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Tour to the valley of Gods “Kullu”
Kullu is a town in Himachal Pradesh. This nonviolent place is like heaven to those people who admire the magnificence of nature. Kullu is located in mountains full of lush green shrubs. The valley is surrounded by the magical beauty of nature. It leaves a deep impact on those who visit this place.

History of Valley of Gods, Kullu:
A long time ago, Kullu was under the control of the British government. The British government has built so many Hospitals, Modern Administration buildings, and government bungalows in their era.
In 1963, Kullu was declared the district of Punjab. Later on, in 1966, the Indian Government declared it the district of Himachal prudish. Now, this heavenly beautiful place is known as a town of district Himachal Pradesh.
Now, Kullu is known as a famous tourist destination. There is undeniable mysticism in the beauty of Kullu that appeals to national and international travelers who always fancy visiting the place.

Why Kullu is called Kullu?
Hindu Mythological literature, Vishnu Purana, and Ramayana tell us that Kullu was known as Kultura. With time, high authorities declared it Kullu and now this tourist destination is known as Kullu.

Spiritual name of Kullu:
Kullu is known as the ‘Valley of Gods”. The reason behind this identity is that Kullu is having so much unworldliness in it. There are so many temples that represent Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sikhism.
People from India visit those sacred points. Tourists from foreign countries who belong to other religions also visit such places to explore the history of those spiritual and religious points. Many foreign tourists not only take interest in the history of those places but also admire Buddhist, Hindu, and Sikh cultures and explore the secrets of all these cultures. This specialty increases the value of Kullu as a tourist destination.

The enchanted prettiness of Kullu is saying hello to happy couples:
Kullu is the best tourist point for those who are newlywed and planning their honeymoon. You can provide peaceful pleasure to your soul by having a tour of this mesmerizing place. The dreamlike atmosphere and lavish greenery of this town will welcome you with a pure smiley heart.

Why Kullu is best for a honeymoon?
Kullu is not recommended by us with blind eyes. There are some authentic reasons which urge the newlywed couple to visit the place, celebrate their honeymoon, and make the moments memorable.

  • The reasons are:
  • This place is not expensive at all. You can have a high-quality experience at a very reasonable price.
  • Kullu is a treasure box of beauty. Surely, you will have a soul-refreshing experience if you choose Kullu as your Honeymoon destination.
  • Kullu is having a spark of simplicity in it. This element makes Kullu unique as compared to other tourist destinations.

The forte of Kullu:
Kullu is having one specialty that other places don’t have. The specialty is that the apples of Himachal Pradesh are very famous not only in India but in many foreign countries as well. Other countries also import this fruit. The apples of Kullu are the most famous in the district of Himachal Pradesh. This specialty increases the value of Kullu and it helps the growing economy of the country.

Do you know the secret behind the inauguration of apples of Kullu?
In 1870, a British Army soldier planted a tree of apples for the very first time. The name of that soldier was Captain AA LEE. From that stage, the Apples of Kullu started increasing rapidly. People fell in love with the rare taste of apples.
Now, Kullu is known in many places because of its apples. If you get a chance to visit the place, don’t lose a chance of tasting those apples. The crispy texture of this fruit will enlighten your brain and you will wish to eat it again and again.

Finest places to visit in the Valley of God, Kullu:
Kullu is the heart of so many top tourists. These tourist destinations urge the tourist community to visit Kullu again and again. You will be provided with many unforgettable unique tastes and experiences in the Valley of Crispy apples.
So keep reading the blog and not down your favorite tourist points of Kullu. This will help you in having a high-level experience in Kullu.

A valley bathing in the waves of the River:
As I mentioned above Kullu is full of many bold places. The River of Kullu is one of them.
Kullu is located on the banks of the Beas River. This River offers an extreme level of adventure and pleasure to the tourists who visit the place. Water flowing on the rocks and falling all around is so eye captivating that no one can ignore it.
Surely, an opportunity for enjoyment provided by the Beas River is a bar of gold for tourism to Kullu. All places are not blessed with such elements.

Enjoy Rafting in the jumping water of the Beas River:
The Beas River offers many ventures but Rafting in the jumping cold water of the Beas River has its place. If you are a group of friends then I advise you to must have a rafting experience. You will be amazed in a single ride and will dream to experience it again and again.

Tips for rafting:
If you haven’t experienced rafting before then you must be worried about that activity. Dear, there is no need to worry. I have some tips for you that will help you in making your rafting experience better at Beas River, Kullu.

  • You will be asked by the rafting management of the Beas River to wear safety clothes.
  • It will take at least one hour for rafting in the Beas River.
  • You will be provided an instructor with you, who will guide you about all the things. So don’t worry about the guidelines if you are about to have your first experience of Rafting.

