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Trip to Nubra Valley

Indian has a rich national history and it is one of the oldest cultural country in the world. Self-sufficient in agricultural production. And it is the leading developed country in the world. And if we talk about tourist places in India. There are a lot of festivals here all year r und. And different places are known only for festivals. Here are some tourist places worth visiting in India. So let's get started and explore the diversity of Nubra Valley. Nubra Valley is one of the most beautiful places in India. If you do not have any information about it, let us tell you what is related to this place. Nubra Valley is an attractive place on the Silk Road in the Paradiscal of Jammu and Kashmir. Some beautiful monasteries surround it with golden, red, and other rich colors. Visiting the isolated Nubra Valley will highlight your high-altitude Ladakh travels if you love adventure and going off the beaten track. This intriguing and remote area is notable for connecting India. Our comprehensive guide will help you plan your trip to Nubra Valley.

Why visit Nubra?

The brown oasis of this valley full of natural scenery, rugged hills, and cold makes it unique and wonderful. This desert valley is filled with astonishing views between the two rivers, Nubra and Shyok. Be prepared to be covered in at least three layers of clothing as you walk the sandy terrain of Nubra. Here you will experience a different culture as a tourist. If you are looking forward to such an off-beat and authentic ex experience, Nubra will surely fall in love with you. Nubra Valley is a beautiful tourist destination. Nubra Valley is at an altitude of 10000 feet above sea level, about 150 km north of Ladakh's capital Leh City. Nubra Valley Nubra means "Valley of Flowers" it is also known for the garden of Ladakh. Nubra Valley is an attractive place on the Silk Road in the Paradiscal period of Jammu and Kashmir, which was once part of the Silk Road. Nubra Valley is surrounded by natural beauty with colorful mountains, glaciers, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and some beautiful monasteries with golden, red, blue-green, and other rich colors. Colorful flags waving in the Nubra Valley revitalize the valley. Because the Nubra Valley is a sensitive border area, tourism is strictly regulated, and its footprint is minimal. The Indian Army's widespread presence in the barren and desolate landscape is yet another reminder of their position. The Nubra Valley invites the traveler to travel back in time to the almost forgotten. Inhabitants live in Nubra Valley in total isolation most of the year in the heart of the great Himalayas. It is a valley with impressive views and hospitable inhabitants, which will provide the traveler with a great experience. A green oasis surrounded by majestic mountains exhibiting every shade of brown, the Nubra Valley in Ladakh city is a reunion with fantastic nature. A rugged yet impressive, with vast arid expanses and dunes, ancient ruins, and serene Buddhist monastery, Nubra is a popular tourist destination. With rolling dunes that make it a cold desert, one can come across the Bactrian camel, a unique double-humped camel species. The valley is also home to the famous Changthangi goat, Changra or Pashmina. The town of Panamik, nestled near the Siachen Glacier, is a great stop. Like the rest of Ladakh, Nubra is an alpine desert with little rainfall and sparse vegetation except along riverbeds, irrigated fields, or high slopes. The towns use an irrigation system and are relatively fertile. These own produce wheat, barley, peas, mustard to make oil, and a variety of fruit and nuts. Most of its population is Buddhist, with a minority of Shiite and Sunni Muslims. In the west, in the lower part of the Nubra Valley, along the Sh ok River, the inhabitants are Balti, and there are Shia Muslims and Nurbakhshia.

Beautiful Attractions of Nubra Valley

Adorned with natural scenery, Nubra Valley has many beautiful places to see and visit. The cold of Rajasthan's beautiful mountains makes it unique and wonderful, making Nubra Valley the most visited palace. Nubra Valley is a beautiful plateau situated in the lap of the Himalayas at an altitude of 10000 feet above sea level in Leh, between Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh. This valley isValleyted between two rivers named Nubra and Shyok. Tourist Palace worth visiting in Nubra Valley is an unmatched natural, beautiful culture and artificial excellence.

The Beacon Highway

The Beacon Highway is one of the highest highways in the world, lying at the height of 5,606 meters. It forms a fantastic stretch of road from Leh to the Nubra Valley and is only open during September and October. The highway is a driver's delight as it passes through a picturesque landscape of rugged mountains and rugged foliage. As one travels, one can feel the calm wind gently brushing through one's hair. Its remoteness is such that you can almost hear the sound of silence as you walk through it. Foreigners are not allowed to travel this road without special permission as the Nubra Valley is in a restricted area. During the rest of the year, the road on the north side of the Valley reValleycovered with ice.

