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Most Stunning Tibetan Tour

In Asia, Tibet is one of the most beautiful places we have traveled to and have had the privilege to blog about. Hands down, it should be included in every traveler's bucket list. Tibet has always been associated with something mysterious. Tucked away in the mountainous gorges of the Himalayas, this autonomous region of China attracts millions of tourists yearly. People come here to learn eternal youth's secrets and feel the fantastic Tibetan landscapes. We invite you with us on a unique journey through Tibet - the most mysterious and closed country in the world. Almost no place on earth is fraught with so many secrets and mysteries. Starting from the border with Nepal, we will cross the whole country on rented transport and get to the capital Lhasa. The dizzying views of Tibet will accompany us all the way. All you need is to look around. As we move along our route, which will allow us to see the entire main places of power in the country, we will get acquainted with its complex history and unique, incomparable flavor. So, let's come and start our most stunning Tibetan Tour...

About Tibetan

Tibet, located on the world's third pole, has always been a place travelers yearn for. Taking advantage of this, snow tourism in Tibet is also on the path of rapid development. Tibet an ancient, holy, and pure place, with Snow Mountains, holy lakes, dangerous peaks, temples, golden domes, kasayas, honest customs, and deep Tibetan culture...all of these are bound to be temptations for everyone. Tibet is always associated with mystery, solemnity, respect, and admiration. It is the closest place to heaven, the gods, and the soul.With abundant natural and cultural resources, Tibet is always a charming, mysterious land that attracts tourists worldwide. China Travel would like to introduce you to some of the best places to travel in Tibet to help you find a way to explore the unspoiled beauty of this mountainous area. Along with the snow-capped mountains, including the Himalaya Mountains and the Nyanching Thangkula Mountains, Tibet is also rich in glacial resources, which account for about 48 percent of the glaciers in the country. In addition to Snow Mountains, glaciers, unique plateau scenery, and natural and cultural landscapes, snow sports and ethnic customs brought great opportunities for developing snow tourism in Tibet. It has become a favorite destination for snow-tourism lovers. Holidays in Tibet, for most tourists, are one of the most unusual trips in their lives. Tibet is a mysterious place; the rest here is not a beach, parties, diving, and other travel options familiar to most tourists. Tours to Tibet is a visit to a unique and one of the most mysterious and amazing countries, almost cut off from other countries influence. Tibet is one of the biggest mysteries of the world. The highest plateau on earth with the youngest mountains - the Himalayas. A beautiful place that, according to legend, was previously the seabed. Mountain ranges and forests create indescribable landscapes, and the temples and customs of residents give the country a vibrant color. One of the symbols of Tibet has become the sacred mountain Kailash. Every year, thousands of pilgrims make a ritual detour around the mountain - the bark. Due to its legendary mystique and the number of shrines on its territory, holidays in Tibet are considered one of the most spiritual in the world.

Top Most Stunning Places in Tibet

Tibet has been a place of captivating appeal to many Westerners for long periods. It draws millions of tourists yearly to marvel at its breathtaking natural beauty and ancient religious traditions. Here are the top most stunning places you can visit when visiting Tibet.

Yampachen grassland

One of them is the Yampachen prairie, where herds of yaks and incredible views of snow-capped mountains are in the background. Don't be afraid to ask to stop from time to time to take some photos and listen to the incredible silence. Unfortunately, several villages scattered in the distance are not open to visitors. Unfortunately, you will also see the tallest geothermal power plant in the world. In the late afternoon, you will arrive in Damxung, a small town built around a train station with relatively heavy traffic, considering its remote area. This place is a base for visiting Namco Lake the next day.

Monasterio Tashihunpo, Shigatse

Tashihunpo Monastery, located in the center of Shigatse, is one of the six grand monasteries in Tibet. The first Dalai Lama is the oldest monastery in the Shigatse area.

Jokhang Temple - The Sacred Center of Tibet

Jokhang Temple is situated at Barkhor Square, Lhasa. The temple is considered the most important temple in Tibetan Buddhism and the most sacred and significant Temple by the Buddhists of Tibet. Jokhang Temple is an absolute must-see on the Lhasa tour. It was constructed in the name of King Songtsan Gampo to honor his two brides, the Tang Princess Wencheng and the Nepalese princess Bhrikuti. The architectural style of the temple combines Chinese Tang Dynasty design with Indian vihara designs and Nepalese style. The princesses both brought sculptures depicting Sakyamuni to China and Nepal, respectively. The two statues were erected in the Jokhang Temple. The statue that Princess Wencheng brought is housed in the temple. However, the statue Princess Bhrikuti brought to the temple is now housed in the Ramoche Temple.

