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Mirissa Tour Packages

Mirissa Sri Lanka – On a trip to Sri Lanka, we mostly expected to see stunning mountainous landscapes and old historical sites. But while browsing the south of the island, I was pleasantly surprised to see many heavenly beaches. And my favorite city to enjoy the sun and the beach is undoubtedly Mirissa. It is indeed here that I found the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka, and I had a relaxing and super pleasant stay there! This article will tell you about my favorite spots to enjoy the beach and other exciting places to visit in Mirissa and its surroundings. Here are some tips and practical information to organize your exciting trip to Mirissa.

About Mirissa

Mirissa is famous for its gorgeous beaches, plenty of turtles, and exciting activities. This coastal town in the south is a must-see for backpackers. In addition to the many sights, Mirissa is full of delicious restaurants and cool bars. This is the place to enjoy typical Sri Lankan cuisine and a bowl of healthy smoothies for the foodies among us. Mirissa is an attractive coastal town centrally located about 150 kilometers from Colombo. Mirissa is a seaside resort relatively preserved from mass tourism, quite festive, and attracts many young travelers. This beautiful little corner of paradise is perfect for swimming, the beach protected by a crescent-shaped bay. You can also surf there in a limited space. Many restaurants with their feet in the sand offer more or less the same menus. The other attraction of Mirissa is the many opportunities for sea excursions to observe whales, killer whales, and dolphins... The observation season extends from August to the end of April. An unforgettable experience!

Reasons why you should visit Mirissa beach

Because it’s incredibly exceptional location will amaze you

Mirissa beach is a luxurious and adorable destination, breathtakingly beautiful! It is a unique, heavenly beach. Its natural side will fascinate you. Although the tsunami did enormous damage there, it did not alter its beauty. Located 10 km from Matara, it is bordered by a magnificent curtain of coconut palms. It is a beach as far as the eye can see, authentic and minimalist, and lively enough for you to find happiness, rest, and idleness there. Here you can indulge in magnificent water and sports activities and observe whales, turtles, etc.

You will discover the charming village of Mirissa.

It is a radiant village full of life. It will offer you remarkable views. Small, this village located at the edge of the water has always maintained its vivid colors. The charm of a local resort will captivate you! You will see sparkling huts to have a drink or eat on the beach, a famous street with incredible shops! Its crescent beach will offer you white sand, coconut trees, and a turquoise sea. If you go mainly for idleness, you will have the possibility of diving with a mask or tuba, and in season, you will be able to observe whales.

You will admire the famous fishers of Ahangama.

Visiting Mirissa Beach has a lot of interest, and not the least. One of the big interests for you is watching the famous stilt fishers. Their way of fishing is mind-blowing and attracts a flow of travelers from all over the world! If you want to go there, two times a day will favor you. You can go early in the morning between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m., and in the evening around 5 p.m. In the evening, this show becomes a unique attraction that can be changed! Your stay will be rich in memories and activities.

The canoe descent on the surrounding river will amaze you.

Kalu Ganga River is one of the most magnificent rivers near Mirissa beach. On the river, you will have the opportunity to take an incomparable canoe cruise. You will live a unique moment during this little journey. You can admire the vegetation, diamond diggers, wild animals, and birds. Different stops are planned near the river, and you can enjoy a picnic for your happiness! Concoct yourself a meal of Sri Lankan specialties prepared by a family from the neighboring village. You will have a memorable evening around the fire.

You will enjoy delicious meals.

If you love tasty food, this beach will undoubtedly have you. It has restaurants with a wide variety of dishes that will delight you. In particular, you can taste excellent specialties made from oysters, the region's flagship product. The dessert will dazzle you! It is a delicate maple leaf-shaped brioche filled with red bean paste that comes in many ways. She immensely adored Mirissa. This bubble of greenery will be tough for you to leave once you have discovered its many charms. Mirissa Beach will be a memorable experience for you.

Best places to visit in Mirissa

The small fishing village of Mirissa is one of the coziest yet not overcrowded corners of Sri Lanka. Perhaps that is why the resort, located on the coast of the Indian Ocean, is so loved by surfers and fans of a calm, secluded holiday surrounded by stunning nature. There are practically no historical sites in Mirissa, but there are clean, deserted beaches, beautiful cliffs, a fresh breeze, and an atmosphere for travelers from all over the world to come here. It is incredibly comfortable and deserted here at the end of the tourist season.

