves, shimmering golden sands, and picturesque settings that compliment each other are all that bring life to visitors! Let’s take a look on,Mararikulam tourism

What to see in mararikulam

Mararikulam also refered as Marari at times, a popular destination for beach lovers, is home to the beautiful Mararikulam Beach. This beach is visited by millions and thousands of beachgoers every year. It is well-known for its serene atmosphere, magical charm, and many leisure options. This village is dotted with evergreen coconut palm groves and offers thrilling backwater cruise options. Mararikulam residents can rent houseboats to take these thrilling cruises through the backwaters of Kerala. Some of the famous places in marari are Mararikulam Shiva Temple · Kokkamangalam Apostle St. Thomas Pilgrim Centre · Thumpolly Beach · Thiruvizha · Aroor. These are among top tourist attractions in mararikulam.

Between the coasts and beaches of Kerala, Mararikulam and its beach are one of the most beautiful and characteristic places on the Malabar Coast. Mararikulam Beach is located in the Alappuzha district in the southern state of Kerala and is 15km from Alleppey, famous for its characteristic Kerala backwater waterways. It smells of history, as the people of the village are still very traditional and follow the way of life prevalent a hundred years ago. This village is famous for making coconut husks. You can learn the lifestyle and customs they follow while walking with the fishers of the sea.

This beach village is located only 12km from Alleppey. It's still deeply rooted in the Kerala fishing culture. Visitors will find local men fishing and prepping for the next fishing trip on a typical visit. The women, however, are busy tending to their homes. Mararikulam's locals are friendly and will greet you all as one. Mararikulam is not only a tourist spot but a place where you can unwind and relax. Mararikulam is known for its slow pace and peaceful atmosphere. Many day trips can be taken around the region. You can visit the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and traditional coir-making facilities. There are also the Kerala backwater channels. You can also see the Snake Boat Races if you are there in August.

Mararikulam has miles upon miles of sandy beaches, surrounded by palms and virgin territory. Here you can enjoy the traditional Kerala hospitality and local charm. The tranquility, stunning scenery, and feeling of being transported back to time make a relaxing, inspiring and beautiful places in marari.

Mararikulam Beach shines best when it is in the sun. Although the weather in Kerala is warm and sunny all year, prices and humidity can vary. You can choose the dates that suit your preferences and what activities you want to do.

From June to October, the monsoon season is here. It's a difficult time to engage in outdoor adventure activities due to the torrential rain and flooding. However, it's a great time to enjoy off-season discounts. The flooding and rain mean that water levels in the canals and bays are high, making them ideal for water sports. Monsoon season also goes by the name Ayurveda Season. The intense humidity makes it possible to enjoy Ayurveda treatments at their best.

What to see in marari:

  • Mararikulam offers a relaxing beach experience on one of the most beautiful beaches in Kerala.
  • Mararikulam has located approximately 50 km from Cochin and 12 kilometers from Alleppey
  • Mararikulam, a Mararikulam fishing village, is virtually unspoiled by modernity.
  • Mararikulam is a relaxing beach retreat. This beach is excellent for swimming and very private.
  • Mararikulam is home to a few resorts that offer extended, relaxing stays on the beachfront or Ayurveda.

For these, all reasons, Mararikulam and Marari Beach are increasingly appreciated not only for the quiet, serene, and straightforward hospitality they offer but also for the strategic position that makes them one of the unmissable stops and best tourist places in mararikulam Kerala. Very often, the visit and stay in Mararikulam and Marari Beach is placed at the end of the trip or stay as a destination to relax before returning.

Tour to Marari is like a paradise, where simplicity and nature meet.

Mararikulam is a small fishing village where time has stopped and where you can discover the beauty of nature in all its forms. The anglers, who go out fishing in the morning to return before sunset and the women between housework and the sale of fish, with their simple and peaceful lifestyle immersed like the place, mark the quiet and regular rhythms of the place. With its pristine sandy beach and palm groves, Marari Beach overlooks the Malabar coasts. It borders the ponds and channels of the complex ecosystem that are the characteristic backwaters of Kerala. Sheltered by coconut palms and lotus ponds, Marari Beach is a relaxing, serene, unspoiled place.

Today's beach hosts some very welcoming and straightforward accommodation facilities, ideal for relaxing and a wellness stay. Mararikulam tour packages are well integrated into the natural environment surrounding them, simple structures surrounded by greenery. Some of these are built in the traditional style of Kerala with the characteristic thatched roof and an outdoor courtyard, complete with a banana tree or papaya. These hotels offer yoga, healthy cuisine, Ayurvedic treatments, spiced gardens but also walks, birdwatching, cooking class, short excursions to the village or its surroundings, and other activities to discover and experience the beauty of the place thoroughly. Birdwatchers and, in general, all nature lovers will be able to appreciate numerous species of butterflies, many species of endemic plants, turtles, frogs, and about 80 species of birds that can be seen throughout the year, depending on the season. You can also practice some water sports, but undoubtedly it is not the priority of the place. As mentioned, it is characterized by the well-being and care of the body and the person in different forms and expressions.

