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Nagpur Tour Packages

Surrounded by greenery on the outskirts, Nagpur is a popular destination for leisure and business travel destinations. The third-largest city and the second capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra are famous for their oranges; hence their informal name "the city of oranges." The capital is colorful and lively and offers a rich cultural and natural attractions palette. Nagpur is the second capital city and administrative center of Maharashtra and visitors to the city will find that it is well organized and has a lot to offer. Let us tell you that Nagpur is also known as the 'Orange City' of India because of the wide variety of oranges found here. Apart from oranges, this city is also a unique holiday destination for tourists due to its association with temples, lush green gardens, lakes, and big cities. Friends, in this article you will know who are the places to visit in Nagpur, how to reach Nagpur, how to visit Nagpur, and why Nagpur is famous; read the article till the end for all this information about Incredible Tour of Nagpur. Here we know some interesting information about the history of Nagpur, after that we will learn about the tourist places of Nagpur.


Nagpur is called the second capital of Maharashtra. Let us tell you that earlier, Nagpur was ruled by the Gonds, but in 1739 the province shifted to the Marathas. The city was declared the capital by the Bhonsles after the Marathas acquired Nagpur. After this, Nagpur was ruled by the British.  The name of Nagpur was taken from the Nag River that passes through here. That is why even today, the signs of Nag and River are seen in the logo of the employees of the Municipality of Nagpur. Nagpur is the third-largest city in Maharashtra, known as Orange City of Orange City. Nagpur is also the winter season capital of Maharashtra. When the Marathas took possession of Nagpur, they declared this city their capital. Later, when the British arrived, they made it a trading province. After the independence of India, there was talk of keeping Nagpur in the part of Madhya Pradesh, and it was proposed to make it the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Still, most of the population here spoke the Marathi language, which was added to Maharashtra. Nagpur is an essential gateway to several of India's nature reserves and wildlife parks, including the Todabo Andari Tiger Reserve and the Pench National Park. Here you will find some of the unique animals in the country, such as tigers, Indian bison, leopards, deer, sloths, and civets. Once popular with poachers, the city now attracts tourists - environmentalists and people interested in India's natural wonders. In addition, Nagpur is close to the temples of Ramtek and the ashrams of Sevagram, which are stunning examples of richly decorated Indian architecture. A few kilometers from Nagpur are Lake Kindsay, an excellent place for water sports and family picnics. The dense forest around the lake is ideal for hiking. Other sights include the Dragon Palace in Kampti, a Buddhist temple that attracts about one million visitors each year. Masjid Garib Nawaz is a famous marble mosque located in Mominpur. If you want to enjoy nature, visit the Japanese Rose Garden - a great place to walk, where you can admire the well-kept parks. In the heart of the city, you will also find the Zero Mile Stone - the geographical center of India, where there is a monument to four horses and a sand pillar. If you're traveling to Nagpur with your family, check out the city's water parks. RamDham is especially popular and well maintained. Water lovers can also visit the Haldiram Water Park or the Krazy Castle Family Water Park. To learn about how the nature of Nagpur is protected, visit the Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary and the Kekranala Reservoir, which is also an ideal place for picnics and recreation. If you want to enjoy local art, the Le Artigiano Art Gallery is your place. The gallery houses an exclusive collection of contemporary works.

An essential central hub -

Nagpur is located almost in the middle of the country, from where all the major cities of India are at equal distance. Being a major city, Nagpur is well connected by all means of air, rail, and road transport. One of the primary industrial hubs of India, Nagpur tourism generates a substantial portion of the revenue for the state government. The influx of culture, history, tradition, spirituality, and nature is deeply embedded in this city's roots, making one feel proud. After seeing this city, it is known that the supremacy of Nagpur was maintained in the past of India.

Best places to visit in Nagpur

Nagpur city is famous for its golden history as well as a tourist place and religious point of view for all religions, which is why many tourists come here to visit. Let us know which is the place to stay in Nagpur where most tourists go.
Nagpur tourism is a place where there is a place of pilgrimage for people of every religion.

Ambazari Lake and Garden

Being one of the most prominent tourist sites to visit in the city of Nagpur, it is an ideal place for couples. Its name is because mango trees surround it. Ambazari "Amba" means "mango" in the Marathi language. Near the lake, you will come across a 25-acre garden home to flora and fauna that you cannot miss.

