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Beruwala Tour Packages

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and undoubtedly an emerging tourist destination that will soon conquer the market and everyone's heart. From Bentota to Nuwara Eliya and Galle to Kandy, almost every city is worth visiting.

When thinking of Sri Lankan beaches, Beruwala is one of the fascinating places that come to mind. Located very close to Bentota and the capital Colombo, it is the ideal destination to relax and enjoy. Beruwala is located in a calm bay protected from the natural coral reef's high waves and fast currents. The giant shoreline is covered in grainy white sand and lined with exotic palm trees with shades to save you from the heat. The descent is smooth, and the bottom of the sea is flat and safe. You may find some small sharp stones and coral fragments, so slippers are recommended.

Beruwala was a pretty wild and lonely place just a few years ago. A trip to Beruwala features the expansive, scenic Golden Mile Beach, a pristine golden sand beach lined with lush green palm trees.

All about Beruwala

Arab merchants founded this small town, but it was a fishing village for a long time. The development of the settlement as a tourist center began several years ago. Marked as the country's first port of Muslim settlement, created by Arab traders in the eighth century, it offers something for everyone, with different choices, tastes, and passions. A full-fledged resort turned out from a cute village in this short time. But that's not the case. In Sri Lanka, Beruwala is also an Ayurvedic treatment center.

At the same time, the resort has an excellent infrastructure and hotels for every taste. Cozy restaurants with traditional dishes, cafes, and bars are where to spend time. Prices for tours here are quite attractive.

Rest in Sri Lanka in Beruwala attracts long clean shores framed by coconut palms, comfortable conditions, and excellent diving. In addition to great beach activities, the resort town offers guests the to look at local attractions, stroll through colorful markets and numerous souvenir shops, plunge into the life of anglers, and participate in exciting sea fishing.

The place also offers the possibility of deep-sea fishing and coral reef diving. Take a morning stroll to the marinas to see fishers unload their catch from their fishing boat and last night's brightly colored canoes.

You can also take a 10-minute ferry ride to the lush Beruwala International Lighthouse on Barberyn Island. Perhaps go and visit the complex art, authentic and raw in all its essence, the Kechimalai Mosque here, the oldest Islamic mosque in the country.

  • Arab traders founded the city in the 8th century.
  • The name Beruwela in translation means "shore of lowered sails."
  • Moonstone is mined in Sri Lanka.

Why you should go

  • Beaches. In the southern part of Beruwala, tourists enjoy a serene vacation on the shores of the azure Indian Ocean. Coconut palms create comfortable shady areas on the golden coast.
  • Water entertainment. The Confifi Marina center invites you to enjoy water sports. Sunken ships attract divers, and coral reefs attract snorkelers.
  • Nature. Brief's garden impresses with lush vegetation. There are cozy places to relax among the tropical trees and water cascades. Here tourists will see a rare black orchid. And near the lighthouse of Beruwela, you can contemplate the beauty of delicate plumeria flowers.
  • Attractions. A massive statue of a seated Buddha rises on a hill. The 18th-century Kande Viharaya temple complex is decorated with flowers and climbing plants ornaments. A smooth turquoise surface sets off the shrine on a rocky promontory, and the Muslim minarets are decorated with elements of Indian architecture.


Make your holidays fabulous in Beruwala

Beruwala is the nearest resort from Colombo in the south, and the first in a series of resort towns in Sri Lanka, stretching along the southwest coast. You can find a description of Beruwala as a beautiful beach resort with developed infrastructure and ideal sandy beaches with coconut palms.

In 2004, the tsunami severely damaged the city: the beaches were washed away, and hotels and houses were destroyed. But unlike other resorts, the management waved a hand at this place. So, there are almost no typical beaches left here. The authorities reinforced most of the coast with stones, and only the coral beach in the south of the city remained suitable for swimming and short cleared areas near rare hotels.

Since there are no beaches, they did not begin to restore the tourist infrastructure either: there are no travel agencies, restaurants, cafes, entertainment, and all tourist life takes place only on the territory of hotels. It does not add comfort that traditionally, Beruwala has been and remains Muslim fishing towns, whose inhabitants do not stand on ceremony with the cleanliness of the streets and beaches and respect for tourists.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you think twice before going on holiday to Beruwala. And if you still decide to go here, read the information below about the beaches and areas.