The charming village of Discit Monastery

Diskit is the business center of Nubra, a simple yet charming village. Diskit Monastery is famous for its Friendship Buddha Statue, and this statue is about 108 feet high. This Monastery is more than 350 years old and is the oldest Monastery in Nubra Valley. There are many amazing views from the courtyard of Diskit Monastery. It has different varieties like prominent mountain peaks, desert sandy use, beautiful flowing river, slight forest dysentery, colorful mountains, and a blue sky gives utmost beauty to this place. Located very close to the Diskit Monastery is the Lahsung Temple, a beautiful religious attraction on a hill. You can also visit there.

Samstanling Monastery

Samastanling Monastery is located in Sumur village. It is the leading and famous Monastery and a must-see. This Monastery depicts three colors red, white, and gold. It takes 50 minutes via trek from Sumur village to reach here. Or you can go by cab. Carry woolen clothes with you because this place is freezing. Buses and taxis are available from Leh to reach Sumur. You can see the beautiful landscape here with red-yellow trees and colorful flags.

Magnetic Hill

This is a place in Ladakh where you will be surprised after visiting. That is because putting the car on the road in Newton mode without starting automatically starts going towards the climb.

Diskit Monastery

The Monastery is situated in the mountains above the Shyok River in the Diskit village of the Nubra Valley in northern Ladakh. The height of this Monastery is 10,310 feet above sea level, which is 350 years old. 100 Buddhist monks residing in this Monastery have come from different countries. The main attraction of this Monastery is the 106 feet high statue of Maitreya Buddha. The festival, the peace of the Monastery, and the natural beauty around it attract tourists from all over the country and abroad.

Hunder Sand Dunes

A cold desert at a high altitude crossed by a gentle river, dunes rising with green poplar trees, and a fantastic landscape framed by picturesque mountains: that is the Nubra Valley at a glance. Although the pages have written about the unique beauty of the Nubra Valley in the Hunder region, this is a magical land that cannot be described in words! Hunder is home to vast expanses of dunes and the Shyok River. At around 3,000 meters, Hunder is surrounded by snow-capped mountains that contrast vividly with the barren but mesmerizing landscape. The dunes are home to the double-humped Bactrian camel, which, according to folklore, was used by merchants to traverse the ancient Silk Road. Also, this place is home to the famous Pashmina goats.
Once you cross the pass, stop at Khardung village, a beautiful place of green landscapes known for its massive population of yaks.

Hemis National Park

If you want to go Ladakh sightseeing, visit Hemis National Park, the largest national park in South Asia. This park is a protected home for endangered mammals such as the leopard, Tibetan wolf, Asian ibex, Eurasian brown bear, and red fox. For nature lovers and bird watchers, this should be on your list of places to see in Ladakh. The pollution-free environment and noise-free environment provide a pleasant bird-watching experience. Your Ladakh tourist place experience remains incomplete without this in the itinerary.

Discit and Hunder

Diskit is the business center of Nubra, a simple but trendy village. In the west, one can visit the beautiful plains of Hunder. Here you will see two-humped camels grazing between the mountains and the Shyok River. Here tourists can enjoy coffee in the cozy cafe while watching the camels hanging on the dunes, and this experience is always memorable.

Samstanling Monastery

Samastanling Monastery is located in Sumur village. It is the leading and famous Monastery and a must-see. This Monastery depicts three colors red, white, and gold. It takes 50 minutes via trek from Sumur village to reach here. Or you can go by cab. Carry woolen clothes with you because this place is freezing. Buses and taxis are available from Leh to reach Sumur. You can see the beautiful landscape here with red-yellow trees and colorful flags.


The beautiful town of Baigdandu is also located around here. Local tradition says that there was a Greek tribe that approached the place looking for the tomb of Jesus Christ, which finally settled in the area. Baigdandu is also known for its goats that give the famous pashmina shawls.

Local Food in Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley is one of the most unique and isolated places in India. And that expanse doesn't offer many options for restaurants and hotels. Nevertheless, tourists can visit many food stalls, hotels, or restaurants serving local cuisine, especially thukpa, momos, and meat, to make your journey successful and eat local food.

