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Top Places to Visit in Lataguri

West Bengal has long been a capital in eastern India, a port of culture, arts, and commerce. Surrounded by the Himalayas, the Bay of Bengal, and the Ganges River, the fertile region of West Bengal has existed for over four thousand years as a center of trade and culture. Over the centuries, West Bengal has been the cradle of many important Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain civilizations, cyclical periods of fragmentation, and has been ruled by several diverse empires.

Lataguri is a region steeped in history and natural beauty. It is an important place for the whole country because it connects Northeast India with the rest of the country. Topographically, this Lataguri of West Bengal is crossed by rivers, streams, and hills. Therefore, Lataguri is a heavenly abode for travelers who love nature. Here is a list of the top places to visit in Lataguri.

Why is Lataguri famous as a tourist place?

Lataguri is famous for its dense forest and river Plains. The Serene surrounding attracts many tourists. The main attraction is the forest watch towers in Gorumara National Park and the Nature Interpretation Centre at Lataguri. Situated on the outskirts of a national park, this Lataguri inculcates a different passion for the forest in the tourists. Lataguri is the best place to have a breathtaking view of wildlife, farmland, sunrise, and sunset. One can also take a jungle safari in Gorumara National Park here in the afternoon. There is a jhulong Valley near the Jallandha River. This place is the center of beauty and charm. Hence, situated on the banks of rivers and Jalpaiguri of West Bengal, Lataguri is one place you can consider for your next trip. So, there are many places to visit in Lataguri like:

Gorumara National Park, West Bengal

Gorumara National Park is a famous national park of West Bengal situated on the Murti and Raidak rivers banks. Spread over ??80 sq km. It is located 15 km from Lataguri, 10 km from Chalsa, and 52 km from the city of Jalpaiguri. This famous park is dotted with deciduous forests, boasting a wide array of flora and fauna.

So when you get a holiday, another excellent place to visit is Lataguri, which is suitable for everyone from young to old. It can be reached by overnight train, but it can be got in two ways. Lataguri can arrive in a short time. Lataguri is a small village in the middle of Garumara National Park. The whole town of Lataguri is full of tall trees and tea gardens.

Gorumara National Park is a destination you cannot miss on your trip to Dooars in West Bengal. It is in the Terai region, in the foothills of the Himalayas. Located in the alluvial plain of the Murti and Jaldhaka rivers, Gorumara National Park is rich in flora and fauna. The national park has now become a major tourist attraction due to the spectacular forests, breathtakingly beautiful landscape, and presence of the Indian rhinoceros. Gorumara is one of the few places where human habitation is associated with a serene environment. Although many villages are located nearby, the beauty of this place is unparalleled. There are many adventure activities and a wide range of biodiversity to be explored.

Climatic conditions in Gorumara National Park

The climatic conditions in Gorumara are pleasant with staying within 10?C-21C during the winter months of November to February and within 24?C-27 summers during the summer season (March, April). The national park receives an average of 382 cm of rainfall from June to September.

Jungle Resort - Lataguri

Lataguri is the entry point to the famous Gorumara National Park, known for its endangered rhinos. It is located on National Highway 31 and is 75 km from New Jalpaiguri Railway Station. While staying here, you will see the Murti, Jaldhaka, and Torsha rivers flowing freely through the Gorumara green forest. Permits for Gorumara and Chapramari sanctuaries are issued from Lataguri.
The resort was started in 2005, and Lataguri is slowly improving due to Gorumara National Park. The resort is very close to the jungle area and provides the best services to travelers.

The landscape of Gorumara National Park

The area in which the Gorumara National Park is located is known as Dooars. The park looks stunning with its mountain ranges and waterfalls. Most of the forest is moist deciduous. Although the primary vegetation of Gorumara National Park is Sal, Teak, silk cotton, rain tree, and khair can also be found here, a variety of orchids and ferns can also be seen here.

Wildlife in Gorumara National Park

Lataguri is home to many mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects, most famously the one-horned Indian rhinoceros. Other animals commonly found here include leopards, elephants, Indian bison, rock pythons, deer, and Malayan giant squirrels. There are about 48 species of carnivores and herbivores in the park.