The Statue of Kushtarajagala

The statue of Kushtarajagala is in a small archaeological site located about ten kilometers west of Mirissa, not far from the town of Weligama. The Kushtarajagala statue is about 4 meters high, and it was carved into the rock in the 6th or 7th century AD. There is still a debate about who is represented by the statue. Some believe he is a former foreign prince who was seriously ill and had taken refuge in this region.

Virgin White Tea

If you are interested in the excellent tea from Sri Lanka, more commonly known as Ceylon tea, you can visit the Virgin White Tea plantation. It is located west of Mirissa, and you will have to travel more than twenty kilometers to get there. If you go there by scooter (like me), you should enjoy the journey bordered by magnificent rice fields. Once there, you can stroll through the tea plantations of the region and see more closely how this precious plant is cultivated. In particular, you will have the opportunity to visit a small museum where you can taste the region's tea and buy the one you prefer. The factory is also open for visits.

Kumara Wood Carving

Not far from the last tea plantation, you will find a handcrafted wood carving workshop called Kumara Wood Carving. You can see how the different wooden souvenirs are made by hand and are sold in most markets in the country. Note that you can also buy sculptures on site.

Dondra Lighthouse

After the west, we head east to visit the magnificent Dondra lighthouse. It lies 40 kilometers from the city in the direction of the town of Tangalle. Dondra Lighthouse is in the southernmost position of Sri Lanka, and it is also the tallest lighthouse in the country and one of the tallest in Southeast Asia at 49 meters high. Its construction dates from the British colonial period, with work beginning in 1887.


Mirissa Beach is the village's main beach: golden sand, palm trees leaning over the water, and many cafes offering a free sunbed for ordering a drink. In the evenings, tables are set up right by the sea. You can dine at the sound of the surf. This place often has high waves, which pleases surfers. Boards are rented right on the shore and conduct beginners' training. Mirissa Beach is located in a small resort area south of Sri Lanka. Interestingly, the village appeared here thanks to tourists who fell in love with relaxing in these places, and not vice versa when the beach area appears next to the village. Hotels and other tourist infrastructure appeared in Mirissa before residents' houses. Mirissa, among travelers, has received recognition as the most beautiful beach on the island. This is fine, snow-white sand, a picturesque bay with overhanging shady palm trees and large waves ideal for windsurfing. In addition, clear water and an abundance of coral reefs are best suited for diving. The convenience of this resort is also in the fact that, in addition to hotels, inexpensive guest houses and private houses are offered for living here. Mirissa has a constant warm and humid equatorial climate. Due to the relative obscurity, the resort's beaches are not crowded, mainly attracting lovers of a quiet secluded holiday. Here it is proposed to visit the ancient temple of Kandavahari, visit a farm where snakes are bred and admire the Parrot rock towering over the ocean.

Blue Lagoon

The Eco Lagoon Safari tour is one of the most popular destinations for local guides. This is a walk along the river, which flows into the ocean nearby. Moorings with boats are located near its mouth. The waterway will pass by the banks, overgrown with mangrove plants. A vast number of birds monitor lizards, and bats live here. On the coast, you will meet families of colorful parrots, flocks of monkeys, and many rare and beautiful plants. A walk will help to combine a pleasant pastime with a rewarding lesson in exploring the nature of the jungle. Tours are very popular with children.

What to Do In Mirissa, Sri Lanka?

After these few practical tips, let's get to the heart of the matter with the list of activities not to be missed in Mirissa. I advise you to spend between 2 and 3 days in Mirissa to be able to visit the essentials of the city and its region.

Mirissa Main Beach, Sri Lanka

The first center of interest in the city of Mirissa is, of course, its superb beach. It is located in a large cove which breaks the ocean waves and will offer you calm water without too many waves. Perfect for a good swim.

Coconut Tree Hill

If you continue left on Mirissa Beach, you will see a hill at the end called Coconut Tree Hill. There for once, the origin of the name is easily understandable since this hill is covered with many coconut trees.

See Whales in the Open Sea in Mirissa, Sri Lanka

One of the most popular activities in Mirissa is watching wild whales off the town. There are boat tours that take you out to sea, hoping to see the open sea. This is, of course, not guaranteed, but there is a high probability of encountering some.

