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Kudumbigala Tour Packages

Explore the undeniable peace in Kudumbigala Monastery
Kudumbigala monastery is a very fascinating tourist destination in Sri Lanka. This mesmerizing place offers a very peaceful experience to all the tourists who go there. Before planning a tour to the kudumbigala monastery of Sri Lanka, let yourself know some useful secrets about the place. This information will add value to the memories of the kudumbigala monastery tour.
So, let’s fill the information box with some worthwhile information about this tourist destination and make your tour of the Kudumbigala monastery unforgettable.

When was the Kudumbigala monastery in Sri Lanka built?
During the time of King Devanampiyatissa, The kudumbigala monastery was built. It was built in 246 BC. There is a secret behind the establishment of the Kudumbigala monastery. 

Do you want to know the secret?
As you know, those people who belong to Buddhism always try to avoid the busyness of cities. They find a place where they can avoid distractions while practicing certain activities related to Buddhism.
Behind the creation of this monastery, Buddhists are the reason. The Kudumbigala Monastery was established for Buddhist refuges. In 246 BC, Buddhists were facing difficulty in finding an appropriate place for them, they wanted to get away from the noisy places that are why the Kudumbigala Monastery of Sri Lanka was established for them so that they fulfill their prayer and spiritual deeds.

Where is this peaceable area of earth located?
Kudumbigala monastery is a place near the Arugam Bay district of Sri Lanka. This satisfying place lies eleven miles from Panama and seventeen miles away from the Kumana village, close to Arugam Bay.

How can you reach the Kudumbigala monastery?
Tuk Tuk is the most used transport in Sri Lanka. You can easily reach the Kudumbigala monastery by traveling on Tuk Tuk. It will not take too much time and it is not expensive at all. You can easily reach the destination at a very reasonable price.

Brahmi inscription:
Brahmi is a writing style of old south Asia. In the third century BCE, It has appeared with full development. Its descendants and Brahmi script are now mostly used in South and Southeast Asia.

Some details about the Brahmi Script:

  • Language:

 In this era, Brahmi script is written in different languages including Sanskrit, Tamil, Tocharian, Saka, Pali, Kannada, and Prakrit.

  • The direction of Brahmi Script:

The direction of Brahmi Script is left to right.

  • Parenting System in Brahmi script:

Proto-Sinaitic script?> Phoenician alphabet?> Aramaic alphabet?> Brahmi.

  • Child System:

Numerous descendants writing systems.

  • Sister system:


  • Unicode alias:


  • Unicode range:


Cylindrical dogaba in Sri Lanka:
Do you know what Pagoda is? Have you ever visited any pagodas?
If NO then doesn’t worry. We have an amazing opportunity for you. You can visit the historic Pagoda in Kudumbigala Monastery, Sri Lanka.
There are many Pogadas in the world. Every Pogada is having its unique shape and identity. In Sri Lanka, there is only one Cylindrical Dogaba. Kundumbigala Monastery of Sri Lanka is the only place in Sri Lanka where Cylindrical Dogaba is.
If you go to Sri Lanka to visit Kudumbigala Monastery then don’t lose a chance of Exploring this Cylindrical Dogaba. This Pagoda is very old and has a unique history. And historic information is not an ordinary thing to learn. It contains many life learning lessons for the one who values it and doesn’t disrespect the importance of that historic knowledge.

Explore the Rock Caves in Kudumbigala:
Caves are the major element of every historical place. They are the signs which show that the place where these caves are is very old and historical. Many explorers and researchers have discovered massive hidden secrets which provided so much benefit to the people. The masses present on this planet are getting a lot of benefits by utilizing those secrets which are discovered by travelers and researchers.
I am sure that these lines have urged you to visit caves present on earth. Don’t stress! You haven’t lost the chance yet. You can visit 200 caves in a single tour. Pack the bag, book a ticket to Sri Lanka and visit Kudumbigala Monastery.
200 Caves are waiting for you in that tourist destination.
There are 200 caves in the Kudumbigala monastery, Sri Lanka. Each Cave is having an interesting history. Make a plan to travel to the Kudumbigala monastery and don’t miss the chance to visit all those caves. Go there, explore the serenity of the place and add glitters to the dairy of information by exploring more than 200 historical caverns.
I believe that each traveler who explores those 200 caves learn many historical mysteries. I hope that you will fill the hunger of your soul by visiting caves.

Shrub Jungle in Kudumbigala Sanctuary:
There is a shrub jungle in the Kudumbigala sanctuary. This forest plays the role of the heart in the beauty of Kudumbigala Monastery. This shrubbery jungle makes it a perfect destination for explorers. If you go on tour to the Kudumbigala monastery, don’t miss a holiday to the forest.
You will be amazed to see wild animals walking and revolving here and there. Especially, the peace of that place will surely win your hurt and you will wish to visit the Kudumbigala forest again and again and experience the soul-refreshing satisfaction of the jungle of Kudumbigala monastery.

