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Lamayuru Tour Packages

Moonland of Ladakh, Lamayuru:
Lamayuru is a small village in India. This tiny village is famous as the moonland of Ladakh. The place Lamayuru is famous for housing one of the oldest and largest monasteries in Ladakh. Lamayuru is worth visiting the place because of its breathtaking beauty. A valley surrounded by mountains gives a heavenly view. People who like a calm atmosphere can visit this place because Lamayuru is rich in the matter of calmness. This is the best tourist destination for nature lovers as well because Lamayuru is filled with naturally beautiful places as well.

Explore the old Monastery of India, Lamayuru Monastery
Lamayuru Monastery is a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery. This is a place that is having spiritual recognition in the eyes of the world. Especially, the whole Buddhist community is religiously attached to Lamayuru Monastery because Buddhism has some roots at Lamayuru Monastery. Before writing regarding having a tour to Lamayuru Monastery, we would like to let you know some real information regarding the history of Lamayuru Monastery as it is information that a visitor should know. So keep reading the blog, we guarantee you that you will get a lot of new facts regarding Lamayuru Monastery.

Wipe out your curiosity about the founder of Lamayuru Monastery:
Before we speak some truths about the history of Lamayuru Monastery, let us tell you about the founder of Lamayuru Monastery. History says that “Naropa” was the founder of Lamayuru Monastery. He took a step toward building Lamayuru Monastery for the very first time. After that, people started focusing on Lamayuru Monastery and now a massive crowd is attached to this charismatic place in many ways.

Hidden history and some myths about the history of Lamayuru Monastery:
History tells us that Lamayuru Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in India. This Monastery is located in the city of India, Ladakh. There are a lot of myths about the history of Lamayuru Monastery. The history of Drikung tells us that there was a clear lake in the area where this Monastery is located now. This historical content also reveals that the exact place of Lamayuru Monastery was cleared by the Indian scholar Naropa (956-1041 AD) This history reveals one more secret, the Indian scholar Naropa established the very first temple in the area. The temple established by him is now known as Singh’s Ghang.

A hush-hush about the king of Ladakh:
If you are a person who fathoms history then we understand that you must be curious about the King of Ladakh. Let us tell you here that it is believed that the king of Ladakh commissioned Rinchen Zangpo to build 108 gompas in and around Ladakh, the oldest of which can still be found in Lamayuru Monastery. You can find them by the name of Seng-get-gang. This was built in the 10th century.

Do you know how many buildings this Monastery consisted of?
Originally, the Monastery consisted of 5 buildings. If you are curious to see those buildings in this era then I have some information that can make you happy regarding your desire. The news is that you can see some of those original buildings even in this era. Yes! You are reading right, if you want to explore those buildings of the monastery then pack your bag and book a ticket to Lamayuru Monastery. Indeed, you will receive some deep information regarding the history of Lamayuru Monastery by a single tour.

Where this old Lamayuru Monastery does is located?
Lamayuru Monastery is located in the Keh district, Ladakh, India. This historically old Monastery is situated on the Sri Nagar highway 15 Kilometers east of the Fotu La. Lamayuru Monastery is located at a height of 3,510 meters.

Detailed address of Lamayuru Monastery:
7QMF+6M4, B.P.O Khaltse, Ladakh, Keh, Jammu, and Kashmir 194106.

A century in which they found Lamayuru Monastery:
Lamayuru Monastery was founded in the 11th century by Mahasiddacaraya Naropa. Historical secrets are revealed by the people who are in the field of history. They say that Lamayuru Monastery has the appearance of a cave monastery with a moonlike landscape. Lamayuru Monastery is consist of five buildings. All these buildings have their rareness in architectural designs. Each corner of the monastery is rich in the matter of uniqueness.

Another famous name of Lamayuru Monastery:
The Lamayuru Monastery is also famous as the Yuru monastery. Most people know Lamayuru Monastery as Yuru monastery. So if you visit Lamayuru Monastery and the local people ask you about Yuru monastery then do not get confused, make sure to remind yourself that they are talking about Lamayuru Monastery. We hope this will help you a lot while interacting with the local community of Lamayuru Monastery.

Phone number of management of Lamayuru Monastery:
The mobile number shared by the management of Lamayuru Monastery is (+91 94697 32677 ). If you are interested in having a tour to Lamayuru Monastery and you want to explore this historically appealing place then you are requested to visit the website of Lamayuru Monastery and if you don’t get what you want then please contact on a number mentioned above. We are here to make all the tasks easy for you and rub out all the hurdles on your path, that’s why you are requested to contact them if you are facing any kind of difficulties regarding planning a tour to Lamayuru Monastery. Surely, this advice is advantageous and the action will be more beneficial. Now it’s your responsibility to take advantage. We hope that you will follow the advice and after that, you will have an amazing tour of Lamayuru Monastery.

