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Visit in Pelling

The city of Pelling is panoramic views from the snow-capped mountains and mountain peaks and the rich history and culture of Pelling make it the most important tourist destination in Sikkim after Gangtok. Initially, Pelling was a land full of forests home to many wild animals. The area developed into a full-fledged village as it was situated between two Buddhist monasteries, Pemayangste and Sangacholing.
Pelling is a beautiful hill station situated at the foothills of Kangchenjunga. Not only does it offer splendid views of the valley from here, but this place also holds an important place in terms of spirituality. After coming here, visit the 17th-century Sanga Choling Monastery. Also, if you are fond of adventure, activities like rock climbing, walking tours, and mountain biking is here for you. This place is also best for honeymooners. Because you rarely get such an experience of adventure, romance, and peace anywhere else. From less traveled trails to wonderfully designed monasteries, one can find many places to visit or visit in Pelling city. It is not only the mainstream trekking and hiking that this place has to offer. Many other outdoor activities can be done in your Visit in Pelling.

All about Pelling

Pelling is a beautiful and small state in India. It is the most beautiful state of India, full of excellent natural beauty resources, gorgeous mountains, beautiful waterfalls, and some fantastic landscapes. Pelling is located in a beautiful destination with several hotels on both sides of the road. Situated in West Sikkim, this beautiful ridge is amazingly adorned with jaw-dropping beauty and lush green forests. From explorers to families, everyone who visits the city of Pelling is struck by the awe-inspiring beauty. If you are a nature lover full of aesthetic sense, this state is a perfect place to visit. The Himalayas and Kanchenjanga can be viewed up close from Pelling. The land around Pelling is still a virgin territory and surrounded by alpine vegetation, with numerous waterfalls on the hillside. In the winter, Pelling is sometimes covered with a blanket of snow.

The Pai tribe in Pelling belongs to the Limbu community. Apart from them, this region has many other sub-castes, such as Khamdhak, Muringala, Linden, and Page. The crops grown here include cardamom, maize, paddy, wheat, and buckwheat.
Festivals and celebrations

The region has a festive atmosphere throughout the Kanchenjunga festival, celebrated yearly. Many fun activities take place during the festival, like white water rafting, kayaking, promotional trekking, mountain biking, and other adventure activities like mountain biking and traditional sports in Runrangit. Traditional Limbu dance, Using, Chhab-rang (drums), and other cultural activities are also performed during the festival. The festival also hosts flower shows and food and clothing stalls.

Most Charming Attractions near Pelling.

Pelling is a charming town in West Sikkim, situated at an altitude of about 6800 feet above sea level. Full of natural beauty, Pelling is one of the best places to visit in Sikkim. Pelling is a famous place to visit, due to which almost every tourist draws disciples. The main attraction of this place is the breathtaking view of Kanchenjunga Chhoti, which many tourists visit. This place is also trendy among tourists with monasteries, temples, and beautiful waterfalls.

Yuksom- Monastery of the Monks

Yuksom, one of the prominent tourist places near Pelling, is a beautiful place in the western region of Sikkim and is known for its natural beauty. If you are searching for places to visit in Pelling with your friends, you can pick Yuksom for your trip. The major attractions of this city include historical monuments, ancient monasteries, serene waterfalls, and lakes, which you can visit and enjoy many adventure activities. Yuksom is also an extraordinary place for tourists interested in Palling’s religious and historical importance as the first Dabdi monastery in the state of Sikkim was established in Yuksom.

Kanchenjunga National Park

How about seeing snow leopards, musk deer, and other wild animals on your way to Pelling? Best idea ever! Kanchenjunga National Park covers an area of ??about 849 km2, rich in flora, fauna, avifauna, and even glaciers. Hiking in Kanchenjunga National Park is an exhilarating experience, but getting a permit from the Wildlife Education and Interpretation center in Isom. Between April and May, this tourist attraction sees the best weather for safari and the highest chance of spotting rare species.

Visit Rumtek Monastery

The day begins with a detour to the Rumtek monastery. It is undoubtedly one of the most important and wealthiest monasteries in Sikkim… The military presence on the site makes us understand this! Rumtek is located a few kilometers from the capital of Sikkim. The view of Gangtok and the peaks along the Chinese border is sublime. The monastic complex itself is impressive. The main hall has exquisite paintings of remarkable quality. On my visit, the ten monks who lived in the monastery were on duty. All without exception brushed the floors of the complex. I am always fascinated by monks; many images from my childhood dreams come back. In their presence, I always feel like a great explorer!