Beach holidays in Beruwala

A beach holiday in Beruwala will make a good impression, as Beruwala is one of the most distinctive resorts in Sri Lanka. It is noteworthy that the town has a fascinating name, which translates as "the edge where the sail is lowered."

This picturesque area is located on the southwestern coast of Ceylon, just 56 kilometers from the country's capital - Colombo. Some refer to Beruwala as a suburb of Bentota. However, this is not so - the town is an independent resort. Rest here attracts new hotels, the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, and the beauty of tropical nature.

A beach holiday in Beruwala attracts mainly lovers of package tours. There are practically no independent travelers here. It offers luxurious five-star hotels, villas, modest guesthouses, and economy class hotels. Many luxury hotels offer all-inclusive and in-house spas where you can relax, de-stress and re-energize through Ayurveda. The hotel base of the resort allows everyone to find accommodation according to their taste and financial capabilities.

A beach holiday at sea in Beruwala is popular with Europeans and our compatriots who want to take a break from work and escape from the everyday life of big cities. The influx of guests is observed mainly during the European winter. The weather here during these months is quite favorable for relaxing and swimming. In summer, there are primarily short rains and monsoons.

Rest in Beruwala by the sea is, first of all, beautiful beaches, the length of which is several kilometers. A flat sandy bottom distinguishes the entrance to the sea in this area, so this resort can also be recommended to those who relax with children. Sometimes there are significant waves here, but you can swim in the bays and backwaters at these moments. Many tourists prefer to spend time and sunbathe by the hotel pool on free sun loungers.

Enjoy a boat safari

Cruise along the Bentota Ganga to see some fantastic wildlife. Get your camera ready and snap some exotic bird of prey. Check out lizards and crocodiles. Duck under bridges and greet the locals as you go upstream, exploring mangroves and lily-covered islands.

An out-of-this-world perspective on the wild and serene nature will elevate your soul and leave you extremely content! An enjoyable, wonderful, and rewarding experience is guaranteed!

Party at Beruwala beach restaurant

Beruwala Port is a lively fishing port. Hundreds of boats glide in and out all day, carrying their last means of transportation. Therefore, it is no wonder that fish is the best dish. The menus offer everything from lobster to parrotfish and squid.

Don't worry, though, if you're not a fish lover. There are many other curries to link. No, nothing is "fishy." You can trust us!

Beruwala Golden Mile Beach

If you're wondering what to do in Beruwala, then start by enjoying water sports at Golden Mile Beach. The calm waters are ideal for sports, such as jet-skiing, windsurfing, and paragliding. Thanks to the restaurants and cafes right next to the sand, don't go far to refuel.
For a relaxing evening or a morning full of adventures, this breathtaking beach with all shades of blue will make you fall in love with it.

Unusual things in Beruwala

By spending time on the beach, guests of the resort can enjoy traditional water sports:

  • Windsurfing,
  • Sailing,
  • Snorkeling,
  • Water skiing,
  • Underwater fishing.

Divers are waiting for luxurious coral reefs, the remains of ancient ships, sea turtles, and other exotic inhabitants of the underwater world.

Attractions in Beruwala

Beruwela is not at all the place to go sightseeing. The city has a couple of ancient temples, a large mosque, and nothing else. Also, from Beruwala, you can visit the modest sights of Bentota. Everything is nearby. The most important historical monuments and natural attractions are located in the country's center in the Cultural Triangle and mountainous Sri Lanka.

But unfortunately, you will not find inexpensive group excursions there in Beruwala. You will either have to go on your own on buses or rented vehicles or purchase an expensive individual tour with a guide by car. It is also relatively easy to take a bus on the main Galle Road and get to Colombo, Hikkaduwa, Ambalangoda, and Galle, to take a walk and get acquainted with their sights during the day.
And here are the places that you can visit in Beruwala and nearby on your own by tuk-tuk or bus. See more about them:

The Aluthgama market

It is the place for you if you are looking for things to do near Beruwala. Hop in a tuk-tuk and make routes to the Aluthgama market. It's the place to get all kinds of edibles every Monday, from a curry lunch to a bunch of fresh bananas.