Khardung Pass- the highest road in the world

Khardungla Pass is a beautiful gateway that leads toward the Nubra and Shyok valleys. While it may be a typical tourist attraction, it is one of the adventure sports to do in Ladakh for adventure enthusiasts. Managed by the Border Roads Organisation, the Kardung-La Pass is the gateway to the north and the most challenging pass to adventure. Visitors can drive up to Khardung La but should be prepared to spend only a short time at the summit, as it is so high that visitors may experience headaches and shortness of breath. Most of the year, the top of the pass is covered in snow. Temperatures in Khardung are highly variable and very difficult to predict. However, the average temperature during the summer reaches 20°C, while in winter; it can drop to -40°C. As a gateway to Shyok and the Nubra Valleys, this pass was built in 1976 and opened to motor vehicle traffic in 1988. Its current maintenance is under the responsibility of the Indian Army, especially the supply of goods. To the Siachen Glacier.

Hunder- One of the highest desert

??Hunder desert is the highest in the world. Hunder is also known as Rajasthan of Ladakh. Hunder Village is famous for its banterian camel ride and beautiful white sandyuse. Tourists can also do camel rides in this white desert. The specialty of the Wrights is that there are batteryan camels of the double hump (two humps) on which there is a different feel of riding, which attracts tourists from all over the country and abroad.

Other things to do there.

  • Visit its prominent Buddhist monasteries to get acquainted with the Nubra Valley's Buddhist heritage. The largest is clustered on a hill above Diskit.
  • Hike further up behind the Monastery for magnificent views of the Shyok Valley below. For an unforgettable experience, try attending the Monastery's annual 2-day Diskit Gustor festival in October, where monks perform masked balls.
  • You'll find more Buddhist monasteries nearby Hunder, Sumur, and Panamik. Chamba Gompa in Hunder features an imposing golden Maitreya Buddha statue, vibrant frescoes, and interesting Buddhist sites.
  • The picturesque town of Tiggur, between Sumur and Panamik, is becoming a tourist attraction point. It is home to Zimskhang Gompa, the ruins of a palace that belonged to a local chieftain. There are more ruined forts and palaces in nearby Charasa.
  • This arid expanse was formed in 1929 by a significant flood that washed away a dense sea buckthorn forest. The wind picked up sand from across the valley and deposited it there. Although the dunes are less impressive, camel riding is also possible in Sumur.
  • There, dine on authentic Balti cuisine at Balti Kitchen near Maha Guest House or Balti Farm at Turtuk Holiday Resort.
  • Although the Siachen Glacier is now open to tourism, it is regulated by the Indian Army and requires permits. At 15,000 feet above sea level, only those deemed fit enough to deal with the extremities of the glacier will be able to go there.

Travel tips

There are regular and AC buses plying on the Leh-Nubra route, connecting Leh to Diskit. You can take a taxi to travel around Nubra. At the same time, all Indian and foreign nationals must take a Protected Area Permit to travel to the Nubra Valley. The different checkpoints in Nubra require several copies of the Protected Area Permit.

Best time to visit Nubra Valley

Summer is the perfect season to visit and visit Nubra Valley. You can relieve the scorching heat and enjoy other recreational activities amidst the snow during this.
Due to Khardung La being inaccessible, visiting Nubra earlier in the cold season can prove to be a bit difficult because there is no other way to go to Nubra other than this. This route is opened in May. This time is best to visit Nubra from May to September. Children traveling to Nubra Valley during monsoons tend to get road slippery due to torrential rains, and you may have to face problems due to frequent landslides.

How to get?

If you are planning to visit Nubra Valley, the beautiful tourist destination of Jammu and Kashmir, how to reach Nubra Valley?
One can easily reach by air and road to reach Nubra Valley. It becomes difficult to reach by rail as the nearest airport to Nubra Valley is Jammu Tawi, about 750 km from Nubra Valley.
By Air
Bakula Rimpoche Airport in Leh is the closest and one of the world's highest commercial runways.
By highway
Nubra Valley is very well connected to Leh, and one has to traverse one of the highest roads in the world, the Khardung La Pass, to get here.
By Train
The nearest railway station is Jammu Tawi, about 750 kilometers away. This station is very well connected with other cities.


Nubra Valley is famous for its Banterian camel ride. The desert in Hunder village is the highest desert in the world, which remains the center of attraction of Nubra Valley and attracts many tourists. Along with visiting the beautiful Nubra Valley, tourists can buy some beautiful Kashmiri or Tibetan artifacts, pashmina shawls, wool socks, almonds, apricots, apples, and more. This valley is adorned with natural scenery and sand hills, which could make it unique and wonderful. This valley full of astonishing views is situated between two rivers, Nubra and Shyok. If you are looking forward to such an authentic and off-beat experience, then Nubra is the right place for you if you plan your trip to Nubra Valley.

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