Sangachoeling Monastery

Sangachoeling Monastery was built in the 17th century and is a crucial feature of the Buddhist pilgrimage circuit. The road to this monastery takes you through rich forest cover and rugged terrain. On reaching the monastery, the scenery makes the trek worth it. Sangachoeling should be on your Pelling itinerary.

Sky Walk, Pelling, Sikkim

Also known as Glass Skywalk, Pelling is a beautiful artificial creation in Sikkim. Perched at an astonishing height of 7200 feet, the skywalk offers beautiful and enchanting views of the surrounding at the same time. The route from one point to another is a thick sheet of glass that is transparent. When you walk on the bridge, there is a chill in your spine. This excellent massive structure allows people to show what they are made of.


Gangtok, situated at an altitude of 1437 meters above the Shivalik hills in the eastern Himalayan range, is one of the main tourist places of Sikkim, refreshes the mind and hearts of the tourists visiting here. Let us tell you that from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, one of the highest peaks in the world can be seen spectacular views of Kangchenjunga. It is an extraordinary place for adventure lovers and tourists looking for peace.

Tsomo Lake

It is one of the highest and beautiful lakes in India. Popularly known as Changu Lake, Tsomo Lake is a part of every tourist who visits Sikkim. Situated amidst snow-capped mountains and alpine forests, Lake Bakai is a beautiful place you must visit during your visit to a major tourist destination in Sikkim. Tell De Tsomo Lake is a glacial lake that receives water from the melting ice of the mountains around it. It is considered a sacred lake by the Sikkimese, with which many myths and legends are associated. Buddhist monks used to analyze the color of this lake to predict the future.

Rimbi Falls

It is considered one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pelling, Rimbi Falls, is more than just a sight to behold. The sparkling waterfall transforms into the Rimbi River, frequented by locals and tourists for various recreational activities such as swimming and fishing. Whether you're fishing or not, try a local preparation of Assala from the various types of fish found only here. Best time to enjoy Rimbi Waterfall and River: Summer and winter are perfect for enjoying Rimbi. During the monsoon period, the water currents in the river and around the stream increase. It is recommended not to visit the fall at this time.

Lake Khecheopalri – A site of Peace and Divinity

A serene and natural attraction, Lake Khecheopalri also holds religious significance. Buddhists and Hindus consider this lake a sacred lake. Also, for hikers and explorers, Pelling is one of the best places to visit in Gangtok. You can spend a night at the nearby lakes. Best time to visit Khecheopalri Lake: The Lake is always best visited! Don't miss the Maghe Purne Festival, celebrated by chanting diyas hymns and food floating in the lake. This 2-day festival is held in March/April.

Ravangla - A door to a new world

Going from Pelling to Ravangla is like opening another door to a new world. This town is popular with avid travelers and is well connected to Gangtok, Pelling, and other destinations. Apart from giving a sheer delight to the eyes, it offers a fantastic view of several central hills such as Ravangla, Kanchenjunga, and Kabru. A bird lover would like to stay here forever because you can spot Verditer Flycatchers, Blue Whistling-Thrush, and a few other birds. Also, Ravangla is the starting point for the ultimate trek to the Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary. From monasteries to juggling to adventure, Ravangla is the boss of it all.

Tashiding Monastery

The Tashiding Monastery is an important place for Buddhists because, according to legends, Buddhist master Guru Padmasambhava visited it. Surprisingly, the area has suffered numerous earthquakes, and each time the monastery has been rebuilt and rebuilt with the help of funds from the State government. The beautiful building has dazzling colors and beautiful Buddhist architecture. It hosts many holy ceremonies and is a must-visit to experience the local way of life!


Another stunning place to visit in Kaluk - Pelling, Sikkim, is an undiscovered paradise inhabited by the Lepcha tribe. This is the perfect place for those who want to live close to nature in a peaceful environment. Don't forget to visit the Bersay Rhododendron Sanctuary for a pleasant experience and beautiful photos. And just 2 km from Kaluk, there is Rinchenpong. A short trek from Kaluk to Rinchenpong is recommended. A refreshing trail that takes you through lush meadows and forests fills you with calm and serenity.