What if a tourist is a foreigner and he/she wants to stay at Lamayuru Monastery?
If you are a foreigner, do not get any place to stay, your vacations are for a long time, and want to explore the Lamayuru Monastery in-depth then we understand that you need a residential facility at Lamayuru Monastery.
Because of that problem we are here to help you. We got some genuine information that Lamayuru Monastery offers a facility to stay. There are some hotels at Lamayuru Monastery that offers a decent stay. You can book your tickets early and stay at the booked place.

Unique architecturally designed monastery, Lamayuru Monastery:
As we mentioned above Lamayuru Monastery was built many years ago. This Monastery is having a rare architectural design because it is an old building. The Lamayuru Monastery is perched on the top of the steep hill overlooking the Lamayuru valley.
When you will climb up, you will be able to see the Lamayuru Monastery from your way. There is a winding path, and that path leads you to the main entrance.
The beauty of this place is that its paths are decorated with a series of decorated wheels. This decoration makes the journey more delightful.

Rare art on the walls I’d Lamayuru Monastery:
The whole Lamayuru Monastery is beautifully designed and decorated, but the walls of Lamayuru Monastery have their importance. These old walls of the old monastery are lined with ancient paintings and within the premises, you can find the oldest gompa in the region. These lined walls with ancient designs are adding value to the decency and beauty of this Monastery.
There is no doubt in the fact that you will be amazed to see the high-level architectural designs

The appealing thing art in the Assembly hall of Lamayuru Monastery:
There is a decoration of thanga art in the Assembly hall of Lamayuru Monastery. There are some more schools and prayer halls on the premises of the Lamayuru Monastery.
But, the Thanga art at the Lamayuru Monastery makes this place more fascinating. As this art is rare in this era. We hardly find those artists who can help us with Thangu art in a good and decent manner. The unavailability of such artists is the reason behind the lack of Thangu art in our buildings.

How can a visitor reach Lamayuru Monastery easily?
Lamayuru Monastery is not in the middle of India, but still, all the explorers have the facility to reach Lamayuru Monastery on all three major means of transportation. 
You can reach Lamayuru Monastery by car, by bus (local transport), or by air. The choice is yours because you will pay according to the facilities you are getting.
Let us tell you some detailed information regarding these three means of transportation.

By flight:
There is the closest airport that can facilitate you regarding traveling. The Leh International Airport is an airport that is close to Lamayuru Monastery. You can hire a car, book a bus, or rent a bike that will help you in traveling from Leh International Airport to the destined place at Lamayuru Monastery.

You can reach Lamayuru Monastery by traveling by car:
You can hire a car that will take you from Leh to Lamayuru Monastery. It will take approximately 2 hours to reach the Lamayuru Monastery by road because the distance between these two places is 114 km. So you can reach the destined place easily. These two hours will not irritate you if you are a traveler.

Do you like local transport?
If you are fond of local transport and want to reach Lamayuru Monastery by traveling on the local bus then you can fulfill your wish because the tracks that lead its explorers to Lamayuru Monastery offer bus transportation as well. State-run JKSRTC buses ply from Srinagar to leg, which pass by Lamayuru Monastery which is near the base of the Fotu- La pass. These buses travel from Kargil. Let yourself experience that this journey is time-consuming. But it is exciting at the same time and the bus passes through beautiful terrains. If you are having adventures soul then this time-consuming journey is best for you. Indeed, you will have an amazing experience.

We hope that you got all the gen regarding traveling to Lamayuru Monastery. Now, don’t think too much just get your bag pack, see your visibility regarding traveling to Lamayuru Monastery. Book a ticket accordingly and reach this ancient place to explore some hidden reality of history regarding Lamayuru Monastery.

Best time to visit Lamayuru Monastery:
The perfect time to visit Lamayuru Monastery is April, May, and June. These are the months of summer. A tour of Lamayuru Monastery in summer will give you a pleasant experience. The sun can seem a little harsh at that time and intense as well. The reason behind this intensity is that there is thin air. But the temperature remains between 25 degrees Celsius and 15 degrees Celsius. One best thing about a summer trip to Lamayuru Monastery is that the weather remains clear and bright. Indeed, this is the perfect time to visit Lamayuru Monastery. In July, August, and September, Lamayuru Monastery welcomes the month season of monsoon. A tour in this season will create trouble for you because of heavy rainfall. This rainfall will cause your movement toward places that you want to explore. That’s why you are advised to visit Lamayuru Monastery in the summer season. In this season, you will have a great and unforgettable experience.

Visit the rare moonland of Lamayuru:
There is a peculiar landscape near Lamayuru on Leh-Kargil Road is the moonland. The landscape of Lamayuru is said to be like the moon that’s why people consider this part of Lamayuru as Moonland.
One more reason said by people often is that on a full moon night, the area extraordinary sight to behold. This is the thing that you will not get a chance to see anywhere else. One more interesting fact about Moonland of Lamayuru is that the name “Moonland” has made this place famous among the people. There is an attraction in this name. There is an essence of appealing Ness in this name that’s why the community has started recognizing it as a famous tourist destination. Indeed, there is a reality behind giving the name moonland and this name has added a lot of value to the game of Lamayuru. The words Moonland urge listeners, readers, and viewers to must-visit Lamayuru moonland. We understand that your heart is getting attracted to this breathtakingly beautiful valley of the moon. So, do not waste your time thinking and visit the moonland of Lamayuru.