Massages in Mirissa

Do you want to relax during your holidays completely? Then head to one of Mirissa's wellness centers for a massage. During every vacation, I always try to get a massage at least once. This always creates an even more relaxed feeling!

Surfing on Weligama Beach

We now leave a little more of the city of Mirissa to visit its surroundings. And we start with Weligama beach, which is more exposed than the previous ones, and we logically find more waves there. And who says wave necessarily says surf! Indeed, Sri Lanka is a trendy destination for surfers, and Weligama beach is known to be a good surf spot for beginners. This is also why you will see many stands where you will be rented boards and where you will also be given surfing lessons. To book, you can speak directly with an instructor on-site or book a lesson online.

Pick Up Shells at the Secret Beach

And other stuff! You can't get a head on this beach… The fact that it's called "secret" gives it ten more sexiness points, but the signs every 2m to indicate the way take five away from it… It's hot but petite, and a bar is installed there. Lots of rocks, so challenging to swim… Let's say it deserves a little stop, but it's not the spot of the century either. And contrary to what you may be told, getting there on foot is straightforward. Well, it's steep, but everything is beautiful there, so we enjoy the path as much as the destination!

Explore the Surrounding Beaches

Every evening we went on a scoot with Pryal to take pictures of the surf at sunset, and I enjoyed watching the sun go down and the ocean appears golden. Without necessarily being known, the small beaches that border the villages around Mirissa are all cute and deserve to linger longer (the main beach of Mirissa is also yuck yuck).

Watch the Sun Rising at Parrot Rock

This significant piece of rock that comes out of nowhere deserves a little morning walk. It was all gray, but it was still magical… In the world with fishers, everything goes in slow motion or upside down. You know that in a few minutes everything will be over when with getting up, it all begins!

Street art | Murals

Street art, aka Murals, you will love that. One is more unique than the other, but each painting has its own story. In Mirissa, you will find many incredible murals. We think one of the most famous murals in Mirissa is the large peacock painted on the wall of Palm Villa Peacock. Murals are an enjoyable background to play with for a great holiday snapshot!

Dinner on the beach

If it gets dark, the evening, and the beaches are dark, the clubs light candles on the tables, and guests can sit down to an excellent meal on the beach while putting their feet in the sand. It's the ideal way to unwind your day. The activities listed above are only the beginning of what one can accomplish in Mirissa.

Where to sleep in Mirissa, Sri Lanka?

For accommodation in Mirissa, the ideal location is, of course, to be as close as possible to the beach. You can book at the Splendid Lodge hostel for small budgets, where you will find inexpensive private rooms. You will also be only a few minutes’ walks from the beach. If you're looking for something more luxurious, aim for the Sri Sharavi Beach Villas & Spa instead. It is east of the city and is located by the sea. The advantage is that the beach is much less crowded in this corner of Mirissa. You will also find superb rooms with beautiful decor and a superb outdoor swimming pool. And for the standard offered, the night's price is not excessive. Great value for money! 🙂

Where to Go Out at Night in Mirissa, Sri Lanka?

The doctor's House is the trendiest place to go out for a drink in the evening. Its 7 kilometers east of town but well worth the drive to get there. Here is its exact location. The Doctor's House is in front of the sea, and its name comes from the fact that the main building was a hospital built by Dutch people 200 years ago!


The best time to travel to Mirissa is from December to March when the weather is dry, warm, but not too hot. By April, the heat reaches its maximum, and heavy rains begin at the end of the month, which last almost until the end of autumn. The tourist season starts in November. The weather conditions are not necessarily met, especially during the monsoon in May/June. The season for whale watching in Mirissa runs from late July to late April. Knowing that the outings from the end of July to October depend on the weather conditions, they can be canceled if the sea is terrible.

Even in good conditions, the Indian Ocean is quite choppy, so if you are prone to seasickness, be prepared!

Bottom line

Mirissa is a small village on the coast of the Indian Ocean. There are practically no architectural monuments on its territory. The peculiarity of Mirissa lies in clean and deserted beaches, in the beauty of nature and solitude. There are no cultural or historical architectural monuments on the city's territory. The advantage of a holiday on the coast of the Indian Ocean is silence, tranquility, and solitude. After relaxing on the quiet sandy beaches, you can see the local attractions. There are not so many of them. Mirissa is one of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka. Many tourists come here yearly to enjoy the beauty of the wild tropical nature and relax. Start your exciting trip to Mirissa right now!

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