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Let your heart feel the serenity at Kumana National Park, Sri Lanka
Do you want to have a Safari experience? Are you searching for a suitable place where you can have a satisfactory Safari experience? If YES then CONGRATULATIONS. You reached a blog where you will get some real information about a place where you can go for a safari.
This place is in Sri Lanka and it is situated in very peaceful surroundings. You must be thinking about the name of that place.
Kumana National Park is a point which I am talking about. This is a park where you can go with food and some necessary material.

Where the Kumana National Park is located?
The Kumana National Park is in the Ampara district of southeast Sri Lanka at a distance of 391 kilometers from Colombo. You can reach the park by traveling in your vehicle and there is no need to worry about the paths of Kumana National Park. The Paths of Kumana National Park are not that smooth but they are clean.
The positive part is that there is no trash on the paths of the park. Kumana National Park offers you a hassle-free tour.

The exact address of Kumana National Park:
HMF9+5PJ, Okanda, Sri Lanka

When should a visitor come to Kumana National Park for a safari?
There is no specific time for the opening and closing of this park. The Kumana National Park is open 24/7 for visitors. You can go there whenever you want or when you get free from the busy schedule of your life.
The beauty of nature in Kumana National Park will welcome you with a smiley heart whenever you go. 

Best time to explore the secrets of Kumana National Park:
At 6 am and at 3 pm are the times at which you will have a spectacular experience. So I would suggest that if you are planning to visit then try to choose this time. If you have any kind of busyness in these timings then you can visit whenever possible for you to see. There is no specific time for the opening of the park.

The blog speaks about Yala East National Park:
Kumana National park is famous by the name Kumana National Park but it is known as Yala East national park as well. So, when you go to Sri Lanka, you will listen to these two names from the country's people. Don’t get confused if people ask you about Yala National Park.

What if you go to Kumana National Park on a rainy day?
If you go to Kumana National Park on a rainy day or after rain then you will face a problem because of muddy paths. There will be a swamp that will create difficulty for you. So I advise you to be very careful while planning a tour.
Check out the weather before going there and avoid a day when there will be rain at Kumana National Park. If you are going after rain then have a gap of a few days so that the track of Kumana National Park gets dry and you don’t face any hurdles while traveling there.

The specialty of kumana National Park:
You must be thinking that why am I recommending you Kumana National Park for Safari. There are so many reasons to explain the recommendation of Kumana National Park. A few of them are under the following lines:

  • You will have a peaceful experience because of the quietness of this place.
  • There are so many rare species that are no less than a treat to the eyes of a visitor. If you want to see all kinds of mammals and birds then you should have a safari experience more than one time. If you come to Kumana National Park several times then surely, you will explore the beauty and uniqueness of many species that you have never seen before. So do not miss a chance to visit such a spectacular place.
  • If you are a person who likes peaceful places and don’t like a lot of sounds then Kumana National Park is the best place for you. This beautiful park is not that crowded point. Being less noisy and crowdy adds value to the serenity of Kumana National Park.

Because of these reasons, I would suggest you must visit the magically peaceful Yala East National Park. Go there and let your soul feel serenity.

Let’s find the gateway to kumana national park?
The gateway to Kumana National Park is in Panama.

Sri Lanka is the heart of National Parks:
Sri Lanka offers its visitors a wide variety of National Parks. You will get a large list of National Parks to visit and have some adventure activities. Some parks offer fun activities and some are full of serenity and peace.
The list of national parks is under the following lines:

  • Hurulu Eco Park
  • Kumana National Park
  • Lahugala Kitulana National Park
  • Maduru Oya National Park
  • Udawalawe National Park
  • Minneriya National Park
  • Bundala National Park
  • Kaudulla National Park
  • Gal Oya National Park
  • Kalaweva National Park
  • Lunugamvehera National Park
  • Pigeon Island National Park
  • Wilpattu National Park
  • Wasgamuwa National Park

Yala East National Park is the other name of Kumana National Park and this park is the most famous tourist park where tourists prefer to have a visit.

Where is the park office?
It is located at Okanda, 22 km south of Panama. You can get all the needed information regarding Kumana National Park and its Facilities. Management of Kumana National Park provides the facility of online booking as well. You can book tickets online by contacting the phone number provided by the authorities of Kumana National Park.

Kumana National Park Office contact number:
This is the contact number provided by the management of Kumana National Park. You can contact them regarding any information.

Kumana National Park opening timings:

  • Monday (Opening at 6 AM and closing at 6 PM)
  • Tuesday (Opening at 6 AM and closing at 6 PM)
  • Wednesday (Opening at 6 AM and closing at 6 PM)
  • Thursday (Opening at 6 AM and closing at 6 PM)
  • Friday (Opening at 6 AM and closing at 6 PM)
  • Saturday (Opening at 6 AM and closing at 6 PM)

Note: The office remains off on Sunday.

