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Marawila Tour Packages

Sri Lanka, an island bordered by the Indian Ocean, was a popular tourist destination in Asia. The end of the civil war, which lasted around thirty years, the country has been in the throes of change. It is becoming day after day a destination more and more popular with tourists eager for sun and seaside holidays. Marawila is a secluded beach resort in the north of Negombo. Known for its beautiful beaches, tranquil atmosphere, and unique natural environment, Marawila is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Sri Lanka. If you are looking for a relaxing getaway in a tropical setting, then Marawila is the perfect option. Coconut plantations, freshwater lagoons, deserted beaches, and anglers with traditional sailing boats all provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable vacation. But a Trip to Marawila offers much more than just a place for a relaxing beach holiday. Here you will find high-class hotels and water sports centers offering everything for beginners and professionals in the field of diving, surfing, and other water sports.

Marawila - Sri Lanka

Marawila is another resort of Negombo with natural and historical attractions. Marawila is suitable for a relaxing family vacation in the exotic tropics. Weddings are often held here, and the most beautiful photo shoots are organized. There are practically no historical monuments in Maravilla itself, but nature is so unique that it is worth choosing this place for recreation for its sake. The resort is also known for its deposits of precious stones: rubies, topazes, and sapphires. The hotel chains are located in a beautiful lagoon surrounded by mangrove forests. This is an accurate exotic fairy tale; many tourists visit Marawila from October to April during the dry season. Marawila is known for its heavenly beaches and water sports centers. Active divers, surfers, and kite surfers know that the resort is always open for them. It is known for its beautifully serene beaches, secluded atmosphere, and fantastic nature. As a well-known honeymoon destination, most hotels and resorts are located on vast tracts of coconut trees, thus guaranteeing complete privacy. If you're looking for a tropical getaway away from the hustle and bustle, you won't find a better place than Marawila. Coconut plantations, freshwater lagoons, almost deserted beaches, and anglers with traditional sailing boats create a genuinely excellent atmosphere for a long-awaited vacation. Marawila offers much more. Everything is at hand here: water skiing, an excellent opportunity to go kitesurfing and diving for both beginners and professionals. Marawila is famous for its punch. It is a light alcoholic drink made from the juice obtained from the coconut flower. It tastes somewhat like cider. In Marawil, sap collectors can be seen moving from one tree to another on ropes, collecting the coconut flower extract from which punch is brewed. It is jokingly said that this is the oldest online job in Sri Lanka! Marawila beaches with soft golden sand, hidden coves and bays, and underwater coral gardens, chosen by fish of all colors of the rainbow. Marawila is a tourist resort in Sri Lanka that offers its travelers endless beaches with soft golden sand, hidden coves and bays, gentle sapphire blue water, underwater coral gardens, shipwrecks, and shallow waters chosen by fish of all colors of the rainbow. Marawila is famous worldwide for its precious stones: sapphires, rubies, topazes, etc. Ceylon tea, spices, and handicrafts are known worldwide: as masks, batik, and leather goods. Travelers from all over the world come to the island's west coast, and how else: Marawila is a beautiful resort area of ??Negombo. This place is ideal both for a relaxing holiday and for fearless explorers of all the most exciting things like sunken ships...

More about the resort

Marawila is a reasonably popular resort in Negombo. This beautiful place in the city is famous for its endless white sandy beaches and rich history. It says these very beaches occupied a special place in the distant times of English colonialism. However, this is not surprising because Maravilla's advantages are dry sand, clean and transparent water, and calm, small waves. In addition, the ocean in these places hides an equally unique and beautiful world. There are hidden bays and bays, underwater coral gardens of incredible beauty, the remains of sunken ships, and a great variety of colorful and fantastic fish. You can arrange a boat or catamaran trip and visit some exciting places. By the way, the water in Maravilla is simply magical - gentle, incredible sapphire color. Fishing lovers will not remain indifferent either - the lagoon in Negombo is considered one of the island's most "cool" places. There are even many traditional fishing villages here. Fishers hunt for crabs, lobsters, and shrimps in the local bay. Later they are cooked in local taverns over open fires.

What else is unique about Marawila city?

