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11 nights 12 days golden triangle with shimla manali tour

Destinations Covered : Delhi - Agra - Jaipur - Shimla - Manali - Chandigarh - Delhi

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11 Nights / 12 Days Golden Triangle with Beautiful Himalaya

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Agra » Jaipur » Kalka » Shimla » Kullu » Manali » Chandigarh » Delhi

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11 Nights / 12 Days Himachal Fantasy with Golden Temple

Destinations Covered : Delhi » Shimla » Kullu » Manali » Dharamshala » Dalhousie » Amritsar » Delhi

Manali Tour Package

The place we will talk about in this post today is famous for its natural beauty. Today we will talk about Manali, the beautiful city of Himachal Pradesh. Manali is famous for its hill station, waterfalls, rivers, and snowfall in winter, as well as for the cultivation of apples, which is the center of attraction in the styles of the country and abroad. Manali has many exciting itineraries to offer. You can visit the temple of the majestic building that stands on a fragrant carpet of flowers, and marble steps lead to a large courtyard where tourists can buy marigolds, red powder, and a wide variety of incense.
Not far from Manali, there is a uniquely beautiful Rahla waterfall. However, Manali can interest not only connoisseurs of historical monuments but also people who love outdoor activities - for example, skiing, climbing, or rafting. Manali in Himachal Pradesh is one of India's top adventure travel destinations. It is ideal for spending time outdoors, and many of these places' journeys to Manali reflect the many activities that can be done in the area. There are many options for nature lovers to visit Manali, including mountain trekking, adventure, rafting, religious places, and snowfall for which the world is famous.

About Manali

Manali is a beautiful and popular hill station in the country. With heart-touching views, lush green forests, meadows dotted with flowers, Blue Springs, mist and freshness in the air, and substantial deodar trees, nature has blessed Manali with some extraordinary beauty. While planning a Manali trip, know that the city is a true haven for culture lovers, foodies, adventure lovers, and peace seekers. For adventure lovers, Solang Valley offers many things, including river rafting, paragliding, camping, rock climbing, rappelling, and zorbing. There are many breathtaking treks and sightseeing places for nature lovers like Patalsu Peak, Deo Tibba Base Camp, Jogini Falls, and Rahala Falls. While passing through the snowy roads of Rohtang Pass, you will see the picture of the entire Himalayas in front of your eyes.
This place is a paradise for adventure lovers. Those interested in history and art can see magnificent specimens of culture and heritage at the Himachali Culture and Folk Art Museum. There is also a lot in Manali for people associated with spirituality; there are many temples like Manu Temple, Hidimba Temple, and Vashistha Temple, where you can find inner peace. Manali is such a hot or cold place; every season, a lot of snow falls here. The Himalayan Mountains in Manali the snow-capped mountains make the whole of Manali beautiful. From the small mountain to the big mountain of Manali, all are covered with snow. Small pieces of snow that have fallen on the beautiful plains of Manali spread their beauty in this place. People from far and wide come to see natural beauty. Tourists also come here to enjoy the excellent plains.

The religious place here is famous all over the world. Due to this place is one of the attractions of the country and abroad. Manali is a kind of adventure place for the people where they trek along with the snow. Children want to visit this place during their school holidays. There are many adventure games in Manali for children, for which children want to go to Manali every year to play. There are many places to visit in the beautiful plains of Manali. Whenever a person goes to visit Manali, the first question in his mind is which the top tourist place in Manali is or which is the most beautiful place to visit in Manali. But apart from the tourist destination, it is also known for celebrating honeymoons worldwide. Yes, Manali is the first choice of the youth of India for a honeymoon. This is why more couples are seen on their honeymoon than other tourists in Manali. The most prominent feature here is that you can visit here in any season, rainy, summer, and winter.

But many tourists like to see the snow falling from the sky, so they like to go here in the winter season. You go here for a walk in any season, we are telling you about some of the best places here which are considered very good to visit in all seasons. Manali is only one station, which is why there are stunning mountains and plains to see here. But apart from these, Manali has a profound connection with the history and religion of India. Therefore, many religious places are famous apart from the beautiful mountains in Manali.

So friends, let's know about the Top Tourist Places in Manali or the famous tourist place of Manali, which is also a unique identity here.

