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Katra Tour Package

The magnificent Katra, located in the slopes of the Trikuta Mountain, serves as the entryway to Vaishno Devi Shrine, India's second most significant temple. This settlement, located 42 kilometres from Jammu, serves as a base camp for pilgrims en route to Vaishno Devi. On a journey to this sacred area, worshippers can feel complete ecstasy and divinity thanks to a variety of Katra tour packages. The sacred sanctuary of Vaishno Devi is reached through a 13-kilometer uphill hike from Katra. These Katra holiday packages include everything you need to make your vacation as interesting and memorable as possible, including sightseeing, trekking, and shopping, as well as a visit to the source of satisfaction and faith for millions of devotees.

Our travel specialists have created these Katra vacation packages to provide a well-organized and planned trip. The packages offer precise itineraries that include sightseeing and activities for each day, ensuring that no time is wasted. To allow travellers to unwind and spend quality time with their loved ones, these packages also provide leisure time when they may participate in any activity of their choosing. In addition to excellent accommodations, the packages include hassle-free private pickups and drops. Tourists may start on a tailored holiday to unwind and appreciate the beauty of nature while also reveling in the religiousness because these Katra packages are adjustable.

Due to the enormous number of ancient temples, holy caves, gorgeous mountains, and stunning water bodies, Katra is a booming pilgrimage center that attracts millions of devotees every year. These Katra tour packages not only take you to all of the sites that make Katra worthwhile, but they also give you time to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature while enjoying God's blessings. Himkoti viewpoint with breathtaking views, Raghunath Temple, Dera Baba Banda Gurudwara, Dhansar Temple, Ranbireshwar Temple, Bhairavnath cave Temple, Ardh kuwari Cave, and the most significant of all, Vaishnodevi Temple are some of the popular places to see in and around Katra included in these Katra Packages.

These Katra Tour Packages provide a lot more than just sightseeing at different temples and mountain summits. A visit to Katra combines everything from exhilarating treks to thrilling watersports, day excursions to calm picnics. Set out on a 13-kilometer night hike to the sacred Mata Vaishno Devi shrine for a remarkable experience that includes breathtaking views of Katra at night.

Enjoy a relaxing picnic in the Sulla Park in Reasi, which features a variety of flora and animals as well as a nearby water park. Spend time with your loved ones in Jhajjar Kotli, a peaceful picnic location on the river Jhajjar's pebbled banks. White water rafting in the Chenab near Katra, amidst the beautiful grandeur of mountains, would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for adventure seekers. Enjoy the magnificent sights while visiting the enigmatic Shiv khori caves.

History of Katra

According to mythology, Vaishno Devi, a devotee of Lord Vishnu, used to pray to Lord Rama and had taken a vow of chastity more than 700 years ago. Bhairon Nath, a demon-God, spotted her one day and pursued her. At Banganga, the Goddess became thirsty and launched an arrow into the soil, where water flowed forth. Charan Paduka, where she reclined, is imprinted by the impressions of her feet. She then went to Ardhkanwari's cave to meditate. Bhairon Nath spent nine months looking for her.

Mata Vaishno Devi then blew a hole in the cave's other end. She took on the shape of Maha Kali and severed Bhairon Nath's head, which fell at the site of today's Bhairon Temple. According to mythology, the petrified torso of Bhairon Nath, who was granted heavenly mercy by the compassionate Mata in his last moments, is the boulder at the mouth of the sacred cave.

The visit to Mata Vaishnodevi's holy shrine is as interesting as the stories surrounding it. It is said that thousands of years ago, the three lords produced a beautiful lady named "Vaishnavi" who achieved human form and was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. She spent practically her whole life in meditation and prayer, having accepted a vow of chastity. She grew spiritually powerful over time and is said to have had a promise from Lord Rama that if she continued on her spiritual path, he would marry her in the KaliYug.

Because of this, she is also known as Adh Kanwari, or "forever virgin." Mata Vaishno Devi founded an ashram in the Trikuta Mountain's slopes and began to meditate. As Lord Rama foretold, her fame grew, and people began flocking to her ashram to seek her blessings. After seeing the scene between Lord Rama and Mata Vaishno Devi in a vision, a Tantrik named Gorakh Nath (Demo God) grew fascinated and wanted to learn more about her.