Fifty mammals live in Gorumara National Park, Indian rhinoceros, gaur, Asian elephant, leopard, sambar, deer, sloth bear, chittal, etc. species are found here. Tigers can often be seen in Gorumara but are not part of the resident population. The endangered and rare species found here include giant squirrel, pygmy hog, and hispid hare.

Different birds sat on separate trees and sang melodious tunes everywhere you looked. You will love to see birds and hear their sounds. It is nice to be in a hotel room after dark to listen to peacocks, crickets, and other birds.

The herbivorous mammals in the park are Indian rhinoceros, gaur, Asian elephant, bear, chital deer, sambar deer, etc. Small herbivores include predatory deer, wild boar, etc. The number of large carnivores in the park is less than 6. Among such animals, only leopards can be found in the park. It is challenging to find other species of tigers, Indian wild dogs, or Indian wolves.

On the other hand, there are a lot of small predatory animals in the park. These include Gandhagokul, Beji, and small cats Gorumara National Park have many wild boars. The endangered Pygmy Hog has also been reported from the park. There are also many beavers. Giant squirrels have also been spotted in the park, and a rare species of the rabbit has been reported from the park.

An estimated 194 species of birds have been reported in Gorumara. Species endemic to the land include sunbirds, woodpeckers, pheasants, scarlet minnows, spangled drongos, and Indian hornbills. A significant attraction among expatriate guests is the rare Brahmani duck.

Located in the Terai region of the Himalayas, the park comprises grasslands and tall trees, including Sal and Teak forests. Bombay trees and rain trees are also found here. Many tropical orchids are also found here.

Gorumara National Park Safari

Safari Ride the most famous and fun activity in Gorumara National Park is the wildlife safari, without which a visit to the park is never complete. During these safaris, you can see many animals, birds, and the beauty and grandeur of the park from a distance.

There are two types of safari – elephant safari and jeep safari, which guarantee wildlife viewing. You can book your forest safari from the Forest Department and enjoy a trip to Gorumara National Park.
If you are planning a trip to Gorumara National Park, let us tell you that you can see many other famous places apart from the various wildlife in Gorumara National Park.

Services and sights of Gorumara National Park resort

This resort near Gorumara National Park offers the best facilities and emphasizes customer satisfaction. Benefits are:

  • There are ten huts and deluxe rooms with air-conditioned, full-screen TV. V, twenty-four hours cold and hot water facility.
  • Direct dial telephone in the room, wardrobe, and cupboard, eco-friendly bathroom.
  • The travel desk and multi-recipe restaurant have 57 menu dishes.
  • The resort also has jungle safaris, jungle trips, camping, fishing, and many more activities that tourists can enjoy.

Chhapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

It is close to Gorumara National Park. Chhapramari is about 30 km from Lataguri in northern West Bengal, India. In 1896, DHE Sander, a royal forest-service administrator, first sent a proposal to the then English-dominated Indian government that Chhapramari could be developed as a tourist center. In 1939, the name Chhapramari Wildlife Sanctuary began to be used, while the Government of India granted it the status of a National Wildlife Sanctuary in 1998. The region's name is derived from 'Chapra,' a variety of small fish found in North Bengal, and 'Mari,' which means 'abundance' Teesta, Neora receiving water from Chapramari, and the statue.

In the forests, you will find a large variety of flora and fauna. Chapramari is known for its elephant population. Rhinoceros, deer, boar, and leopard are also found there. Although, like the Gorumara, the Royal Bengal Tiger is not found here. This place is famous for bird watchers. Parrots, kingfishers, and green pigeons are found in abundance here. In 2009, a panther was captured in Dooars and released in Chapramari.


Jatraprasad Watch Tower is the most famous lookout of Gorumara National Park and is named after a female elephant that was famous for her caring nature. The salt lakes below the watchtower make it an attractive place for wildlife watching, especially during early morning or late afternoon safaris.

Buxa Tiger Reserve;

The Buxa Tiger Reserve is home to world-famous animals such as tigers, elephants, bison, sambar, barking hogs, chital deer, wild boar, wild buffalo, leopard, etc. The unique features of this Buxa Tiger Reserve are that it serves as an international corridor for the migration of elephants between India and Bhutan. It is located near the northern part of Bhutan's Phipsu Wildlife Reserve Buxa Tiger Reserve.