Popular Places to Visit in Manali

Manali in Himachal Pradesh is one of India's top adventure travel destinations. It is ideal for spending time outdoors, and many of these places to visit in Manali reflect the many activities that can be done in this area. However, many of the attractions and adventures you will find in Manali can be pretty dangerous, especially if the region experiences severe weather such as floods or natural disasters such as landslides. To better prepare for where you are going in the region, be sure to check the weather and road conditions before you set out on your trip.

The village of Naggar

The village of Naggar, the former capital of the Kullu principality, is located in the foothills of the Himalayas, in the northeast of India's state of Hichmal Pradesh. The castle and several temples built in the 16th century have been preserved here. Castle Naggar rises at an altitude of 1900 meters above a cliff. The castle was built in the traditional way of these places: large stones are laid in rows on wooden beams made of larch and cedar. There is also a small temple of Jagtipath, which is currently operating. In addition, the residence of the Russian artist Nicholas Roerich is located in Naggar. There is an exhibition of his works in the house. The interiors of the living quarters have been preserved, and an exposition of his personal belongings is presented, which can only be viewed through glass. Today Naggar is quite a comfortable resort. The castle has been turned into an expensive hotel and restaurant, and a small museum operates. This is quite a popular place among tourists from all over the world.

Immersing Yourself in Manali Natural Park

Don't miss a walk through the thick cedar trees in the Manali Natural Park if you love immersing yourself in nature, which borders the Beas River between Manali City and Old Manali. The towering trees of Manali Natural Park provide a dense shield from the outside world, giving the park a magical, mystical feel. There is also another similar park, Van Vihar Park, with an entrance adjacent to the city of Manali, if you wish to continue exploring the region's natural beauty once you have finished hiking through the Manali Natural Park.

Solang Valley

Solang Valley attracts travelers in winter for its snow and in summer for its adventure sports. After the snow clears, paragliding becomes popular. Many people visit the Shiva temple above the town. If you don't want to go up, it is possible to ride a pony.

Calm and Soothing Buddhist Temples

There's a small Tibetan colony in the south of the city of Manali, which is worth a visit for its calm and soothing Buddhist temples and shops for handicrafts and carpets. The Gelugpa cultural society Gompa, further down the same lane, has an atmospheric prayer room filled with small sculptures.

Hadimba Temple

Pass through the Dhungri Forest on the way to Old Manali to visit the ancient Hadimba Temple. It is dedicated to the goddess Hadimba, the wife of Bhima from the Hindu epic The Mahabharata. Yak attractions and giant fluffy angora rabbits ready to pose for photos are additional attractions. A fascinating three-day temple festival takes place in mid-May each year.

Beas River

The mighty Beas River flows rapidly through Manali. And, due to its rapid flow, it can be pretty dangerous for even the most experienced rafters, especially after the snow melts in the spring and water levels rise. If you prefer to be more active while visiting the Beas River, ziplining across it and rafting are popular options. Numerous companies in the Kullu Valley offer rafting on the river, commonly along a 15-kilometer stretch of grade II and III rapids from Pirdi to Jhiri. The rafting season is best from mid-April through June and mid-September through October.

The mountains

Tourists use Manali as a base for trekking in the surrounding mountains. If you don't want to go it alone, the Himalayan trails in old Manali offer a wide range of outdoor activities, including guided and day treks. For more adrenaline, you can also ride a bike up the Himalayas! The Hampta Pass is a popular five-day trek from Manali and requires good physical fitness.

What you can do in Manali

You can indulge in many adventure activities in Solang Valley, such as –

  • Paragliding
  • Zorbing'
  • Skiing
  • Snow sports
  • And so on

If you need some peace and silence away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you must visit this natural place; this valley is known for its beauty in the environment of nature. Camping and trekking are also done here; if you want, you can stay in the cottages built in the middle of the beautiful plains of Manali, which will give you a different experience. While camping for a day, you can go to the next place in Manali. Here you will get to do many different adventures like river rafting, paragliding, hot air, zipline, and many more.

Paragliding Manali

On Manali Trip, you can go paragliding in Solang Valley and Dobhi, for this you do not forget to do paragliding, but in Dobhi's paragliding, there is a good view, its charge is about 2 thousand.

