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Travel to Peradeniya

A new place is always interesting, but have you ever felt 'wow' when visiting one? Peradeniya is the perfect example. Peradeniya's low popularity shouldn't fool you compared to others in Sri Lanka. During the last decade, Peradeniya has grown into a small but beautiful tourist destination with great potential. This remote destination offers a lot of unique activities and places to explore. It may be a good idea to return to Peradeniya one day, to relax there. You might want to include Peradeniya in your itinerary if you plan a trip to Sri Lanka. Continue reading for more information. This list provides some things to do in Peradeniya and the surrounding area.

There's a good chance that if you plan to travel to Peradeniya, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Royal Botanical Gardens of Peradeniya

One of the most outstanding gardens in Asia can be found in Peradeniya, known for its Royal Botanical Gardens. The site is located on a slope overlooking the Mahaweli River and is a favourite destination for tourists from Sri Lanka and abroad. Peradeniya Botanical Gardens should not be missed. On 147 acres, giant trees, bright flowers, and exotic plants are indigenous to Sri Lanka and planted by dignitaries. When the ruling Sinhala king established this garden in 1371, it was the first in the world. More than 4000 species of flowers, including a vast collection of colourful orchids, medicinal plants, spices, palm trees, and more, these gardens attract approximately 2 million visitors annually. Significantly combining floriculture, butterfly, and birdlife conservation and focusing on the island's sustainability and biodiversity, the Peradeniya Botanical Garden is an arcadia of tropical greenery, with abundant bamboo vines and tall trees. There are trees. Upon entering the splendid city of Kandy, the view of the gardens tempts you for a leisurely experience of walking through its exquisitely landscaped grounds. The national pride of the garden is ficus benjamin! This is the giant tree we have ever seen in our lives. A focus grew on a large lawn, the size of a football field in the center. It occupies an area of ??2500 square meters, and the diameter of the crown is 55 meters. Under it, 1000 people can freely accommodate. This tree is 140 years old and imported from Indonesia. Its branches stretched so far that under each of them, there are supports. A special place in the garden, to the right of the entrance, is reserved for the Orchid House. About 400 species of orchids and their hybrids are in the garden, but in the flowering stage, we saw no more than 20. In Sri Lanka, many species grow wild in the jungle - verandas, oncidiums, cattleyas, and dendrobiums - in total, about 700 species of orchids on the island have been registered by botanists. Here, in the greenhouse, there are several types of "atmospherics" - air plants that do not have roots.     Over 1.4 million people visit the Royal Botanic Gardens in Peradeniya every year! More than 450 workers, researchers, scientists, and gardeners work here, various educational programs for school children are constantly held in the garden, etc.

The Botanical Gardens exhibit a wide variety of plants and portray history.

Orchid obsession

In this garden, you will find a dedicated area for orchids, reflecting Sri Lanka's fondness for this flower. The art of growing an orchid requires a certain level of temperature, moisture, and shade control.
Orchids grow in various colors, sizes, and types in the Gardens; ask your guide about the one emitting the sweet scent of vanilla.

Trip tips

Go at 7.30 am, the gardens open. There won't be many crowds except those on romantic strolls, and the weather can get hot towards midday. A guide is recommended. Look for someone with experience. Check out their background. You can enjoy the beauty by yourself, but the real stories and facts can only be found in the hands of an expert.

Other nearby Tourist Attractions in Peradeniya

A list of things to do in Peradeniya is provided below, along with tourist attractions.

Ella Spice Garden, Peradeniya

Those who are not only fans of spices but also wish to learn about how they are grown will find this a fascinating place. A wide variety of spice trees can be seen in this spice garden in the town of Ella.
The nature-loving staff will welcome you upon entering the garden and take you on an informative tour. Approximately 4000 species of trees are found in the garden. The main objective of this garden is to enhance Sri Lanka's spice production. Spice gardens are great for whetting your appetite with their aroma.

Katusu Konda

Katusu Konda, also known as Knife-Edge, is an unforgettable adventure to experience the excellence of the environment in the Hantana mountain range.

Gadladeniya Temple

The Gadaldeniya Temple is located in Pilimathlava, Kandy. And the temple was built in 1344 by King Buvanekbahu IV. A South Indian architect, Ganeshwarachari, built the temple and hence had a South Indian touch in its intention. Gadladeniya Temple is also known as Sadharttilaka Vihara and Dharma Kirti Vihar. The rock outcrop to which the temple reaches has a carved inscription detailing the temple's structure.

