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Tour to charming town, Lachen

The name “Lachen” means “big pass”. Lachen is a town in the Mangan District in the Indian state of Sikkim. This charming town of Mangan District is known as a famous tourist destination in India. Lachen is located at a height of 2,750 meters.

Places to visit in Lachen:
Lachen is renowned as a famous tourist destination in India. The reason behind this recognition is that Lachen is full of tourist points including valleys, Lakes, parks, restaurants, hotels for residency, and sanctuaries. This mesmerizing town of Indian State Sikkim offers a lot of places where you can have fun, explore new things, and feel at peace in calm surroundings. We understand that you must be curious about these destinations.

Don’t worry passionate tourist!
We are here to clear out your curious mind. In this detailed blog, we will elaborate on all key tourist destinations that a tourist should explore. Keep reading and make your tour to Lachen advantageous as you can.

Top Valleys at Lachen
Lachen is a town full of those valleys that offer immense serenity. Valleys of these Lachen offer satisfaction that leaves a deep impact on the soul of explorers. If you are in Lachen or about to visit this gorgeous town then don’t miss a chance to explore these striking valleys of Lachen, Sikkim. Surely, the magical peace of all these appealing valleys will hit your heart. You will feel beyond the world in the arms valleys of Lachen. Detail of a few top valleys of Lachen is under the following content.

  • Thangu Valley:

Thangu Valley is a beautiful place at Lachen. This mesmerizing valley offers its tourists appealing weather, unique food, and majestic points to explore.

Innocent community of Thangu Valley:
The people of Thangu Valley, Sikkim are very simple and down-to-earth in nature. Their innocence appeal to all the explorer to spend some time in their company. Their friendly behavior and positive thinking are no less than gold in the modern era of selfishness. When you will visit Thangu, you will be amazed to see their cool behavior. So don’t miss a chance to visit Thangu Valley if you are going to have a tour to Lachen.

Challenging Tracks:
Thangu Valley is a beautiful place but the tracks of this pleasant place are quite challenging. They are risky that’s why all visitors are requested to be very careful while visiting the thangu valleys, Lachen, and Sikkim. The chances of accidents are very high at Thangu Valley. The ups and downs of these tracks are risky. But they award fun as well to its visitors. If you are a kind of an explorer who likes adventure and adores difficult paths then Thangu Valley of Lachen is for you. Must plan a tour to explore the challenges of these curvy tracks. Surely, you will have a great tour.

Let your tong taste rare food:
Thangu Valley is also known for its rare food. You will be served yummy food at very reasonable prices. So if you are a foody and planning a tour to Thangu valley then don’t get worried. You will not face difficulty regarding food. This beautiful valley will not let you stay hungry but it will serve you eatable, and tasty food with dignity.

What if a tourist wants to stay at Thangu Valley?
In case if fall in love with the beauty of the valley and wish to stay at Thangu valley then don’t overthink. Thangu valley offers you a decent stay for less time including dinner and breakfast at a very low price. Usually, tourists don’t get a chance to stay in such valleys. But things Valley is precious for explorers because of the services offered to it.

A rare Kala Pathar at Thangu Valley:
There is a huge rock in Thangu valley. The color of this large rock is black. It looks like a tiny mountain. This rock is known as “Kala Pathar” because of its black color.

What if a visitor wishes to see this Kala Pathar?
You can visit the place where Kala Pathar is located but you are requested to be very careful while exploring Kala Pathar. The reason is that land sliding is very common at Kala Pathar. It can harm you that’s why don’t cross the limits and stay in a safe area. Do not push yourself into danger.

  • Lhonak Valley

Lhonak Valley is a valley of mountains near Lachen. This valley is a Trans Himalayan grassland in the exposed river valley of Guam Chu in the northeast of Sikkim. The volume of charming Mountains of Lhonak Valley spread peace in its surroundings.

Did not find any trekking point?
Are you fond of trekking? Do you want to experience the challenging trekking and have you found any trekking points?