Enjoy Hot Air Balloon Manali

If you want to do Air Balloon Ride, then this ride is 5 kilometers away from Manali, which can be taken away, which would have been a ride of about 7 minutes, which stays up for a while and then comes back down. Its charge is determined based on time.

Amazing River Rafting In Manali

On the way from Manali to Manikaran, do not miss to enjoy rafting in the Beas River. If you want to get photography done during that ride, 1 thousand has to be given separately. While going river rafting, keep a separate dress with you because the clothes that are already worn will get completely wet.

Unique Jogini Waterfall

While trekking from Vashisht Village in Manali, when tourists reach this waterfall, they get a scintillating view. The trekking route makes this place even more unique, which passes through the wild corridors. This waterfall attracts many tourists among the places to visit in Manali. The water stream falling from the mountains and the tiny droplets flying far away enchant the layer.

Enjoy the snow activity in Marhi.

One can see the snowy mountains every season and must go here to enjoy the snow activity together. To reach here, after parking the car on the road, you can go uphill by walking, horse riding, or YAG ride. If you want to visit Manali, you must visit this place.


The clubhouse is located near Hidimba Devi temple, where you can enter by taking a ticket for a few rupees. Be it children or adults, with you. There is some activity here for everyone with different charges; apart from this, there is also the option of shopping and enjoying food and activity together.

Enjoy Food and Shopping on Mall Road

You cannot forget to taste Manali's food and drink; you can get gift items for your loved ones from Mall Road, which are pretty good to be found. After visiting the places to visit in Manali, you can go shopping by going to Mall Road. Although this market is famous for winter clothes, where different types of good clothes to be worn in winter are available, this market in Manali is also costly.

Snow Valley Fun City

If you are with family and children on the Manali trip, you must go here because it is specially made for children, where there is the activity for them which they will like very much.

When should one visit Kullu Manali?

During the summer, when there is the scorching sun in other parts of India, and then there is a pleasant winter season giving coolness, a large number of tourists come here to consider it as their holiday, and this time is the peak time of Manali. If you are going to see snowfall in Kullu Manali, then the best time for you will be from November to February because the snow falls here and you can enjoy all the sports activities in the snow. If you want to travel to Manali between July and November, then at that time the roads get spoiled due to rain, due to which you have to face a lot of problems, before going, you must take the information once before going to Manali.

How to reach Manali?

There are extensive options to reach Manali, the paradise of Himanchal, which is situated in the heart-touching valleys. Tourists going to Manali mostly come through the road of Baya Road, but we will tell you how to reach Manali by train and air.

By Train –

Most tourists in India enjoy their journey by train, and why not Indian Railways, which is so cheap. Due to the hilly area, there is no railway here. Its nearest railway station is Joginder Nagar, where trains travel from big cities every day, apart from reaching Chandigarh or Delhi by train, from these cities to Manali throughout the day. The bus is available.

Via Airplane -

Manali has no airport because this city is ultimately settled in the mountains with no flat land, making it impossible to build an airport. Nearby is the Bhantoor Airport, located at a distance of 50 km from Manali. Here there are domestic flights. Most of the airplanes coming here come daily from Delhi and Chandigarh. If there is no air facility from your city to Manali, then you have first to reach Chandigarh airport. Then you will get direct air service to Bhantur, which is 309 km from Chandigarh to Manali.

By Road -

Manali is well connected to all major cities of India, like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc., by bus service, which runs daily. If you want to come here by your vehicle, and then first make sure that you can drive in such high mountains and narrow corridors, only then you come driving by yourself. Otherwise, I will not advise you at all that you should take your vehicle. Come.

If you are from a hilly area and have good experiences driving a car in the mountains, then reach Manali while driving you.

Bottom line

Manali, in Himachal Pradesh, is one of India's top adventure travel destinations. It is ideal for spending time outdoors, and many of these places to visit in Manali reflect the many activities that can be done in the area. However, many of the adventures you'll find in Manali can be pretty dangerous, especially if the region is experiencing severe weather like floods or natural disasters like landslides. To better prepare for wherever you're going in the region; be sure to check the weather and road conditions before you start your trip. In this article, you have been told in detail about the places to visit in Manali. I hope you like this article. Which are the places to visit in Manali? So let's get to know Manali a little more closely and plan a two-day trip to Manali for you so that you can go on the journey to Manali of the plaintiffs as soon as possible.

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