Jama Mosque

The difference between this Mosque and another is that it has a dome in its center and is escorted by four minarets, one on each side. Likewise, it is finely crafted with intricate styles. Next to the Mosque, there is a garden where travelers or visitors can spend time relaxing. In short, this garden glorifies the divinity of the entire Mosque.

Markanda-A prosperous city

Nagpur city is also extraordinary from a historical point of view, and if you are here, you must visit Markanda. Markanda was once a prosperous city, but now it is essentially ruined.

Akshardham Temple Nagpur

Swaminarayan Mandir or Akshardham Temple is a ring road in Nagpur. This newly constructed temple has a spacious kitchen, parking, a restaurant, and a good play area for children. If you are going to Nagpur and want to visit this temple, then visit this temple after 4 p.m. because this temple looks beautiful due to the impressive lighting and decoration at this time. This two-storied temple boasts striking architecture.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger National Park Nagpur

Tadoba National Park is a national park located in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra state, India. Let us tell you that this national park is included in the largest national parks of Maharashtra, and here extinct tigers are protected. If you are in Nagpur, then you must visit this place. Tadoba Andhari Tiger National Park is Maharashtra's oldest and largest national park. If you are visiting Nagpur, you must visit this Tiger Reserve of India. A large tiger population is found in this park in Tadoba Andhari Reserve Park. According to the reports, Tadoba has 88 tigers and other keystone species, including swamp crocodile, Indian leopard, sloth bear, gaur, and honey badger.

Sitabuldi Fort

It is an important monument in the city of Nagpur. It stands as a historical milestone in Indian history. This fort is decorated with the memories of the martyrs who lost their lives in this rebellion.

Dagma Waterfall near Nagpur

There are many waterfalls near Nagpur, but we have kept its number one on our list. If you want, you can take a bath standing under the waterfall. Most of the tourists do this. Dagma Waterfall comes near Vandobagri village, which is 35 km away from Nagpur City.

Raman science center

This science center is an interactive place affiliated with the Nehru Science Center of Mumbai, located in the center of Nagpur. Founded in 1992, this center became fully functional in 1997. To publicize the growth and development of technology and science, thematic exhibitions are held annually. The center also derives its name from the popular Nobel Prize winner, Mr. Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman.

Friday Lake

Shukrwari Lake is also a must-visit attraction in Nagpur. It is said that this lake is some 275 years old lake that was constructed to supply water to the city at that time. Today this lake is surrounded by railings to promote tourism in the town. The view here at night is such that it can captivate the mind of any tourist. You must come here on your trip to Nagpur.

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary Nagpur

Nagjhira Wildlife Sanctuary is the most beautiful forest in Maharashtra, in which more than 166 species of birds, wild animals, insects, and ants are also found. Nagjhira Wildlife Sanctuary in India is home to several endangered species, including the black panther, sloth bear, wild dog, tigers, and leopards, to name a few.

Ghoghara Waterfall

If you like to roam in the peaceful environment of nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then this is for you. For information, let me tell you that this waterfall is located in Madhya Pradesh but is only 55 km away from Nagpur city, that's why we have included it in this list. Did. If you are planning to go to Jamsauli Hanuman Temple, then I believe you must go to Ghoghra Falls, its distance from there is only 4 kilometers.

Vidarbha Cricket Association Ground

This cricket ground in the center of Nagpur has been the demonstrator of many world cricket matches. Aside from that, citizens who proactively participate as visitors to cheer on the players can be part of a visiting team and tour the field when there is no game. You can also enter the hall of memories and see all their awards.

The Lotus Temple of Nagpur

The Dragon Palace is a Buddhist temple built by the Japanese Trust, and it is also called the Lotus Temple of Nagpur. It gives the message of peace to the people of all religions. It has been built on 10 acres. Its architecture has been done in such a beautiful way that words cannot describe. Believe it, friends, and this temple are not only of Nagpur city but in today's excellent unique specimen of modern times.