Foresta Lulang

Lulang in Tibetan means "valley of the dragon king." Lulang is the typical forest of alpine landscapes; the mountains are covered with a green mantle of bushes, spruces, and pines. Streams and streams make their way through the trees reaching the meadows and cultivated fields where the villages arise. It looks like a corner of the Swiss Alps in Asia, and the beauty of these places enchants many travelers.

Monte Kailash, Tibet Occidental

Worshiped by over a billion Buddhists and Hindus, Asia's holiest mountain rises from the Barkha Plain as a giant four-sided chorten at 6714m. Throw in the stunning Lake Manasarovar nearby and a basin that forms the source of four of Asia's largest rivers, and who says this place isn't the center of the world? Traveling here to one of the most beautiful and remote corners of the world brings an additional advantage: the three-day pilgrimage trail around the mountain erases the sins of one's life.

Calle Barkhor

Around the Jokhang Temple, it is a circuit in Lhasa's center. Hundreds of pilgrims lay prone on the earth, worshippers wandering around with prayer beads and whispering mantras into their mouths to ensure peace and prosperity throughout the world. The circuit is full of stalls on both sides selling all kinds of items such as prayer wheels, Thangkas, metalware, ornaments, jewelry, traditional Tibetan clothing, boots, other religious items, etc. If he loses interest in the many local shops, then make sure he goes to an authentic Tibetan restaurant.

Grand Canyon Yarlung Tsangpo

The Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon is the deepest in the world and one of the most impressive and beautiful in the whole country. The Grand Canyon of Yarlung Tsangpo begins north of the village of Daduka, in the county of Mainling, at an altitude of 2,880 meters, and ends south of the village Pasighat, in the county of Mêdog, at an altitude of 115 meters. Unlike the rest of Tibet, the whole area is characterized by a humid climate, dense forests, and a great variety of plans. It is an area still little known to tourists: if you are looking for a unique experience in Tibet, this is a stop to consider!

Ganden Samye Excursion

Tibet is one of those places you must experience at the step of one foot in front of the other. This classic four-day trek between two of Tibet's finest monasteries takes you past herders' camps, high alpine lakes, and a hermitage of Guru Rinpoche, as well as over three 5,000+ meters passes. Rent a horse for a beautiful trek in the desert.

The Sichuan - A Great Tibet Road

The Sichuan-Tibet Highway is a great road that will take you through winding roads, mountain peaks, and breathtaking views of the old farmlands, as well as the villages and their people who still farm them. It's a good day trip that will take between 6-8 hours to complete and a set of flashcards worth of images you'll remember for years to come!

Things that we can do in Tibet

Tibet offers many beautiful places. There are dozens of temples, the Dzong fortress, and of course, the breathtaking landscape of the highest plateaus in the world. Furthermore, the country's south is framed by the highest mountains in the world - the Himalayas. Come and see the most beautiful things to do in Tibet.

Explore the Potala Palace

A trip to Tibet is not complete without a visit to the Potala Palace, which also served as the previous residence of the Dalai Lama. You can search here for buildings with thirteen floors with 1,000 rooms. It is truly an architectural wonder with its various statues, stupas, murals, and artifacts; you can find plenty of history and culture to absorb. It is a vast treasure-house of materials and objects from Tibetan history, religion, culture, and art. It is a must-see attraction in almost all Tibet tour itineraries.

Admire the Lake Yamdrok, Shannan

This Lake is one of the three sacred lakes in Tibet, along with Lake Namtso and Manasarovar. This fan-shaped lake with extensive lakeside grasslands is a fertilized pasture in the highlands. According to local mythology, Lake Yamdrok is the transformation of a goddess. There are schools of fish that live in Yamdrok Yumtso Lake, which local people commercially exploit. From April to October, fish caught in this lake are sold in the markets of Lhasa. In addition, the lake islands serve as rich pasture land for the local shepherds.

Make a loop on Barkhor Street.

Barkhor Street is Lhasa's pilgrimage circuit that runs around Jokhang Temple. It is also a crowded street for shopping, where you can find many items that originate from Tibet and Nepal. Join pilgrims as they circle clockwise around the Jokhang Temple to roll the prayer wheels or join locals or travelers in haggling hard for souvenirs. Most travelers can stroll down this street after a visit to the Jokhang Temple. Take plenty of time to browse the local shops—all shops on the street close early in the afternoon.