The Exact address of Kumana National Park:
B355, Sri Lanka is the exact address of Kumana National Park, Sri Lanka.

Explore the museum at the ticket office of Kumana National Park:
Usually, we don’t get a chance to see any kind of fun and entertainment at the offices of any park. But, there is a specialty in the ticket office of Kumana National Park. If you go to the park office and face the problem of a long waiting line then don’t get worried. I think if you have to wait a long for your number then you are blessed. I know that you must be thinking that how can wait be a blessing for you? Yes, it is a blessing because the Kumana National Park Ticket Office offers you a surprise at a museum. Don’t just sit in the office and waste your time waiting for your number. Get up and visit the museum. Explore the exceptional items of the museum.

What museum offers to the visitors?
The museum of the ticket office of Kumana national park offers you some cultural material. There will be stuff that will show the beauty of Sri Lankan culture. You will see a lot of unique species at the museum that you have never seen before. Died birds and animals in chemicals will be an amazing addition to your information box. You will see a weird specie of a mouse that is huge as compared to a normal mouse. I am sure that a visit to the ticket office museum will give you a majestic experience.

If you are planning a tour to Sri Lanka then must go to Komana National Park and visit the museum of the ticket office of the park.

Some Real information about rainfall in Kumana National Park:
Kumana receives 1,300 millimeters (51, 18 in) of annual rainfall. That means the annual temperature is 27 degrees Celsius.

Be ready for a long journey on the paths of Kumana National Park:
Kumana National Park spreads over an area of 35,664 hectares. There are so many points to visit in all this area. So this research about the area tells us that there is a lot of time required to cover the whole park. That’s why I advised you to get ready for a long journey on the paths of Kumana National Park.

Have a peaceful experience at the Coast of Kumubukkan Oya River at Kumana National Park:
There is a river called Kumubukkan Oya at Kumana National Park which is waiting for you. The serenity of that river will hit your heart. There is a large variety of green trees on which monkeys jump here and there. The playing monkeys are no less than a treat to the eyes of a visitor.

Secrets of Kumubukkan Oya River:
The Kumubukkan Oya River is the 12th largest river in Sri Lanka. The length of this River is approximately 116 km. This waterway passes through the two districts of Sri Lanka. Kumubukkan Oya River passes through the Kumana city of India as well.

Is Kumubukkan Oya River safe for adventure activities?
Kumubukkan Oya River is not safe for fun activities. There is a lot of danger for the tourists that’s why the management of Kumubukkan Oya River does not allow any kind of adventure activities to the visitors. You cannot do fishing and boating at Kumubukkan Oya River. Camping is also not allowed there.
Keep in mind all these things when you plan a tour of the Kumana National Park and visit the Kumubukkan River. Don’t expect any venture at the watercourse.

Let your heart feel coolness at the Shoreline of Kumubukkan River:
A river that passes through Kumana National Park is full of quietude. The squeak of birds and the sound of dancing waves are a source of refreshment for the soul of one who visits the place. If you are suffering from depression and anxiety then must have a tour of Kumana National Park and devote some spell at the Coast of Kumubukkan River.
The Kumubukkan River is the best place to experience Yoga. Let your body feel relaxed by having a Yoga experience at Kumana National Park.

Meet the rare creatures of nature at Kumana National Park:
Kumana National Park is full of natural beauty. There are so many trees full of green leaves. These lush green plants and trees add value to the greens of Kumana National Park. The view of high mountains in the surrounding is eye appealing.
There are a lot of bird and mammal species at the park which is never grasped before. The colorful birds flying in the sky of Kumana National Park is a mini rainbow that is unique in its way. The Roar of Lion is heart awaking.

Kumana National Park is a heaven for rare birds:
Sri Lanka records more than 430 bird species comprising endemic, resident, and migrant birds. These 430 bird species are the real beauty of Sri Lanka. Kumana National Park is also blessed with such kinds of the natural world. The presence of these birds in the park makes it more attractive and urges foreign tourists to visit the place.
The presence of birds makes the park heaven.

Most common mammals that you will see at Kumana National Park:
There are a lot of animals that Humana National Park offers to all the visitors but some are rare species. A few of them are the following:

  • Elephant
  • Leopards
  • Golden Jackal
  • Wild Boar
  • Monkies

Animals that you will see at Kumana National Park:
Roaring Lions, Running groups of Deer, Black suited Bears, Playing Kangaroos, Naughty Monkies, Flying sparrows of different species, pigeons spreading messages, and the noisy voice of parrots is the heart of the beauty of Kumana National Park.
These rare elements are the real attraction for all the tourists who admire such places and prefer to experience that kind of peace.

