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To Visit in Rajahmundry

For its natural beauty and charm, India is famous worldwide. It is full of different diversity and artifacts. India is the best country to travel to because many tourist places in different states of India are pretty cheap and beautiful. Almost everyone is fond of traveling, that's why people often keep looking for some such place, where they can enjoy a lot by roaming with their family and especially find some such peaceful place, where But he can also feel very calm, so today we will tell you the name of a city which is located in Andhra Pradesh and that city is one of the ancient cities. The name of this city is Rajahmundry. Rajahmundry is an ancient city in Andhra Pradesh, the center of Vedic culture and a central transport hub. It has many tourist attractions like ancient monuments, grand temples, picturesque landscapes, and exciting adventure sports options. Riverside Temple is one of the most popular attractions in Rajahmundry, with the ghats, or bathing steps, of Saraswati and Pushkar on the banks of the Godavari River, usually packed with devotees who arrive en masse for refreshment. To Visit in Rajahmundry should not miss visiting the great temples of Kotilingeshwara and Markandeya.

About Rajahmundry

Rajahmundry is one of the main cities in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is located on the banks of the Godavari River in the East Godavari district of the state. The city is the Mandal headquarters for the Rajahmundry (rural) and Rajahmundry (urban) mandals. It is also the divisional headquarters of Rajahmundry's revenue division and one of the two municipal corporations in the district, along with Kakinada. In its early days, the city was called Rajamahendravaram. The city is most famous for its agricultural history, economy, and cultural background. Because of this, the city is also known as the Cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh. One of the largest steel-frame railway bridges over the Godavari River, connecting Kovvur and Rajahmundry. The city's emergence dates back to the time of the Chalukya dynasty. Rajahmundry is named after the 11th-century ruler Raja Narendra. Remains of palaces and fortifications from that period are still preserved. Archaeological research in recent years indicates the emergence of Rajahmundry at an earlier period. The city is exceptionally rich in insights. In Rajahmundry, you can see the Dutch fort of the 17th century, numerous Hindu temples, a water park, natural attractions, and animal nurseries. The main pride of the city is the river Godavari. Its banks are decorated with numerous stepped ghats, and three colossal bridges are thrown across it, one of which is the longest railway bridge in Asia.

Arts and Crafts

The Damerla Rama Rao Art Gallery is dedicated to the works of the city's artist, Damerla Rama Rao. It displays a variety of paintings, including Krishna Leela, Godavari from the Eastern Ghats, and Kathiawar's Milkmaids. Ratnam’s pens are the first pens handmade in India since 1932. The pens are made of ebonite with a gold or silver-plated tip. Ratnamson is a brand of KVRatnam and sons; Ratnam Ball pe works in Fort Gate, Rajmudry.


Rajahmundry is known as the 'Name Kavi' (first poet) of Nannayya, in Telugu, along with Tikkana and Yerrana, the translated Sanskrit version of the Mahabharata in Telugu. Sri Kandukuri Veeresalingam, a prominent social reformer, is considered the man who first brought about a renaissance in Telugu literature and Telugu people; she is also known for fighting for women's issues. Adurthi Subba Rao is a well-known old-time d rector and Producer of Telugu Films.

Music and movies

Durga Cinetone was the first South Indian film studio built-in 1936 by Nidamarthi Surayya in Rajahmundry. Many other movies are shot in the city. The city has produced many well-known artists within the Telugu film industry, such as Adurthi Subba Rao, SV Ranga Rao, Ali, Raja Babu, Jaya Prada, Sameera Reddy, Sriman, Meghna Reddy, Thotakura Venkata Raju, Uma Pemmaraju, Ramesh Rajab, Ramesh Rajab, Srihat, Kumar and JD Chakravarthy.

Places to Visit in Rajahmundry

Ranked among the oldest cities in the Indian subcontinent, Rajahmundry is a beautiful city located on the bank of the river. This ancient city is famous for its active participation in various eras, including the struggle for freedom against British rule. Scenic landscapes, culturally significant monuments, ancient temples, and adventurous sightseeing make it an irresistible place for travelers. Here you will learn about the famous places to visit in Rajahmundry that you wouldn't want to miss. Get to know!

Papi Hills is a breathtaking destination.

