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Taglang La Tourism

For travelers, Ladakh has always been a fascinating place. A paradise of pure air in the heights of the Himalayas, an authentic place that is difficult to access. We imagine cliffs, Buddhist monasteries overlooking immense valleys, monks in reddish robes. Taglang La Pass is a tourist destination in Ladakh, India. Taglang La is a beautiful pass in northern India home to several specimens of immaculate beauty that every adventurer should traverse once in their life. Taglang La Pass is a famous tourist place in the district and is a center of attraction for its beautiful monasteries, picturesque places, and exciting markets. Apart from this, tourists from all over the world come here for Ladakh's challenging routes, snowfall, trekking, and even adventurous activities. Let's know more about Taglang La Tourism.

About Taglang La Pass

Natural beauty in Taglang La Pass is scattered all over. How much beauty and joy you can bring to your heart from there depends on your ability and vision. The pass is surrounded by a continuous display of Rocky Mountains, which gradually become covered in white glistening powder. At some locations, sparkling streams and rivers flow through valleys and crevices. You will feel a fresh, cool breeze blowing through your face. Although the vegetation is sparse here, the landscape varies from ashen mountains to picturesque plains. Many Buddhist prayer flags are often found along the roadsides. The flags add a little color to an otherwise dull landscape. You will find the journey even more enjoyable when hundreds of goats follow you along the road, cheering you on. We had heard a lot about Taglang La Pass, the land of Lamas, and ever since we heard such epithets that Leh is like heaven, there is no place in the world like it, then we had a great desire to see it. We started preparations with great enthusiasm and zeal when we decided to go there one day. After visiting the tourist office inquired about the hotels and made the booking. Also inquired about alternative routes and means of going there.

A thrilling journey of Taglang La Pass

Since the air route near Tanglang La Pass was opened, and the road from Tanglang La Pass to Manali opened, the number of tourists going to Ladakh has increased tremendously. Earlier, this area was not convenient for tourists, and only people who went for trekking and adventurous travels could enjoy little pleasures by reaching there by their means. But now everything has become easy. Most tourists travel directly to Tanglang La Pass by air from Srinagar, Chandigarh, or Delhi. Still, for those who believe in thrilling trips and want to enjoy nature's beauty openly, there is no better option than by road. We also chose the same route and took a 24-hour bus journey from Delhi to Manali, where the real journey to Tanglang La Pass begins. Short in stature, soft-looking face with a harsh and belligerent expression. When we stopped at Keylong for tea, Wangchuck—the driver's name—said that he drives buses on this route for at most five months a year. From June to September, there is a lot of movement of people on the Leh-Manali route. After this, if the demand decreases, the state government reduces the buses from this route, sending them to another route. Taglang La has a cool climate. Even in summer, even though the days are hot, the nights can get cold. No matter the season, you will need warm clothes to wear to Taglang La pass. Winters are clear, and the climate is ideal for sightseeing. Extreme winters are typical at high altitudes. Winters can bring heavy snowfall and extreme temperature drops.
Travelers' Tips before Visiting Taglang La Pass

  • Because of the terrain and weather, a journey to Tanglang La can be difficult. Warm clothes are essential for Tanglang La's climate.
  • High altitude can pose health concerns as the pass is situated. Altitude sickness is a common occurrence due to low oxygen levels.
  • As steep roads and sharp turns can make driving difficult, it is essential to travel with an experienced driver.
  • Sturdy shoes will be the best option for walking on icy and rocky roads.
  • Get information in advance about any permits required for the trip.

It's nearly impossible to cross this road during winter. Extreme weather and altitude are always factors. It is an exciting challenge. Avoid driving on this pass if you are afraid of heights. It is relatively easy to drive compared to other roads in the area. The road is also frequented daily by buses and trucks, so you should be able to do well in any vehicle you choose, weather and oxygen permitting.

