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Travel to Neil Island

Neil Island is a small, beautiful, and untouched island located 37 kilometers south of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Due to its untouched coral reefs, spectacular biodiversity, deserted sandy beaches, tropical forests, and vegetation, this island is perfect for tourists seeking solitude. Due to the tropical climate, Neil Island has a good yield of fruits and vegetables. For this reason, it is also called the "Vegetable Bowl of Andaman. The widest part of this island is about 5 km long. Traveling from one end of the island takes about two hours to the other. Water sports like Jet Ski rides and scuba diving are available here for ardent tourists. For nature lovers, glass-bottom boats are also provided here, where you can view the coral reef and natural formations. Many organizations here also offer ocean excursions for fishing with professional equipment for fishing enthusiasts. Let’s come and start your travel to Neil Island.

All about Neil Island

Neil Island is known for its spectacular wildlife diversity, coral reefs, white-sand beaches, and tropical woodlands. The area of ??this island is only 13.7 square kilometers. Neil Island is the most suitable place for those who want to relax on the long sandy sea beaches. With the bit of the hustle and bustle, and few activities and resorts, this island is best for those who want to explore the island villages. Here you can spend time in places named after characters from Ramayana or enjoy water sports in the crystal clear waters – Neil Island is the most typical masterpiece of Andaman. You can enjoy some more tourist places here: Bharatpur Beach is full of tropical fishes and coral reefs. Sitapur Beach is famous for its stunning sunrise. Lakshmanpur beach is famous for its breathtaking sunset. Near Laxmanpur Beach is the Howrah Bridge, built of natural rocks, which can be easily seen during low tide. The Neil Kendra Village is famous for its wavy, clean beaches and boat gathering. Sir Hurrow's Island, also known as the Little Nile, is a great place to visit. There is also a turtle sanctuary here. There are few facilities for tourists on Neil Island, yet people like to come here. If you plan a trip to the Andaman Islands, you must visit Neil Island and explore the stunning beauty of this island. The people of this island are amicable and welcoming, and you will surely enjoy this wonderful island. The island has some of the most attractive beaches in the entire Andaman Islands; most tourists miss seeing this island due to the shadow of Swaraj Dweep. Shaheed Dweep is fascinating, and nature here is at its peak beauty. The network of Shaheed Dweep is not very good as any other place in the Andaman archipelago. If you are planning a quiet trip, this is the perfect place.

  • Neil is a small but beautiful island located 37 km south of Port Blair.
  • Neil Island's climatic condition makes the land ideal for cultivating fruits and vegetables.
  • Neil is well connected to Port Blair and Havelock by private ferry and Port Blair, Havelock, and Rangat by government.
  • Internet is always lacking in Neil. If lucky, one can find the BSNL data network on the phone.
  • The Nile mainly has three seasons: summer, winter, and monsoon. Being in the Bay of Bengal, it experiences heavy winds during monsoon and tropical climate. The island experiences the best weather from early November to mid-May.
  • Although Hindi is the most spoken language here, Bengali is spoken extensively on Neil Island. English is difficult to understand by people here.
  • The Veer Savarkar Airport is the nearest airport to in Port Blair. The jetty at Bharatpur Beach is the only jetty on these islands and is where all private and government ships dock.

Neil Island is popularly known for its vegetable crops. Agriculture is the villagers' primary occupation, and many fruits and vegetables are produced here. Farmers practice organic farming to produce vegetables, which involves growing and nurturing crops without using chemical-based fertilizers or pesticides. The soil here at the Nile is naturally organic, which preserves the quality of vegetables and keeps them chemical-free, fresh and healthy.

Best places to visit

Neil Island is a beautiful island in the Andaman archipelago. It is now known as Shaheed Dweep after it was renamed by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 30 December 2018. The island is the unique attraction of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Neil Island is known for its unique biodiversity, the expanse of dense tropical forests, white-sand beaches, and rich greenery.