It is a breathtaking destination and a perfect place to land on your vacation. You will find Papi Hills irresistible if you love nature and your spirit yearns for adventure. The irresistible beauty of the place with a serene atmosphere and a vast expanse of greenery apart, the offerings of trekking on the hill and fishing in the waters. The sound of waterfalls, the rustle of leaves, and the chirping of birds make you feel one with nature. If you come from the part of the world that makes you work hard, you must relax here to enjoy the essence of life.

Kadiyapulanka -- a delight for your visual senses

Kadiyapulanka is an absolute delight for your visual senses. Located 8 km from Rajahmundry, the village thrives in floriculture and horticulture. Some of the flowers grown in nurseries here include rose, jasmine, lilies, and chrysanthemums. The flower fair held every year in January is the right time to feast your eyes and senses with excellent flower collections. The colors of the flowers make the magic of the Air.

Rallabandi Subbarao State Museum

The Rallabandi Subbarao Government Museum holds some of the rarest collections of coins, sculptures, and ancient palm leaf manuscripts. The pottery scene here is a fine art display. The museum preserves and illuminates the cultural significance of Andhra Pradesh.

The Godavari River

The Godavari is a river on the east coast of India which has a length of 1500 km with a basin area of ??121,000 square miles. The Godavari is a holy river for Hindus. This river stretches from west to south of India and is considered one of the great Watersheds of India. With 1500 km, Godavari is the second-longest river after the Ganges. The Godavari is also known as the southern Ganges River. Godavari has three tributaries, namely the Panganga River, the Wainganga River and the Indrawati River. The headwaters of Godavari are dry in winter and spring and cannot be used for irrigation. The Godavari is the main waterway in Central India, whose flow originates from the west of the Trimbakeshwar Ghats and then flows eastward to the Deccan Plateau through the Maharasthra region. Then, the watercourse finally empties into the Indian Ocean.

Boat trips to the Godavari--an exciting experience

Your trip to Rajahmundry is complete if you have not cruised the Godavari River. Cruising on the river will be an exciting experience as the cruise gives you a fantastic opportunity to try and discern the magnificence of nature. The lush greenery, scenic landscapes, and incredible hills seen from the river during your cruise will spellbind you. The boats have the best equipment to make your stay on the water very comfortable. You can see a few places while cruising which are untouched by humans. Different cruise packages are offered from which you can choose the one that would fit your schedule and budget. The Godavari cruise offers an unparalleled experience for photographers and nature lovers.

A fine architecture of past is Kotilingeswara Temple

This is one of the major attractions in Rajahmundry. The temple is surrounded by bathing ghats. Kotilingalarevu, where the temple is located, is a ferry point to cross the Godavari River. You can also visit religious places in Rajahmundry. Famous Places in Andhra Pradesh, Kotilingeshwara temple, is located in Rajahmundry city, which is also very famous here. People from every state of India also come to see this temple. Because this temple has magnificent architecture worth seeing, and holy ghats have also been built for bathing in the temple, and all these ghats are pretty ancient. Even though it is believed that Lord Shiva was worshiped in Ravana in this temple, you can imagine how old this temple is, and that is why thousands of year-old carvings are also seen here, which is where this temple is located.

Pattiseema-- a stunningly beautiful place

Here is another place in Rajahmundry that rejuvenates your weary spirits. This stunningly beautiful place attracts many tourists and invites filmmakers to capture some of the best landscapes for their films. The Sri Veerabhadhra temple is one of the main attractions. The temple is located on a hill, and it is considered one of the five Kshetras. The place offers another fantastic photography opportunity as the temple's location is picturesque, with hills in the background, silver sands, and impressive carvings.


A wonderful hill station surrounded by the holy river Godavari, Papikondalu is a beautiful travel destination in Andhra Pradesh. Surrounded by tropical rainforests, it has been declared a protected national park. Being mesmerized by its rich and natural beauty, this place is a major attraction for tourists and is undoubtedly an epitome of grace and charm. The word Papidi means to partition, and it is believed that Lord Rama, along with Goddess Sita, came here during his exile. The lush greenery and majestic beauty of this place will make you visit here again and again. Apart from enjoying the breathtaking views of the hills, valleys, and waterfalls, you can indulge in adventurous activities like camping and trekking.

Events and festivals in and around Pipikondalu

Longest winter festival. It provides a beautiful opportunity to spend some quality time with you, your family, and your loved ones. This festival gives you a spectrum of great attractions. Here you can watch many incredible live shows and visit breathtaking movie locations. It is a delightful, dreamy, joyous experience.

Tirupati Festival.

