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Tour to Kushinagar, a land of Buddhists

Kushinagar is famous for Buddhism. Gautama Buddha died there and his death at Kushinagar gave a permanent identity to this place in the eyes of humans. Before writing something about Kushinagar, we would like to share some historical information and introduction about Gautama Buddha as this place is known for Buddhism and its temples.

Gautama Buddha:
Gautama Buddha was a philosopher, teacher, and spiritual leader. He is considered the founder of Buddhism by the Buddhist community. Gautama Buddha was the leader of a Shakya clan. Shakya Clan lived on the northern border of ancient India, within the state of Kosala.

  • Do you know the real name of Gautama Buddha?

The real name of Gautama Buddha was “Siddhartha Gautama”. He is known as a founder of the Buddhism religion that’s why he is famous by the name “Gautama Buddha”.

  • Birth of Siddhartha Gautama:

Gautama Buddha was born in 623 BC. His birthplace is a sacred area of Lumbini located in the Terai Plans of Southern Nepal.

  • Death of Siddhartha Gautama:

Gautama Buddha died in Kushinagar at the age of 80 due to illness. The Dates of Gautama Buddha’s life traditionally are given as 566-486 BC.

Nirvana of Gautama Buddha:
A local person served mushrooms to Gautama Buddha. He got ill after eating those mushrooms. His illness was severe and for a long time but he recovered after some time. After recovery, Gautama Buddha attained Nirvana at Kushinagar.

Kushinagar, A land of Gautama Buddha:
Kushinagar is a district of the Indian State “Uttar Pradesh”. Gautama Buddha got died in Kushinagar and his death in the land of Kushinagar made this place spiritually precious for the Buddhist community. The administrative headquarters of Kushinagar is at Ravindra Nagar Choose. All the Buddhist Community is spiritually attached to Kushinagar as it is known as a land of Buddhism. People from all over the world come to this place for many reasons. Mostly, visitors visit Kushinagar to explore tourist points of this religious place, and to explore Buddhism and the Founder of Buddhism “Gautama Buddha”.

  • Some hidden realities about Kushinagar:

When India got Independence from British rule, Kushinagar was considered a Part of the Deoria District. On 13 May 1994, Kushinagar declared a separate division. On 19 June 1997, this place was renamed Kushinagar, before that it was known as Padrauna. Another secret about Kushinagar is that it was a famed place of the Malla Empire of ancient India.

  • Don’t stress about the location of Kushinagar:

Hey! Don’t stress about the location of Kushinagar. You can reach it very easily. Kushinagar is located in the northeastern Marginal area of Uttar Pradesh.

  • Language of Kushinagar:

The local Language of Kushinagar is “HINDI”. If you are a foreigner tourist in India and planning a tour to the district Kushinagar and can’t understand and speak the Hindi language then you will face some difficulties due to the language barrier. But, don’t stress! Because most of the Indian community can understand and speak the English Language. You can easily communicate with them and make them understand what you exactly need. So show a pleasant smile and continue planning your tour to Kushinagar.

Top Menders and Temples at Kushinagar:

Parinirvana Stupa, a Buddhist Temple:
The Parinirvana Stupa is a Buddhist temple in the District Kushinagar. As I mentioned above Gautama Buddha died at Kushinagar. This is said to be that this is the death place of Gautama Buddha. All the Buddhist community is spiritually attached to this temple because of the Nirvana of Gautama Buddha at this point. Not only do Indian Buddhists visit Parinirvana Stupa but Buddhists around the globe come to this place to wipe out their spiritual thrust.

Do you know the other name of Parinirvana Stupa?
Parinirvana Stupa is known as Mahaparinirvana Temple as well. If you are visiting India for the first time and you are also new to Buddhism then don't get confused if someone asks you about Mahaparinirvana Temple.  Because Mahaparinirvana Temple is another identity of Parinirvana Stupa.