Just feel the peace in Dancing Waves:
I advise you with an unadulterated heart to don’t make it hard in capturing the moments. Avoid mobile phones and cameras and enjoy the moments. See the greenery around you while rafting on the fast-flowing water of the Beas River.
Close your eyes while sitting on the boat and let your listening sense work. Let your heart enjoy the sound of dancing waves. Feel the laughter of each drop of river. Let the dirt-free wind reach your lungs. Breathe in the fresh air with locked eyes.
Let your eyes explore the beauty of rocks laying under the water. Try to explore their happiness. See how they are taking bath with a smiley face in the fresh water.
I am sure that the pleasure of this experience is beyond anything else. There is no comparison between rafting in the crystal water of the Beas River to any other adventure.
The specialty of this adventure is that it is having fun in it and a peaceful liking as well. It is two in one experience. You will not only enjoy the rafting but the peace of that naturally beautiful place will remove depression and anxiety from your mind as well.

Snowy Beas River:
In the winters, you will not find melted water in the Beas River. There will be snow all around. Tourists cannot have any exploration there in winter. If you want to have some fun activities then you are requested to visit the place in summer. In that season, you will have a lot of fun and adventure.

Paragliding in the sky at Beas River:
Beas River not only offers activities on the water or surface. But, you can have an amazing paragliding experience in the fresh air of the Beas River. Go there and fly in the soul-charging air.

Friendship Peak, a trekker’s paradise:
Friendship peak is a trekking summit in Kullu. It is the most famous and adventurous point for tracking and at an elevation of 5,289 meters. If you love tracking and enjoy climbing on the scary tracks then friendship peak is for you. It is not easy to reach the tracking destination of Friendship peak, Kullu.
Friendship peak is not only a challenging route but it also offers a mesmerizing view. At the top of this route, your eyes will be given the treat of a magical view.

Is Friendship Peak Trek for everyone?
The answer is NO. Friendship Peak Trek is not for everyone. Beginners a not allowed to have a trekking experience at Friendship Peak. Only experts are allowed to have the adventure.
The reason behind this is that Friendship Peak is very challenging and scary. The difficulty of this track causes danger for the beginner tracker. That’s why everyone is not allowed to go there. The restriction is only for security purposes.

Best time to visit Friendship Peak, Kullu:
May, June, September, and October are the best months the visit Friendship Peak, Kullu.

Have an easy trekking experience at Chandrakhani Pass:
Chandrakhani Pass Trek is located at an elevation of 3,660 meters. This trek is having two specialties in it. Trails are easy to walk as compared to Friendship Peak Trek. The Trails of Chandrakhani Pass have beautiful views of its surroundings. These charming views are a treat to the eyes of some who experience them.

Camping in Chandrakhani Pass:
You can have an astonishing sleep outdoors experience at the top of Chandrakhani pass. The trekking journey will create tiredness in your body and you will fall asleep in an open environment within a few seconds without making an effort
The best part of camping at the top of Chandrakhani’s pass is waking up early in the morning. Waking up early in the morning offers the view of the sunrise, the chirp of birds in the silence, and peaceful surroundings.

What to do if you face any strain due to windy weather?
The management of Chandrakhani Pass takes care of its tourists. All the tourists are requested to cooperate with the management team so that they make sure to protect the tourists during any difficult times.

Some important tips for the trekkers:

  • Bring warm clothes that will protect you in cold weather.
  • Bring some water bottles with you.
  • Wear comfortable Hiking Shoes.
  • Bring Dry Fruits with you so that you don’t face the difficulty of a hungry stomach.
  • Don’t forget to bring a hiking stick with you.
  • Toilet papers are a necessary thing to bring.
  • Have a fleece jacket with you.
  • Led torch with some extra batteries will also help you in having a better experience at night.
  • There are so many insects and mosquitos in the environment of Chandrakhani pass. You are advised to bring Mosquito lotion with you.

Allow your eyes to see turquoise blue water at Chandra Tal Lake:
This lake is situated in the lap of the Himalayas. It is located at an altitude of 4300 meters. Chandratal Lake is the most charismatic Lake that offers splendid views of the Spiti Region. Its turquoise blue water, magical view of mountains, and peaceful surroundings are the attraction of Chandratal Lake which always welcome the tourists to visit this beautiful place.
If you are planning a tour and want to have a decent experience then add this super cool lake to the list of tourist destinations. Starting from this will surely be the best decision made by you.

How can a tourist reach Chandra Tal Lake?
You can reach this place by passing through trekking trails. The paths are quite scary so you are requested to be very careful while coming towards the destination. The difficulty level of reaching Chandra Tal Lake is at a high level. If you are not experienced in trekking then it would be very dangerous for you to visit the place.

Best time to visit Chandra Tal Lake:
Do not visit Chandra Tal Lake in the winter and spring seasons. In winters, you will find the lake filled with snow. You cannot have any kind of activity at Chandra Tal Lake in winter and the level of danger is also very high. That’s why you are advised to avoid your tour in that season.
In the spring season, the paths are slippery and it’s not safe to travel the place.
June, July, August, and September are the best months to visit Chandra Tal Lake. Plan your tour in these months and have a majestic experience in the serenity of this beautiful Lake and the magical mountains filled with snowy views.  