Lamayuru will not let you stay hungry:
Most of the tourists are big foody. If you are an explorer and foody at the same time and worried about the food. You are thinking that what you will get to eat at Lamayuru Valley then read the upcoming content with smiling eyes. Because I am going to tell you about the most famous food points of Lamayuru where you will get tasty food at a very reasonable expense.

Get rid of hunger at Lamayuru Restaurant:
Lamayuru Restaurant is the most famous restaurant in Lamayuru Valley. The services offered by Lamayuru restaurant and the food served by the chefs of Lamayuru Restaurant have made this food point valuable for the foody tourist Community.
Because of excellent services and tasty food, people come from different places to visit Lamayuru Restaurant to have a portion of tasty food. The environment is neat and clean and if you go there, they will not let you wait more than 15 minutes for food after ordering the food of your choice.

Have some Chinese at the china border:
The Lamayuru restaurant is famous for Chinese food. If you go there, you will be served an extreme level of tasty Chinese food. Such dishes are the specialty of The Lamayuru Restaurant. The chicken Chow Mein, Chicken Momod, chicken fried rice, and many more are offered to all the people who reach the restaurant
We can hardly guarantee any person, place, or food point. But I believe that the Lamayuru Restaurant is a place that will facilitate you in the best manner. If you are in Lamayuru or planning a tour to the valley, Lamayuru then I would advise you to must visit the Lamayuru Restaurant.

Lamayuru offers its explorers a decent residency:
If you are planning a long tour to Lamayuru and want to explore all the tourist destinations in-depth then stop worrying because Lamayuru offers a decent residency at very affordable prices. There are a lot of hotels, and guest houses that offer the best stay to all the visitors of Lamayuru.
They do not facilitate you with a decent stay but they offer good food as well. So if you will go there, you will get two advantages at the Hotels of Lamayuru Valley.

Make your stay precious at Moonland Hotel, Lamayuru:
Moonland Hotel of Lamayuru is a very famous hotel for Lamayuru. This appealing hotel offers all those facilities that are needed by a tourist. Room, feed, and beautiful view are all matters when choosing a hotel for a stay.

Rooms of Moonland Hotel:
The rooms at Moonland hotel are very decent. They offer fully furnished neat and clean rooms with large space at a very reasonable price. Indeed, all the people who will stay there will have an amazing time in the calm surroundings of Moonland Hotel, Lamayuru.

Appealing view from the windows of Moonland Hotel, Lamayuru:
This charming hotel of Lamayuru offers such rooms from where you can see Lamayuru Monastery very easily. There is a garden at the Moonland Hotel of Lamayuru that can be seen from the windows. These beautiful views add value to the calmness of the moonland hotel of Lamayuru.
Indeed, we hardly get such stays that give a heavenly feeling to our soul.

Food of Moonland Hotel, Lamayuru:
You will get very tasty food at a reasonable price at Moonland Hotel, Lamayuru. The variety of food at the Moonland hotel is very impressive. You can get any food of your choice very easily. The taste of the food is also good and prices are affordable as well.

These three facilities are revealing the secret that you will not face any difficulty regarding decent stay, eatable food, and beautiful views. All these perks are available at Moonland Hotel, Lamayuru.
So stop worrying! Book your room at the Moonland Hotel, Lamayuru, and enjoy your vacation at the majestic Lamayuru Valley.

At the end of this detailed blog, I hope that you reached the end with a blushy heart. Your soul must be curious about a visit to such a spectacular place. Fill out the curiosity of your inner persona. Go there, and breathe in the breathtaking beauty and dirt-free air of Lamayuru Valley. Wipe out all the negativity by having a yoga experience at the calmness of this magical point. Let your heart speak some unspoken stories in front of the green trees of this valley of mountains, under the clear sky. Have an experience of star counting in the night when there will be no rush in your surroundings. One of the renowned writers says that a tourist is blessed in one way and other people cannot reach that blessing. Now here I want to ask do you know that blessing. Are you curious about that blessing that tourists have and people who mostly don’t travel did not have that blessing? The writer says that a tourist is blessed with one opportunity that he can experience sun the rise in different places of the world. And the pain point of that quotation is that he says that tourists can see different sceneries of sunrise. They can experience an appealing sunrise again and again. So if you are a passionate traveler then must experience the sunrise at Lamayuru Valley. Secondly, The Lamayuru restaurant is famous for Punjabi food and chinses food. If you will go there once in your life indeed your tongue will taste the best salon there. So don’t think too much, just be active about your tour to Lamayuru Valley and get your ticket booked quickly. Book a resort, hotel, or guest house of your choice and have an amazing stay there. EEnjoyin the valley of spirituality, greenery, and calmness.


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