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Kitulgala Tour Pacakge

Sri Lankan White Water Rafting • Duration: 1 day

  • Cost per day
  • Price on Request

Sri Lanka Package for 2 Nights and 3 Days

  • Duration of the tour
  • Three days
  • Cost per day
  • Price on Request

History of kitulgala

Kitulgala rose to worldwide prominence because the Academy Award-winning film "The Bridge on the River Kwai" was shot on the Kelani River near Kitulgala in the 1950s, however, nothing of the bridge exists now to save the concrete foundations.

Kitulgala is a tiny town in Sri Lanka's west.

 The Academy Award-winning film The Bridge on the River Kwai was shot on the Kelani River in Kitulgala, albeit little remains except for the bridge's concrete foundations. Kitulgala is also a starting point for white-water rafting, which begins a few kilometers upstream, and a popular place for adventure-based training programs. The Kelani river is large in Kitulgala, although it is shallow, except a deep channel on the other side,


Agriculture in the Kitulgala area is characteristic of the hilly wet zone. The settlement gets its name from the single fishtail palm Caryota urens, often known as kitul in Sri Lanka. Its sap is condensed into a tasty syrup comparable to maple syrup and crystallized as jaggery. Palm wine is also made by fermenting it. Sago is made from the pith, while rope is made from the fibers. There are both red and yellow bananas cultivated. The yellow bananas are only around 8 cm long, yet they are sweeter and more flavorful than the commercial variants available in the West. Rubber trees are also cultivated in higher elevations. Kitulgala is a popular destination for birds. This area is home to the majority of the rainforest bird species. David Lean directed the 1957 British World War II film The Bridge on the River Kwai. It is based on the 1942–43 building of the Burma Railway. The film stars William Holden, Alec Guinness, Jack Hawkins, and Sessue Hayakawa. In 1997, the picture was selected for preservation in the United States Library of Congress National Film Registry.

Why will you love kitulgala?

Kitulgala will delight you with its adventures.

Rafting on whitewater

We will constantly strive to ensure your safety. The white water rafting instructors will offer you instructions ahead of time on how to maneuver the raft and what to do and what not to do. We will also supply you with contemporary rafts and other necessary equipment, as well as personal protection equipment such as helmets and inflatable life jackets. So put them on before you start on the exciting raft ride.

For children, there is flat water rafting.

Being a family with little children does not exclude you from having fun in the water; flatwater rafting will ensure that you enjoy an adventure-filled day as well. There are numerous packages available in which the rafting may extend up to 40 kilometers up the Kelani.

Cycling in the mountains

Mountain bike rides upward and downhill will provide you with an entirely different type of experience than participating in water sports activities. The bike excursions will take you around and through the hill's richly layered ecosystem. Furthermore, it will take you through the hamlet, giving you a glimpse into the daily life of the people who live in one with nature.

Waterfall abseiling and waterfall jumping are two activities that may be done near a waterfall.

Another fascinating sport you can enjoy in Kithulgala is waterfall abseiling. Because you'll have to climb up a waterfall with only a rope dangling from above and no other support, this is the ideal place to put your nerves to the test. With pouring water under your feet and stunning natural beauty all around you, the hike up the waterfall will definitely enthral, enthral, and scare you. The climb will take three to four hours, and refreshments will be available for an additional fee if needed.

5 Historical Monuments in kitulgala

Camping at Yala National Park

In the unique Yala Safari Camping, the magnificent Yala wildlife National Park delivers unrivaled thrills and superb adventurous experiences, as well as a visual feast of picturesque perfection. Rising to a spot where there is no one visible for kilometers save the caretakers is an extraordinary experience. The breathtaking scenery includes thick to scrub flora, rocky pools, stunning ravines, freshwater lakes with curving coastlines, and sightings of rare species such as Asian elephants, leopards, black bears, crocodiles, grey langurs, and many others. With paradise flycatchers, Ceylon Shamas, and other birds, it's a birdwatcher's dream.


Sri Lanka's Sigiriya Fortress was erected by King Kasyapa. Two moats and three ramparts guard this vast enclosure. This location is best visited early in the morning or late in the afternoon, depending on the weather. It is 165 kilometers away from Colombo.

Dambulla Cave Temple

The Golden Rock Temple, commonly known as Dambulla Cave Temple, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cave temple was built on a massive granite outcropping. The terms 'Damba' and 'Ulla' both refer to a rock and a fountain, respectively.

Explore The Temple of The Truth

One of Sri Lanka's most famous temples is the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. The fabled Budda tooth is housed at the temple, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dedicated monks recite Malwatte and Aegirine's prayers three times a day, at dawn, noon, and night, in the inner temple.

Adam's Peak (Little Adam's Peak)

Ella boasts several quaint and rustic hiking routes because of its natural setting. Little Adam's Peak is a well-known trail that should not be overlooked. It's a short journey of 50-60 minutes that takes you through the region's world-famous tea farms. The foliage provides a welcome break from the sun, and the seductive aroma of the tea leaves adds to the whole experience. You'll notice a Buddha statue set against the mountains after you reach the summit of Little Adam's Peak.