Historical secret information behind Mahaparinirvana Temple:

In 1956, the Indian government built the present Parinirvana Stupa. Before that, there is a history of Buddhism and the place where Parinirvana Stupa is situated. In 487 BCE, Gautama Buddha got ill after 45 years of missionary activities. He reached Kushinagar and attained Nirvana there. After his death, Maurya King Ashoka visited Kushinagar. He investigated all the stories and then build some stupas in his honor at the place where Gautama Buddha attained Nirvana. From that point, this place became famous as a Parinirvana Stupa and largely expanded from stupa to temple.

What will you see inside the Parinirvana Stupa?
Inside the Parinirvana Stupa, there is a picture of Gautama Buddha lying on its right side with the head to the north. The height of Gautama Buddha's statue is 6.1 meters long.

Ramadhan Stupa:
Rambha Stupa is the most important place for all Buddhists in India. This Stupa is the most famous stupa at Kuininagar. Rambha is famous because of many reasons but there is one major reason behind the popularity of this Stupa. History tells us that after Gautama Buddha died83 BC, he attained Mahaparinirvana at the spot where Ramabhar Stupa is situated. That's why it is famous among the people and followers of Buddhism this Stupa a lot

Where Ramabhar Stupa is situated?
Rambha is situated near Buddha Ghat, at a distance of 1 km from Wat Thai Temple, 2 km from Parinirvana Temple, and 4 km from Kushinagar Bus Station.

Who constructed Rambhar Stupa?
When Gautama Buddha was alive, Malla Kings ruled over Kushinagar. When Gautama Buddha attained Parinirvana after his death, Malla kings built Rambhar Stupa in his honor.

If you are going to visit Kushinagar then must visit Rambhar Stupa and explore it.

A famous temple of Kushinagar, Matha Kuar Shrine:
Matha Kuar Shrine Temple is one of the most famous temples at Kushinagar. This is located at a distance of 400 yards from Nirvana Stupa. Matha Kuar Temple has a lot of specialties in it. A few of them are here in the following lines.

Rare Statue inside the Matha Kuar Shrine Temple:
There is a 3 meters tall statue inside the Matha Kuar Shrine. It is said that this statue is made up of a single stone. The Color of this statue of Gautama Buddha is Golden. Usually, People across the globe like to visit this place to see this single stone rare Statue.

Why this temple is associated with Gautama Buddha:
All the temples are associated with Gautama Buddha. But, some of them have a special association with Gautama. History tells us that Gautama Buddha had his last meal at Matha Kuar Shrine Temple. After having the last water there, he moved to Rambha Stupa.

The condition of Matha Kuar Shrine Temple:
The condition of Matha Kuar Shrine Temple is not well. In rain, water spreads all around the temple. Because of this mess, the visitor community faces a lot of difficulty due to muddy ground.
The walls of Matha Kuar Shrine Temple are well designed but the ground of this temple is damaged. This damage creates Difficulty for tourists.

Two Rare Mandir at Kushinagar that you will not see anywhere else.
The whole of Kushinagar is known because of its temples and Mandirs. Every Mandir is having a specialty in it, but two of them are rare because of their unique architectural design and rare statues.

1. Explore rare things about Thailand at the Royal Thai Mandir:
The Royal Thai Mandir was built by a Thai King. This Mandir was built in 2016. Thailand Mandir represents the architectural style of Thailand. Its management is also from Thailand. The people of Thailand take care of this Thailand Mandir. They make sure to facilitate with all kinds of good quality services to all the visitors. Whether they are Hindu or non-Hindu, the National tourist community or international explorers indeed every group of a visitor is served with respect and dignity. Inside this temple, you will see a statue with the identity of Thailand. This statue adds value to the beauty and rareness of the Mandir. You can visit this Royal Thai mandir whenever you want, surely, you will get a lot to explore.  So don’t waste your time and book a ticket to Kushinagar right now.

  • Timings:

Royal Thai Mandir opens at 8 am.

  • Address:

Buddha Marg, Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh, 274402, India.

