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Kathmandu Tour Package

To explore this treasure at its best, travelers must book a bespoke Kathmandu trip package. Kathmandu is well-known as the capital city of Asia's most populous and exciting Himalayan state. A visit to Kathmandu would be a superb combination of cultural sophistication and traditional old-world beauty located in the Himalayan foothills.

Apart from the gorgeous Kathmandu Valley, which is a must-see tourist destination, Kathmandu has a plethora of sites to explore that are known for their tranquil and natural beauty. For a thorough experience, major sights like Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath Statue, Boudhanath Temple, Durbar Square, Hanuman Dhoka, and Narayanhity Palace must be included in any Kathmandu tour package. Allow its wonderful culture, astounding natural beauty, and distinct architecture to entice you to stay for a few more days at this exquisite destination nestled in the Himalayan home.

Kathmandu travel packages have been meticulously planned to provide you with all of the fantastic facilities that will make your stay pleasant and hassle-free, as well as your journey unforgettable. There is no reason to delay a trip to Kathmandu. So, make a reservation with us right now! With a Kathmandu vacation package, embark on a thrilling adventure through the backstreets of this fascinating city. Walk through secret temples lined with marigolds and crowded with small hobbit-sized workshops to learn about its ageless cultural and creative legacy. And, while discovering this intriguing place, have an unforgettable experience that will keep you fascinated for the duration of your journey. Because of its proximity to the Himalayas, visitors may anticipate their Kathmandu flight packages to be exciting enough to satisfy their inner adrenaline seeker. Personalized Kathmandu holiday packages include everything from mountain biking to backpacking in the Kathmandu Valley, from hiking the frozen Gosaikunda Lake to trekking on the numerous trails in the Langtang National Park, from witnessing the grandeur of iconic stupas to shopping endlessly in Thamel's commercial street. Shopping has to be at the top of the list of must-do activities for everyone visiting Kathmandu. Kathmandu hailed as a vibrant shopper's paradise is known for its colorful shops, busy malls, and shopping centers as much as it is for its street shopping. Travelers on Kathmandu vacation packages with flights have plenty of time to explore the street markets and shop their hearts out. This article discusses why a trip to Kathmandu is virtually mandatory, as well as provides information on the capital's various landmarks and attractions.

History of Kathmandu

Many phenomena and legendary truths about Kathmandu astonish us when we go into its past. Kathmandu's cultural and heritage past sounds epic, with countless momentous events and revolutionary activities. From the time the valley was discovered until now, the country has been ruled by several monarchs and invaders. All of their reminiscences in the shape of gigantic structures, temples, inscriptions, statues, and other artefacts tell about Kathmandu's rich past.

In a nutshell, Kathmandu's history begins with Manjushree and continues through the Licchavi, Malla, Shah, and Rana dynasties. Kathmandu's history can be traced back to around 300 BCE.

Why will you love Kathmandu?

Kathmandu is undoubtedly one of the greatest places to visit for spiritual refreshment and religious renewal. The culture that has existed for a long time is a call to action. Explore! Kathmandu's historic temples, shrines, and stupas are a powerhouse of unparalleled beauty.
Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Changunarayan, and Boudha Stupa are all UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu Valley. These are Kathmandu's main tourist attractions. Thousands of tourists visit Nepal each year to see these historical landmarks in Kathmandu.
Kathmandu is unquestionably a photographer's dream—the streets, temples, stupas, shrines, Newari culture, and everything about Kathmandu give shooting opportunities around every corner. There's even more.
Many of us have lost interest in Kathmandu's buzz and bustle. More than 3 million people currently live in the congested metropolis. Kathmandu, Nepal's capital, is the country's largest city. Despite Kathmandu's overcrowding, you may spend days or even weeks there and not get enough of it. I'm sure you'll agree.
Car horns, clogged streets, and pollution are all things that should be ignored and let go of. You must do it, believe me. However, Kathmandu's mystique and allure surpass them. Kathmandu has an exhilarating quality about it for some reason. Tourist-friendly restaurants, taverns, and motels line the bustling streets.
Thamel is mostly a tourist destination and a backpacker's paradise. Thamel is filled with stores offering everything from Pashminas to jewelry to handicrafts. In a word, Thamel has everything you need for trekking in the Himalayas or buying mementos to take home.

Historical Monuments in Kathmandu      

Square of Hanumandhoka

It is situated in the main center of Kathmandu. From here, the Malla King rules over Kathmandu. Following the conquering of the Kathmandu valley, King Prithvi Narayan Shah established himself as the capital of a united Nepal. Partap Malla is supposed to have erected a Hanuman statue here, which he named Hanumandhoka. The historical heritages here include Hanumandhoka, Basantapur, Taleju Temple, Musuem, House of Kumari, Kasthamandap, a Kettleddrum, and others. Many heritages in this area were damaged by the big earthquake of April 25, 2015.