What are the top 10 fascinations to visit in kitulgala?     

Makandawa Conservation Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the

(Makandawa Forest)

Makandawa is a biodiversity hotspot. There are a lot of plants and other live things in there. To enter the woodland road and cross the river, you must use a boat. It's the most convenient method to get there. Please help to preserve the environment.

Cave of Belilena

Belina is a well-known huge cave in Sri Lanka that is approximately 8 kilometers (5.0 miles) from Kitulgala. There is evidence of human existence in the ancient period as early as...
Belina is a big cave in Sri Lanka that is located 8 kilometers from Kitulgala. As early as 32000 years ago, there is evidence of ancient human existence...

National Park Udawalawe

When you arrive at Udawalawe National Park, you will be surrounded by elephant herds. The beautiful forest backdrop provided by this National Park will captivate you and bring you much closer to nature. This National Park was established to safeguard wild species that had been displaced due to the construction of the Udawalawe reservoir. Colombo's location is to the south-east.

The Sacred City of Polonnaruwa

Simply enter the city of Polonnaruwa, which is not only its capital but also a historic kingdom of Sri Lanka, to join the Golden Age. There are several old ruins of palaces, shrines, and stupas. Each of these ancient relics has a wonderful past of its own. Once you've arrived, you'll be so engrossed in it that you won't notice how quickly time passes.

Temple of Gangaramaya

One of Sri Lanka's most frequented Buddhist temples is the Gangaramaya Temple. It has a large Buddha statue and scenes from his life depicted on the ceilings. The temple also acts as a learning facility for Sri Lankan military soldiers, with over 40 training venues.

Dutch Fort Galle

The Galle Dutch Fort, located on Sri Lanka's southern coast, is one of the country's most prized historical sites. The Portuguese built the fort during their control in Sri Lanka, and it was later repaired by the Dutch. The fort is one of the most significant UNESCO world heritage sites in Sri Lanka. This is due to its excellent depiction of 16th and 19th-century European architecture with South Asian traditions.

Take a trip to the National Museum-

The National Museum is noted for its magnificent displays, which include some of the world's most unique collections of traditional masks, luxury objects, religious artifacts, and lace. This museum has a strong connection to past trade, in which the Galle Fort played a significant part. You must pay 300 SLR to enter the historical museum in Galle, which is open from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Kuttam Pokuna is a kind of Kuttam Pokuna.

Kortum Pokuna is one of the world's earliest surviving instances of bathing tanks. The name means "Two Ponds or Pools," alluding to the two tanks that sit side by side. The Kuttam Ponds are one of Sri Lanka's most remarkable historical sites.


The Abhayagiri Vihara was a Buddhist monastery in the ancient Sinhalese Kingdom of Anuradhapura. It is one of the most massive ruins in the world, as well as one of the top historical sites in Sri Lanka. The monastery was founded in the second century BCE, making it one of the country's earliest pilgrimage sites.

Horton Plains National Park

The magnificent beauty of Sri Lanka's Horton Plains National Park is well-known. It is also one of the most stunning historical locations on the planet. Visitors come from all over the world to see this national park, which has a highland-like structure with stunning mountains and lush forests. Horton Plains National Park is a biodiversity hotspot in Sri Lanka. The national park features a distinct ecosystem with a diverse range of flora and fauna. World's End, a high cliff top with panoramic views of the coast, maybe reached by hiking deep into the park.

Fort Jaffna

The Jaffna Fort serves as the city's entrance. The Portuguese erected the historic fort during their colonial authority in the early 17th century. It was controlled for over forty years, putting down three Sri Lankan rebellions against foreign invaders. Today, one may traverse the fort's moats and hallways, soaking in the volatile past that it now retains inside its walls. A trip up the Fort's walls and ramparts provide spectacular views of the lagoon. A permanent exhibition of weaponry and other items is also housed at the Fort.

Tip for those who are going on a kitulgala tour       

Kitulgala is a township in the Kegalle District in the central highlands. It lies in the wet zone rainforest, which has two monsoons each year and is one of the wettest regions in the country. It blooms throughout the first three months of the year, especially in February, the driest month.

Where to stay in kitulgala

  • Palmstone Retreat
  • White Villa
  • Kithulgala Rest House
  • Kitulgala Luxury Boutique's Moksha
  • Adventure resort Kithulgala


This is about the oldest place in town, a real Rest House used by travelers in the days of horse and carriage even. Rooms are traditional and a bit basic, but value for money. Decent restaurant. It's in the center of the small village and hence close to the filming scene of the River Kwai movie. A guesthouse is a place where you may stay if you're looking for a place to The location is the same as the restaurant. All you have to do is go down (through a nice puppy shelter built by the restaurant and guesthouse owners) and you'll discover three charming cabanas and many tents beside the river. Both accommodations can accommodate a pair. Each cabana has its bathroom and toilet. A night's stay costs $1500. Its location allows you to take a refreshing swim in the river or simply relax on its modest but pleasant beach with a breathtaking view. For water rafting, they collaborate with Team N°39, so don't be afraid to ask them questions; you might be able to obtain a better deal with them.


