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8 Nights / 9 Days North India wildlife Tour with Taj Mahal

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Sariska » Jaipur » Ranthambore » Bharatpur » Agra » Delhi

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8 Nights / 9 Days North India wildlife with Agra –Jaipur Tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Sariska » Jaipur » Ranthambore » Bharatpur » Agra » Delhi

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13 Nights / 14 Days India Wildlife Heritage Tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Agra » Bharatpur » Ranthambore » Jaipur » Sariska » Delhi » Bandhavgarh » Kanha » Nagpur » Mumbai

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18 nights 19 days incredible royal rajasthan with taj mahal tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Mandawa » Bikaner » Jaisalmer » Jodhpur » Ranakpur » Udaipur » Chittorgarh » Bundi » Ranthambore » Jaipur » Sariska » Agra » Delhi

Sariska Tour Packages

Sariska is considered one of India's most visited parks. Despite its popularity, it is not mainly in the wildlife population due to its excellent location and proximity to major cities like Jaipur and Delhi. It is located throughout Rajasthan's Alwar district by the ranges. The Aravalli Hill Park is open all year round since many monuments have religious importance within its facilities. If you plan to visit this park, the best time is from October to June and during the summer, but it can be boiling as the temperature can sometimes go as high as 49°C. With Safaris, hikes, and temples, Sariska has a lot to offer travelers of all kinds - honeymooners, families with children, adventurers, pilgrims, and wildlife lovers. Some places in and around Sariska Reserve have been listed below to make it easy to plan their Sariska tour.

What is Sariska National Park famous for?

Sariska Tiger Reserve is well situated in the Aravali Hills, covering an 800 sq km area divided into grasslands, dry deciduous forests, cliffs, and rocky landscapes. Whether you want camel safaris, go shopping in the surrounding places, visit medieval palaces, or wildlife spotting, Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is the best place. This gave the place significant historical importance. It is also said that this is where Bhima gained his elephant strength. Thousands During the rainy season, you will see a wonderful waterfall here. Hanuman Temple - The land of Sariska is not only famous for... its wild nature but it is also loved for its religious and cultural significance. Sariska these temples are located inside the Sariska National Park. Amongst these towers is the Hanuman temple located near the watchtower. Kankawadi Fort - This is also one of the historical monuments of Sariska. It is the place where the Mughul connection in Sariska becomes evident. This fort was built under the reign of Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb. For his pivotal role, it is mentioned that this is where Aurangazeb kept Dara Shikoh, his brother, as a prisoner. With. Vital location on a hill, it is easy to see the whole avian family of the park. The most attractive aspect of the Sariska Tiger Reserve is its Bengal tigers. Although more than 16 tigers were recorded, rampant poaching and hunting have resulted in a horrendous decline. The park houses carnivores such as wild dogs, leopards, hyenas, wild cats, tigers, and jackals. These animals feed on the chital, sambar, causing, nilgai, langur, and wild boar, also found in the Sariska National Park. There are also the Rhesus monkeys by the Talyriksh. When it comes to its world of birds, you will be amazed by its varied and rich avifauna. Here you will find the gray partridge, peafowl, sand grouse, bush quail, crested eagle snake, Indian eagle owl, pine tree, and golden wood-backed penis. Most of the area in the sanctuary is covered with Dhok trees accommodating various species of wildlife. Other wildlife such as leopard, sambhar, chital, nilgai, four-horned antelope, wild boar, rhesus macaque, langur, hyena, and wild cats are found in the Sariska Tiger Reserve, apart from the tiger.

Jungle safari in Sariska National Park

The jungle safari in Sariska National Park is full of thrill and excitement, as the park is home to many wild animals, and some of the rarest flora and fauna are found here. Jungle Safari by Trekking, Hiking on foot, or by Jeep is an exciting exploration of the interiors of Sariska. Sariska National Park, though famous as a tiger reserve, is also home to other wildlife, including sambar, chital, wild boar, rabbit, nilgai, civet, and four-horned antelope, gaur, and porcupine. Huh. Visitors can spot various birds here, including peacocks, gray pheasants, pine trees, and gold-backed woodpeckers, to name a few. In Sariska Tiger Reserve, you get to see tigers. Here you see spotted deer, nilgai, peacock, crocodile, langur, wild boar, and many more animals. Sariska Tiger Reserve was declared a Tiger Reserve in 1958. Here you will also get to see a museum, where information about many animals has been given. Here you also get to see a small canteen, where tea, coffee, and food items are available. You also get to see a beautiful view of the forest in the Sariska Tiger Reserve. Here you will get to see many such species of flora, which you could not see anywhere else. There is also a spectacular view of the high mountains and rivers. This is one of the significant places to visit in Sariska.

Wildlife in the Sariska Tiger Reserve

The Sariska Tiger Reserve is home to several carnivores, including Leopards, Wild Dogs, Jungle Cat, hyenas, Jackal, and Tiger. The herbivorous category in Sariska includes sambhar, nilgai, causing, wild boar, and langur. There are also many species of birds in the Sariska Tiger Reserve. Unique attractions at Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary.