Of course, the shrines of the Buddhist religion should be given special attention. Also, in Marawila, you can enjoy walking through the beautiful national natural parks and talking with wonderful people - the Sri Lankans. Their cheerfulness and openness will charge you with positive energy for a long time. World fame Maravilla helped to acquire precious stones such as topaz, ruby, and sapphires. The town is famous for the presence of the purest stones in reasonably large quantities. In addition, this resort is considered one of the best producers of spices, leather goods, and other handicrafts. And Ceylon tea is an actual "calling card" of the city; it is noteworthy that all tourists have the opportunity to learn the secrets of its cultivation and production.

Attractive Attraction of Marawila

Buddhist Temple Angunukaramulla

The Buddhist Temple of Angunukaramulla is a majestic religious building and, like the Catholic Cathedral of St. The temple is located twenty kilometers from Negombo. This building is a natural magnet for many pilgrims who come to these parts from different parts of the island and other Asian countries in the southeast. Angunukaramulla deserved such popularity among the adherents of the Buddhist religion for a reason - every year, religious festivals are held here on a "big foot," and colorful festivals and solemn processions are organized. When examining the statue, it may seem as if the Buddha is sleeping, but do not believe this deceptive impression. The Buddha reached nirvana, which the disciples confirmed gathered around him - they were waiting for the return of their teacher, frozen in one place. Notably, their sculptures are made in real human growth, which gives this scene a powerful impression. By the way, if you take a closer look at the Buddha statue, you will notice the absence of prints on his fingers and toes. Instead of them, he has drawings of a lotus - it looks fascinating.

Beaches and activities

Marawila Beach is one of the most popular in Sri Lanka. Firstly, it is easy to get to it from the capital; secondly, it is spotless, like water. The sand is fine; there are practically no big waves here. In addition to beaches, there are water sports centers. Here you can go diving or surfing and get trained in these sports. In addition, vacationers like to take walks along the endless strip of the cleanest beach. A two-hour boat trip across the lagoon is also popular. By its nature, Marawila is a rural area with dense jungles, attracting many rare species of migrant birds. Nearby is a protected nature reserve. The beach along this stretch of coastline is sandy and wide, ideal for sunbathing and beach play. The northwest coast of Sri Lanka is often overlooked by tourists, who mostly prefer to holiday on the island's southwest coast, which attracts many visitors yearly with its golden beaches, reefs, and laid-back tropical atmosphere. However, the northwest coastline has plenty to offer travelers looking for a relaxing getaway. In the Marawila area, you will find beautiful beaches, lagoons, and unique wildlife. Located north of Negombo city, Marawila is a quaint fishing village that not only offers visitors the chance to have a great time on the ocean but also serves as an essential base from which to discover the famous tourist attractions in the area.

Negombo beach

Negombo beach is another attractive attraction in the city. Despite many advantages, this beach is not very popular among travelers. Perhaps they are scared away by local merchants who persistently offer their goods to tourists. However, people who trade in this way contribute most of a particular flavor - and if you are not afraid of increased attention, feel free to go to the beach because there is something to see. This place will undoubtedly appeal to those who prefer deserted beaches. In Negombo, they are not crowded, which is explained quite simply. The fact is that most travelers visit sandy beaches only on the first and last day of their trip to Sri Lanka. Another absolute plus of this beach is the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. If you are a true connoisseur of the natural beauty and charm of the mighty ocean, you will certainly return to these lands to see this beautiful corner of unique nature again.

Negombo Central Fish Market

Negombo has been a fishing town since the beginning. The city was home to many traditional fishing methods by women and fishermen from Sri Lanka. While Negombo is now a popular beach destination, the city still retains the spirit of a fisherman. If you stroll the streets, you'll find colorful fishing canoes balancing on Negombo's sandYou'llhes. Each Negombo's large quantities of fresh and dried fish to our lunch plates.

Golden Beach in Marawil

Golden Beach in Marawil is named after the color of the sand of the entire coastal zone, which is so soft a d light. It acquires a noble golden hue in the rays of dawn and sunset on the coast. The coast is dotted with palm trees, under which you can hide on a hot day; from such a "shelter," it is convenient to watch the fishermen slowly pulling out in nets. Their sailboats can be seen from the beach, and this view is unusually mantic. Golden Beach belongs to the city, but the most comfortable and well-groomed areas are located in the ho el zone. Tourists can use sun loungers and umbrellas and recreate in areas. Entry into the water is often gentle and sandy, but there are also stones in some places. Tropical mangrove forests hide the golden beach and the entire lagoon in their "embraces" relax on the Golden Beach and enjoy the singing of exotic birds and the ocean's gentle was. The Church of the Holy Cr ss is not far from the Golden Beach of Marawila. They say that miracles happened at this place: adults and children have healed of diseases thanks to healing water and strong faith in the Almighty.