Havelock Island - a paradise of clean beaches

Havelock Island is a paradise of clean beaches, clear blue waters, lush green forests, coral reefs, and diverse aquatic life, which remains as it is today. Spread over ??113 sq km in Andaman, Havelock Island has the largest population. It is situated 39 km northeast of Port Blair. This popular tourist destination has three significant beaches – Radha Nagar Beach, Vijayanagar Beach, and Elephant Beach.
Radhanagar Beach, situated on the southern coast, has a length of about 32 km. Is. The white sand is reason of popularity of beach. This beach is so beautiful and clean that when the sea water touches your feet while walking on it, your mind and body will feel incredible peace. Time magazine has named it one of the best beaches in Asia. Vijayanagara Beach, located on the east coast, is a clean beach filled with Mahua trees. The trunks of these trees remain entangled with each other several feet above the ground. This beach is a perfect place for swimming and watching marine life. You can enjoy kayaking, bird watching, trekking, and other activities here. Elephant Beach is perfect for snorkeling. The reason for this is the shallow sea water which brings coral reefs very close to the surface. Patthar Beach is less crowded. It is perfect for those who want to relax and watch the sunset. All the rocks on this beach are black. All the beaches present here can be reached by road or by Sea.

Bird Island with unseen migratory birds

You can understand from the name that this is where you will see many birds. Along with local birds, you can also glimpse some unseen migratory birds. Resonating with the chirping, this place allows living a unique experience. Here you can experience the day watching the first ray of sun in the morning and then ending your day with the view of sun set is breathtaking.

The Laxmanpur Beach - an ideal beach for snorkeling

The Laxmanpur Beach is made up of white sand. The shallow waters make it an ideal beach for snorkeling and studying coral reefs. The shells of many corals and sea creatures are scattered along the coast, which visitors can collect as souvenirs. The best sunset view is available from this beach in the evening. A naturally formed rock on the Laxmanpur beach is called 'Shwada Bridge.' This is the beach where anglers can often be seen fishing from boats for their daily living. Laxmanpur beach is much bigger and longer than its nearby Bharatpur beach. You should plan a trip here between December and May, as you can enjoy the pleasant weather of this archipelago during this time.

Port Blair View

It is the capital area of the Nicobar and Andaman Islands. You will be able to know about the local tribal tribes and the history of this place. You will have some of the best and most memorable moments of your life by coming here.

Baratang Island

Beautiful islands, mesmerizing beaches, limestone caves, and mangrove forests - this island is a mixture of all. This is a beautiful place to spend a memorable vacation. Every single day of yours will be spent admiring its incomparable scenery. By coming here with your family, you can spend your holidays in a calm environment.

Cellular Gel

You will be well aware of the name "Black Water." This is an essential part of the Andaman and Nicobar attractions. If you will come here and not visit to this place that will be your biggest mistake. The historical adventures of freedom fighters and excellent sound and light shows will leave you amazed.

Lala Ji Bay Beach for swimming and scuba diving

This beach is the best place for scuba diving and swimming. When you see the high rising white waves coming towards you, that view will give a different pleasure. Walking barefoot, feeling the sand, and then touching the feet of the water coming with the slow-wave are an incomparable experience. You will be able to feel this experience by coming here.

Havelock Island - a unique refreshment

You will feel unique refreshment as you walk toward the beach, leaving your footprints on the white sand. The greenery from these forests comes till here and then gets absorbed in the water. The reflection of the trees is seen to be swaying, just as you shake it by putting your hand in the water. Scuba diving, snorkeling, sea walking, glass boat ride, etc., will introduce you to the exciting aquatic life.

Radhanagar beach

This island, included in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, is one of the best islands in the world and the most preferred place by tourists. As far as you can see, you will be able to see only blue water, which is covered by dark green forest. This scene will settle in your mind. It will be such that even in dreams, you will find yourself visiting it. When you come here, you can spend your holidays in the best possible way.

Anthropological Museum

Suppose you are thinking about visiting Places near Neil Island. In that case, you can also visit the Anthropological Museum, the Anthropological Museum is the most famous in the city of Port Blair, and it is located in the heart of the city of Port Blair. Various tribes of anthropology and their lifestyle and culture are presented in detail, and here you also get to know the history of Andaman and Nicobar.

