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Nagarkot Tour Packages

Nepal's cultural capital, Kathmandu, is the entry point to the country's many outdoor adventures. As you stroll through the bustling streets, you will find an eclectic mix of historical sites, temples, and shrines. Nagarkot is the best place in Nepal to capture stunning views of the Himalayan range without much effort. Located near Bhaktapur in the suburb of Kathmandu Valley, it is a famous destination for its natural landscapes and beautiful sunsets. You can go hiking, mountain biking, or try paragliding if you're feeling adventurous. Nagarkot is one of the most accessible places in Nepal to enjoy views of the Himalayas, including the mythical Mount Everest. It is a perfect city to relax, breathe the mountain air and admire the panoramic views of the Kathmandu Valley. This locality is the most popular hill station around the Kathmandu valley to enjoy magnificent sunrises and sunsets. It has one of the best views of the snowy mountains of the Kathmandu Valley from here. Here we will know all about Nagarkot tourism.

Where is Nagarkot?

Nagarkot is more than 2,000 meters above sea level and 28 kilometers from Kathmandu International Airport, located in a strategic location, as it was an ancient fortress of the Kathmandu Valley to supervise the external activities of the kingdoms of the zone. Years later, it was a summer retreat for royal dignitaries from Britain, Nepal, India, and the royal family. This idyllic place is now one of Asia's most popular tourist destinations.

About Nagarkot

Nagarkot is a significant tourist destination close to Kathmandu. From Nagarkot, you can get a good view. It's fun to spend time with family here. There are all kinds of hotels here, from cheap to expensive. From Nagarkot, one can see the beautiful scenery of Kathmandu Valley. You can see the smiling mountains nearby from the view tower on Nagarkot hill. Nagarkot is also famous for watching sunrise and sunset. Nagarkot is a world-famous resort in the Himalayas. It is located in the mountains at an altitude of 2195 meters above sea level. In the east, it borders the Kathmandu valley, and in the northeast on Bhaktapur. Nagarkot means "city of fortresses." In ancient times, this city was an important trade route from Tibet. Today, the city's economy is based on tourism, rice and vegetable production, and the production of carpets and textiles. Nagarkot is undoubtedly one of the country's most picturesque and exciting areas, attracting tourists worldwide. This jewel of the Himalayas is hidden from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Kathmandu has no debilitating heat, dust, smoke, smog, and crazy crowds, but there is a fresh wind in the mountains, the Sun, and blissful peace and tranquility. Nagarkot belongs to Bhaktapur district and Bagmati district. From the district center of Bhaktalur, Nagarkot can also be reached by bus or taxi. The best way to get to Nagarkot is by rental car or taxi. Tour buses are also a good way out and are comfortable and inexpensive. The trip from the international airport by car takes about 40 minutes. The scenic drive to Nagarkot is an exciting journey along winding mountain roads. The path leads through the ancient city of Bhaktapur and tiny surrounding villages. From the car's windows, you will see mountains and their snow-capped peaks, green valleys, Temples, and many local irresistible creations of nature. Most of the locals profess Hinduism. There are also Buddhists and atheists. The climate here is unique. During the day, it is hot, the Sun is intense and burning, and at night it is cold. It can be much more out in Nagarkot than in Kathmandu, especially during winter. The most challenging and driest time lasts from November to February. The heat is from May to September. The rainy month is July. The best time to travel to Nagarkot is October, November, and March to May. The sky is usually straightforward and cloudless, and the mountains are apparent during these periods. It's time for hiking. When flowers bloom in the spring, all nature comes to life, and in autumn, the air is crystal clear, and visibility in the mountains is excellent. In winter, a lot of snow falls, making it difficult to hike in the mountains. In addition, some roads may be closed. In summer, there is a period of monsoon rains. The hills become unsuitable and dangerous for walking. Nagarkot is a resort place where you can have a great vacation. Tourists are attracted primarily by the incredible beauty of nature, clean mountain air, and excellent hotel service. Nagarkot is famous for breathtaking views of the Himalayas, charming sunsets, and sunrises.

Why Nagarkot?

For the beautiful view of the Himalayas. Nagarkot is a place where you can see the valleys from the top. In the afternoon, the valleys were clear, but the clouds were constantly above the Himalayas. We thought we'd wake up at 6 am and try our luck. We waited for the rain to stop. We went for a walk around 9. We started walking towards the Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail from where we left. After walking for about an hour, we couldn't see the Himalayas, so we thought we had no chance. While we were returning, the clouds parted for a while. While we were looking for the Himalayas at eye level, it turned out that the 7234-meter-high Langtang Himali was greeting us from above. We took the bus instead of a taxi on our way back. The time of the bus is not confirmed. We left the hotel and walked until we saw a bus at the village entrance. Buses cost 40-50 rupees per person. After a long wait, we drove from Nagarkot to Bhaktapur and back to Kathmandu.