As a result, he dispatched his most capable student, 'Bhairon Nath,' to investigate. Despite being a 'Sadhvi,' Bhairon Nath began surreptitiously monitoring her and saw that she always carried a bow and arrows and was constantly flanked by langoor (apes) and a ferocious-looking lion. Bhairon, the demon God, was enamoured with her.

The Mata, on the other hand, turned down his approaches and escaped to the Himalayas to pursue her spiritual journey. At Banganga, the goddess became thirsty and discharged an arrow into the soil, where water flowed out. The spot where she slept is Charan Paduka, which is marked by the impressions of her feet.

The Goddess then went to Adh Kanwari's cave to meditate. Because it took Bhairon nine months to find her, the cave is known as Garbh Joon. Mata Vaishno Devi burst an entrance at the opposite end of the cave with her trident when the demon discovered her and escaped to the Holy cave at Darbar (temple).

Bhairon, on the other hand, was persistent and followed her to annoy her. The goddess grew enraged and, in the shape of Mata Kali, used the flying disc given to her by Lord Krishna to behead Bhairon outside the cave.

Bhairon's chopped head landed on a faraway mountaintop. Bhairon requested and got heavenly mercy from the goddess in his final moments. After seeing Shri Mata Vaishno Devi, it is thought that the pilgrim's Yatra is not complete unless he or she visits Bhairon ka Mandir (2.6 miles from the main shrine).

By metamorphosing herself into three pindis, the goddess took up permanent residence in a cave in the Trikuta Mountains (Rock). This holy temple of Mata Vaishno Devi is unusual in that it houses the holiest of holy Pindis, which manifest the Mata in three forms: Maha Kali, Maha Lakshmi, and Maha Saraswati, each of which represents a different attribute of the Mata.

Maha Kali is the Tamas Guna, which means "darkness." She is supposed to be above fear and finite existence in her incarnation of Kali the almighty, absolute, and all pervasive, and so able to shield her worshippers from dread and offer them boundless serenity. Rajas Guna, which means prosperity, is represented by Maha Lakshmi.

The goddess bestows money and success to her worshipers in this incarnation, allowing them to live a better life. Sattav Guna is represented by Maha Saraswati, with Sattav denoting wisdom and understanding. This apparition aids her worshippers in distinguishing between good and evil and guiding them down the correct road in life. The confluence of these three traits in a single Shakti is a one-of-a-kind combo, which is why it is respected worldwide.

Why will you love Katra?

The Vaishno Devi Shrine is the most popular reason for visitors to come to Katra. This is regarded as one of the country's most religious sites. This Shakti Peetha is housed in a cave that is said to be around 700 years old. This cave shrine is located in the high highlands of Trikuta and may be reached by walking for a few days. Goddess is reported to have appeared in a villager's dream and urged him to erect a shrine on the hills.

You may also pay a visit to the Adhkunwari, which is one of the most significant darshans, and where Mata Vaishno Devi is said to have meditated for nine months. When Bhairon Nath neared the cave, the Goddess created an escape on the opposite side. The cave is shaped like a womb and is extremely tiny, allowing just one person to travel through at a time.

You may visit Sanjichhat, a picturesque place near Adhkunwari, in addition to Vaishno Devi's religious visit. All nature enthusiasts who wish to view the unspoiled beauty of hills and valleys should pay this region a visit. From this vantage point, you can see the valley and the Himalayan snow-capped summits.

You may also pay a visit to the Kal Bhairava Temple, which is said to be a shrine to Lord Shiva in his Kal Bhairav form. Lord Kaal Bhairava is shown as a terrifying god, and his riding as a dog can also be seen.

Historical Monuments in Katra

Vaishno Devi Mata

Visitors to Katra mostly come to see Vaishno Devi Temple, which is one of Hinduism's holiest sites. Every year, a large number of tourists visit Vaishno Devi's temple. This temple is suitable for visiting with family, children, and friends.


