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Rajgir Tour Packages

It is believed that Rajgir is an ancient city in Bihar's northeastern region, and this place is known for its rich historical significance. Located in hilly terrain, it is known for its holy sites and is surrounded by mountains. The fictitious name of Rajgir was Rajgriha, and now it is famous all over the world by the name of Rajgir. Rajgir used to be the capital of the Magadha Empire in the olden times. The Cyclopean Walls, which have circled the city like a ring for centuries, can be explored here. You also have the fabulous Venu Vena Park, which, according to legend, once housed a Buddhist monastery. There is also a Japanese shrine with a giant statue of Buddha inside a shield-shaped temple. As well as hot springs and natural beauty, Rajgir is surrounded by natural beauty in every way you can imagine. Make sure to book the best hotels in Rajgir as soon as possible to make this stay comfortable and unforgettable. Following are the best places to visit and all the details you need to know about the Rajgir tour.


It is a valley surrounded by hills that were one of the capitals of the Magadha Empire that later became the Mayrian Empire. Nalanda, Bihar, is home to one of the most sacred Buddhist sites in the world. A large number of people here practice Hinduism and Jainism as well. Rajgir, known initially as Rajagriha or King's home, is also known for being a health retreat in the winter months. Many natural pools and springs filled with warm water have therapeutic qualities and are also used to heal many bone and skin conditions. Rajgir tourist place is a symbol of Buddhism, Jainism, and peace. The city is trendy among tourists due to its beautiful landscapes and attractions. The significant attractions of Rajgir include beautiful hills, dense forests of Rajgir, mysterious caves, etc. Buddhists here are often used for meditation, along with monasteries surrounding them. In the temple spire, the white color symbolizes peace, and the gold color represents eternity and good taste. Buddha idols have a certain magic that makes you want to keep staring at them. It is also home to the typical quiet atmosphere of a Buddhist Temple, which is one of the town's main attractions.


Various names for Rajgir have been used throughout history, like Vasumati, Barhdrathpura, Girivraja, Kusagrapura, and Rajgriha. The epic Hindu epic Ramayana tells of a city named Vasumati founded by the son of the legendary king Vasu, Lord Brahma. The Mahabharata says that Jarasandha ruled here, and his capital was Barhdrathpura. Bhima killed him in a duel. Kusagrapura, Girivraja, and Rajgriha are names regularly found in Buddhist and Jain texts, though they are unknown to us. Rajgriha is what we currently call Rajgir. The mighty Magadha kingdom was headquartered in Rajgir in the sixth century. The city was also known as a place of great spirituality and religion. The Buddha spent considerable time in this city disseminating his teachings during his numerous visits. On the other hand, Jain texts claim that Mahavira stayed in Rajgir and Nalanda during 14 rainy seasons. The village was also the birthplace of Muni Suvrata, the grandfather of Lord Mahavira and the center of the Ajivika sect.

Tourists attractions in Rajgir

Despite Rajgir's small size, it is an important pilgrimage site for Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, one of India's three great religions. The city has pilgrimage sites for all three religions. The Saptaparni Caves are located on Vaibhava Hill, where the first Buddhist symposia were held. Additionally, Sattaparni Cave is home to the hot sulfur springs of Rajgir, which are sacred to Hindus and have healing properties. Temples can be reached by stairs that ascend Mount Vaibhava. Separate baths have been established for men and women, and water comes through the Saptaparni Caves in the mountains from the Saptadhara stream, which is believed to have its source in the mountains. Brahma Kund, 45°C, is the hottest of the springs. In the rainy season, the Buddha preached to his disciples for three months about the wheel of the second law during the Griddhakuta, also known as the Vultures. The Japanese Buddhist organization, the Buddha Sangha, constructed a stupa at the top of the hill named Shanti (peace). The airlift is even more thrilling than climbing the top on a harness. Rajgir Train Station is six kilometers from Ajatshatru Fortress, built in the sixth century BC. There was once a fortress there. There is also a rectangular stone on Vaibhava Hill carved by natural forces that appears to have been a watchtower. Legend has it he was imprisoned in Ajatshatru. As the Mahabharata describes in the epic, Jarasandha, a contemporary of Lord Krishna's, built a resort there. This became known as Jarasandha Ki Baithak after the king who owned it. The distance from Swarna Gufa to the train station is about 6 km. Here is thought to be a hidden gold treasure. Inscriptions engraved here are said to unlock the golden vaults if they could be deciphered.