Taglang La Festival

There are posters of the Taglang La Festival at many places in the market. This festival is organized annually in the first fortnight of September at various places across Taglang La. We also chose to visit Tanglang La to enjoy the festival these days. The festival is going on in the courtyard of the Tibetan Buddhist Federation, and the famous mask dance is taking place. In a wavy row, about a dozen artists wearing masks from big and small to horror are slowly dancing and moving in a circle. Life comes to a standstill in this snow-covered region. But many festivals and festivals of Taglang La are held on these days. Annual events of most monasteries are also held during the winter months. On those occasions, in the courtyards of the monastery, there are extended music and dance dramas programs throughout the night. In these events, not only local people but people from far and wide come and become a part of this Rangotsav. These opportunities are used to make new friends and build relationships between young men and women.

Taglang La Music

Taglang La music has a tempo of its own and an almost little place in it. The songs are also slow, and unlike Bhangra, there is no place for jumps and gaiety. Heroic stories and morals are often found in these songs. Mask-dance is mainly a dance of monks. He seems to have composed this dance to add color to the monotony of the long snowy months. Archery competition is also organized after the mask dance. Archery is very popular among Taglang Las and is considered the right thing for entertainment. After the program ended in the evening, we returned to the hotel via the village. On the way, some women and men walked towards the house, carrying a load of wood on their backs. All this is a preparation for the long snowy days to come. The roof of every house in house is covered with dry wood. People and gardens are slowly engaged in storing fuel and water.

There's a lot to see in Taglang La.

Taglang La is not dull by any means. You can also visit the monastery or head to the total market. By spending a day traveling, you can absorb the unique beauty of Penang Lake of Zanskar Valley to the extent of sipping it. If you want to behold the unearthly beauty of melting snow and shining bright moonlight, then the month of April or May will be the best, and if you want to touch the blue sky amidst the scorching sun, then the four months of June to September will give you a dreamy moon. Will enjoy. How much beauty and joy you can bring to your mind and heart in Leh stay depends on your ability and vision.
Backdrop, Beauty of Taglang La passes

Beautiful views from both sides make this Tanglang La pass a thrilling drive. This pass is a beautiful place, but it also offers an adrenaline rush for adventurous people with the many rough and sharp terrains.
There is also a temple at the pass and a stone marker that indicates its altitude. This is a great way to get directions and helpful information for travelers. The soft, icy breeze can be a refreshing relief from the hustle and bustle of urban life. You can find everything from barren mountains to picturesque plains. Here, the vegetation is sparse. The roadside Buddhist prayer flags will add a little color to this otherwise bleak scene. A pastoral scene of goats running along the roadside is enough to lift your spirits. It is possible to see the daily life and culture of the Champa or Changspa people. They are semi-nomadic and speak a type of Tibetan language. They make their living by raising animals and selling their fur.

What Not to Miss near Taglang La, Ladakh

Taglang La is itself an attraction on the Manali Leh Highway. The pass is a high-altitude pass, and there is little to see. You can visit Tanglang La from Leh and combine your trip to these tourist sites with your Taglang La tour. You will be able to enjoy a stunning view from the pass. But, don't forget to explore the surrounding areas to make your trip even more memorable. These are some of the places near Taglang La:

Shanti Stupa

It is an architectural wonder that dominates the landscape. Its white-domed beauty makes it a must-see. It is situated on a hilltop with a spectacular view of Leh. It is possible to admire its architectural style and find Buddhist relics.

Thiksey Monastery - the most famous monastery

Thiksey Monastery is one of the most well-known monasteries in Ladakh. It is a stunning structure that sits in a picturesque setting. Maitreya Buddha's tall statue and more than ten temples are here. You can reach the monastery by making a quick detour on your way to Tanglang La or back to Leh. It is the largest monastery not just in Ladakh but all over India. It's located on a hillside and was initially built as a fort monastery in the early 15th century. The 12-story structure is now painted red, white, and ochre.

Excellent place near Taglang La - Magnetic Hill

This is a place near Tanglang La where you will be surprised after visiting. This is because when you put the car on the road, it automatically switches to Newton mode and starts moving towards the climb. Travelers from India and worldwide visit this site annually to witness its beauty and discover its secrets. The car goes downhill when it is seen in its proper form. However, tourists who visit this place will feel the car is moving uphill due to their optical vision. This is why we included Ladakh in our top tourist spots so that you can see it yourself after your Ladakh trip.