The reasons that will make you visit Nagarkot

It's a captivating return to the source.

If you want to experience a site off the beaten track, a setting like Nagarkot is perfect. It is a friendly village in Nepal located in the Bagmati area. It's not a skyscraper concert that awaits you but a warm and welcoming setting to relax. Its habitats are beautiful and arranged in a graceful style. Your stay will take place in a very advanced natural context. You will like it! This village has something magical. Indeed it does not have extravagant assets, but there reigns a joie de vivre that will overwhelm you.

It's a magnificent observation tower.

As in a nature reserve, Nagarkot represents an exceptional watchtower. It's almost hypnotizing. By looking at the famous Himalayan massif in your viewfinder, you will feel like you are growing wings. Admiration will make your mind take off. The sunset is irresistible from this place. You'll never see something so shiny again! Everything will happen so quickly that you will not realize it. Give yourself the best angle of view to fully enjoy the show and take multiple photos as much as possible.

The Kathmandu Valley is extraordinary.

Nagarkot has located about 33 km from the capital Kathmandu. The latter has a valley highly rich in attractions. It is undoubtedly a place blessed by the Gods! The famous Kathmandu Valley will hold no secrets for you! Its myriad of jewels will surely thrill you. The elegant Swayambunath Stupa, an important Buddhist and Hindu religious building, will open its doors to you. You can visit it, as well as the sparkling holy Bagmati River and the Pashupatinath temple, a place of cremation. A detour in this valley is an option to consider.

It's a lovely trekking ground.

In line with most of the suspended cities, the Nagarkot hike will be very beneficial to you! Experience it! Here it can take place in two parts. Some decide to do it to reach the village by leaving Kathmandu. It will be for them a cocktail of fascinating landscapes. Adorable biodiversity will reveal itself to them! Those who choose to do it in Nagarkot will see life differently. Habits being pure, you'll see buses overloaded with students returning from classes, and especially the heavy loads lifted by native women. Surely unheard of for you, isn't it? That's what makes the charm of this super pretty village.

The people are very welcoming.

Even in medicine, hospitality is a first-rate treatment. Good humor can make you move mountains. This locality is known for the hospitality of its inhabitants. You will learn it the hard way! Everyone you meet will greet you enthusiastically! Solidarity is very remarkable in this region. Nothing will be worth the passage to Nagarkot! This very hard-working person will pleasantly surprise you. Once you are there, learn from the local way of life and enjoy the enormous natural advantages of the locality. This descent in Nepal will be a real success for you.

Things to do in Nagarkot

Among all the places to see the mountain in the Kathmandu valley, Nagarkot is generally considered the best. Views range from Dhaulagir in the west to Kanchenjunga in the east. Many people go to Nagarkot in the afternoon, stay in a hotel in Nagarkot and get up at dawn to see the Himalayan Mountains at sunrise. Nagarkot is not a place that stands out for its beautiful monuments or impressive architecture. The tourist's initial idea of visiting Nagarkot is to relax and contemplate the Himalayas. We leave some of the best experiences that can be done during the stay in Nagarkot.

Sunrise views – See Mount Everest from Nagarkot

Sunset is one of the magical moments when visiting Nagarkot. The lodges are designed so that most have views of the Himalayas. The last rays offer us an orange sky while the Sun descends through the mountains. There is an observation tower in Nagarkot, which is famous for sunrise viewing. The ideal would be to trek to the observation tower early in the morning, enjoy the way with the sunrise breeze, and see the sunrise over the Himalayas. But the truth is that most people see it from their hotel since going to the tower means getting up early. Nagarkot is not only famous for its sunrise views but also sunset views. Catching the Sun breaking through the valley and setting beyond it is very satisfying. You can take a cultural sightseeing tour in Bhaktapur and then move to Nagarkot for an overnight stay. You can visit the fantastic World Heritage monuments in Bhaktapur and see the sunset view from Nagarkot.

Paragliding in Nagarkot

Paragliding in Nagarkot is an impressive experience in which you get an adrenaline rush enjoying the unique wild nature and landscape of the Himalayas, forests, green valleys, and Tamang villages.
The paraglider is handled by fully trained and experienced guides and pilots, belonging to a professional company registered with the Nepalese Civil Aviation Authority and Air Sports Association.