Food in Nagpur

Talking about food in Nagpur, you can find a variety of fresh and juicy mangoes here. Let us tell you that there are many food options available in Nagpur. If you want to enjoy the food of India apart from restaurants, you can also enjoy the street food here. The street food of Nagpur includes delicious Pav Bhaji, Indo-Chinese cuisine, and Pani Puri, to name a few. Also, Saoji Mutton is famous in Nagpur, known for its spicy taste. Mount Road, near Sadar, is a paradise for food lovers. You will find everything from local delicacies to Oriental, Punjabi, and South Indian specialties. Roadside stalls are full of street food and offer a massive selection of delicious dishes, including Pani Cigars (fluffy wheat balls full of potatoes), chaat, and pav bhaji. If you travel to Nagpur in the summer, try the oranges in the region. Nagpur is said to grow the sweetest and juiciest oranges in India. Try the orange burfi, a milk-based jam with an orange flavor.


The Itvari, Sitabuldi, Sadar, and Dharampet are the main commercial areas in the city. Here you will find many shops, boutiques, and street vendors - so are prepared to bargain for a bargain. The Sunday pedestrian market in Sitabuldi is ideal for shopping for popular goods. Nagpur is also famous for its cotton clothes and handmade items. Head to Sitabuldi and Itvari for the best handicrafts.

Other things that are not to be missed in Nagpur

  • Visit the Mile Zero stone, marking the geological center of the Indian subcontinent.
  • Explore Fort Sitabuldi, a remnant of the city's colonial days under the British Empire
  • Take a boat ride across Lake Shukrawari and visit the temple and garden on the island.
  • Get a glimpse of India's natural wildlife at the region's tiger reserves or the Maharajbagh Zoo.
  • Visit the small town of Adasa and tour an ancient temple dedicated to the god Ganesh.
  • Spend an afternoon exploring the Raman Science Center, named after the famous Nobel Prize winner and Indian scientist Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman

Nagpur Travel Guide

Leave Delhi and Mumbai behind and visit Nagpur, one of the most vibrant and populous cities in India, in Maharashtra. Considered one of the most liveable cities in India, Nagpur has earned praise for its luscious oranges, magnificent religious sites, incredible spicy cuisine, and many national parks and tiger reserves. The city is also home to dozens of colorful religious festivals celebrated by those practicing Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and other religions in the region. When you visit Nagpur, visit its massive cricket stadium and play the sport that has dominated Indian sports culture for over a century. Travel to Nagpur to experience all this and more with our Nagpur travel guide leading the way.

When to go to Nagpur

Like most of India, Nagpur experiences a strong monsoon season during the summer, preceded by a boiling spring. As a result, the best time of year to visit the city is from mid-autumn to late winter, between October and February. In those months, temperatures still average in the 80s and 90s, with a bit of rain here and there, but it's much more tolerable than spring when temperatures rise above 100 degrees daily.

The Best Time to Visit Nagpur

If you want to visit Nagpur, tell me winter is the best season to stay here. Therefore, an ideal time to visit Nagpur is from October to March. The temperature of Nagpur rises due to summer, so this time is not suitable to stay here.

How to Reach Nagpur

Nagpur, a famous city in Maharashtra, is the region's prominent political and commercial center. Explain that Nagpur is a good city in India based on transportation, health care, and cleanliness. If you want to travel to Nagpur, you can get here by bus, train, and airplane.

By Air

You will get flights to Nagpur from significant cities in the country and abroad. International flights include names like Sharjah and Doha.

By Train

Nagpur is well connected to all major railway stations in the country. You will find a trail to Nagpur from all the major cities of the country, Delhi, Mumbai, Agra, Lucknow, and Bhopal.

By Road

You will quickly get buses from many major cities of the country to Nagpur. Nagpur Bus Station and Morbhavan are major bus stations in Nagpur.


Nagpur is the largest third largest city in India after Mumbai and Pune. The Maharashtra State Legislative Assembly's annual winter session is held in Nagpur. Not only is Nagpur famous for oranges, but it is also an important trading center for oranges. Many lakes, amusement parks, temples, and other places can be visited at this place. Whether a foodie, shopaholic, or religious fanatic, Nagpur will never let you down. So today, in the above post, we have told you all about the Incredible Tour of Nagpur and some of the best places to visit in Nagpur, which will surely make your Nagpur tour memorable and incredible

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