Weather and best time

From what we have seen, October to March appears to be the perfect time frame for visiting Rajgir. Numerous festivals are being held during this period, as well as pleasant weather. You can also observe classical performances with dance and music at the Rajgir Mahotsav, celebrated in October!

Popular things to do in Rajgir

Rajgir has many popular things to do that you should check out there. This trip would not be complete without visiting some of these places.
Swarn Bhandar: As you enter the cave, you will feel the beauty of the carvings that date back thousands of years.
Pandu Pokhar: Happy to have kids along on a camping trip? Here is an excellent place for everyone.
Venu Van: There is a monastery built by Buddha here, so it is one of the most popular sites in Rajgir.
Ajatshatru Fort: This historical fort is a must-see if you love history and want to see ancient beauty.
Viswa Shanti Stupa: This pagoda has a mountain backdrop, so it's a must-see if you're looking for a peaceful retreat.
Maniyar Math: A simple and beautiful garden area in the middle of some ancient monuments makes this experience worthwhile.

Top places to see in Rajgir

Ajatshatru fort

Gautama Buddha built Ajatshatru Fort during the sixth century, during the reign of the Magadha King, Ajatshatru. A stupa, also called Ajatshatru, occupies a space of 6.5 square meters in the fort. It's a beautiful structure. The stone tower and its high walls attract tourists due to its enormous size. During the construction of the tower, Lord Buddha lived here.

Vishwa Shanti Stupa

The Vishu Shanti Stupa (World Peace Pagoda) is another popular pilgrimage site for Buddhists. It is located on Ratnagiri hill. There are four golden statues representing the four phases of Buddha's life, showing the four phases of Buddha's life. According to legend, the Peace Pagoda was built in 1969 by Nipponzan Myohoji, a Japanese Buddhist monk. A tall Peace Pagoda, this stupa is the tallest in the world and is considered a symbol of peace and harmony.

Sonabhandar Rajgir

Sonabhandar is a significant attraction of Rajgir. Here you get to see two caves. These caves are ancient. These caves were built in the second and third centuries. These caves are manufactured and have been made wonderfully. On the hills, you can see the sculptures of Jain pilgrimage cars. This place is lovely and is surrounded by forests from all sides. Outside the cave, you get to see a vast garden. These caves are located near the Natural Park in Rajgir. The name of Sona Bhandar suggests that there is a stock of gold here. People believe there is a vast gold deposit inside these caves, and mantras keep this store safe. Here mantras are written in the conch shell script on the walls of the caves, whoever will recite these mantras. He can take the gold from here. But this script is ancient. Due to this, no one has been able to read this language so far and has not been able to take gold. People believe this. Now there is gold here, or it is not.

Glass Floor Bridge

The most famous place in Rajgir is the Glass Floor Bridge, a colossal sky walkway with a transparent floor that makes it one of the most exciting architectural wonders. There are 85 feet of walkway along the floor and 6 feet of width. A scenic bridge will be built amidst five hills in Bihar Rajgir. The transparent bridge floors and the open spaces on both sides allow tourists to observe the natural beauty surrounding them through the glass. Once the bridge is open to the public, you can enjoy other activities around the bridge, including zip-lining, safaris in nature parks, picnics, and more. Only the Lakshman Jhula in Rishikesh has a glass floor, the other being the famous Glass Floor Bridge in India. The event will include many attractions like a cable car, nature safaris, glass cabins, nature reserves, adventure activities, and parks.

Rajgir ropeway

It is considered one of the country's oldest cable cars since it reaches the top of Mount Ratnagiri. The cable car, located about 1000 meters above sea level, can take visitors to view the enchanting Pant Wildlife Sanctuary and the majestic peaks of Udaygiri, Vaibhagiri, Songiri, and Vipalachal. It is usually used by Jain pilgrims, Hindus, and Buddhists to reach the top of Ratnagiri Mountain, where the Vishwa Shanti Stupa is located.

Jain temples

The Jain pilgrimage site of Rajgir is also known as a Buddhist pilgrimage site. Rajgir and its vicinity have many Jain temples. Some of the most notable Jain temples are in Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra.
In Rajgir, there are four hills containing eight temples. In addition to these temples, two more are located within the valley. There is a temple called Lal Mandir located in the Udaigiri Hills. The structures are red and white.