2. Linh Sin Vietnam Chinese Buddhism Temple:
Linh Sin Vietnam Chinese Buddhism Temple is a double-story temple. This Mandir is made in a unique Chines architectural style. The temple inside this Mandir also has a shape of Chinese facial features. There are pictures of Laughing Buddha and some pictures of Dragons inside the Temple.

The specialty of this temple is its impressive quality Chinese design.

  • Timings:

Linh Sin Vietnam Chinese Buddhism Temple opens at 8 am.

  • Address:

PO & Distt, Uttar Pradesh, 274403, India.

Heal your soul at the meditation park, Kushinagar:
Indeed meditation is food for the soul. Kushinagar offers its visitors a place where they can experience meditation. Charming artificial water bodies play the role of glitter stars in the sky of Meditation Park, Kushinagar. This fascinating place gives peace to the soul, mind, and body. If you are a peace lover then this majestic place is for you.  If you are going to have a tour of Kushinagar then must visit Meditation Park, Kushinagar. Surely, the serenity of this magically peaceful place will heal all the painful scars on your soul, peaceful surroundings will take away all stressing thoughts far away from your mind.

Your soul is craving peace. Serve it with the best food at Meditation Park.

  • Do you want to know the location of Meditation Park, Kushinagar?

This charming Meditation Park of Kushinagar is located near Parinirvana Temple. It is enclosed by Sal Tress. I would advise you that if you are planning a tour to Kushinagar then don’t miss a chance to experience the magic

Where to stay at Kushinagar?
We cognize that you must be thinking that if you choose Kushinagar for a tour vacation, where will you stay? Hey! Worry less and give a smile of hope because I have a solution to your problem. Kushinagar is full of many luxury and normal hotels that offer good facilities, a clean environment, and a peaceful experience. You can stay in these hotels and visit the whole of Kushinagar easily.
A list of some top hotels is under the following lines.

The Royal Residency:
The Royal Residency Hotel is located in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh. This Hotel offers all the visitors of Kushinagar a decent stay and tasty food. Beautifully furnished furniture offers a mess-free experience. All the rooms a clean and you can have a royal experience in these decent hotels. Not only are healthier stay but eateries are also available in The Royal Residency. If you choose this hotel, surely you will receive a lot of facilities that will make your tour easy and you will be able to explore more things instead of staying worried about other issues.

  • Services of the Royal Residency Hotel:
  • General Room: Service
  • Service: Dry Cleaning, Meeting Rooms, Wi-Fi, Laundry Service.
  • Check-in from 2 pm
  • Check-Out to 11 pm

Beautiful garden of Hotel The Ideal, Kushinagar:
Hotel The Ideal is an appealing hotel with a lot of impressive facilities. The major facility offered by this hotel is a magical view of the garden. There is a charming garden inside the Hotel the Ideal. You can experience serenity in the early morning and the evening in this garden. Clean rooms with adorable furniture, Wi-Fi, private parking, and restaurants are also accessible at Hotel the Ideal. When you the on the Kushinagar tour then Hotel the Royal will be the best option for you because of its decent management and super impressive services. Surely, you will have a healthy tour.

Are hungry? Let your tongue taste the unique food of Kushinagar:
Most of the tourists are big foody. If you are an explorer and foody at the same time and worried about the food. You are thinking that what you will get to eat at Kushinagar then read the upcoming content with smiling eyes. Because I am going to tell you about some food points of Kushinagar where you will get tasty food at a very reasonable expense.

Top restaurants of Kushinagar:

  • A valley of tasty food, Yama Cafe:

If you are a fast-food lover and want a large menu then Yama Café is for you. You will get a spectacular variety of fast food at Yama café. They will serve you a large menu at a very reasonable price. The food at Yama café is very tasty but we are not sure about the cleanliness. One advantage offered by Yama Café is that there is a small gift shop near Yama café. You can purchase gifts for your close ones from that gift shop. This shop offers unique articles at a nice price. If you are not an Indian and want to shop for something for your family and friends then the shop near Yama Café is an easy option for you.
You can get traditional materials from that shop for your loved ones.

Address of Yama Café:

Buddha Marg, Kushinagar 274403 India.