This significant increase in the tiger population in Sariska led to increased tourism and has since attracted more wildlife enthusiasts and photographers to the area.

Flora and fauna of Sariska

Sariska Forest is home to many plants, birds, and animal species, including mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.

Flora: Plant and tree species include dhok, kadaya, dhak, ber, khair, chila, and surwal, and goriya— prominent trees such as mango, Jamun, bargad, Arjun, googal, bahera, and bamboo. Shrubs include Cairo, adusta, and jar ber.

Fauna: Bengal tiger, leopards, jungle cats, caracal, striped hyena, Indian jackal, chital, tarunda, sambar, nilgai (blue bull), chinkara, four-horned antelope, wild boar, hare, porcupine, hanuman, langur, rhesus monkeys, and wild dogs.

Birds: White-chested kingfishers, partridges, Indian peacock, quail bushes, hazel grouses, tree mushrooms, golden-backed woodpeckers, crested serpent eagles, red jungle fowl, herons, great Indian horned owls, eagle owls, parrots, Drongos, sunbirds, and vultures. There are over 255 species of birds in the park.

What are more famous attractions near Sariska?

Book yourself a safari tour of the park and embark on an adventurous ride through the dirt trails of Sariska. During a safari, you can see some of India's most significant animal species, such as the famous Bengal tigers, leopards, antelopes, nilgai, and many more. Bird lovers can marvel at sightings of bird species such as kingfishers, tree seals, eagles, partridges, and more. During a safari, one can also cover various attractions in the park, such as temples and lakes. Sariska conducts safaris in two slots - in the morning and the evening, the time and duration of which may vary depending on the prevailing season. Travelers can choose from several safari vehicles depending on the number of people in their group.

Neelkanth Shiva Temple

Neelkanth Temple, a Hindu temple located in Rajgarh Tehsil, is a famous Shiv temple in Sariska and requires a treacherous path to pass. Pilgrims from all over India visit the temple to pray and witness the soothing statue of Jaina Tirthankara Shantinatha, created centuries ago in the Digambara style. The temple receives the largest share of tourists and pilgrims during Maha Shivratri. Kankvari Fort is one of the main tourist attractions within the Sariska National Park. This old fort is located 21 km from the main park entrance. It is famous for its unique landscape. These ruins are surrounded by hillocks on all sides and have luxurious estates and sprawling green meadows that attract lovers of history and architecture every year.

Company Bagh

Company Bagh is one of the main tourist destinations near Sariska. This is a vast and beautiful garden. You get to see a lot of places in this garden. Shimla Green House is available to see in this garden. In Shimla Green House, you feel relaxed even in summer. That's why the local people here also know it as Summer House. Maharaja Mangal Singh built it. There is an open-air gym here. Where you can go and work out. There is a children's play area for kids, where there are many swings for children. This garden is surrounded by greenery and beautiful flowering plants from all sides. This garden is located in the central city. This garden is ancient. This garden was built by the British Government in 1868. This is one of the main places to visit in Alwar.

Jai Samand Lake Sariska

Jai Samand Lake is an artificial lake located 6 km from Alwar city. This lake, built by Maharaja Jai ??Singh in 1910, is a popular place. Here visitors can play with the water and enjoy fishing.

Sariska Palace

Sariska Palace-cum-resort, which attracts travelers with its stunning architecture and regal appearance, stands out from other attractions in the park. Built by the Maharaja of Alwar, which for a long time was his royal residence during the game, the palace was the home of the Maharajas. The appearance of this stunning abode is just the beginning. One would be overwhelmed by the majestic interiors of the palace, combining French and Indian styles of architecture. Lush lawns, yoga, a spa, swimming pool, tennis court, and the palace's most luxurious facilities offer guests total luxury.

Hanuman Temple

Situated on lush hills growing in the Aravalli ranges, the Hanuman temple is inside a tiger sanctuary. With fantastic architecture made from stones, this temple is one of the most visited nature reserves in the park. Other than that, Lord Hanuman's giant idol, along with various langurs and macaques you can find here, will blow your mind! You can also see a mesmerizing waterfall when the monsoon begins.

Karni Mata Temple

Karni Mata Temple is a central religious place located near Sariska. This temple is located near Bala Fort. Many devotees come to this temple to have the darshan of the mother. Here the sanctum sanctorum is found to see the magnificent statue of the mother. The womb of the temple is lovely. The entire sanctum is decorated with glass. Beautiful glass work is to be seen throughout the sanctum. There are a lot of crowds here during Navratri. Many people come here to visit.

Biodiversity Pratapavan

Biodiversity Pratapvan is a significant tourist destination in Sariska. Here you get to see beautiful gardens all around in the natural environment. Here you get a beautiful view of the pond, waterfall, and mountain. There is also a watchtower and tree house, which look very beautiful. You can enjoy it a lot by coming here. Here you also get to see wild animals. Ayurvedic plants have been set up here. This place is situated in the middle of the Aravalli Mountains. There is also a yoga area where you can do yoga.