We are here to show you a way that will lead you towards magical mountains that will offer you challenging trekking tracks. Yes! You are reading the right words. Lhonak Valley of Lachen is a valley that is filled with mountains that offer its visitors all those tracks where they can experience trekking.

Where Lhonak Valley is located?
Lhonak Valley is 59 km away from Lachen, 19 km from Chopta Valley, 24 km from Thangu Valley, and 51 km from Guru Dongmat Lake. If you are in Lachen or planning to have an amazing tour of Lachen then must visit Lhonak Valley. Surely, you will have a lot of things to explore at Lhonak Valley.

When is Lhonak Valley accessible?
You can visit this fascinating valley in summer. You will have an amazing and rememberable experience this season. Otherwise, if you visit Lhonak Valley in winter then the place will offer you snowfall. The snowfall of the winter season will create hurdles for you. There will be a lot of danger for you because of the hard weather. So be careful while planning a tour to Lachen. Do not choose winters for a tour.

What is the height of Lhonak Valley?
Lhonak Valley is situated at an elevation of 14,850 feet. Explorers can reach Lhonak Valley by trekking. So if you are going to visit this valley, be ready for high trekking. This will be a charming adventure tour for fun-loving visitors.

Expected hurdles at Lhonak Valley:
Lhonak Valley offers a lot of adventure but it offers a lot of difficulties at the same time. This valley is having boggy marshes, glacial lakes, glaciers, and barren scree slopes.

What is special about Lhonak Valley?
One unique thing about Lhonak Valley is that it is under the constant vigil of the Indian Army as this is the last outpost of the Indian Army in the Eastern part of extreme North Sikkim. From that point, the Indian Army monitor the Nepal-Tibet Border.

  • Chopta valley:

Are you the one who wants to experience snow trekking? If YES then here I am going to tell you about Chopta Valley, a Valley that offers snow trekking. If you have not experienced snow trekking and want to have such an adventure the Chopta Valley is for you. If you choose Chopta Valley for snow trekking then it will be considered your best decision. Before writing more about the magical beauty of Chopta Valley, let us share some advantageous information regarding the best time to visit Chopta Valley.

Best Time to visit Chopta Valley:
This Charming Valley offers different unique experiences throughout the year. Every season is valuable because the weather of Chopta Valley has so much to offer.

What will you get if you visit Chopta Valley in winter?
In winters, you can experience snow trekking. Besides snow trekking, this cold season offers a beautiful view of the White Mountains. Mountains filled with snow seem appealing to all the explorers.
You can experience trekking at many places, there will be a lot of charming mountains in your surroundings. But, we hardly see places where we can go in winter. Usually, security issues play a role of a huge hurdle between an explorer and a mountain full of snow. Chopta Valley is the only valley that offers visits in the snowy season.

What if someone doesn’t like snow?
If you are a person who doesn’t like snow and you are also curious about the Chopta Valley then you can also visit. A visit to Chopta Valley in the summer session is also allowed. In this season, Chopta Valley will offer you lush green mountains, appealing weather, an environment full of serenity, and heart-touching surroundings. A tour in March, April, and May will amaze your inner tourist. I would suggest you months of October, November, December, January, February, March, April, and May for a tour to Chopta Valley. This will benefit you a lot.

Have fun at the lakes in and around Lachen:
Lachen offers an impressive variety of places where you can have amazing vocations. There are a lot of lakes in and around the town of Sikkim, Lachen. No matter whether whether you are peace-loving or a person who likes adventure activities. These lakes will facilitate you according to your preference. A few important details regarding some top lakes of Lachen are as under.

Tso Lhamo Lake, an ideal place for nature admirers:
The TSO Lhamo Lake is a breathtaking place near Lachen. Mountains full of White snow offers charming view. Crystal blue water is no less than magic in the eyes of visitors. Indeed, this fascinating place is heavenly on this earth. The beauty of TSO Lhamo Lake is mesmerizing in its way. If you see this lake once in life, your heart will urge you to visit it again and again.  The appealing serenity of TSO Lhamo Lake is a healing ointment for the soul.