Watch monks debate at Sera Monastery.

Watching the monks discuss the scriptures at Sera monastery is a highlight considered by many travelers not to be missed. Monks in their traditional red robes gather each evening in the monastery courtyard. They can jump up and down during a debate or make many other interesting gestures. It is exciting to see. Please note that monk debates are not held on Sunday. If you travel with us, your Tibet travel consultant and guide are flexible in changing your itinerary to ensure you don't miss out on this highlight.

Breathe in the sacred harmony

In Tibetan Buddhism, Jokhang Temple is the holiest temple. For the people, it is an important pilgrimage destination, and people leave from all over Tibet to reach it, even when facing months of walking. Once the time has been reached, the pilgrims kneel and perform a circular ritual path in a clockwise direction. The Jokhang Temple is an irreplaceable representative of the Tibetan religion. It can even be said that this temple occupies an absolute position in Tibetan Buddhism. The Jokhang Temple is the oldest civil building structure in Tibet.

Photograph the beautiful Lake Yamdrok

Lake Yamdrok will leave you breathless for the colors. The villages and the yaks that graze on the banks contribute to making the picture even more evocative. If you are looking for a photo representing Tibet's immense nature, this is the place.

Set foot on the highest mountain

Everest is the dream of many travelers. Most travelers only stay around 30 minutes at Mount Everest Base Camp to take some photos and admire the majestic mountain. Although it is a long and strenuous journey from Shigatse, it is well worth it for those who do. Although Everest is attractive, and to see it up close is every traveler's dream, the journey is not for the faint of heart. Altitude sickness is the biggest problem; almost everyone is affected at Mount Everest Base Camp, at an altitude of 5,200 meters.

Appreciate Tibetan architecture at Tashilumpo Monastery

It is the seat of the Lama Panchen. The architecture of the monastery is an incredible sight to behold. Gold roofs that shimmer in the sun cover the complex red buildings. There is a paved pilgrimage circuit around the monastery.

Information and tips for traveling to Tibet

We talk a lot about tourism agencies, and it is only because unless you live alone in Lhasa, you cannot walk alone in Tibet. But very few people go to live in the capital. I will also tell you that you will need a guide to know some of the treasures of Lhasa, to be enjoyed more and better, but allows everyone to visit the most beautiful places of Tibet, to them as an agency. Ideal for arrival a few days in advance. And not get sick afterward. Pay attention to where you come from and what height you come from. As for clothes, it all depends on the season, but it's about dressing like onions because that's when the sun is hot. And, of course, go to temples wisely and without showing much.

When to go?

The nickname knew Tibet as "Land of the Snows," a name that suggests that the winter season, when some places, despite clear skies, can be challenging to reach, is cold. Most visitors go to Tibet in the period from April to October. In summer in Lhasa, the climate is mainly dry, and temperatures are pleasant, with the need to use warm sweatshirts only in the evening, but in other regions, the conditions may be different; The best time to visit Tibet is, therefore, summer. You can find your way around May and September for Lhasa and the eastern part. In the mid-seasons, however, the climate is variable. It can freeze with frosts and short snowfalls, especially in the coldest hours. At the same time, the day can be mild and sunny. However, those who can stand the cold can also choose the mid-seasons and enjoy the clear skies that allow you to observe the mountains even from great distances.

How to get a Tibet visa?

To enter the country, you need a valid passport with some blank pages and a Chinese visa. If you participate in an organized trip, the agency itself will apply for a collective visa. Chinese authorities discourage independent travelers and are reluctant to provide telephone directions. In this regard, when applying for a visa, we advise you not to specify that you intend to visit Tibet but that you generally intend to go to China.


No place in the world compares to Tibet -where the natural beauty of the Himalayas and the pristine turquoise lakes create a breathtaking backdrop for the ancient Tibetan Buddhist temples. It's a photographer's paradise, unique, mysterious, and mystical. One day, you might see an enthusiastic nomad with his yaks in a lush valley, glaciers plunging from the snow-covered, high passes, and monks in maroon robes singing in the glimmering light from hundreds of butter lamps. If you've considered visiting Tibet since you can remember, above we mentioned the suggestions for the most stunning Tibetan Tour...

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