Orange Garden Forest

First, if you are coming here during October, you can enjoy the Prophet's Birthday Celebrations, a grand event in Pelling. Take a guided tour of this aromatic region, and yes, you can get a chance to taste organic and fresh orange juices while you are here. When you visit here, your eyes get such wonderfully beautiful views, and at the same time, your nostrils also fill with the wonderful fresh aroma of oranges. Recently, people have started visiting the garden a lot, making this place one of the best places in Sikkim. When you come here, do not miss to visit Rimbi Falls, which is hardly 1 km away from this place.

Singshore Bridge

The highest bridge in Sikkim, Singshore, is 198m above ground. Offering stunning views and incredible clickable views, Asia is also one of the highest crossing bridges in Asia. The Singshore Bridge has become a popular tourist attraction in Pelling, surrounded by lush green hills with waterfalls.

Kartok Monastery

The Kartok Monastery is located across the Kartok Lake; the monastery is one of the most important monasteries in the town. It is named after the Lama, who was part of the coronation ceremony of the first ruler of Sikkim. Equipped with intricate Buddhist architecture and colors, the monastery offers a glimpse into the Buddhist style of worship. Unlike other commercially essential hill stations in the state, Yuksom is rich in culture and heritage. The place is primarily home to locals and occasional tourists. Yuksom is the best place for a peaceful vacation away from city life due to its Buddhist heritage.

Zuluk _ a beautiful place in the lap of the Eastern Himalayas

In the lap of the Eastern Himalayas, Zuluk is a beautiful place near Pelling. The fascinating views of snow-capped mountains, deep valleys, dense forests, and sparkling streams make it an exceptional tourist destination among tourists to visit in Sikkim. Overall, visiting Zuluk will undoubtedly be an experience of a lifetime for you, refreshing your heart and mind.

Football Ground OF Upper Pelling

We all know how important football is for the people of North-East and most of the exceptional players come from these seven states. This is not a coincidence, but there are many reasons behind it.
The people here are energetic, love to play football, have great coaches, and the list could go on and on. But one of the main reasons is more or less availability of resources. Upper Pelling Football Ground is one of the best places to visit in Sikkim, and they have made it unique and beautiful.

Pemayangtse Monastery

This three-story aesthetic building dates back to the 17th century and is one of the top places to visit in Pelling. Statues and paintings adorn the monastery, but the highlight is the seven-layered Guru Rimpoche model made of wood and adorned with rainbows and fairies. Perched at an altitude of 6840 meters, Pemayangtse Monastery is a treasure trove of various Buddhist scriptures, antiques, sculptures, and other works of art you want to browse.

Pelling Sky Walk

A new attraction near Sanga Choeling is the gigantic 30-meter tall statue of Chenrezig and a transparent glass Sky Walk leading to the statue. It opened in November 2018 and has since achieved significant visitor numbers.

Mangan - Highly prosperous in terms of tourism

Mangan, which is highly prosperous in terms of tourism, is the headquarters of the North Sikkim district. The city is 67 km away from Gangtok and is well connected to other places. Geography Situated at an altitude of 3236 feet above sea level, Mangan is also the gateway to the Tibet Plateau. This plateau extends over a large part of the Tibet Autonomous Region and Qinghai Province in western China and Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir. Also in the far north, Mangan extends to Lachung, Chungthang and Lachen. The Culture of Mangan is known for its three-day music festival held every year from 12 to 14 December. Apart from this, Mangan is also famous for its food festival, traditional music, and the sale of local handicrafts. All these attractions make this city even more enjoyable.

Best time to visit Pelling

With plenty of attractions in all seasons, Pelling fully opens its arms to welcome travelers year-round. Still, to narrow it down, the best time to visit Pelling can be broken down into two periods:

  • Mid-February to June - Perfect for enjoying clear views of mighty peaks. Also, the snow melted during this time, and the greenery started to cover the mountains.
  • September-December - It is pleasant to enjoy all-day tours comfortably before the winter season.
  • In summer, the weather is best, and you can enjoy a clearer view of Kanchenjunga Mountain. But winter is perfect for snow lovers as the area is mainly covered with snow.
  • PS Despite these best openings, each place in Pelling has a specific period when it looks best. Pay attention to the features as you read.

Last words

Located in the lap of nature, west of Sikkim, Pelling is simultaneously a place of cultural exclusivity and a tranquil hideout. A beautiful hill station that should be included in the Sikkim tour itinerary. Spend a day or two exploring its beauty and attractions. While you gaze at the snow-covered Kanchenjunga range on your balcony, sipping hot tea while just playing your favorite song in the background, you might want to check out the attractions on our list. Visit in Pelling City, I invite you to explore this Himalayan wonder.

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