Heart-touching sound of the forest:
The Forest of Kudumbigala Monastery is safe from the noise of city life. It is a very peaceful place where there is serenity. The chirp of birds leaves a satisfactory effect on the ears of one who listen to them with closed eyes and a silent heart. The roar of lions and tigers is heart awaking.
No doubt, it is a magical place that offers a quiet and relaxing experience to all the tourists who visit the forest of Kudumbigala Monastery.

Let your feet climb to the top hill:
The top hill of Kudumbigala Monastery gives such a magical view that if a tourist gets a chance to climb the top hill, he will be lost in the beauty of Kudumbigala Monastery and the forest of Kudumbigala sanctuary. The calmness of the top hill and sound created by the voiceless creatures of god will transfer unexpected reconciliation in the soul of that person who experiences this charming moment and sees the view from the top hill.
The facility of climbing to the top hill attracts more tourists to visit Kudumbigala Monastery. Because it offers a unique experience that you cannot get anywhere else at a cheap expense except at Kudumbigala monastery, Sri Lanka.

How can a tourist climb to the top hill?
I would request you to don’t worry about climbing to the top hill. There is no difficulty in it. A facility of stairs is available at the Kudumbigala Monastery. The local Community and foreign tourists climb to the top hill by utilizing the facility of stairs.
You can also get benefited from those set of steps which are specially made for tourists.

How much time does climbing take?
Climbing to the top hill of Kudumbigala Monastery takes almost 45 minutes when you go to the upside. It takes more time while going down as compared to up. At least 1 hour is the duration of going down from the top hill of Kudumbigala Monastery.

Can children climb to the top hill?
12 years old or more than this can climb easily but it is very difficult for small children to climb to the top hill. So if you are going to tour with kids then keep in mind that small children cannot climb to the top hill of Kudumbigala Monastery.

What kind of things a tourist is supposed to bring:
A tourist is requested to bring enough water bottles so that he doesn’t face any difficulty because of less water or no water while climbing and visiting the Kudumbigala Monastery.
You should also arrange a guide so that you don’t face any struggle in visiting the historical and soul-refreshing tourist place.
A back vehicle should also be there for you. Many tourists visit Kudumbigala Monastery and they suffer a lot of sweat because of the unavailability of backup vehicles.

Is it difficult to climb to the top hill?
An honest answer is NO. It is not difficult at all for the tourist to climb the top hill. As I mentioned that you can go to the top by stairs.

When should a tourist start climbing?
You can go climbing at any time but if you start the journey of climbing to the top hill early in the morning, you will reach the place soon and there will be a lot of time for you to explore the place. But if the weather is hot then you should climb at a time when there is less heat in the atmosphere.
Climbing in heat will be very difficult, so make things easy for you and don’t spoil the tour with a visit in the hot time of the day.

Spiritual beauty in Kudumbigala Monastery:
If you want to experience some spiritual beauty and also want to feel the serenity on tour then the Kudumbigala monastery is the best place to visit. Your soul will meet the calmness of religiousness in-depth in this muted Sanctuary.
Kudumbigala monastery is the first place that was built for Buddhist monks. That’s why this place is having a special element of spiritual peace in it for the people who visit the kudumbigala monastery, Sri Lanka. Visit the place and award aid to your soul from the noise and busyness of this world.
The spiritual satisfaction of Kudumbigala Monastery will enlighten your soul.

Heal your soul by nature:
There is no doubt in the concept that the human soul feels peace in natural beauty. If you are in depression because of things that happened against your desire then don’t worry. We have a solution to your problem. If your soul is tired of continuous efforts and disappointments then we can find a way for you that will help you to wipe out all the tiredness of your inner self.
Sitting in an environment that is full of natural beauty is the solution to the depression and tiredness of your soul. But, I want to ask you a question here before moving toward the detail of that place.
Have you ever heard or experienced the peace in the forest? Answer yourself!  A tourist destination in Sri Lanka is offering that experience.
Kudumbigala Monastery of Sri Lanka is very rich in the matter of natural attractiveness. The Forest of Kudumbigala is known for its peace. Go there and complement a new experience to the diary of tours.

Your soul is full of wounds?
If your soul is wounded because of failure or selfishness in this world, then Kudumbigala Monastery is the best place where you can heal all the scares and darkness of your soul. I understand that you must be thinking how can a place heal one’s soul?
Your confused thought and question are acceptable because such thinking is normal for the human mind. I am writing the answer to this question in the next paragraph which will clear your confusion. So, keep reading the blog with a smiling heart.

How can a place be a soul scare healer?
All those things which we see through our eyes leave a deep and long-lasting impact on our hearts. Our heart is strongly connected to our soul. The inner self of a person always reflects through its outer persona.
So, the conclusion to these three statements is that if see the greenery of Kudumbigala Sanctuary, Sri Lanka, this green view will refresh your soul. All the scars and wounds of your heart and soul will start healing because of the calmness of this place.
That’s why must visit the place if you are facing depression or you have ever experienced the pain of anxiety and depression. This effort for the sake of peace of your soul will surely bestow an expected benefit to you.