  • 2. A renowned food point, Siddhartha Restaurant, Kushinagar:

Siddhartha Restaurant is the most renowned food point in Kushinagar. This restaurant is located at Kasia Road, Gorakhpur that’s why it is very easy to reach not only the people of Kushinagar but also those who live around Kushinagar.
The cuisine of Siddhartha Restaurant is very famous. This food place offers a wide variety of delicious food. You can get any food of your choice from there.
One more quality of Siddhartha Restaurant is that it is the best place for photography. If you are on a tour to Kushinagar and want good food and pictures then Siddhartha Restaurant is the best place for you. Visit this food point and make your experience better.

Address of Siddhartha Restaurant:
28B, Kasia Gorakhpur Road, Kasia, Kushinagar-274402, Near Rambhar Sutup.

3. Have some spicy food at Red chili Restaurant, Kushinagar:

Red chili Restaurant is the most decent place to eat your favorite food. The staff of this restaurant is well mannered. The good thing about red chili restaurants is that they prioritize their customer. The staff makes sure to facilitate all the customers in the best way possible. They never fail in answering all the queries of their customers decently. The reason behind the success of this charming restaurant is its well-mannered staff. The behavior of the management of Red chili Restaurant is very impressive.

The location of Red chili Restaurant:
The Red chili Restaurant is located in Kasia, Kushinagar.

The exact address of Red chili Restaurant is:
Kasia Bazaar, Kasia Deoria Road, Kasia, Kushinagar – 274402.

Best time to visit Kushinagar:
October to April is the best time to visit Kushinagar. In these months, Kushinagar will offer you a spectacular experience. You will explore all the tourist destinations in a better way as compared to other months. In these months, Kushinagar offers its visitors pleasant weather and a decent environment. If you plan a tour at this time then you will not face any difficulty regarding rain, cold weather, or extreme hotness. Everything will be very fine and smooth.

How can you reach Kushinagar?
You can reach Kushinagar by any means of transport. Details of three means of transport are under the following:
Reach Kushinagar By Air:
Varanasi Airport would be the closest airport to Kushinagar. Varanasi Airport has regular flights to all the cities of India encompassing Mumbai, Agra, Delhi, Bangalore, and many other points.
Reach Kushinagar By Train:
The nearest railway station from Kushinagar is Gorakhpur. This railway station is at a distance of 30 miles from Kushinagar town. If you want to experience a journey in terrain then this will be the best chance for you to have a great experience. I hope that you will avail this.
Reach Kushinagar By Road:
In many cities around Kushinagar, public and private bus services are available. If you can’t afford an expensive means of transport or want to travel by bus then you can easily book your ticket from any bus station near you.

At the end of this detailed blog, we expect that you have got all the necessary to know information regarding Kushinagar, some famous temples of Kushinagar, a soul-healing park Meditation Park, appealing residence places, and food points where you can get tasty, clean, and yummy food at good prices. As we mentioned above Gautama Buddha died there and his death at Kushinagar gave a permanent identity to this place in the eyes of humans. Because of this reason, all the temples of Kushinagar are more precious to the Buddhist community. Now it is in your knowledge that Gautama Buddha was a teacher and philosopher. His teaching has left a deep impact on people’s minds. That’s why not only Buddhist community admire him but a lot people from other religion search about him and they respect Gautama Buddha. As you know that Gautama Buddha got Parinirvana at Kushinagar, that’s why Kushinagar is considered as a holy place for Buddhists. Each temple of Kushinagar has a hidden story but the China Mandir and Thailand Mandir are rare in its architect, and in a way they facilitate visitors. Kushinagar is not about temples and Buddhism only, but it is having much more to offer. If you are a foody then Kushinagar is a place that you should must visit. Because there are many restaurants that offer tasty variety of food at very decent price in appealing environment. You will not face any difficulty regarding stay at Kushinagar as well. So make your bag ready and book your ticket for a tour to Kushinagar. We are hoping that you will have a spectacular experience at Kushinagar. 

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