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Left at the mercy of the soft and floating Indian Ocean, the islands of the Maldives have been shaped and transformed into one of the most beautiful tropical destinations on the planet. From the powdery beaches of the northern atolls to the earthy sea shacks and fishing villages of the southern islands, the entire country can be turquoise waters away from the Indian subcontinent. Most visitors will land in the throbbing city of Male, filled with the island's sting and boasting spice-scented markets and grand mosques. Most also don't linger long before they hit the seaplanes or boats and head to the shimmering private coves of their chosen resort, where infinity pools and overwater lodges are the norm.More recently, new local guesthouses and the discovery of rolling waves have begun to transform the Maldives from a honeymoon destination into a destination for surfing, adventure, and hiking - a paradise now open to all, it seems. Let's explore the best places to Travel to the Maldives:

The bit about the Maldives

This beautiful Islands are located in south of India. The Maldives’ official religion is Sunni Islam. It is a society that is not very radical, in which the role of women acquires great importance. Maldivians are very calm and hospitable people, but above all, very accustomed to tourism. The Republic of Maldives covers a distance of 820 kilometers from north to south and 120 kilometers from east to west. There are almost 2,000 islands, of which 87 islands are dedicated to holiday tourism and only 202 are inhabited. In the Maldives, each island is operated by a single hotel, or rather, a resort. The Dhivehi is official language of the Maldives Island. Due to tourism and how little their language is in the outside world, the employees speak English almost perfectly in any hotel. If you visit Male or another inhabited island, you may have more trouble understanding each other. The Maldives have traditionally lived on the cultivation of millet, corn, breadfruit, and coconut products, fishing, and shell fishing. Although fishing in Maldives is still important activity today. A thriving tourism policy focused on high-level tourism and limited in number has made the Maldives a genuinely unique destination and unmatched for its beauty, attracting wealthy tourists from all over the world who come to enjoy this earthly paradise. Now the Maldives is one of the best and leading destinations for travelers from all over the world.

Why the Maldives is called the most beautiful islands?

It is the dream of many that we travel to the Maldives, but, unlike what you may believe, it is not a dream within reach of only a few. Traveling to this paradise destination is cheaper than you think. What we haven't told you yet is everything you can do in the Maldives The first impression is very countable, so something that you will not regret when you arrive in the Maldives is to take a look from the window of the plane. The views that will greet you are unparalleled. Even on a clear day, with luck, you will be able to observe the marine fauna from the air. This includes dolphins, turtles, and even whales. The views of these natural paradises with pure waters are one of the tourist attractions in the Maldives. . Today we will remedy it: here are reasons to travel there.

  • Paradise sandy beach. When corals come to the surface, they eventually turn into limestone, which becomes snow-white sand under the influence of winds and water. Coral sand is found on only 5% of beaches worldwide.
  • Lagoons and coral gardens. The underwater world is what people come to the Maldives for. There are thousands of islands, each on average no more than a kilometer long and several hundred meters wide - surrounded by a lagoon with stunning coral reefs and thousands of marine life. Snorkeling and diving in the Maldives are what make these islands one of the most attractive in the world.
  • Tropical vegetation. Coconut palm, breadfruit tree, mangrove trees, and flowering shrubs… all this against the backdrop of turquoise lagoons and white sand look like a piece of paradise.

The highlight is the water villas, which are literally on several other islands worldwide. Luxury bungalows with all the benefits of a luxurious holiday attract thousands of tourists annually. It remains only to decide which the most beautiful islands of the Maldives are.

Maldives Tourist Places

This country is well-known thanks to its beaches, pristine turquoise water, and beautiful surroundings. It is even known as a paradisiacal place, ideal for total relaxation, fun, and rest. In addition, it is worth mentioning that it is a very romantic place perfect for visiting as a couple. Next, you will be able to know the most tourist places in the Maldives, which without a doubt you should visit if you travel to this beautiful country.

National Museum

Its visit is a chance to get acquainted with the culture and customs of this country. The first museum was opened in Male in 1952. The exposition includes many artifacts and unique items. From the outside, the building looks luxurious; this makes it the hallmark of the capital. There is a park around it, where you can take a walk after the tour.