Experience yoga in the serenity:
A peaceful and calm place is required to practice yoga. There are so many naturally calm places on the earth and people are making some artificial points that are appropriate to exercise yoga. But, if you are a Sri Lankan citizen or living there and you live near Kudumbigala then you are blessed. You are blessed with a place where you can have the best experience of yoga.
I advise you with a pure heart that if you get a chance to visit Kudumbigala Monastery, Sri Lanka then must visit the kudumbigala forest and make it mandatory for yourself to practice yoga at the top of rocks. I am 100% sure that if you experience it one time, your soul will never forget that peace that you felt while doing yoga in the serenity of the Kudumbigala Jungle.
Your depressed inner self and anxiety will run far away from your soul.

Don’t come at the hottest time in the day:
If you are near the kudumbigala and you have a plan to visit this tourist destination then don’t come at the hottest time of the day. If you come to the sanctuary at the hottest time of the day then you will face a lot of difficulty because of the hot weather while visiting the Kudumbigala Monastery.
Especially, Climbing is very difficult at that time.
Come in the early morning or in the evening time to visit the place. You can in the daytime as well if there is no hotness in the environment or it is bearable for you.

Yes, you can get admission to the kudumbigalla monastery:
Many people go to the Kudumbigala monastery for a visit and they get fascinated by the place. Several tourists wish to get admission to the monastery but they don’t get any clue.
Good luck that you are reading the blog. I shall tell you about the admission to the Kudumbigala monastery, Sri Lanka.
It is a very simple two steps process;
1: Ask the Management of the monastery in a well-mannered way that you want to get admission to the Kudumbigala monastery.
2: The second step is for your information that there is NO FEE for getting admission to the Kudumbigala monastery. You can get enrollment without paying a single penny. The only thing required for the Kudumbigala monastery is your time. Give your time to the monastery and be a part of the Buddhist community.

Wild Animals in Sri Lanka:
Sri Lanka is filled with wild animals. If you go there, you will find many wild animals you have never seen before. There is a massive strength of elephants and monkeys in Sri Lanka. You can find them on the roads of Sri Lanka in masses.
The people of Sri Lanka are used to it. Walking with elephants and putting food into the mouth of those monkies who are running on the road with people is very normal for the people of Sri Lankan land.

Unseen wild animals on the roads of Kudumbigala monastery:
As I mentioned, there are so many wild animals on the land of Sri Lanka. Kudumbigala monastery is the place in Sri Lanka where there are

  • Elephants
  • Monkies
  • Crocodiles
  • Large birds
  • Leopards
  • Bear

Which type of dressing is requested from the tourists?
From the above-mentioned detail, Kudumbigala Monastery is associated with Buddhism. Many Buddhist Monks are spending their time in Kudumbigala Monastery and the massive strength of Buddhists is spending their life in the caves of the Kudumbigala monastery.
All this detail tells us that this is a spiritual tourist destination. And having a deep connection to the religious perspective. Because of all this, all respected tourists are requested to wear modest clothes.
If you go to the beach, you will wear clothes which are appropriate for the place. The same thing is in the case of Kudumbigala Monastery. You are requested to respect the place and avoid wearing bold clothes.

The walls of painting are no less than a rainbow: Have you ever seen a Buddhist script? Do you know their secret painting and writing style?


It’s okay, some useful information regarding wall paintings of Buddhists and their script is in the following content.

As I mentioned again and again in the above paragraphs of the blog that the Kudumbigala monastery has had a special association with the Buddhists and Buddhism since 246 BC. That’s why the walls of kudumbigala are decorated with special art which represents Buddhism. The art and writing on the walls of the kudumbigala monastery are associated with Buddhism. Life is the continuous process of learning new things and then applying that new information practically. When you will go on a tour of the kudumbigala monastery, these walls decorated with the sign of Buddhism will surely teach you about that religion. You will not only see those sculptures by eyes but tourist guides will teach you the meaning of those secret writing signatures. This is surely a diamond in the diary of knowledge. Learning about such things is not as easy in other parts of the world as it is easy in the Kudumbigala monastery, Sri Lanka. So, don’t deprive yourself of this underground evidence.


I hope that you reached the end of this blog with a blushy heart. Your soul must be curious about a visit to such a spectacular place. Fill out the curiosity of your inner persona. Go there, and breathe in the dirt-free air of Kudumbigala sanctuary. Wipe out all the negativity by having a yoga experience at the top hill of this magical point.
Let your heart speak some unspoken stories in front of the green trees of Kudumbigala Jungle, under the clear sky. Have an experience of star counting in the night when there will be no rush in your surroundings. I am sure that you will get so much unexpected in a single tour. So don’t overthink the tour. Just pack the bag and reach the magic of Kudumbigala Monestry.

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