Square of Patan Darbar

It was the residence of the Malla King during mediaeval Nepal. It is located in the district of Lalitpur. Krishna Temple is a Malla art and architecture marvel with 21 golden pinnacles. There are also Bhimsen temples, Bishwanath temples, Jagat Narayan temples, Yog Narendra Malla statues, Mahabuddha, Kumbheshor Mahadev, Rato Machhindranath Temples, and more temples. The large earthquake on April 25, 2015, destroyed several heritages in this area.

Temple of Changunarayan

It is the Kathmandu Valley's oldest temple, located in the Bhaktapur district. It was constructed in the 5th century during the reign of Lichchhavi King Mandev. The temple is constructed in the pagoda style. Stone inscriptions, stones, wood, and metallic arts all have high-class models. It is one of the four Narayan shrines in Kathmandu.

Stupa Swyambhunath

The Swyambhunath Stupa, perched atop a hill in Kathmandu, is a prominent holy site and an instantly identifiable symbol of religious tolerance, beside the Hindu goddess Saraswati's shrine. Other stupas and idols can also be found. Near the Swyambhunath stupa, the world's largest Buddha statue was just erected. Many heritages in this area were damaged by the big earthquake of April 25, 2015.

Darbar Square in Bhaktapur

Malla King's residence was in the Bhaktapur district. The mind-blowing creative elements of Bhaktapur include the darbar plaza, Nyathapola temple, a monument of King Bhupatindra Malla, Bhaktapur museum, Art gallery, Golden gate, Datatraya temples, and others.

What are the top fascinations to visit in Kathmandu?       

Temple of Pashupatinath

This Hindu temple will fill you with a powerful religious feeling. By paying 1000 NPR to access the temple on the bank of the Bagmati River, one can see Hindu cremation with all the rites. Although the admission cost appears to be high, it is well worth the money to experience Hindu culture in its original form. It is best to hire a guide who is familiar with the Hindu religion to visit this temple. Pashupati Nath Road 44621, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal is the location.

Stupa of Boudhanath

The most renowned world heritage site is Boudhanath Stupa, which is said to have been built after Buddha's death. The Stupa is home to over 50 monasteries and serves as a haven for monks and Tibetan exiles. The architecture is remarkable in that it is built with a large amount of gold and will leave you speechless. Kathmandu Metropolitan City-6, Boudha Rd, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

Monastery of Kopan

On the top of the hill, there is a quiet location far away from the rush and bustle of the city. This location is steeped in Tibetan culture and provides meditation classes and fresh ways of learning that will give your mind and spirit new life. Take a break from your daily routine, let go of your tension, and immerse yourself in the deep experience of yoga to uncover your inner self. Location: 44600 Kathmandu, Nepal

Chandragiri Mountains

Prepare to trek into the fog and foggy mountains at this location. Feel close to nature as you ascend 2500 meters above ground level via cable car. Visit this location to realize your goal of traveling into the sky by taking in the beauty of the temple and learning about the local culture. Don't miss the mouth-watering meals once you've descended the rope. So, even if you're dining in the middle of nature, you'll need something more! Kulekhani-Phakhel-Matatirtha Rd, Chandragiri, Nepal 44600

Dabali Basantapur

This venue features a large open space with its unique architecture where you can wander about, watch the city bustle, and shop. Go to the stores and check over the products in peace; hawkers are easy to chat to, humble, and modest. Freak Street, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal


This sacred site will show you a one-of-a-kind statue of Vishnu sleeping. It is uncommon to see Lord Vishnu sleeping over the serpent anywhere around the globe. Along with this unusual sight, immerse yourself in the temple's sacred atmosphere and learn how to pray in the Hindu way. Budhanilkantha 44606, Nepal is the location.


Asan is a destination where you may learn about Kathmandu's culture via its food and products. It begins early in the morning; you may go for a stroll as early as 6 a.m. to avoid the crowds. Eat seasonal culinary items at the market and go on a trip to uncover distinctive Kathmandu products and learn about Newar culture, which is one of Kathmandu's communities.

The Dream Garden

Take a trip through this garden, which is noted for having a European garden style. It attracts people because of its nice surroundings and visual attractiveness. The 200 rupee ticket is worth the peace of mind gained from sitting here for hours admiring its beauty. Get away from the city's dust and reward yourself with some time in nature. Tridevi Sadak is located in Kathmandu, Nepal, 44600.

Handicrafts by Local Women

Without shopping, no tour is complete. You may buy unique handmade textiles and crafts at this local women's handicraft boutique. You may also engage in discussion with local ladies who would be pleased to educate you about their handcrafted goods. Take a collection of memories from Kathmandu and turn them into handicrafts. Paknajol Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal is the location.