Faculty of Arts, the most prestigious educational institutions

Among the most prestigious educational institutions in Sri Lanka is the University of Peradeniya Faculty of Arts. The Faculty of Arts was established in 1942, making it Sri Lanka's most prominent single Faculty. Suppose you decide to pursue studies at the Faculty. You will be able to work with some of the best Faculty in the country and benefit from a campus abounding with greenery and a spacious and open environment.

Sambuvatta Lake

Sambuvatta Lake is a magnificent artificial lake found in Elkaduwa of Matale. The lake is attached to the Land Forest Reserve of Campbell. The dark and relaxed environment with deodar trees and tea-covered hills surrounding the lake provides comfort and peace to the guests. The surplus of adventure activities such as zip-lining, boat rides, goose/motor, canoeing, and hiking establishes the lake at the summit as a convenience and group travel destination. Bath and swim in the lake but are not allocated because the lake is 30-40 feet deep, with a separate pond set up for that consideration. Situated on the western side of the Nakals mountain range, Sembuvatta Lake is a must-see place in Sri Lanka. The trip there is worth the effort. Not only the lake but the view along the way is equally mesmerizing.

University Of Peradeniya, Peradeniya

One of the country's leading universities in the University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka. The University of Peradeniya began as the University of Ceylon in 1942 and is home to thousands of students today.
When you visit, prepare yourself to be wowed by the abundant natural beauty of the University's campus. Peradeniya University is nestled in the foothills of a mountain range, surrounded by forests and boasting several scenic and historical spots. You should also visit Peradeniya Botanical Garden, which is also on campus.

The Ceylon Tea Museum

The Ceylon Tea Museum, located on the Hantane Hills, three kilometers from Kandy, is served by easy access to cars, tourist coaches, and ample parking facilities. The museum consists of four levels. Machinery antiques are displayed on the ground floor and second floor, and the first floor houses a library and a theater with facilities for audio-visual performances. The third floor has been earmarked for a tea sales outlet, where the finest variety of Sri Lankan tea is available. The entire upper floor is a tea cafe. A telescope on the fourth floor can give a panoramic view of the beautiful Hunasgiriya, the Nakals range, and the city of Kandy surrounded by the Matale range of mountains. The grounds around the Tea Museum are decorated with a variety of teas. Kandy is an essential stop on virtually every tourist's plan,

Things to Do in Peradeniya

At Peradeniya, you'll never be bored. Check out the museums and boutiques in the downtown area...or find a great meal. Where would you like to go? What about a five-course supper at the restaurant everyone is raving about? While making a cup of hot coffee in one of the town's many cafes, you can read the newspaper. Walk along the main thoroughfare, taking in the sights and watching people pass by. You don't have to spend hours figuring out what to do in Peradeniya. Discover the possibilities that await you. Explore the area on foot to get a more personal sense of it. You may find the perfect souvenir in one of the local shops, or at your favorite gallery, you may discover a new aesthetic. What suggestions does the wind whisper in your ear? Take a car rental outside the city limits and explore the wild blue yonder. Please look past the border's smaller towns and cities and learn their stories. A county fair is a great place to relive childhood memories by eating cotton candy. You can taste hand-made jams at an old highway stop or experience the hustle and bustle of modern life in the chaotic cityscape of a modern metropolis. The adventure possibilities are endless. Travel agency helps you get to the top attractions in Peradeniya no matter where you are. Saving money by planning a trip with a travel agency allows you to spend it along the way. Sri Lanka's Peradeniya, in its heart, leaves lasting impressions on the minds and souls of travelers. Hymns chant in the city, and nature's magic is evident in the city's charming charm. It is hard to forget Sri Lanka once you've experienced the refined charm and the best things to do in Peradeniya that leave you with a bounty of lasting memories.

A Cuppa Steaming Tea

There are many reasons to visit Ashburnham when looking for the best things to do in Peradeniya, including the unique rooms, vast tea estates on the premises, and exciting nature around the area.
There are exciting stay options on the campus of this 100-acre property located one hour away from the northeast. The campus offers spectacular views of the Knuckles Mountains, waterfalls, and tea estates. Travelers love the large bedrooms with modest designs.

Elephant Ride

Elephant riding is one of the most popular activities in Peradeniya and is one of its kind when you are in the town. Besides riding elephants, playing with them, feeding them, and taking a shower while they empty their trunks of water, elephant rides are among the most popular activities in Peradeniya.

