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Top Places to Visit in Pinnawala

Sri Lanka is heaven with the unique island nature, conducive to meditation and relaxation, and aromatic taste where you want to enjoy life; Cylon Charge gives unforgettable moments of bliss. Arriving in Sri Lanka, you must visit the main attractions that attract the attention of travelers worldwide. Following are the most exciting places to visit in Sri Lanka. Join the adventures by visiting Pinnawala with us, a place of refuge for orphaned babies and physically disabled elephants. The Pinnawala is one of the exciting places to visit where you can see amazing animals up close. Another interesting event is the feeding of elephants, which can be observed three times a day.

The majestic elephants of Pinnawala are among nature's most stunning creatures. Pinnawala, which is close to the capital of Sri Lanka, is well-known for having one of the world's cutest elephant orphanages. This location is known for its luxuriant vegetation, rich history, and famous architecture. Look at this list of the top places to visit in Pinnawala you must see when visiting Sri Lanka's charming, small town of Pinnawala.

Bit about Pinnawala

Pinnawala is one of Sri Lanka's most popular attractions. Located about 80 km from Colombo, Pinnawala remains the world's largest reserve of elephants in captivity. Created in 1975 by the government to help elephant calves who have lost their parents. This is a famous Sri Lankan tourist attraction. It is located in the province of Sabaragamuwa. The Pinnawala arose due to the past and the custom of farmers and treasure hunters killing wild elephants for various reasons. Recently, the trend of killing wild elephants has increased to extraordinary levels. Farmers kill elephants when they enter their rice fields to seek food during the dry season due to lack of rain. Although there are electric fences to prevent elephants from entering the urban area, these electric fences are not very effective. Also, most treasure hunters kill elephants for ivory. Due to the death of their parents, baby elephants become orphans. To solve this problem, the Sri Lanka Department of Wildlife founded the elephant orphanage to care for these animals. Here, workers and doctors provide the best care, medical services, food, and other maintenance for all the elephants. The best place where you can visit wild Asian elephants in their natural habitat; you will be able to see elephants bathing and playing in the river with baby elephants, which was a fantastic experience for me. In addition, you can see how they feed them and what kind of food they provide. They usually give them coconut leaves, fruits, etc. In this place, you will be able to see a lot of elephants at once without putting your life in danger. During the visit, you will have the opportunity to feed them and enjoy the kindness of these animals. It is not forbidden to take photos, so you can take as many of the elephants as you want.

What can you find in it?

Pinnawala is a small village located in the province of Sabaragamuwa. There is an elephant orphanage that bears the same name, which makes this small village very well known. Daily, many tourists visit this destination. The place will appeal to nature enthusiasts and animal lovers. Don't forget to check with the locals the timings beforehand to ensure you don't miss the bathing period of the animals. After all, it is a truly incredible experience. There are opportunities to interact with them fairly closely, such as feeding the babies milk or fruits. Elephants are another main symbol of Sri Lanka. Once upon a time, these majestic animals roamed freely across the expanses of the lush green island. But due to poachers, there is almost no one left in the forest. Often, small elephants are left orphaned, and some individuals are left crippled. A state nursery was established to preserve the population and help the cubs. Here the elephants are raised and trained, then some are sent to zoos worldwide, others are kept for agricultural work, and some give offspring. This is the primary function of the nursery. It is a fantastic tourist sight, believe me, there is something to see. The procession moves along the main road. All traffic is blocked. These giant animals walk at arm's length. It is better to go to the reserve at this time. You can see how they bathe and how they are fed. If you are lucky, you will see how little elephants are bottle-fed and maybe feed them yourself. This government institution accommodates between 70 and 80 elephants of different ages, most of them crippled or orphaned. Here you can see the beautiful seen of elephants bathing in the river. Today I think this orphanage has become too touristy and lost its charm because if you visit the orphanage, it's more like a zoo. During your trip to Sri Lanka, you can visit the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage! A unique place to observe and approach elephants, Pinnawala will remain a highlight of our trip!!

Here are the ones that may appeal to visitors to Pinnawala:

  • Elephants are often chained, and Mahouts use sticks
  • Elephants parade to their baths for tourists
  • Here, tourists and elephants are close with each other.