Kalpitiya - a spacious resort area

Kalpitiya is a spacious resort area west of Sri Lanka and is the center of several villages. In the early 2000s, there were military operations in Sri Lanka, the rebels controlled the territory, and there was no question of inviting foreign guests. By 2009, the country became peaceful, and the Northern provinces opened up tourism. Kalpitiya is located next to a large reef, which means that this is an ideal place for divers and explorers of the underwater world.

St. Mary's Cathedral

St. Mary's Cathedral is not only a sacred place but also a magnificent historical monument, the pride of Negombo and the whole of western Sri Lanka. Tourists say that visiting Negombo is always a visit to St. Mary. Ancie t architects created Negombo's most prominent religious site, which we now admire. The first mention of the cathedral dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries, and Portuguese sailors participated in the construction.

Other Things to do in Marawila

Marawila is designed for families and couples looking for peace and solitude. Newlyweds also aspire here on their honeymoon. Nature, the ocean, a variety of fruits, and local hospitality are why you should choose a holiday in Marawil. The kids will love it here too. And not only the beach and the warm ocean. Marawila has many wild monkeys, squirrels, and other animals that are interesting to watch. Therefore, the resort is suitable for families with children of any age. For impressions, it is worth going to other cities. The sights of Kandy and Dambulla are very close. Although Marawila is the ideal place for a beach holiday, the surroundings of this resort offer many interesting places worth exploring. Excursions from Marawila are pretty diverse and exciting. If you drive just a little from the ocean, you will immediately find yourself in an even more relaxed atmosphere. You will lose the feeling that you are in a tourist country. We advise you to take a boat trip on the historic Dutch Canal. As the name suggests, the Dutch colonizers built the canal and made their way through Negombo to the Muthurajawela swamp and out into the open lagoon. Nature lovers can enjoy watching monkeys swinging overhead, aquatic animals lounging on the banks, various waterfowl, and even crocodiles. End your day with a stroll through Marawil's open-air markets selling merchandise such as fresh fish, colorful fruits, and local souvenirs. In addition to the many products, the markets also offer great photo opportunities. Of course, there are excursions from Marawila to famous places like Kandy, national parks, an elephant orphanage, etc.

The best time to go on vacation to Marawila.

The ideal period is from the end of December to the beginning of March, but generally, the high season here lasts from the end of November to the end of April. The weather in Marawila is warm in any month of the year. Still, there is a noticeable difference in rainfall. The weather in Marawil in May, June, July, and August is stormy. Still, in September, October, and November, the weather here can be an order of magnitude better than in the resort areas located just south on the west coast of Sri Lanka. In general, the weather in Marawil from December-April is quite sunny, dry, and hot; from May-November, it is somewhat cloudy, humid, and hot.

Marawila Hotels

Regarding accommodation, Marawila does not offer the most decadent selection of hotels in Sri Lanka, but here you can find a hotel for every taste. Of course, the Club Palm Bay Hotel stands out against the background of all the hotels, which is considered one of the best beach hotels in Sri Lanka. In addition, this hotel is trendy among tourists from Russia. If you want to relax in a big company of Russians, then Club Palm Bay Hotel is a good choice.

There are several other decent beach hotels along the coast of Marawila and water sports centers. Diving and snorkeling are especially popular here during the peak season from November to April. The waters off the coast of Marawila are home to several fish and turtles.


A worthy option for a holiday in Sri Lanka is the resort of Marawila. Numerous tourists are attracted here by beautiful yellow sandy beaches, picturesque bays and bays hidden from prying eyes, gentle waters of the Indian Ocean, coral gardens in the depths, and the remains of sunken ships. The shallow water near the resort is home to thousands of fantastic fish of various colors. Trip to Marawila is an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauties of these places and a rich excursion program to the oldest Buddhist shrines and factories producing unique Ceylon tea. In addition, you can visit the national parks of nature and enjoy communicating with the cheerful and open inhabitants of the island.

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