Attractions of Mararikulam

Mararikulam, a charming village in Alappuzha, is well-known for its yellow sandy beaches Marari. It is located approximately 11km from Alappuzha. The village's inhabitants are traditional and
still live the same way as 100 years ago. Coconut husks are a specialty of this village. This village has a lot of fertile lands and is peaceful. This is a beautiful place to relax and unwind. Walking alongside fishers at sea, you can discover their lifestyles and customs.

Marari Beach

The world-famous Marari Beach, not far from Alleppey in Kerala, is ideal for anyone exploring the Kerala backwaters and feeling like some beach time. This beach is an undeveloped "hammock beach," which is perfect for relaxing. Interest in it is growing, though. While the beach is generally quiet, it tends to get crowded with locals on weekends and holidays. However, this can be avoided by staying away from the central part of the beach.


Punalur is a beautiful city full of natural beauty and is among popular places in marari. Between which the Kallada River flows. The industrial revolution started in Mararikulam with the Punalur paper mill established here. Punalur is formed by joining two words. The administrative headquarters of the Western Ghats is located in Pathanpuram taluk, which is also considered the gateway to the Western Ghats. The city is also known as the "Lap of the Western Ghats" and is the fifth largest city in the south. It is famous for its pineapples, plywood, pepper, and timber. The swinging bridge built by the British in the 19th century makes this best place to visit during your marari travel packages. Which the authorities here have given the status of a national monument. Even though the bridge is no longer used today, it has been renovated and preserved. The bio-reserve present here is also known as Agasthyamalai. Punalur tourist places Travelers find many beautiful places near the Kallada River attractive. Devotees who come during the festivals to visit Sabarimala and Sri Ayyappa come here. Shenthruni Forest, which is under Thenmala Eco-tourism, is another attraction of the city. Adventure lovers can enjoy hiking or mountain biking here. Apart from this, Palruvi Waterfall and Old Courtallam Waterfall are other tourist places here. Along with these, the ancient Pattazi Devi temple of Pattani is also present here as the best tourist attractions in marari.

Mararikulam Bird Sanctuary

Among excellent places to visit in Mararikulam is Mararikulam Bird Sanctuary. It is one of the significant places to see in Alleppey, which can be the first choice of tourists. Let us tell that it is also known as Vimbanad Bird Sanctuary. Mararikulam Bird Sanctuary is known for its beauty and attractive bird population. This sanctuary is spread over  ??about 14 acres. Rare and exquisite bird species are seen in the sanctuary. Some significant birds here are owls, cuckoos, waterfowl, and herons, which makes it a paradise for bird lovers.

Thumpoly Beach of Mararikulam

The tourists very much like places to visit in Mararikulam Thampoli Beach. Tourists with mararikulam tourist guide are very much impressed by the beauty and cleanliness of this beach. The distance between Thampoli Beach and Alleppey Tourist Place is approximately 6 km. Thampoli Beach is a beautiful diamond in the state of Kerala and is known for the many canals and rivers leading to the Arabian Sea. There are some beautiful villages near the beach where you can have a fishing experience. Thampoli is a coastal place surrounded by the ocean on one side and beautiful lakes on the other.

Karunakaran Museum in Mararikulam

Mararikulam trip guide help you visit the best tourist places in marari ie. Revi Karunakaran Museum is a memorial museum. Built-in 2003, it is a privately owned museum known for its ivory, pottery, sculptures, Murano glasswork, Tanjore paintings, etc. The Karunakaran Museum is a three-storeyed building dedicated to the four major religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity, in four different sections. The Karunakaran Museum is spread over an area of ??about 28,000 square feet and is a marvellous piece of mararikulam tourism.

Arthunkal Beach

Arthunkal Beach in Mararikulamoffers tranquility and is a peaceful place to relax. It is located in the village, with seawater on its side. The government has also approved it as a tourist destination with mararikulam holiday guide. It is a great place to relax and unwind—the sand sparkles like gold. The beach is covered in palm trees. There are fishing boats on the water and everyday rural life. Arthunkal Church is also a popular attraction on the beach. Arthunkal's attractions include the beach and the church. Arthunkal is known for its markets for beef, chicken, and various types of fish and shrimp. The possibilities of exploration are endless!
Other attractions include water sports, a large wooden boat, yoga, Ayurvedic treatments, and meditation. The temperature here maintains a balance, never going to extremes. The Kokkamangalam Church is believed to have been established by St. Thomas and is one of the main pilgrimage centers. The church is dedicated to the Blessed and Holy Mary and is located in the coastal town of Thampoli. Visit Other attractions of this place with mararikulam travel guide ie. the Shiva Temple, Kokkamangalam St., and The nearby town of Poochakkal, which also attracts many temples. You can reach Mararikulam by road, railway, and air travel to reach Mararikulam.