You could take them back home as a souvenir. A few restaurants are within walking distance, so you don't have to worry about getting lunch or eating. One is the restaurant at the Hotel Elephant View, and the other is Café Channa Pinnawala. They are both about 1.5 km from this place and are very close. When sightseeing in Sri Lanka, you won't find travelers bored. Enjoy some of the best experiences there, waiting for you to unwind. See the elephants in their happy state as you browse the list of Pinnawala top places to visit. Known as one of Sri Lanka's most famous orphanages, Pinnawala has gained fame among travelers. Currently, they have about 100 elephants, which they take care of so that they can fend for themselves. In the beginning, they took in elephants that did not have a herd and, therefore, were more vulnerable. This philosophy is maintained, and the objective continues to encourage the most disadvantaged elephants to have a decent life. The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is the world's largest captive elephant reserve.

Best Elephant Nursery

In the Sri Lankan town of Pinnawala, it would be interesting to visit the nursery opened in 1975 for elephants that have lost or injured their parents. Earlier 5 elephants lived in it and now more than 80 animals are under the care of the staff. Some elephants are later sent to zoos, and some take part in solemn processions and work in Sri Lanka. During elephant bathing and feeding hours, tourists can see the animals up close. For a fixed amount, you can even bottle-feed the baby elephant.

Visit an elephant orphanage.

Visiting an elephant orphanage is, without a doubt, the star activity to do in Pinnawala. Most travelers flock to Pinnawala to enjoy the attractions of seeing elephants in a natural habitat. We highly recommend you visit the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, which opened in 1975. Currently, they have about 100 elephants, which they take care of so that they can fend for themselves. In the beginning, they took in elephants that did not have a herd and, therefore, were more vulnerable. This philosophy is maintained, and the objective continues to encourage the most disadvantaged elephants to have a decent life. The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is the world's largest captive elephant reserve.

Stay in a hotel by the river.

There are several hotels where you can enjoy the views while having a drink. It is likely that as long as you can see how the elephants bathe, an experience that will not leave you indifferent. If you want to live and see one of the most precious animals in the area up close, this can be a highly recommended activity.

Best places to visit in Pinnawala

A few of Pinnawala's best attractions are listed below. Here you can find an elephant orphanage as well as a theme park. Look around.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Pinnawala has become synonymous with the Sri Lankan elephant within the country and worldwide. A few kilometers from Kandy and not far from Gampola are the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. This place is an excellent addition to see if you are visiting the Kandy area or the Ambulawawa tower. The enclosure is an orphanage where more than 80 elephants end up in this place for various reasons, from those whose parents were the fruits of poachers to other wounded that would not have survived otherwise. After visiting it, we got a bittersweet feeling because although there is no doubt that this animal is taken care of, sometimes the treatment seems to leave a lot to be desired. Still, above all, it gave us a bit of an undercover zoo feeling with activities such as bathing in the river. The surrounding area is full of places offering elephant rides and similar tourist shows. In Sri Lanka, the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage houses over forty elephants, many babies. It makes tremendous efforts to care for and protect elephants. You will undoubtedly remember your trip to this orphanage as one of the happiest times of your life. The orphanage was situated at Wilpattu National Park, then moved to the tourist complex at Bentota, and finally to the Dehiwala Zoo.

Mahamevnawa Amadahara Buddhist Monastery

This monastery is also a Buddhist temple. In it, you will be able to talk with the monks and have the opportunity to learn about Buddhism. The monastery is an excellent place to meditate. In addition to telling you about Buddhism, the monks also teach visitors to meditate. If you are interested in having a monk teach you how to meditate days before your visit, you can email them so they can reserve a time for you. All services offered by the monastery are free. Although, as usual, offerings are welcome. You'll find the monastery near the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, one of the most visited places in the area.