With the pure and ethnic energy of the place, full of proud people and wandering tourists, the market becomes much more than a simple exchange station for goods and services. It is a way of life, a source of life for communication.

You will be among the locals who come here to do their weekly shopping while bumping into strangers. You will be surprised and fascinated by the warm and reassuring atmosphere of the place. So don't wait.

Viharaya Temple

In the vicinity of Beruwala, there is a place of pilgrimage - the ancient temple of Kandi Viharaya, the temple on the top of the mountain. This is an old Buddhist temple built during the reign of the last king Sri Vikrama Rajasinha of the Sinhalese dynasty in the 18th century.

Ketchimalai Daga Mosque

It is one of the oldest mosques on the island and main attraction of Beruwala. The Ketchimalai Daga Mosque, on a small flat hill built by the Muslim religious community. The mosque building is located at the end of the port. According to one of the legends, the mosque's construction was started by the Arabs immediately after landing on the shore. The Sultan of Yemen Ash-Sheikh Asharaf Valiullah, revered as a saint by pilgrims, was buried in the mosque.

Sultan, with five brothers and sisters, arrived in the 12th century. On the shores of Sri Lanka at Ketchimalai were received as guests of honor by the Sinhalese king, as they were members of the Hadramouth royal family. The mosque is still active and attracts many pilgrims, and during the celebration of Ramadan, it is visited by up to 50,000 people. The mosque is especially crowded during the celebration of the last day of Ramadan - the Eid-ul-Fitr festival, which Muslims from all over Sri Lanka attend.

Barberyn Island

The lighthouse of Beruwela is perfectly observed from the coastal zone of the region in the evening, and at night, its light reaches the neighboring bays of Maggona and Bentota. The lighthouse is located opposite the port of Beruwala, on an island separated from the mainland by the ocean. Barberyn Island can be reached by motorboat from Beruwala Port or the Cinnamon Hotel.

Previously, the island with a lighthouse and the city of Beruwala itself was called Barberin, and then changed the name to the modern one. The island was named after the Muslim sheik Abu Barakat al-Barbari from Somalia, who lived in the 12th century and founded the first Muslim settlement on the island, which had not previously had a clear religious outline.

Barberyn Island is a 6-meter cliff rising above the ocean. It offers a fantastic panorama of the endless expanses of the ocean and the coast of the bay of Beruwala, Kalutara, and Moragalla and the small island of Crow. There is a caretaker on the island. You can agree with him to climb the lighthouse for 500 rupees per person. Peacocks live on the territory near the lighthouse.

Of the sights, it is worth seeing the Masjid-ul-Abrar mosque, which was erected after the Arab conquerors landed on the shore of the city. You can also visit the grave of Sheikh Asharent, who is considered a saint by Muslims. These monuments attract many here for pilgrimage. From here, you can also take entertaining excursions to the Sinharaja Forest, Yala National Park, and the picturesque town of Kandy.

Transport in Beruwala

There is no public transport; you will have to use the services of rent transport or tuk-tuks. You can ride a tuk-tuk within the minimum budget to Bentota. You can rent a motorbike in Bentota, but you will have to look for a rental company through a hotel or tuk-tuks.

There is another option to move around the nearest beaches - the bus. Local intercity buses from Colombo to the south and back constantly run along the main road Galle rd, and you can use them to move from beach to beach. But for this, you first have to walk from the hotel to Galle Road, which can be far from some hotels.

Weather in Beruwala, tourist seasons

In Beruwala and on the neighboring beaches of Bentota and Aluthgama, the climate is conducive to year-round recreation. There is a low and high seasons.

The high season and the best time to visit are from October to April. The least precipitation falls during this period, and the beaches have the fewest waves.

The low season runs from May to November. At this time, frequent but usually short-term rains are possible, and the weather changes sharply. What are terrible are the monsoon winds from constant waves, and it becomes dangerous to swim or play water sports.

Bottom line

Once again, Beruwala is among the most jaw-dropping and enchanting places to visit. From these great things to do in Beruwala above, you can choose the one that suits you best. Its immortal charm and rustic aesthetic will surely pave the way for your heart. So come on, grab your bags, a trip to Beruwala waits!

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