Silisedh Palace and Silisedh Lake

Silisedh Palace and Silisedh Lake are one of the main tourist spots of Sariska. Silisedh Palace is situated in the city of Alwar, a short distance from the Alwar Jaipur Highway at a place named Silisedh. The Silisedh palace is built in the middle of the mountains, which looks like it is hanging in the middle of the mountains. Silisedh Lake is available to see near the Siliserh palace, the view of which looks very impressive. Boating can be enjoyed in this lake. Boating prices vary here. But boating is a lot of fun. There is also a crocodile in the Silisedh Lake. Swimming is prohibited in the lake. There is a small restaurant in the Siliserh palace, where you get tea, coffee, and food items. A great time can be spent here. Tickets are taken to enter Silisedh Palace. There are many monkeys here too.

Pratapgarh Fort

Located in the city of Pratapgarh near Sariska in Rajasthan, the Pratapgarh Fort is a historical site famous for its natural beauty. Pratapgarh town profoundly connects with the history of Bhangarh and its legends. This historical fort is situated on top of a hill, and from here, one can see the beautiful landscapes of Pratapgarh and surroundings.

Visit Pandupol - a sanctuary built by the Pandavas.

Pandupol is one of the best places to visit in Sariska National Park. This is the sanctuary of hanuman, where, according to legend, the Pandavas lived during their exile. It is believed that it was on this piece of land that Bhim broke his "Gada," creating an entrance in the rock, from which a characteristic stream of water flows today! The place contains intriguing elements that attract tourists and pilgrims.

Enjoy a picnic near Silisher Lake.

The beautiful lake, located 13 km from Alwar and Sariska, is an ideal stopover for people on their way to the tiger reserve. The green banks of this 10.5 km stretch of amber-hued water provide stunning views of the Aravalli ranges and are perfect for a picnic with friends and family. The lake also serves as a hub for bird photographers who can snap the many waterfowl resting and feeding in the swampy areas near the lake's shore.

Add more thrill to your trip by visiting Bhangarh Fort.

Add more thrill to your trip to Sari Tiger Reserve by visiting Bhangarh Fort near Alwar. Immerse yourself in the eerie ruins of this former fortress of Queen Ratnavati, see stunning panoramic views from the top of the fortress, and learn the intriguing story behind the ghosts of Bhangarh Fort while you're here. The stories of how the villagers perished overnight and how their spirit still lingers near the ruined houses are sure to give you chills! Bhangarh Fort is one of the main places to visit near Sariska. Bhangarh Fort is an ancient site. Bhangarh Fort is famous all over India. It is said that no one stays in this fort at night because ghosts live in this fort. There are many places to visit in this fort, which are ancient and very beautiful. You get to see the ruins of the fort here. Bhangarh city was founded by Raja Bhagwat Das of Amer in the 16th century, which was later made the capital of the princely state of Madho Singh, brother of Raja Man Singh. In Bhangarh Fort, you can see Keshavarai Temple, Purohit Ji ki Haveli, Someshwar Temple, Gopinath Temple, Ganesh Mandir, Tomb, Ajmeri Gate, Lahori Gate, Delhi Gate, Watch Tower, Raj Mahal, Mangla Devi Temple, and Johri Bazaar. All this place is now present here in ruins condition. Here you also get to see the stepwell. A fee is charged to visit Bhangarh Palace. Here you can easily reach from Jaipur and roam around this place.

The best time to visit Sariska

The best time to visit Sari Tiger Reserve is from October to March, when the weather conditions in Rajasthan are pleasant enough and conducive for activities such as wildlife safaris and wildlife watching.
Weather in winter: from October to February, the winter season is celebrated in the Sariska reserve. Although a bit chilly, winters offer the most favorable climate conditions for safari and wildlife viewing in the park. Weather in Summers: Even though summer in Sariska brings scorching heat and hot weather, this tiger sanctuary is considered by many enthusiasts and photographers to be the perfect time to visit this sanctuary as the hot weather attracts wildlife around the jungle water sources., Monsoon weather: July to September is the monsoon season in Saris National Park. During this time, the park usually remains closed, but you can visit it with the prior permission of the forest authorities. Since there is very little rainfall, the area remains hot and humid during these months.

How to Get to Sariska National Park

It is relatively easy to get to the Sariska Game Reserve from major cities such as Delhi and Jaipur due to the range of transportation options available from these and other cities. Find out all the hassle-free ways to get to Sariska:

By Air: The nearest airport from Sariska National Park is in Jaipur.
By Train: The nearest station is at Alwar, at a distance of 37-km.
By Road: Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is located on the Delhi-Jaipur highway near Jaipur and Delhi.

Final thoughts

Safaris, tigers, temples, and more - there is no end to exploration when you are in Sariska National Park and Tiger Sanctuary near Alwar, Rajasthan. Sariska's lush surroundings are home to Bengal tigers and nestled on the slopes of Aravalli; Sariska's lush surroundings are the perfect haven for thrill-seekers, wildlife enthusiasts, and nature lovers. With so much on offer, our powerful entertainment and adventure package is just a weekend getaway away from Delhi and Jaipur metro. Zoom in on this green leafy, tropical jungle of Sariska tour with the best Rajasthan travel packages and watch wildlife in their natural habitat.

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