What to do in Mararikulam?

Mararikulam is not just a tourist spot with lots of amenities. It's also a peaceful place where you can unwind and relax and receive traditional Ayurvedic treatments. Mararikulam is known for its slow pace and serenity. You won't be disappointed if you expect water sports and plenty of beach shacks. Its among best places to visit in marari to take a long walk along the beach. The sunsets are beautiful, and the fishing boats are colorful. Marari is not a tourist beach with many services but a quiet place to relax and unwind.

Exciting Activities for Beach Visitors

Trip to marari can be compared to other beaches! This hamlet is close to many beautiful beaches and offers exciting activities and tour to mararikulam.

Heritage Walks

Mararikulam is a fishing village that offers its visitors many opportunities to experience Kerala's rural culture. Participate in heritage walks and visit this hamlet to discover its rich heritage, vibrant cultures natural attractions in mararikulam with mararikulam city guide.

Visit Religious Places

Mararikulam is home to many sacred and renowned religious places. Visitors to this charming village will find an unparalleled sense of devotion, whether they are Hindu, Christian, or Muslim.

Backwater Cruises

The backwaters of Mararikulam one of the famous places in mararikulam with an exciting cruise on the backwaters. You will be entertained by the traditional Kettuvallams and make your cruise even more enjoyable. Several exciting day trips are possible throughout the area. These include the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, traditional coir production units, and Kerala backwaters. Are you feeling energetic? You can also cycle around the village. If you are there during August, you may be able to catch a snake boat race.

  • To protect your skin from the sun, bring along your favorite sun lotion. Your favorite swimsuit is a must, as you can swim well at the beach (due to the low tides).
  • If you want to take in the beauty of nature and spend quality time alone, carry a book.

Massage in Mararikulam

The spa and massages included in the exciting things of Mararikulam further add to its charm. Mararikulam, along with its peaceful ambiance and pleasant atmosphere, also offers massage facilities to the tourists. Apart from having spectacular views of Mararikulam, you can also enjoy the relaxing spa and massage experience at most resorts and hotels here. For massage, you are refreshed using herbal oil, steam bath, etc with the best places to see mararikulam.

Shopping In Mararikulam

You can shop for local items here during your Mararikulam Sightseeing Tour. Tourists can buy souvenirs, spices, handicrafts, South Indian jewelry, attractive textiles, carpets, coir products, and trinkets from the local markets and roadside stalls of Mararikulam. Also, in Mararikulam tourism, you will find some shopping malls from where you can shop for branded items.

Famous Food of Mararikulam

Mararikulam trip packages is not only famous for its beautiful tourist places and attractive environment but it is also known for its delicious dishes of mararikulam and beautiful places in mararikulam. The taste of the delectable food of Mararikulam will make you lick your fingers. You will find vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in the local cuisine of Mararikulam. Some famous food here includes Puttu Kadala, Appam, Vada, and Curry, apart from other traditional Kerala food you can taste. You can also try homemade fish and seafood. You can taste North Indian and South Indian cuisine at Mararikulam Tourism.

Weather and Climate of Mararikulam

The weather in Marari is hot and humid all year round. Both southwest and northeast monsoons produce heavy rain showers. Rain is worst from June to July and from late October to December.
Late December to March is the best time to visit mararikulam when the weather is dry and sunny every day. Heat and humidity build-up rapidly during April and May, and summer temperatures reach 36 degrees Celsius

How to Reach Mararikulam?

How to reach marari by road?

Mararikulam holiday packages has good connections to other parts of Kerala, including Kochi and Alleppey. Mararikulam can be reached by road from nearly all parts of the state. Tourists from neighboring states, Karnataka or Tamil Nadu, can reach Mararikulam by road.

By Train:

You can start your marari tour packages by train from Ernakulam Junction Railway Station. This is well connected to all major Indian cities. Visitors can board either the state-run buses or the private buses upon arrival. Or, they can hire local taxis or cabs to get to Mararikulam via road.

By Air:

The closest airport to Mararikulam is Cochin International Airport. It is located about 30km from the beach village. It would take approximately one hour to travel by bus or taxi from the airport to Mararikulam.

Bottom line

In many parts of the country, the monsoon season has started. The onset of the rainy season has brought out the best. With Mararikulam travel packages for family, you can see beautiful views of greenery. It is a great place to travel because of the perfect weather. Mararikulam is an excellent destination for nature lovers who love to see beautiful views. We have listed the top places in Mararikulam that you can enjoy. In conclusion Mararikulam tourism, with its beach Marari Beach and its inhabitants, will be able to welcome you and make you fully experience the beauty and nature of this magnificent location.

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