Venu Vana

About 2500 years ago, King Bimbisara gave the Bamboo Forest to Lord Buddha as a gift, and it was said to be among his favorite places during his stay there. In the middle of Venu Vana, there is a large pond. Before starting his day in Rajgir, Lord Buddha was said to have taken a bath in this pond. There is an exceptional beauty to the pond and the surrounding forest. Tourists are attracted by the peace and tranquility of the place.

  • Griddhakuta peak

The famous Griddhakuta peak is an attraction for tourism in Rajgir and is also known as Vulture Peak. Let us tell you that this is an important pilgrimage site for Buddhists. Griddhakuta is one of the three main places where Gautama Buddha first preached. Outside the city of Rajgir is a small but attractive hill situated at an altitude of 400 meters.

Nature Safari Park Rajgir

Nature Safari Park is one of the main tourist places in Rajgir. It comes under Nalanda Forest Division. You can enjoy activities like zip line, Glass Bridge, suspension bridge, glass skywalk, sky biking, ruffle shooting, and archery. This place is lovely and is surrounded by mountains. Here you get to see greenery all around. Many wild animals are found here and kept in the natural environment. There is a fee to enter this park. Here you can enjoy the complete safari by bus. If you want to stay camping here, there is a system for that too. Here a hut has been built by the Forest Department, where you can stay, and there is some charge for staying here. Here you get a cafeteria, where you get food and drink. Here you get to see the Butterfly Garden and the Medical Plant Garden. You can enjoy it a lot by coming here. There are a lot of crowds here on weekends. There are many adventure activities here. They are charged separately.

Hot springs

Rajgir has many hot springs. In Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, these places are all sacred. There are also medicinal properties to the Hot Springs. One of the most sacred sources of hot springs is the Saptarni cave. With a temperature of 45 degrees Centigrade, Brahmakund Hot Spring is the hottest in Rajgir. Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains revere Rajgir as a sacred site, making it an important tourist destination in India. Rajgir is a must-see location in Bihar due to its ties to ancient India, including its links to Lord Buddha and Mahavira.


It is necessary to bring back some memories from Rajgir when you are there. What better way than to shop in the area where the memories were made! Now let's look at some retail locations where you can buy quality items at reasonable prices.

  • Manalisha Shopping center
  • Sudha center
  • Bari Milki Rajgir
  • Mahavir Handicrafts and more

Side trips

As well as a visit to the central city, Rajgir also offers some side areas worth exploring. Spend a day at Nalanda and be amazed at the beauty this place near the mountains has to offer. Bihar Sharif is even accessible by day trip, so you can take advantage of what that place can offer you.

Nature in Rajgir

Among the significant components, you will find in Rajgir are mountains and animals. You won't look anywhere else once you've been over here. For the best, visit:

  • Zoo Safari
  • Nature Safari Park
  • Entrance Nature Safari
  • Entrance Nature Safari

How to reach

It is possible to arrive at Rajgir in many ways, determined by where you are. Typically, people travel by road or by train.

By air: There is an airport at Gaya, located 68 km southwest of the city. Varanasi, Kolkata, and Delhi are easily accessible from here. This airport also offers connections to several international destinations, such as Bangkok, Colombo, Kathmandu, and more.

The Patna Airport is located approximately 98 km northwest of Rajgir and has flights to most Indian cities.

By train: Before booking the Rajgir Hotel near the Railway Station, you must know the train lines. There is a railway station in Rajgir that's only 1 km from the town center. You can also access the city by railway since the Gaya railway station is the central rail hub located around 60km south of this city.

By road: There are numerous buses, both public and private, that connect Rajgir to neighboring areas such as Gaya, Nalanda, Patna, Bihar Sharif, Pawapuri, and so many more.

Bottom line

It is believed that Rajgir is an ancient city in Bihar's northeastern region, and this place is known for its rich historical significance. There are hills around this area, mostly known for their holy sites.  You can explore the Cyclops Walls here, which have surrounded the city for hundreds of years! Also nearby is the awe-inspiring Venu Vena Park, a former monastery of Buddha. This brief guide to Rajgir in India will give you an easy idea about the place and additional information such as the duration and cost. We hope this information on the Rajgir tour will help you manage your schedules and budget when visiting the place.

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