Namgyal Tsemo Gompa -

If you want to look for a more traditional atmosphere, the Namgyal Tsemo Gompa is the place to go. It has a striking red exterior and is home to various Buddha images and walls.

Tso Moriri Lake

This lake is also known as the Twin Lake of Pangong Lake and is found in the Changthang Region of Ladakh. This lake was the first Ramsar site in Ladakh. This lake's elevation is 4522m above sea level. Because of this, the oxygen content is lower here. The calm atmosphere is a result.

Hemis National Park and Monastery - one of the most prized possessions

It is one of Ladakh's most prized possessions. Here you will a large numbers of fauna and flora. The Park is open to the public; you can see blue sheep, snow leopards, and other unique species. Another beautiful monastery is located on the Manali Leh Highway. This monastery is located on the Manali Leh Highway.

More Plains

You can ride down to the other side of this pass to visit the magnificent more plains if you have the time. You will still ride the plains if you are coming from Manali to Leh before reaching Tanglang La.
It starts at 4 km after you have ridden uphill from Pang. Then it stretches for about 30-35km before reaching Tanglang La. This is an essential attraction for bikers traveling towards Leh from Manali. It is also known locally as Kiang Chu Thang, which means that the plains are dry, and the king cannot find water.

Where to Stay –

The hotels and guest houses of Ladakh are charming. There is suitable accommodation here. You can choose the hotel and rooms at your convenience. If you want to stay in Ladakh, you can stay at hotels like Hotel Nalanna, The Grand Dragon, The Zen, Hotel Ladakh Himalayan Retreat, and Sia-La Guest House. But if you want to stay in Leh, you can stay at Jal Guest House, Barath Hotel, and Hotel Moonland.

Best Time to Visit Taglang La –

This is one such tourist place in India where before planning to visit, you should especially get information about the best time to visit Tanglang La.
April to July
The summer season is the best time to visit Tanglang La and Ladakh. During this time, all the roads are open for tourists. The sky remains clear, and the beauty of Leh Ladakh is visible. The temperature during this season ranges from around 15°C to 30°C.
July to September
During this, there are intermittent rain showers in the adjoining areas of Ladakh. The temperature here during monsoon ranges from around three °C to 17°C.
October to March
During these months, the entire region of Ladakh remains covered with snow, and most roads remain closed. The temperature in this season remains between 0 °C and 15 °C.

How to Reach Taglang La/Ladakh –

Ladakh can be reached by plane, train, or bus. However, traveling by train is difficult because the closest railway station is in Ladakh. We will show you how to get to Taglang La/ Ladakh.

By plane
Kushok Bakula Rinpochi International Airport is the closest airport to Leh Ladakh. This airport has connections to several international airports in India, including Delhi. You can also fly from Srinagar and Jammu to Chandigarh and other popular destinations in India. To reach Tanglang La Ladakh, you can get a taxi outside the airport.
By bus
Government and private buses ply from Srinagar and Manali to Tanglang La, Ladakh. If you catch a bus to Tanglang La from Srinagar, you will come here via Zojila Darda, and if you catch a bus from Manali, you will reach Tanglang La via Rohtang Pass. The road to Srinagar is open for buses from June to October. You can also go to Taglang La by jeep or bike.
By train
The nearest railway station to Tanglang La is at Tawi, 700 km from Ladakh. Trains come to this railway station from Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, and many other important places. From the station, you can reach Ladakh by bus or cab. It will take two days to reach Ladakh by bus. This is the most inconvenient way to reach Ladakh.


The famed Taglang La Pass, the second highest mountain pass in Leh Ladakh, is Taglang La Pass. Tourists can drive through this pass in the Leh Ladakh area to reach Leh. The scenic views from both sides will make the trip unforgettable. This pass is a beautiful place, but it also has many rugged and steep terrains that offer an adventurer a chance. Taglang La pass, like the other mountain passes of Ladakh, has a temple and a stone marker that indicates the altitude. These markers and the temple proved to be extremely helpful to travelers. The journey to Taglang La Pass can be difficult. One may stop at Sarchu or Upshi, two settlements near the pass. These two places are just half an hour from Leh's civilization. To learn more about Taglang La Tourism, contact our experts.

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