Trekking and Hiking in Nagarkot, Nepal

Hiking, whether on trails or in the mountains, is an activity that almost everyone who comes to Nagarkot wants. Perhaps the one that reaches the Changu Narayan Temple is best known for its beauty. The trip from Nagarkot to Changu Narayan connects the two most popular tourist destinations near the Kathmandu Valley. These two destinations are far from the hustle and bustle. Both places have their uniqueness and are unique places to visit. Walking, you can contemplate the great mountain ridges and the snowy terrain surrounding them. Along the way, you'll have some fantastic viewpoints. The trek between Nagarkot and Changu Narayan is a beautiful trek along excellent lush green trails. You can see the historic city of Bhaktapur from impressive viewpoints. We will visit the Changu Narayan temple, universally recognized as the most splendid example of the Pagoda style in Nepal.

Flight to Everest

A clear day with excellent visibility will allow you to see Everest from Nagarkot and other significant Himalayas mountains. The fact that you can see Mt. Everest makes Nagarkot more popular as a tourist destination in the area. One of the most exciting activities we offer our clients is a flight through the size of ??this mythical mountain. You will be able to fly over the highest peak on the planet and other great mountains of the Himalayas. It is a panoramic or scenic flight with planes specially adapted to pass in those areas.

Stay in Nagarkot

Nagarkot has many hotels to suit your budget and taste. In my case, we were pampered at the Mystic Mountain Hotel, which overlooked the Nagarkot Valley. The Infinity Pool was the perfect place to enjoy the cool water and views of the valley. The fascination of Nagarkot did not leave us a minute. Even the dining room of the hotel faced the valley. It seemed ideal to make the most of our short stay in Nagarkot. Although we were at the end of our 10-day trip to Nepal and we wanted to go home, we felt attracted to the place, which tempted us to stay one day longer. We could have delayed our departure by only a few hours, but it was a pity when we left. In retrospect, it was just as good to come back here with Ash's hope, which I still have. The one who will bring me back to experience the magical romance of the Sun and the mountains with Ash in Nagarkot.

Travel tips

  • There are no fees for SAARC citizens to visit Nagarkot, but non-SAARC citizens will have to pay a minimum fee of 300 Nepalese rupees to enter here.
  • It's great to visit here at any time of the year. From March to May is excellent for those who want to go on an adventure trail.
  • Warm clothes are recommended for evenings and early mornings. If you visit in the winter, you may also need heavier jackets.
  • This place is great option for relax.
  • Book your accommodation in advance.
  • Seek the help of locals or the hotel when heading to one of the nature trails. It is best to take a guide to accompany you to be safe.
  • Please keep the place clean as it is still relatively intact.


Being at a high altitude, the weather in Nagarkot is quite changeable. The best time to visit Nagarkot is during the spring and autumn months. The weather is nice in spring, and the hills look very pretty with the most colorful flowers in full bloom. The heat will make outdoor activities a bit difficult during the summer months. Sometimes there is also heavy rain, making it difficult to stay there as a tourist.

How to get to Nagarkot?

Nagarkot is the perfect destination for travelers who want to experience the beauty and majesty of the Himalayas without strenuous physical activity; Nagarkot is best known for its views of the mountains and the Kathmandu Valley. Situated on a high ridge northeast of Bhaktapur, the village of about 4,500 inhabitants overlooks eight Himalayan ranges. There are numerous ways to get to Nagarkot, such as renting a private car from Kathmandu, taxiing, or taking the bus from Thamel to Nagarkot. We recommend visiting Nagarkot by making a circuit with our agency like the one we offer touring the north of India and Nepal.

Final Thoughts

Whether you climb the slopes of Mount Everest or pay homage to the birthplace of Buddha, a trip to Nepal is a top destination for many travelers. Situated in the Himalayan mountain range between China and India in South Asia, the country boasts some of the most diverse landscapes, from snow-capped mountains to subtropical forests. Nepal's culture is just as diverse, filled with centuries-old temples and shrines, an abundance of colorful festivals, and an abundance of exotic items that you can view and purchase. Nepal's best and most fantastic place to capture stunning views of the Himalayan range without much effort. Located near Bhaktapur in the suburbs of the Kathmandu Valley, it is a famous destination with its natural landscapes and beautiful sunsets. Admire the views as you land on a high ridge in this small town, or sign up for one of the adrenaline-pumping activities available nearby. You can go hiking, mountain biking, or try paragliding if you feel adventurous. From adrenaline-filled activities such as mountaineering, kayaking, and paragliding to leisurely walks through medieval temples and hidden palaces, this Nagarkot tourism offers more memorable travel experiences than can be gathered in one visit.

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