Some other names of TSO Lhamo Lake:
TSP Lhamo Lake is famous as many other names, such as:
1- Cho Lhamo
2- Cholamu Lake
3- Cholamoo Lake

Where this fascinating lake is located?
TSP Lhamo Lake is located at the distance of 74 km from Lachen, 40 km from Thangu, and 10 km from Gurudongmar. If you are in Lachen then you can easily reach TSP Lhamo Lake. So if you get a permit to visit the lake, must-visit. But you are requested to be very careful.

Trip duration of TSO Lhamo Lake:
It will take 2 hours to visit TSO Lhamo Lake. These 2 hours are included in traveling as well.

Location of TSO Lhamo Lake:
Tso Lhamo Lake is located in beyond Guru Dongmar Lake.

When should an explorer visit TSO Lhamo Lake?
The best to visit Tso Lhamo Lake in October and November. This time is considered an ideal time. A tour to Tso Lhamo Lake in October and November offers its explorers a clear sky. The view of clear sky at such an elegant lake is no less than a treat to the eyes. Here we advise you to not plan a tour to Tso Lhoma Lake after the monsoon. Because there will be a high risk at the destination for its tourist. So be careful when deciding to tour Tso Lhamo Lake and choose the month of October and November.

Some necessary details about the tour permit to Tso Lhamo Lake:
If you want to have a tour of Tso Lhamo Lake let us share some important information regarding permission for the tour. You need to take permission from the army and local police of Sikkim. If they give permission then you are allowed to visit Tso Lhamo Lake. Otherwise, do not go there. One more thing, Try to ask about permission for October, and November. In these months you will get permission easily, otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to visit.

  • Green Lake Trek:

Green Lake is the least explored tourist destination in India. The whole north of Sikkim is the least explored area but this charming Green Lake is also included in this. Green lake offers an appealing view of all the mesmerizing peaks of the Himalayas. Indeed, you can experience it somewhere else. Green Lake near Lachen is a must-visit place that will attract you again and again after a single tour. The beauty of this fascinating Lake is magical. So whenever get a chance to go to Lachen, you must visit Green Lake and give your soul a treat in the arms of Himalayan Peaks.

Winding Paths of Green Lake Trek:
The winding paths of Green Lake Trek are beautiful in their way. When you will travel from Lachen to Green Lake, the paths of this beautiful journey will offer you a charismatic view of flora and fauna. Let us inform you about a hurdle the paths are rocky and there will be dense forests along your way. These paths will create difficulty but you will experience a lot of adventure when you will travel from Lachen to Green Lake Trek.

Be a happy vegetarian explorer:
Are you vegetarian and worried about the food at Green Lake Trek? Stop worrying because Green Lake Trek offers vegetarian food only.
Have some adventures activities at Green Lake Trek:
Green Lake Trek offers three major fun activities and that are:

  • Trekking
  • Ropeway Ride
  • Camping

Visit the world’s highest lake near Lachen:
Gurudongmar Lake is the highest lake not only in India But it wins the race of ranking at the world level as well. According to the government of Sikkim, the height of Gurudobgmar Lake is 5,430 meters and 17,800 ft. Indeed, this gorgeous lake offers an appealing view to its explorers.

Real name of Gurudongmar Lake:
Lake Gurudongmar was named Guru Padmasambhava. Guru Padmasambhava was famously known as Guru Rinpoche. Now, most people recognize this lake as Gurudongmar Lake.

Where this majestic Gurudongmar Lake is located?
Gurudongmar Lake is 190 kilometers away from the capital of Sikkim, Gangtok. One interesting thing about the location of Gurudongmar Lake is that it is about 5 kilometers away from the south Tibetan Border, China.

Yes, you can reach this sacred place near Tibetan Border:
If you are in Lachung then you can reach Gurdongmar Lake very easily. There is a way to reach Gurudongmar Lake from Lachen. You can reach this appealing beauty by passing through Thangu. The road from Thangu to Gurudongmar Lake passes through rugged terrain with moraine. This tempting path of alpine pastures One thing that makes this path more attractive for all the explorers is that these amiable alpine pastures are covered with many rhododendrons.  Indeed, these plants offer a heavenly view. Travelers hardly experience traveling on such paths.