Respect the peacetime of Kumana National Park:
We request you to please do not make noise when you visit Kumana National Park. This place is very peaceful full and its creatures are very familiar with each other. They don’t get scared of humans and also don’t harm anyone. But, if you will go there while creating noisy sounds, it will create a negative impact on the serenity of Kumana National Park.
The animals will get scared because of the noise that you will create. So be careful while going there. Your effort to interact with peace is very much needed. Try to award the serenity to Kumana National Park.

Where will you park your vehicle when you visit Kumana National Park?
The management of Kumana National Park does not allow a vehicle to park inside the park. You are requested to park your vehicle outside of the park.
There is a Park on the west of Kumana River. Its name is Kumubukkan Oya.

Visit a Coast that runs to Panama:
There is a Coast that runs to Panama. The coast is surrounded by the stillness of natural beauty. Each drop of water echoes serenity and pleasure. If you get a chance to have a tour of Kumana National Park then must go to the mentioned Coast. Surely, you will fall in love with the magic of that place.

The chirp of birds in Kumana Villu:
Kumana Villu is a small lake at Kumana National Park. This lake has an environment full of serenity. You will see a lot of birds flying over the Kumana Villu and many rare animals in its surroundings. This place offers a satisfactory experience. I would suggest you visit this place because it is the most unique point in Kumana National Park. Experiencing it is completely different.

When should a tourist go to kumana Villu?
May, June, July, and August are the best months to have a tour at Kumana Villu.

Make your experience precious by having a visit in May, and June:
If you are planning a tour to kumana National Park of Sri Lanka then there is no need to worry about timing. This fascinating point is open all the time for the tourists who want to explore the place filled with lush greenery. Each creature who is living there will welcome you whenever you go to Kumana national park. There is no specific time, day, or month specified by the management of kumana national park.
Each month offers a spectacular experience to all the explorers who visit kumana National Park. But, the month of May and June have their place in case offering commendable experience.

What is the specialty of having a tour in June?
May and June offer a rare opportunity to explore something unique that you cannot experience in any other month. There is a swamp in kumana National Park in May and June, and because of this swamped ground everywhere, water and birds nest during May and June.
Such experiences are not usually offered at any other place in the world except Kumana National Park. I am not saying that this park is the only place in this entire world that offers such a thing, but my point is that it is on top of those places where you will see water birds nesting during May and June.

Rare experience cost difficulty:
I recommended you a tour to Kumana National Park in June but you must be thinking about the swamp you will face in these two months. Your uneasiness is right but think about the uniqueness of that experience that you will get in these two months.
Dear, nothing is free in this world. The majority of advantageous things cost money but some things cost trouble. Some paths cost you an unexpected struggle to reach the desired destination.

Experience Wild Life at Water Pools:
As I mentioned in the above paragraphs that Kumana National Park will offer you the beauty of nature and some rare wildlife experiences. But, it is not the end of surprises. This magical place has an offer to let tourists explore some water pools. These pools of water are open to tourists. You can go there and explore the secret of the treasure box of those Pools. You can have a lot of adventure activities at those points. Always remember, that fun is not automatically created but it is an opportunity that is attained by every individual. You are the one who can create exciting and adventurous activities for you. If you visit those pools and don’t get any fun activity then don’t get worried about it, think of those games that you can play with the people who are with you. Play such games in the surroundings of pools. Let the wild animals enjoy their fun activities.

The three most-visited water pools of Kumana National park are:

  • Kudawila Wewa
  • Thummulla Wewa
  • Kalinda Wewa

Do you want to see reptiles?
Kumana national park is the best place where you can explore a lot of Reptiles. Most sighted Reptiles at Kumana National Park are Mugger Crocodile, the Indian flap-shelled Turtle, and the Indian Block Turtle.

I hope that you got all the needed information regarding Kumana National Park. Now, do not delay the tour. Get up, book the ticket to Sri Lanka, pack the bag and let the soil of Kumana National Park feel your presence. Spend some time in the calmness of Yala East National Park. Experience the serenity in yoga. Explore the rareness of wild creatures of Allah. Try to understand what birds will speak to you. Have an un-understandable conversation with the birds of Kumana National Park. Walk on the shores of the Kumana Waterway. Explore the quietness of Kumana Valley. Spend some time watching the still water pools. Each drop of this water will tell you a story. A story that you have never heard before.

Good luck on your journey towards the magic of Kumana National Park, Sri Lanka.

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