Another hill station near Katra is this one. In the winter, you may view the snowfall here. Every year, a large number of people go to this lovely location. Patnitop can be visited with family, friends, and others. By hiring online cabs Katra, you may go to Patnitop.


Pahalgam is a gorgeous site that has become a significant tourist draw due to its incredible natural beauty and mountains all around. Pahalgam is regarded as a dream place by many travellers. In both summer and winter, you may drive to Pahalgam from Katra with our trip package. If you wish to visit Pahalgam, you can arrange a sightseeing cab trip.


Chandanwari, in the outskirts of Pahalgam, is the starting point for the holy pilgrimage to Amarnath Temple. This Amarnath shrine is mostly open during the monsoon season. To go to this sacred place, you must hike across the mountains. While travelling to this temple, you may take in the beauty of nature and the mountains. If you want to visit this sacred place, you may book a cab for sightseeing from Katra.

What are the top fascinations to visit in Katra?     

Take A Refreshing Dip In The Ganga

Ban Ganga is another sacred halt on the way to Vaishno Devi. It is one of the most beautiful spots in Katra. This Ganga originates in the Shivalik Range of the Himalayas, and seeing it is one of the top things to do in Kahsmir in June. Mata Vaishanvi was on her way to her cave dwelling when the monkey accompanying her became thirsty. With no water around, Maa threw an arrow into the soil, causing the Ganga to spring up. As a result, it was given the name Ban (arrow) Ganga. It's also known as Bal (hair) Ganga, because Maa is said to have bathed her hair in it. While trekking to Devi's shrine, worshippers can relax by the Ban or Bal Ganga. Before proceeding on to other tourist attractions in Katra, take a plunge and feel rejuvenated.

See Vaishnavi Maa's Footprints with Charan Paduka

On the path to Maa Vaishno Devi's cave or bhawan, this is one of the most auspicious spots to visit in Katra. The foot footprints of Maa may be observed on a rock slab at Charan Paduka. Bhairavnath, the saint turned demon, was chasing Mata Vaishno Devi or Vaishnavi. She was on her way to her cave when she decided to stop for a bit here. Her footsteps became stuck in the rocks at that point. Before continuing your ascent to Mata's cave, pay a visit to Charan Paduka to request Mata's blessings.

Bask in the Natural Beauty of Baba Dhansar

Baba Dhansar is another of Katra's numerous must-see holy sites. It is less than 13 kilometres from Katra, and there are a plethora of fantastic homestays and guest rooms in Katra close by. It necessitates the ascent of around 100 stairs. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva that has a fascinating mythology attached to it. A succession of magnificent waterfalls and thick foliage all around draw travellers to this location, in addition to the lovely temple.

Bagh-e-Bahu – A Garden Stroll

Baag-e-Bahu is one of Katra's most odd tourist attractions. It is around 45 kilometres from Katra. It's the perfect spot to unwind after a day of seeing numerous religious places. Visit the famed Bahu Fort near the garden if you are a history buff and your body isn't too exhausted after the trek. The fort and the founding of Jammu are linked by a fascinating story. Within the fort, there is also a temple devoted to Maa Kali.

Himkoti – Enjoy A Picnic

Take a break from your journey to holy places to relax and enjoy Himkoti's natural beauty. Take in the breathtaking views of the hill stations surrounding Katra, the lush and enticing flora, and the relaxing atmosphere. It's also a nice spot to unwind and have a picnic with the family. Himkoti, with its awe-inspiring natural riches, is certainly one of the top Katra tourist destinations.

Go Paragliding in Sanasar

Sanasar, often known as 'Mini Gulmarg,' is 17 kilometres from Patnitop. It's a little out of the way from Katra; you'll have to drive for around 3 hours to get there. The location is a magnificent domicile with enthralling lake, hills, and woods. During the summer in Kashmir, it also allows you to participate in adrenaline activities like as paragliding, hot air ballooning, and horseback riding. Sanasar has a variety of activities that will keep you occupied for the entire day. Nag Temple, Hidden Creek, Sanasar Lake, and the waterfalls are all worth seeing.