See the depth of Pandoh Dam:
Pandoh Dam was constructed in 1977 on the Beas River. You will cross this place while traveling to Manali. Pandoh Dam is the most famous tourist destination in Kullu that offers a charming experience. The view of flowing water from the mountains is just amazing. The water that flows from the mountains of Pandoh Dam comes from the Beas River.
The best view your eyes get at the Pandoh Dam is when the water is released. This is no less than a treat to the eyes. Pandoh Dam generates 990 watts of power in diverse terrain.

Two best things offered by Pandoh Dam:
Pandoh Dam offers so many bold activities and charming views that attract the tourists to visit the place but there are two most unique things that you will get at Pandoh Dam.

  • You will have an amazing rafting experience at Pandoh Dam. There is a management team for rafting activity at the Dam that will guide you properly and they will also take care of your safety as well.
  • If you are a bird lover and like the view where there are many birds then Pandoh Dam, Kullu is the best option for you. It offers an amazing view filled with many birds and sea creatures.

Location of Pandoh Dam:
Mandi, NH21, Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

Distance from Kullu Bus stand to Pondah Dam:
Pondah Dam is located at a distance of 10 km from Manali and its distance from Kullu Bus stand is 49.6 km it takes one hour and twenty-five minutes to travel from Kullu Bus Station to Pondah Dam.

Best Parks that you can visit in Kullu:
Kullu is having a lot of parks and those parks offer many journeys which will make your Kullu tour remarkable.

Precious tourist point, the InderKilla National Park:
Inderkilla National Park is the least explored park in Kullu, India. This park was established in 2010 by the Indian government and it covers an area of 104 sq. km. Inderkilla National is a home for many species.
Usually, Parks is considered a place that offers fun and adventure. But, Inderkilla National Park is having its individuality in what it offers. This park is full of natural beauty and serenity. This place is not for fun lovers. If you are a nature lover and want to visit Kullu then must visit Inderkilla National Park.

Why Plants of Inderkilla National Park are valuable?
Plants of Inderkilla National Park are used for medicine production. That’s why they are valued and protected by the management of Inderkilla National Park.

How can you get to Inderkilla National Park?
You have two options to reach the destination:
By Air:
Inderkilla National Park is situated in Kullu, 46.1 kilometers from the Manali airport.

By Train:
Joginder Nagar railway station is nearest to Inderkilla National Park.

One of the most beautiful parks in India, Khirganga National Park:
Khirganga is one of the most beautiful parks in India. It is located in Kullu near Himachal Pradesh. This park was constructed in 2010 and covers an area of 710 square kilometers. Khirganga National Park is a heaven for those who love nature. There are many unique species in this park as well. The serenity of this park invites you to have a break from the business of city life. Come here and have some peaceful experience in the surrounding which is filled with tall trees, lush greenery, majestic mountains, and many more.

Add these places to your dairy of tourism:
Kullu has a vast variety of those points which can be explored. Telling you the list of all those places where you can make your trip great.

  • Bhrigu Lake
  • Bhuntar
  • Beas Kund
  • Bara Bhangal
  • Tritan Valley
  • Parvati Valley Trek
  • Malana
  • Himalayan National Park
  • Kheerganga National Park
  • ManikaKulwantulant pith
  • Naggar
  • Paragliding in Kharal
  • Pin Bhaba pass trek

These are the places where you should go. The peace of these valleys, entertainment of these national parks, and quiet water of these lakes are curious to welcome you. Go there and fill the emptiness with your precious presence. 

Kullu is surrounded by the beauty full of lush green mountains:

  • Shimla

Distance from Kullu:
208 Km

  • Dalhousie

Distance from Kullu:
286 Km

  • Kasauli

Distance from Kullu:
224 Km

  • Manali

Distance from Kullu:
39 Km

  • Mcleodganj

Distance from Kullu:
184 Km

These are the mountains that you will see in the surroundings of Kullu. The presence of these peaks makes it precious.

Temples in Kullu
Raghunath Temple:
Raghunath Temple is one of the most famous Temples of Kullu that offers a magical valley from its top.

Address of Rghunath Temple:
Sultanpur HimachalHimacha Pradesh, 175101, India

Raghunath Temple opens at 8 am. You can Go there in the morning.

Some other temples that you can visit:

  • Gauri Shankar Temple
  • Bijli Mahadev Temple
  • Hanogi Mata Temple
  • Jagannath Devi Temple
  • Shringi Rishi Temple


Kullu offers all kinds of elements that a tourist wishes. Your heart and eyes will fall in love with the fairy-tale of Kullu. Turquoise Blue water, attractive green shrubs, spiritual temples, National Parks full of entertainment, coldness of the valley, Freezing air in winters, blooming flowers of the valley, and wild animals playing on the soil of the valley are an attraction for all the explorers. You will not be offered such a variety of things anywhere else at low finance. So get your bag ready for a trip to Kullu and start enjoying each moment that you spend in this magical place. I hope you liked the blog and got all the needed information. Good luck with your journey towards enchanting Vally, Kullu.

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