Tirupati is a famous and influential temple of Andhra Pradesh, where lakhs of pilgrims visit every year. Tirupati festival celebrates the pilgrimage of devotees. However, the Brahmotsavam festival is the most famous, which people celebrate with great enthusiasm. Every day during this festival, the main presiding deity is taken out in a colorful procession.

Flower farming

Rajahmundry is also famous for flowers. Various types of flowers are cultivated here. The nurseries here are spread over more than 3,500 acres in Kadiam, the manuals of the rural town of Rajahmundry. The Central Floriculture Institute and Research Center are under construction at Vemagiri in the city. The government is exporting these flowers from Rajahmundry airport through cargo planes.

Markandeya Temple

Markandeya Temple is one of the ancient temples of Rajahmundry. The temple ruins were initially thought to belong to the mosque. Later archaeological studies identified the ruins as associated with the temple of Shiva. In 1818 the temple was rebuilt by Gundu Sobhanadriswara Rao.

Dowleswaram Rajahmundry Dam

Dowleswaram dam was constructed to serve irrigation. The dam was built on the last stretch of the beautiful Godavari River. The dam succeeds in accomplishing the reason for its construction by making the land fertile with its waters. The dam was also successful in averting the common famines during the British period. The land of Rajahmundry city is a beautiful and fertile land blessed with the best gifts of nature. The city's location, the attractive landscapes, the ancient temples, the Godavari river cruise, and the possibility of fantastic adventure make this place a great tourist attraction. Take a good moment from your routine to enjoy the happiness of nature in all its forms. You will find that your time at Rajahmundry lifts your spirits and sets you up to bounce back from your busy schedule.

Rajahmundry Travel Guide

Andhra Pradesh reaches new heights every year in terms of tourism. Andhra Pradesh's cultural and traditional profusion attracts millions of visitors from inside and outside India. With the natural beauty of hills, dams, valleys, swirling coastal waves, meadows, forests, wildlife sanctuaries, and national parks, there are countless things you can do in Andhra during your vacation. Millions of visitors pay their respects to Sri Venkateswara Swamy. This is one of the wealthiest holy places in the world in terms of donations. You can find more travel information about India in our India Travel Guide article.

When to Go to Rajahmundry City

It is famous for its rice cultivation. Andhra Pradesh's diverse topography has a direct impact on climatic conditions. The state of Andhra Pradesh has a tropical climate, and like other states in India, it has three seasons – summer, monsoon, and winter. Now we will tell you in which season you can come here to roam to enjoy more, and then friends, if you have already planned to visit Rajahmundry Famous Places, you can visit here from October to October. One can come till March as this season is entirely reasonable to visit here if you visit here in the season from April to September. So here you get a temperature of more than 40 degrees, which is enough for a lot of heat, that's why you come here to visit only in the cold season to enjoy visiting here even more.

How to Reach In Rajahmundry in Hindi?

You have three options to come to Rajahmundry city, which are as follows:-

1. By Air
If you want to come to the city of Rajahmundry now, then you can also come here on a ship. From the city, the airport is located 18 kilometers away.

2. By train
You can also come by rail; the railway station is in Rajahmundry city, where you can come by train from Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, etc. The rail facilities to come here are also very good.

3. By Road
If you want to come here in your car, you can also do so here. You can also come here in your car or by bus, which you can get from any state of Andhra Pradesh. You will get a bus to come here from Delhi, Kolkata, etc.

Your stay in Rajahmundry

What if Rajahmundry was your next destination for a city break in India? Rather than a cultural visit, shopping trip, treat the taste buds to local flavors, or even outing in lively bars, program your visit to Rajahmundry according to your desires. In short, Rajahmundry is a city in India that will appeal to all travelers, regardless of their ideal vacation type. And we bet you won't be an exception! Prepare your next vacation and book your plane ticket to Rajahmundry. You will be able to search and compare the offers of cheap flights to Rajahmundry from hundreds of airlines and be sure to make the best choice. Let our powerful search engine guide you and make the most of your city break!


Rajahmundry is a beautiful and fertile country blessed with nature's best gifts. The city's location, alluring landscapes, ancient temples, a trip to the Godavari River, and the astonishing scope of adventure make this a great tourist attraction. Take a good time out of your routine to enjoy the bliss of nature in all its forms. To Visit in Rajahmundry lifts your spirits and puts you back wonderfully to get you back on your hectic schedule. So, start your planning for this beautiful trip!

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