Hadahaa looks like a cherry from a height. The island itself is round in shape, and the water villas are arranged in a curved line resembling a ponytail. In the classic representation of tropical islands, Hadahaa is perfect - a small round island with fluffy greenery, a snow-white coastline, and a blue lagoon around. In selecting the most beautiful islands of the Maldives, this is our cherry on the cake. It is worth noting that most of the islands of the Indian Ocean have an elongated shape. There are no noisy parties here. Just nature and you. The water villas are on the reef - you can snorkel from your porch. The beauty of the underwater reef cannot be described in words.

Friday Mosque/Islamic Center

The building is made of coral stone and surprises with its unique architecture. There is almost no decor from the outside, but inside, the interior is striking in luxury and details of historical significance. In the mosque, quotes from the Koran are carved on the walls. There are many wooden elements and art objects. The main attraction here is a wooden panel dating back to the 13th century. At that time, the first Muslims appeared on the islands. Outside the mosque are a sundial and, a cemetery, an architectural monument. You must obtain permission from the Office of Religious Affairs to visit this attraction. This is the most prominent Islamic mosque in Asia and, at the same time, the main attraction of the Maldives. Externally, the building attracts with domes sparkling with gold against the background of snow-white walls. There are four wells in the yard. You can look at the sundial. Getting inside the center, guests immediately notice the beautiful Pakistani carpets and unique tiled floor. The walls are decorated with wooden panels. Inside is a prayer hall for 5 thousand people, a library with valuable exhibits, and a conference room. When going to the Islamic Center, you need to pay great attention to your appearance: women should cover their legs, arms, and head with clothes, and men need to wear trousers and a long-sleeved shirt. Shoes are left outside. Then you can go inside.

Dhigali Maldives

Dhigali Maldives is located on the island. One of the beautiful islands, all thanks to the design solutions of the hotel, which harmoniously fits into the nature of the island. There is no advantage of architecture over the environment, which modern hotels sometimes suffer from. Wide white beaches, wooden paths on the sand, shaped pools, gazebos in tropical gardens - beautiful nature both underwater and above water. In the Maldives Compared to other islands, Dhigali is large, so you can explore it by traveling on buggy buses. Doing it barefoot or in very comfortable shoes is better if you want to walk.
The hotel offers Dhigali Spa services. Here you can not only order massages and beauty treatments but also attend yoga and meditation classes.

Veligandu Island

Romantic sunsets glow red and yellow over the floating waters of the Indian Ocean; cocktails clinking in the luxurious resort bar; sea ??kayaks swing on the turquoise coastline; crystal clear waves gently roll off the inner lagoon. Welcome to the magnificent island of Veligandu, which has long been considered one of the best destinations in the Maldives for couples. Honeymooners and honeymooners are a common destination on this long, thin finger of land on the western edge of North Ari Atoll, and there are plenty of luxury seaside villas and apartments.

What to do in the Maldives?

The Maldives is one of the fantastic and top destinations for travelers due to the beauty of its coral reefs and rich marine life. It is also a perfect destination for couples who want to relax in an idyllic setting.
You have to take off your shoes, put on some light clothing and let yourself be enveloped by the magic of one of the unique places in the world, where the most difficult decision you will have to make is whether you stay on the beach, the pool or the Jacuzzi. In addition to tranquility, the Maldives offer some activities, among which we would highlight the following:

Enjoy All the Sunsets

If something combines with a paradisiacal beach and a good swim in the sea, it is one of those sunsets that dye the sky with colors and make you appear more tanned. In Maafushi, you can see the sunset from any jetty on the island's west side, although I recommend you move a little away from Bikini Beach; that's where all the tourists go, and it loses a bit; of charm!

Snorkeling In the Maldives

The waters of the Maldives Islands are so clear that sometimes it is not necessary to dive very deep to contemplate the colorful animal and plant species that inhabit the area. An excellent way to enjoy the ocean is swimming on the surface equipped with a tube known as a snorkel. Although only a tiny part of the vast marine world can be seen by snorkeling, it is an enjoyable activity for those who do not practice diving but want to start in the underwater environment.

Take A Long Walk In The Capital Of The Maldives, Malé.

Many people will pass by Malé, but this city has some of the most outstanding tourist attractions in the Maldives, even the simplest pleasures, such as drinking fresh coconut water while walking on the beach, feels like heaven in this place. You can also enjoy looking at the local architecture and fruit markets and sharing the lifestyle of the locals.