Pinnawala Open Zoo

Let us continue to tell you about another beautiful tourist attraction in Sri Lanka. This country has vibrant nature, rich history, and legends about spirits and gods that attract tourists. Many go to life hoping for enlightenment and answers to exciting questions to gain new energy. After Dehiwala Zoo Pinnawala, this Zoo is Sri Lanka's second zoo in the Sri Lanka's. On a 44-acre plot of land, the zoo is divided into a Sri Lankan area and a world area. The wildlife in this region is quite diverse, as it is home to several endemic species. The zoo has a vast collection of animals and birds from all over the world, and there is an aquarium where you can see a lot of fish.

Mount Bathalegala

Mount Bathalegala, also known as Bible Rock, is 798 meters above sea level, near Arnayake in the Kegalle District of Sabaragamuwa Province. As for Kandy, anyone traveling on the A1 main road from Colombo will remember the steepest steep winding road, about 20 km from Kandy. This ancient past and the nearby village are called Kadugannava. From the Kadugannawa way, you experience an unprecedented view of the Western Mountains. Bathlegala is the most beautiful mountain in this view, with prominent cliffs surrounding its flat top surface. Bathalegala Kanda was known as "Bible Rock" in colonial times. This Table Mountain looks like an open book or inspired fantasies of how Mount Sinai might look. When the Portuguese threatened the Kingdom of Kandy, which was in control of the Terai in the 16th and early 17th centuries, the Sinhalese erected a series of watchtowers on the most distinctive peaks, beginning at Batalagala. Watchers could easily monitor the Kegalle Valley at the top of Batalagala, and Kadugannawa passes through Colombo on the way to Kandy.

Nelligala International Buddhist Center

Nelligala International Buddhist Center is popularly known as the Nelligala Temple was established in 2015 on the Nelligala hill. We are constantly looking for healing in our thoughts when we think about achieving withdrawal from a busy lifestyle. The Nelligala Vihara, built on a hill easily vantage point in such a setting, is worth noting. The structures of the Nelligala temple are majestic, with high construction styles of architectural excellence. The statue of Mahayana Buddha, an attractive feature of the temple, is an extreme display of a golden Buddha statue, a Bo tree in a golden bowl, and a golden stupa combined with a blue sky, which soothes our soul.

Siri Gautama Sambuddharaja Maligawa Temple

Siri Gautama Sambuddharaja Maligawa Temple is a modern Buddhist temple completed in 2012. It was built in honor of the Gautama Buddha. During your visit, you will see that it is a quiet place, perfect for disconnecting from the big cities. This also makes it an ideal place to practice meditation. The temple is notable for its paintings and statues of the Supreme Court of Buddha. Please note that taking photos is prohibited inside the temple.

Iperanigama Theme Park

Pinnawala is also home to Iperanigama Theme Park, offering many activities. This cultural site provides an insight into traditional village life. You can enjoy authentic local cuisine at Pinnawala food stalls as well. This place is so beautiful. It simply fascinates with its majesty, some kind of peace and silence, despite the crowd of tourists. It is beautiful in the daytime and evening when they turn on a unique backlight. The Pinnawala Iparenigama Theme Park is located on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. Over three centuries ago, the park displayed the culture, cultivation methods, and economic system of that era of prosperity. In this typical village of that period, visitors see the many important locations and enjoy many fun activities.

What to do in Pinnawala with kids

Explore the Knuckles Mountain Range

There is nothing better than experiencing authentic Sri Lanka by walking through the beautiful rural outbacks of the Knuckles Mountain Range, scenic mountains, and ancient cultural villages.

Cooking classes at Chaminrich Homestay

Learning basic Sri Lankan cooking methods from a Sri Lankan chef is possible. Lastly, you can sample foods made by the chef.

How to Reach Pinnawala

Pinnawala can be reached from several Sri Lankan cities.
By Air: The nearest airport to Pinnawala is Bandaranaike International Airport, which is 78 km away. One can rent a private cab to reach the place from the airport.
By Rail: Rambukkana is the closest railhead, where one may take a bus.
By Road: Pinnawala can be reached by bus or by hiring a cab.

Bottom line

Be prepared to witness the magnificent species living in a safe and protected environment during your Sri Lanka vacation!We hope you liked our selection of the top places to visit in Pinnawala Sri Lanka and that they will at least give you an idea of ??much of what this country has to offer.


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