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the foothills of eastern Himalayas, on the banks of the Torsa River. It covers a massive expanse of Terai grassland intersected by moist forest, riverine forest, and mixed dry forest. It also supports excellent habitat for the royal Bengal tiger and other animals like leopard, hog deer, barking deer, sambar, chital, etc. The main entry point is Madarihat, 22 km from the Falakata railway station.

Jayanti Mahakal Caves.

Situated on the banks of the Jayanti River, with the beautiful Sinchula hills producing a natural and attractive view, this place holds a special place in Buxa Tiger Reserve. Now this small village becomes a beautiful place in Lataguri. The Trek from Buxar to Jayanti is a 15 km trek, which passes through the dense forest of Buxa Tiger Reserve, and is particularly popular with tourists. The ancient ruins of this Cave area are especially popular with tourists.

Jalpaiguri Rajbari

Jalpaiguri Rajbari stands as the most popular sightseeing for all tourists visiting Lataguri. Rajbari means palace; it was the former residence of the local rulers of the Baikunthapur estates, the Raikats. It is a historic architectural beauty. The Rajbari consists of the palace building, the entrance, two temples, and the large palace garden surrounded by the palace pond, the "Rajbari Dighi."

Murti River

Murti has located 8 km from Chalsa and 60 km from the town of Jalpaiguri, next to the Murti River. In the middle of the thick forests, you can see elephants, deer, leopards, etc., coming to the river to quench their thirst. The Murti River flowing in the middle of the forest is the place's natural beauty.

It is known for its serene environment. It is an excellent place to have a quiet time away from the city. And if you want to experience of watching the sunrise and the sunset then it is the best place for it.


It is also the best tourist attraction in Lataguri. The temple has a long history. The temple was first established by the last successor of King Baghadatta, King Jalpesh, around 800 AD. Still later, many kings invaded and destroyed the temple, and many kings tried to restore it. Finally, in 1665, King Pranannarayan of the Koch dynasty excavated the temple site and restored it. But the unfortunate temple was almost destroyed by the earthquake of 1897. But later, with the raising of funds, the temple was re-established. A big fair is held here in January, attracting many people from various places.

 Rovers Point

It is a magnificent hilltop about 3 km from Buxa, attracting tourists with its magnificent and breathtaking Snow-capped peaks.


If you want your trip to be more beautiful, go to jaldhaka, Jalbog, an ideal place in the Lataguri, surrounded by hills and valleys. The place produces an incredible sight. This drive can be the best place for trekkers.

Whether to travel to India

The best time to visit India is usually from December to March, during the incredible dry season. Most of the country enjoys bright, warm sunshine, and rain is almost non-existent.

The monsoon dumps rain over much of the country from mid-June to early September, making central and northeast India very difficult, with a real risk of flooding. But Rajasthan in the east and Tamil Nadu in the southwest are much drier and highly visitable at this time of year.

December through March is typically the dry season. Large parts of the country are warm and sunny between these months, and it rarely rains. However, the winter months bring cold temperatures and snow at higher altitudes in the countries far north. With a diverse climate, India is a large country, and it will depend on the area where you travel.

Transportation in India

In such a large country, the distances between the different destinations are almost always long and also the means of land transport are slow, so be patient.

The train is one of the best options despite its delays and crowds; it is very economical if you travel in the sleeper or unreserved second class, and it is also much safer than the road on which many drive bordering on madness. Direct contact for hours with local people turns each wagon into a different chapter of your Indian memories.

Bottom line

Lataguri is undoubtedly a paradise for tourists and travelers in India. . With the thrill and adventure of visiting the forests and appreciating the royal beauties of yesteryear, Lataguri has become a must-visit place in the state of West Bengal.

Apart from all this, many other top places to visit in Lataguri are worth seeing. And it is also a center of attention itself. Although it is a tropical climate zone, it is not suitable to visit here during the rainy season. Because there is much rainfall at that time, which is not suitable for tourists, it is scorching here even in the summer season, in which it is not possible to get out. So, the best time to visit here is from December to February. Because in winter the climate here is quite pleasant and the sky is also evident. So, this city is the best tourist’s attractions.

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