There are no pubs in KItulgala, although a beer shop around 5 kilometers out of town on the route to Hatton sells beverages. Water Rafting: Go to the location of team n°39. A lot of fun is guaranteed, as well as a reasonable price and kind people. - A rainforest walk: Approximately 4 hours trekking through a deep rainforest with gorgeous and hidden waterfalls. Take a look at the dangling bridge.


When traveling from Colombo, M & M's vegetarian and local eatery is located 1km before Kitulgala town. Everything is vegan, organic, and locally sourced. The cook is a genius and prepares the greatest rice and curries I've had in Sri Lanka. A standard rice and curry meal costs 150 puppies.

It's straightforward. After passing through a tiny settlement, you will come to an office where you may pay the admission charge. Because there is no sign indicating the location of the rainforest, ask the locals. Also, be aware that there are leeches in this area, so wear sneakers and socks. Birdwatching and hiking are two more popular activities in Kitulgala.

Get around

The town itself is very small so it's very easy to walk around. But the main interest of Kitulgala is its surroundings, such as rainforest, waterfalls, and tea plantations. If you're okay to walk, just keep in mind that it will you some time to move from one place to another one. Otherwise, there are plenty of tuk-tuks drivers who would be happy to make you whatever you want to go. Buses are also a good option and very cheap. You just have to know where you want to get off.

How to get it?

  • Kitulgala travel restrictions
  • Domestic travel is not prohibited, although some restrictions may apply. Face masks are suggested.
  • There is a one-meter social separation requirement.
  • Follow the COVID-19 safety guidelines.

• Via Air

The direct flight from Diyawant to Oya Airport to Hatton Airport takes 30 minutes and is the shortest option.


Without a car, the best way to go from Ragama to Kitulgala is to hire a cab, which takes 1h 23m and costs between $11 and $14.

• Taking the Train

There is no train station in Kitulgala; instead, take a bus from Colombo's Pettah bus station to Hatton (which costs roughly 150 rupees). If you're at Hatton, take the 60-rupee bus to Colombo.

Rental cars services in kitulgala

Conditions of Insurance

You should carefully study the booking restrictions because various offers may differ in terms of the insurance. Sometimes insurance may not cover all aspects of the vehicle; for example, tire or automobile chassis damage may not be covered. When comparing various packages, keep your Sabaragamuwa, Sri Lanka trip plans in mind. Check that your auto insurance is also valid at your destination. This is especially vital if you want to cross Sri Lankan state boundaries.

Insurance Coverage

Tires, windscreens, glass, and undercarriage damage or loss may be held against the rental. When you arrive, please confirm with the automobile rental provider. Each offer's pricing details include information on numerous insurance policies for that specific car.

Before embarking on a Kitulgala trip,

Check sure the automobile adheres to the requirements stipulated in the contract before starting the engine of the car leasing at Kitulgala for the first time. Check the gasoline level in the tank in particular. It should be full; otherwise, request a fuel refill or a revision in the contract parameters. Check the automobile body for any flaws in the paint, wheel discs, or other visible portions of the vehicle.

Policy on Fuel

The general guideline is: pick up full, return full. This implies you should take up the automobile with a full tank of gas and return it with a full tank of gas. Some suppliers will charge for this service at first but will refund the price if the petrol tank is full when you return (otherwise you will be charged for the missing). Because fuel policies are subject to change, please confirm with the provider in Kitulgala.

Second driver

Additional drivers can be added to your reservation. To sign the rental agreement, all extra drivers must be physically present at the Kitulgala rental counter with their individual driver's licenses. Additional driving fees may be imposed depending on rate circumstances; this fee is also payable at the counter. Additional driver authorization is usually available on arrival for a nominal fee per person and per day.
On your booking voucher, you'll find information on extra drivers. This area also displays any other optional items you've purchased, such as infant seats and booster seats. These add-ons are often not included in the listed price and must be paid for when you arrive.

Kitulgala Important instructions when you rent your car             

What is the paperwork that is required?

  • A valid driver's license that includes a photograph. A picture ID
  • such as a driver's license or passport) is required. Credit or debit card
  • check with the rental facility to see what forms of payment are accepted
  • What should I be aware of before hiring a car?
  • Double-check that you have all of your papers.
  • Look at the cars outside.
  • Become acquainted with the rental car...
  • Be sure you know where you're heading...
  • Inquire about the type of fuel used in your rental automobile...
  • Return promptly...
  • Make certain you get Full Damage Waiver Insurance.
  • Keep your eyes on the road.

What information is required for the vehicle rental and lodging?

  • A valid driver's license that has been valid for at least three years and a minimum age of 21 is required for car rental.
  • A credit card for payment and deposit holding.

Is insurance required to hire a car?

Unless you pay with a debit card, you usually do not need to present evidence of insurance when renting a car. Many insurers do not allow this and instead need a credit card.

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