Discover the Local Culture

The Maldives is a super exciting country far beyond the beaches and resorts, and if you visit any of its islands, you should spend some time getting lost and mixing with the local culture and people. We recommend you take a good walk through the streets of Maafushi and look at how the locals live, the architecture of their houses, and their way of life. It is exciting and will make you feel that your trip is much more than just crystal clear waters and Instagram photos!

Diving in the Maldives

With a perfect combination between its clear and warm waters and a magnificent coral bottom inhabited by a wide variety of marine fauna, people who have the opportunity to dive in the Maldives will never forget it.

Take A Complimentary Excursion To Gulhi.

If you're short on time or want to base yourself in Maafushi, an excellent option for one of your days on the island is to go to Gulhi Island and spend the day on its beaches. They are much better than those of Maafushi and, being a fishing island. There are much fewer tourists. A beautiful island that we were able to visit on our second trip to the Maldives is Gulhi, where you can spend time swimming in its crystal clear waters, posing on its photogenic swing, or simply relaxing lying down.

Maldives Fishing

For many centuries, fishing has been the main livelihood of the Maldives. Local fishers use different techniques to catch fish, depending on the type of fish and the time of day. The Maldivian Islands are one of the best places in the world for fishing, which is why many tourists decide to imitate the way of life of Maldivian citizens by going on a fishing excursion.

Romantic Destination,

The Maldives is often associated with honeymoon trips or with the romantic background that it has. However, beyond its role as idyllic destinations where you can rest, relax, and be pampered, Maldives offers another more playful side, starting with its wide range of water sports. Moreover, given its nature, a good recommendation is to take advantage of the trip to practice some activities such as paddle surfing, body boarding, kite surfing, windsurfing, or canoeing. And that more experienced venture into the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

Explore The Beautiful 'S Beaches

Another thing to do in Maafushi is to go around the island through its different beaches. You will notice the enormous difference between the bikini beach and the others, often frequented by local people bathing in clothes. The contrast is fantastic and, although you will have to bathe in clothes, it is well worth it because you will have beaches to yourself!

Visit An Uninhabited Island.

Another of the great tourist attractions of the Maldives is its uninhabited islands. Among the most outstanding, we find Villingili, one of the highest in all of the Maldives, with an elevation of 2.4 meters above sea level. Another great option to visit is Kuda Bandos Island, ideal for a day of sun and beach.

What is needed to travel to the Maldives?

Since 2020, all tourists and travelers with a short-term visa must present a PCR certificate to travel to the Maldives with a negative result. For stays of less than 30 days, it is not necessary to apply for a visa. Upon arrival at the destination, a tourist visa is issued free of charge. Of course, it is advisable to have a valid passport with more than six months validity and an exit ticket. And as far as vaccinations are concerned, there are none mandatory, but a yellow fever vaccination certificate is required if arriving from infected countries. However, before traveling to the Maldives, it is advisable to consult the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare website and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation to keep up to date with possible changes in the requirements related to health and visas.

How to get around the Maldives from island to island?

Arriving at the international airport of Malé, the capital of the Republic of Maldives, it is usual to take a seaplane or a speedboat to reach the island where each resort is located. Once there, it is possible that one feels imprisoned in an idyllic enclave, given the limitations of traveling to other islands. In any case, there is no better advice than to get used to the leisurely Maldivian rhythm and, whenever time and space availability allows it, move to other corners of the archipelago. Although you can only use boats and seaplanes from the resorts for journeys between inhabited islands, there is a national public network of ferries that connects them. To ensure the final transport schedules, it is essential to contact the destination accommodation since the services may change their schedule or be canceled directly.

Best time to travel to the Maldives

The Maldives has a moderate tropical climate thanks to the presence of the Indian Ocean, so, despite the monsoons, the temperature is warm and constant throughout the year. Although any time is an excellent time to travel to the Maldives, the best months to visit paradise are usually from November to April, since during this time there is less chance of rain and the days are sunnier. On the other prices are higher during these months when the Maldives receive higher. Official room rates double depending on the season.


The Maldives is that paradise with crystal clear waters and soft white beaches that everyone dreams of, beautiful beaches that almost beg you to lie on the sand to enjoy the sun, the sound of the waves, and the warm sea breeze. A tropical country Maldives in the Indian Ocean with 26 ring-shaped atolls made up of more than 1,000 coral islands. There are many activities to do in this nation made up of one thousand two hundred islands with crystal clear waters. When you Travel to the Maldives, you will find the incredible attraction.

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