Raghunath Temple - Incredible Architecture And Interior Design

Raghunath Temple is located 8 kilometers from Jammu's city center. It was created by Maharaja Ranbir Singh and is one of Katra's most popular tourist attractions. This temple, dedicated to Lord Rama, is one of the biggest in Northern India. Lord Krishna, Ganesh Ji, and other Hindu deities are among the various idols in the temples. The main tower is created in a Sikh architectural style, while the temple is built in a Mughal architectural style. The artworks featuring holy lines from the Holy Gita, Mahabharata, and Ramayana are also worth seeing.

Get A Spa Treatment In Jhajjar Kotli

Jhajjar Kotli is one of Katra's most popular tourist destinations. At Jhajjar Kotli, your ideal picnic will become a reality. When travelling with your family, this is the excellent site to visit in the Katra area. Being here is like giving your senses a relaxing spa treatment. This is one of the most popular destinations to visit near Katra because of its beautiful surroundings and relaxing atmosphere. This tranquil area is 15 kilometres outside of Katra.

Dera Baba Banda - Sikh Pilgrimage Center

Dera Baba Banda is another well-known Katra tourist attraction. It is a must-see pilgrimage centre for Sikhs. The compound is 300 years old and includes a Gurudwara erected by Baba Banda Bairaagi, Guru Gobind Singh's favourite. The interior design and architecture of the Gurudwara, which is made of white marble stone, is quite remarkable. Pilgrims go here in vast numbers for the three-day annual mela held in Vaisakhi.

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Ranbireshwar Temple

Ranbireshwar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is another must-see attraction in Katra. It is one of Lord Shiva's 12 Jyotirlinga temples in India, and it is frequented by worshippers seeking the holy God's blessings. During significant holidays like as Deepawali, Lohri, Ram Navami, and MakaraSakranti, it is quite packed.

Tip for those who are going on a Katra tour       

  • Don't think of Katra just as a holy site; you may shop for dried fruits, hosiery, leather coats, woollen clothes, souvenirs, and more while strolling through the main market. There are several vegetarian eateries in this region, as well as many restaurants that provide wonderful cuisine, particularly rajama and rice, as well as lip-smacking appetisers.

Where to stay in Katra

In Katra, there are a variety of lodging alternatives. The majority of the inexpensive hotels are located on Jammu Road near the Main Market. On Kashmir Road and Ban Ganga Road, you may find mid-range lodging. On Reasi Road, there is only one premium hotel. Katra also contains lodges and a few guest homes in addition to hotels. Some registered trusts also provide pilgrims with free lodging in the form of serais and dharmasalas.

How to get it?

By Air

Katra does not have its own airport. The Jammu airport, however, is the nearest to this location and serves as a major international tourism destination. Kolkata, Delhi, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Mumbai, and Chennai are all served by direct flights. You may rent a cab or take a bus from this airport to Katra, which is around 40 kilometers distant.


Katra is connected to other cities in North India by a vast number of state and national highways. You can reach Katra conveniently by bus from various sections of the nation.

By Train

There are several direct trains to Jammu Railway Station from popular destinations including as Pathankot, Kolkata, Delhi, Chandigarh, and Amritsar. The Katra Railway Station has introduced a line that connects it straight to Delhi.

Rental cars services in Katra

Booking your car rental for your trip to Katra ahead of time is a fantastic way to ensure that you have enough time to see the sights and receive the best deal! With so many companies to choose from, you're likely to discover a discount and a travel plan that meets your preferences.

Katra Important instructions when you rent your car             

Age Requirement

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A current driver's license

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Reputable driving history

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The automobile you drive must be insured by law. Most rental businesses will charge you extra for a liability waiver in the event of damage following an accident. You may already have coverage for damage to a vehicle you do not own if you get auto insurance. If you pay for your rental with a credit card, you may be eligible for insurance. Before purchasing for coverage from a rental business, double-check your own auto insurance and credit card policies.

Approved Operators

The majority of major rental firms only allow one driver to operate the car. Renting does not necessitate the presence of the driver. With an additional cost per day, more approved operators can be added to the rental agreement.

Credit Card

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