Leisure Stroll

Taking a stroll in and around the Dambulla Cave Temple is the perfect way to experience Sri Lanka's unparalleled beauty and vast diversity. The ancient and prized possession of Sri Lanka, this temple is regarded as one of the oldest and most peaceful sites. The cave temple is one of Peradeniya's most popular sites among spiritual seekers and Buddhists.


Buddhism meditation center Nilambe offers daily meditation classes for nature enthusiasts and seekers alike. Everyone who wants a memorable holiday on the island should take advantage of the meditation center.
Nothing in Peradeniya will provide you with as much comfort as Nilambe Meditation Center, with its lush surroundings and Buddhist monks. Wander through the vast tea plantations and stimulate yourself.
Make sure you practice absolute silence and abide by the guidelines outlined here while on the premises of the meditation center!

Nature Walk

Peradeniya things to do must include a pleasant nature walk around the central Lake lake! There are a lot of peace-loving visitors who flock to the areas around the Lake lake. Morning walks around Peradeniya Lake are best enjoyed with the Tooth Relic Temple and rainforest looming in the background. In addition, you'll also see quite a few visitors practicing Buddhism, as well as spreading Buddhist chants around. Meditation and rediscovering yourself are two unique things to do in Peradeniya in such a place.


A trip to the Horton Plains National Park is the most adventurous thing in Peradeniya, from standing on the verge of World's End to planning a camping and hiking trip in the parking area.

You will experience the thrill you have been looking for in Peradeniya as you walk through lush grassland and traverse paths at the height of 2000 m plus. When the park is covered in mist and haze, the best time to see it is between 6, and 10 am.

Good Food and Great Lake Views!

Choosing one of the best things to do in Kandy is as easy as eating by the Lake lake, enjoying the outstanding views, and enjoying the precious moments. In the picturesque restaurant that boasts unrivaled views, the lovely city becomes nothing short of extraordinary as you relax! Explore the city further.


Travelers will find ample shopping opportunities at Peradeniya City Center and Central Market. It is a city where exploring the local markets is a great experience. Many tourists planning a trip to Peradeniya take advantage of the city center mall, known for its ultramodern features and unique architecture. The center includes a variety of restaurants, supermarkets, and entertainment areas, as well as designer clothing, handicraft shops, and accessory shops. You can find other shopping options in the nearby vicinity of Lake Lake Lake.

See Giant Lianas

Over 257 acres in size, Udawattakele is a large forest reserve in the city situated atop a hill ridge. Many plants, including giant lianas, shrubs, and trees, attract nature lovers and wildlife seekers due to their extensive avifauna and curvy roads. Many nature lovers and botanists come here to see the giant lianas, which are rare in Sri Lanka. There are also many small and medium-sized mammals endemic to Sri Lanka and three Buddhist hermitages and stone shelters for Lanka's Buddhist monks. Though it's a little outside Peradeniya's main town, it remains a popular pilgrimage site for tourists and locals alike. One of the most magnificent architectural towers built in the Gampola period exists on the Daulagala road in Udunuwara. King Bhuvanekabahu IV used this ancient sanctum to build his palace during his reign from 1341 to 1351 A.D. Although the building was initially done under the king's instructions, it was later completed by his chief minister, Senalankadhikara.

Seek Buddha's Blessings

Sri Lanka's Temple Of The Tooth Relic, or the Dalada Maligawa, is a sacred site amongst all pilgrims who visit the island nation and is on every pilgrim's list when they arrive. It is one of the world's most venerated places of worship and an essential aspect of the Ramayana tour. It is known for housing a relic of the tooth of Buddha wrapped in a golden casket inside the palace complex that used to belong to the Kings of Peradeniya. The best thing to do in Peradeniya at night is visit this renowned World Heritage Site.

Marvel at the Architecture

This towering holy sanctum built-in 1848 stands directly alongside the Temple of the Tooth Relic on the main sacred grounds. The monument was originally intended to symbolize British power; today, it is a significant exhibit of colonial architecture and a sacred site for Sri Lankans. With its simple and spacious interior, this church has attracted people for over 150 years and has been well kept under supervision. It is an example of multireligious heritage.

Bottom line

In Peradeniya, leisure activities are available all year round for people of all ages. Shopping, restaurants, spas, and resorts abound in Peradeniya. This ensures that you have a hassle-free trip to Peradeniya.
With a breathtaking landscape and outdoor areas to some of the best stay options and facilities, Travel to Peradeniya offers a range of luxury activities that are hard to match. These activities in Peradeniya are a must-try for a leisurely vacation, whether traveling with your family, friends, or solo!

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