Museum of Narayanhiti Palace

Take a tour of the Narayanhiti Palace Museum to learn about Nepal's royal family's history. The palace is divided into three sections, each of which fulfilled a particular role during the reign of the monarch. It is recommended that you engage a guide who will narrate the narrative of Nepal's king from the beginning to the finish when the throne was eventually removed from the family. North Gate Rd, Narayanhiti Palace Museum, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

Tip for those who are going on a Kathmandu tour        

  • A valid passport, as well as entrance and departure tickets, are required for a Kathmandu visa on arrival, which may be obtained quickly at the Tribhuvan International Airport.
  • The ideal months to visit Kathmandu are September through April. From May through September, the rainy season makes travel hard.
  • Nepal Rupee is the local currency in Kathmandu; 5 USD equals around 600NPR. Dinner will set you back roughly 500 rupees. Currency conversion on the streets and at ATMs is quite convenient. 
  • • Nepali is the official language, and although English may be used to communicate in key tourist areas; Kathmandu is a safe place to visit.
  • Nepal is a multi-religious nation with typically pleasant people and excellent city security management. However, Nepal has frequent power disruptions. It's better not to walk out alone at night, and you should be extra cautious in the event of a power outage.

Where to stay in Kathmandu

The Thamel neighborhood caters to tourists visiting Kathmandu, which is bright, spiritual, crowded, and culturally rich. This tangle of streets and alleyways, which was inhabited and gentrified by hippies in the 1970s, is the ideal neighborhood to stay in Kathmandu. While it is as busy and exciting as the rest of town, it is also safe and provides all of the amenities visitors require to have a pleasant stay.
Thamel is essentially one big bazaar that encompasses the entire neighbourhood for souvenir hunters. The streets are lined with shops, booths, and pop-up businesses, with shop owners willing to negotiate and haggle. Tourists are catered to by a variety of hotels and restaurants, which serve meals at various price ranges and levels of service. Try one of the street sellers for a quick and easy dinner with a local flavour and a low price tag. Thamel also has a variety of fine dining and foreign cuisine selections.
The Garden of Dreams is a delightful respite from the bustle of this bustling neighbourhood. With six large pavilions, the park honors Nepal's six seasons. The well-kept, lush lawns are great for unwinding with a good book. The Garden of Dreams also has a small cafe, which is ideal for sipping a traditional Nepalese tea.
Thamel is quite walkable and connected to the rest of Kathmandu's core district. Taxis are also an option; however, traffic in Kathmandu may develop rapidly. Thamel is a 20-minute drive from Tribhuvan International Airport, and it may be reached by bus.

How to get it?

By Air

Flying from India is the most effective way to get to Kathmandu. The country's busiest and most popular airport, Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, is barely 6 kilometers from the city. It connects to a variety of Indian cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Pune, and Bangalore, and travels 800 kilometers in around 1 hour and 30 minutes. The international terminal connects Kathmandu, and hence Nepal, to over 30 cities in Europe and Asia. The most popular airlines that travel from India to Kathmandu are Air India and Jet Airways.


By Highway

There are various road links between India and Kathmandu, and both nations' citizens utilize them regularly. The busiest India-Nepal border crossing is Sunaili, which is accessible from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. Raxaul crossing in Bihar, near Patna, is also often frequented, despite the town's lack of excitement.
There are also direct bus routes from Delhi, Varanasi, and Raxaul to Kathmandu, which take between 7 and 10 hours depending on the starting point. The Panitanki border is the greatest alternative for persons residing in India's east — West Bengal, Sikkim, and the north-eastern provinces. From Siliguri in West Bengal and Gangtok in Sikkim, buses, jeeps, and leased automobiles run to Kathmandu. The travel will take between 14 and 16 hours.

By Train

To travel by train from India to Kathmandu, take the Delhi-UP route. The nearest railway station to Kathmandu is Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, which is easily accessible from Delhi. Although there is no direct train from India to Kathmandu, Nepal, this is the closest you can go. A railway line existed between Janakpur in Nepal and Jainagar in India, however, it is now defunct. The remaining distance must be traveled by road from Gorakhpur. Local buses or jeeps may take you to the border at Sunauli in 3 hours, and there are overnight buses from Bhairawa to Kathmandu.

Rental cars services in Kathmandu

In Kathmandu and the surrounding areas, most automobile rental firms provide hassle-free and courteous travel services. You may be confident in terms of safety and comfort because the vehicles are new and in good shape. Remember to ask about the varied prices that apply if you use your car's air conditioning. To get a thorough picture of the costs, request both air conditioning and non-air conditioning prices. If you reserve before arriving in Kathmandu, you can pay an extra cost to have your luggage picked up from the airport.
In terms of mesmerizing vistas, exhilarating hikes, enticing road routes with picturesque marvels, wonderful shopping opportunities, and mouthwatering cuisine, Nepal is a little nation with a lot to offer. Plan a vacation to see nature at its best by driving about and exploring the area. So check out these Kathmandu vehicle rentals and begin your journey.

Important instructions when you rent your car.                                  

  • Approximately 60% of Nepali roads are hard-surfaced and coated with gravel. In the Highlands, they are particularly neglected.
  • To drive here, you must be a skilled driver who is also highly observant. The roads in certain areas are also unsafe and dangerous.
  •  As you are probably unfamiliar with this area, it is best to drive slowly and cautiously. In Nepal, drivers must drive on the right side of the road and overtake on the left.
  • Headlights should be utilized at night and when there is less than 100 meters of visibility on the road. Dipped lights must also be utilized during daytime hours from October to March, according to the law.

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