Vijayanagar Island

If you are fond of photography you must-visit here for awesome photography. The atmosphere becomes colorful when the sun spreads its rays all over the place. As if a colorful flower has blossomed, a new glow has filled it. This breathtaking view will make your morning very awesome and beautiful.

Bharatpur Island - The most beautiful beach on Neil Island

The most beautiful beach on Neil Island. As you see in the painting, this is the natural form of the same painting. You can't live without being praised. Sitting and staring at it for hours would be less.

Things to do in Neil Island

Bharatpur Beach, The trip to Sitapur Beach and Laxmanpur, is generally referred to as highly points away. It takes you on a trip to three of the natural wonders of Neil Island. The tour begins by visiting Bharatpur Beach on a natural rock and then ends the day with Guideline for Andaman Going Tourists.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving:

Neil Island has exquisite coral and marine life. There are small and suitable lagoons at Ramnagar and Laxmanpur Beach for snorkeling. Most of the resorts offer snorkeling on rent. There are only three diving centers on Neil Island, but they are sometimes not operational. Indian Scuba Explorer, Dive India, and Scuba Love can be reached.

Glass Boat Ride:

Who do not wish to go underwater, this activity is designed for those. Jetty has several operators who operate this ride and the cost of 20 minutes varies from Rs.400 to Rs.600 per person.

Go Trekking:

Neil Island has some tropical forests to explore. Walk through a village in the forest and take a breathtaking view of the beach. It is advisable to hire a guide for this activity as there is a danger of getting lost in the wild.

Spend Time on the Beach:

Life in the Nile feels slower and more relaxing, especially when sunbathing, lying on the beach, or reading a book. Bharatpur Beach and Ramnagar Beach are the perfect spots for this.

Explore Neil Island on Cycle:

The roads in Neil are rider-friendly, and the island is navigation-friendly, so cycling or riding is nothing less than an adventure. Jets or mopeds are available to rent, and many resorts have bicycles and motorbikes.

Places to eat on Neil Island

The best local food in the Nile places is Dugong Restaurant by the Sea and 'Organic Kha' at Summer Sands. This is a restaurant with an extensive menu and a casual atmosphere. For those looking for cheap food, the market streets are lined with street stalls; one can also expect these open-air stalls with plastic tables on the beach. However, Neel is known as the vegetable bowl of the Andaman Islands, as many local people still do farming here. Also, there are a lot of fishmongers, so if the food is made fresh, it is very nutritious and is reflected in the taste. The dishes are usually made at home and are very tasty. Therefore, expect the food to take a long time to cook. Almost all restaurants serve Indian and Chinese food, but one can easily find Israeli, Italian, and French food. Seafood is available everywhere, and almost all "resorts" have restaurants. To fill the stomach, cheap fish found in the market of indigo is a good option.

How to reach Neil Island?

Neil Island can be reached only by Sea. You can reach Neil Island by ferry from Port Blair or Havelock Island. Both government ferries and private ferries/cruises operate daily shifts connecting the islands. To other islands Neil Island is also connected through a helicopter which makes your journey beautiful and fast. You can hire cab services or two-wheelers in Shaheed Dweep and wish to travel within the island. Auto-rickshaws are also available. You can reach Neil Island by cycling it is another good option goes for. You can discover the beauty of this quaint island by rent a bicycle. You cannot find a better place than this to spend some of your memorable moments. So why miss the chance? Come here as soon as you get a break with your family or friends. Andaman and Nicobar Attractive places will make you visit many beaches. Book your Andaman and Nicobar trip with TravelTriangle.

Final thoughts

Neil Island is also famous in Port Blair, a significant part of the Andaman district, near the Richie Islands in the Bay of Bengal. Here, you also get to see very grand views. Here the white sand and Sea are situated on the sea coast. Clearwater is seen, which has a breathtaking view. You must have come to know about travel to Neil Island.

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