Let your heart know about the breathtaking beauty of Gurudongmar Lake:
Gurudongmar Lake is heavenly beautiful. In winters, this fascinatingly gorgeous point stays frozen. If you go in winter, it will offer you the frozen sight only. But when the water is melt, Gurudongmar Lake gives an appealing view. You can consider this Lake as a valley of water surrounded by high mountains. Let us add some significance that the mountains around them get the white shade of ice. No other place offers such a view at peak of the planet, earth. Sikh community and Hindu community have some spiritual attachment with Gurudongmar Lake as well. Some hidden reality about this spiritual attachment of Hindus and Sikhs is under the following lines.

Why do Hindus consider Gurudongmar Lake a religious place?
There is a story behind this belief. History speaks that many decades ago water of Gurudongmar Lake was frozen for a long time. The local community of Gurudongmar Lake was facing a lot of difficulties because of this frozen water. The local people of Gurudongmar Lake requested Guru Padmasambhava to help them regarding that frozen water. He put his hand in the frozen water of Gurudongmar Lake. After that, Gurudongmar Lake got melted and did not freeze in winters as well. This story has made Gurudongmar Lake sacred in the eyes of the Hindu Community. After that, they started giving respect to this lake and now a lot of Hindu people come from different parts of the world to visit this lake to show spirituality towards this place. They consider the water of Gurudongmar Lake Holy as well. Hindus visit this lake and make sure to take some water from Gurudongmar Lake to show a spiritual connection with this water.

Why do Sikhs consider Gurudongmar Lake a religious place?
There is another story behind this belief of the Sikh Community. History of Sikhism tells us that many decades ago in the 15th century, the water of Gurudongmar Lake was frozen for a long time. The local Sikh public of Gurudongmar Lake was facing a lot of trouble because of this ice-covered water. When Guru Nanak Dev passed through Gurudongmar Lake, the native Sikh people of Gurudongmar Lake bidden to Guru Nanak Dev to help them regarding that frozen water. He put his hand in the frozen water of Gurudongmar Lake. After that, the Lake got melted and did not freeze in winter as well. This story has made the Sikh community get spiritually attached to Gurudongmar Lake. After that, they started giving respect to this lake and now so many Sikh people come from different parts of the world to visit this lake to show spirituality towards this place. They consider the water of Gurudongmar Lake Holy as well. Usually, they visit this lake and make sure to take some water from Gurudongmar Lake to show a spiritual connection with this water.

Choose the best time to visit Gurudongmar Lake and have an amazing experience:
You are requested to visit Gurudongmar Lake in the summer. Do not plan a tour in writers. If you do that you will see the frozen valley as well

 Have an adventures Drive to Northeast at Lachen:
Drive to Northeast at Lachen gives sight to the eyes of tourists. The location offered by paths is appealing. Every heart will wish to visit it again and again. The food in that area is also very tasty. If you go to Lachen and miss this Drive to the northeast at Lachen then definitely you have missed a huge opportunity. Whenever you get a chance to go to Lachen, have a travel experience to the northeast and give a treat to your eyes of a beautiful waterfall.

Sheba Rhododendron Sanctuary:
Sheba Rhododendron Sanctuary is a heavenly tourist place at Lachen. This fascinating Sanctuary is blessed with 40 types of different plants. You will see a new world of different and rare colors. There are a lot of beautiful flowers in Sheba Rhododendron Sanctuary that give an appealing view. This is the best place for those who admire the beauty of nature. So if you are a nature lover then must visit this valley of colorful flowers, Sheba Rhododendron Sanctuary.

Where to Stay at Lachen?

  • Apple Orchard Resort
  • Magellan’s The Grand Lachen
  • Khenkhim Regency
  • Summit Panghen Metok Hotel
  • Delight Royal Lachen
  • Rufina Blue Pine
  • Klifton crown Lachen:
  • Lac Paradisedise:

We hope that you liked the blog and got some beneficial information regarding the tour to Lachen. Now it’s your turn to take a step and visit UN and around the Lachen.

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